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The Evolution of Mistress Amante

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. After a brief hiatus I have decided to keep documenting and discussing our ever changing dynamic. That being said, if you do not want to read graphic descriptions, venting (whining), and the occasional cuss...feel free to move on to a thread more inoffensive. My thread "uh oh she likes it...grinning ear to ear" I think has reached its conclusion. So this thread is the next chapter, and although the direction our lives are taking is filled with less questions or doubt, it is always evolving.

    I will recap our current arrangement and her expectations:
    1. I stay caged unless there is a physical problem or she wants it off of me. It is my natural state from now on. I don't bug her to take it off, but begging during play is allowed(doesn't mean it will be removed, she just likes to see me desperate enough to beg).
    2. I will go down and or rim her every night or the next morning. Additional toys may be used, and I will take all direction on use of them as well as my mouth.
    3. I am not allowed to touch "her" penis without permission ever again. Must keep it groomed and notify her of any issues.
    4. I have a responsibility to notify her of my feelings and moods that might affect my submissiveness.
    5. I give up all "rights" of sexual obligations and orgasms. Her only sexual obligation to me is to keep me in the state of being she wishes me to be in.
    6. I have agreed to accept physical punishment, even to the point of tears if given. Paddling, spankings, ball slaps and squeezes, or anything she wishes to make me a better sub. We both draw the line at blood/cuts, or serious ball punching etc.
    7. I clean up all of my orgasms (still need to be told after full orgasms) she believes this puts me back in subbie mode faster. I tend to agree but still something that she needs to tell me to do and has agreed to help me.
    8. When time allows, usually once a week, I perform maid service. I don't have a set list of chores, just things that make life easier and or pampered. She may require me to wear any feminine attire she wishes. She is not sexually attracted by it, just enjoys my softer, subbie, beta side on occasion.
    9. She hasn't made it yet but was told a calander will be made for maintenance punishment. This is to reinforce her feelings of dominance, and is more for her than me. Pegging can also be used but I get the feeling she really doesn't like it. I really only desire it after it has been a long time without orgasm so not really high on my fun list, but she has every right to take me whenever she likes. She feels empowered giving me punishment, and long periods without seem to sap some of her feelings of authority away.
    10. Unless around others, I refer to her as mistress or mistress Amante.

    We have a somewhat untypical FLR. She is most definitely in charge of sex and sexual activity, although knows of my wants, needs, and fantasies. Outside of the bedroom we are equals, but will pretty much do what I am asked. I am not fond of being expected to do things, I believe it leads to being taken for granted. I am very accommodating and do love to make her happy though.

    I have never snuck an orgasm but as a sign of my commitment have gotten pierced in order to fully secure "her" cock from tampering. The device that utilizes the piercing is still on its way, and she has both keys.

    This is how far we have evolved. When we first started she was apprehensive and agreed only because she liked me and was willing to give it a try. Now she can't imagine not having the key to "her" cock. And me....punishment, maid service, and ball slapping were hard limits for me, and now are part of my life. She used to unlock me almost every night, and rarely went more than a few days without thinking I needed to orgasm. Now she has no problem with me getting her off or me watching her get herself off, while I remain locked. She's not keeping me locked because I want it locked, it stays locked because she wants it locked and doesn't need or desire it.

    She is a force of her own and has fully absorbed into what is no longer a role she is playing, but who she now is. Just this morning, she touched me near my cage and said "your not taking very good care of my things "(I have been away from her this week and haven't been grooming down there). I couldn't be happier that we have both found not only what we wanted, but also what we both needed. Chapter 2 of our life together is beginning.
  2. Good to see you back on here, always found your posts interesting
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  3. I love this @Nicoftime@Nicoftime! It sounds SO similar to @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet and my situation, all except #7. I do not have a "Maintenance Calendar" for him...yet! But I do have a shared "Locked" calendar with him that shows him his lock and unlock dates and the method by which he had an O, if any at all. I don't make him clean his mess, but I was able to shove my fingers in his mouth covered in his juices once before he was able to run away, lol! Feminization, I did once - for punishment only, as it does not turn me on the have him look girly. I have started very mild CBT, flicking his balls, light kicking when he is already on his knees and things like that. He handles it well, so I very well may up the ante on that as well. Outside of the bedroom, we are normal looking couple, with him as the typical Dominant male:) I love our arrangement and what it does for us!
  4. Thanks! The feminization isn't her cup of tea either, as I said, she's not attracted to women, or really into seeing me this way. She must however like my neediness and pretty much mess I become while decked out. I am fine with it by myself but being in her presence that way is truly something that puts you in your place. It's not sexual in the least, it's more helplessness. I am at her total mercy line this, usually end up just melting into her and snuggling lol!

    Oh how the mighty fall, put them in a dress or nighty and the most alpha dog will curl up and expose our belly.

    The ball torture is new, she seems to have enjoyed the few times she has done it. Weirdly I have too. I do love seeing this love of cruelty manifest in her. I laugh now, soon she'll have me hooked up to a car battery and be wearing spurs! Yeehaw
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  5. Yesterday morning was unbelievable torture. Woke up and started my morning ritual of goin down. Since it's been awhile I grabbed the 9 inch dildo and slowly worked it inside. I then placed her hand on it while I grabbed the wand.

    I then turned the wand on and gave her that as well. I watched, kissing and caressing her thighs while I watched her take all 9 inches, fucking herself with passion, while also grinding the powerful wand on her clit. My cage kept touching her leg, giving her a reminder of my state with her movements. She had several powerful orgasms as I helplessly watched and caressed her. We then got up for the day, still caged and aching from the amount of arrousal.

    My new cage from rigid chastity arrived the next day. It's shorter, and has a thicker prong to accommodate my larger piercing. It fits perfectly... it should, it's the second device I've ordered. It is like a steel curtain draped over it, it cannot budge. I have tested this model again, to see if vibration affects ability to orgasm in it. This one is no different, cannot feel it on the top and sides, doesn't reach under, and the tip causes actual pain due to the integrated prong.

    No pull out, and no orgasms...ever...without her unlocking me. If this fits like I believe it does, I have finally found my perfect device(1600 bucks and over a year searching). I told her, it's official, and handed her the key back, "no pull outs, erections, or orgasms unless you unlock me, forever". Scary. I've never cheated my devices, but always knew that at the very least I could pull out the back and rub one out if I wanted. That option is now gone for good and must rely on her wanting it.

    She has also told me she is going to start giving me a harsher punishment. Spanking me "everywhere", meaning ball spanking, "hard". I am somewhat nervous about it, but strangely looking forward to enduring it for her.
  6. It's amazing how the women in our lives take these slow steps, making sure of each stage of development before moving on. It appears your Mistress has done it, @Thatgirl@Thatgirl has done it and I know Elle has done it, and continues to develop in the same way.
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  7. This post is mostly about my new device, but it definitely has an impact on my state of mind.

    I had gotten pierced to show my mistress my commitment to her and to chastity. Until recently my devices since then were a temporary device that would accommodate the healing and new ring. This new device is designed to hold it in with my piercing, encasing it exactly at its most flacid state, and keeping it that way. Very little exposed, even casual contact with clothing is gone. It is able to swell just a tiny bit but quickly gives up the ghost.

    To say that frustration is building is an understatement. It simply doesn't exist. It's gone. It is nothing more than a metal enclosed urine spout. I can't derive any pleasure with it, or even push it past a slight swelling. Additionally, the piercing gives me not only a mental loss of control, but the ultimate physical loss of control.

    This is giving a whole new dimension. The option of pulling out being gone, not only keeps me from sneaking an orgasm(never an issue), but eliminates taking it out to let it get hard for a bit(guilty, but just happens when I groomed).

    So I'm content with my device, but am anxious about my frustration and mounting needs. Geez this is just a few days, although I am on day 18 of lock up so that might have something to do with it.

    Mistress will be back from out of town tonight, and will spend the next 3 days and nights together!
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  8. Haven't had an orgasm since the first of April and had ruined orgasm on the fourth. Seems like it's been locked up forever.

    Had another morning of oral, then watching her grind the wand on her clit, and fuck herself with the 9inch dildo. Soooo hot watching her cum, taking that huge cock all the way in her. It only takes her a few minutes to cum that way. After I layed on her and we both calmed down. That was a good one she said, and promised I could get out of my little cage tonight. But also added she wasn't promising any orgasms.

    Off to work I went, cage filled and soon to be dripping.
  9. What an amazing evening. Started out with giving her a massage, which after awhile turned into me rimming and using the 9 incher on her.

    I flipped her over and used my mouth on her clit while burying the large dildo in and out till she came.

    As promised I was unlocked and she played with it, just a few strokes and she gave me a ruined orgasm. We both were looking for the cum to dribble out...nothing, well I don't wear a ring in my cock anymore my device has the pin. When she gave me the ruined orgasm it came out the bottom hole instead, she giggled, swiped it up with her finger and put it in my mouth. That was it.

    I was still crazy horny and she decided to give me a ride. Once she was on top of me and I was inside it was an amazing feeling. Cannot even describe it. Within a few seconds I was getting close but could probably hold on if I really tried. Then she said"I can barely feel you now" I knew what she meant, she had just gotten fucked with the large dildo. Well after hearing that it put me right to the edge. I told her I was going to cum if we do t stop RIGHT now, she kept going so I had the green light.

    It seemed to last forever and was a combination of pure pleasure and pain. My toes curled and cramped my calves. I'm not a real vocal person but I probably made some weird noises and faces. Amazing.

    I was just about to try to make an excuse for getting out of there(skipping clean up), but she told me to "scoot down " and she climbed above my face. I licked her clean and even stayed a little longer until she was done with me.

    Locked up again, I really hate locking up so soon after I cum. Wish it had more of a break or more orgasms since seal so to speak is already broken lol. Oh well, it's not my decision.

    Good stuff
  10. I hear you on the quick lock up after cumming. I've tried to plead my case on that one two, best I got so far was sleeping out and locked in the morning. After going so long without an orgasm I'm ready for 2 or 3. Not that I know if I'm going to have that problem. Been just over a month since my last real orgasm and I've been told it ain't happening in April. As you say though "Oh well, it's not my decision".
  11. I like your title of this thread, how it is about the Evolution of your Mistress. It occurred to me that the people whose posts I enjoy reading tend to write more about their partner than themselves, or at least include a good amount of information about their partner. And then it occurred to me that many people, myself included, write about how they and their Mistress change over time.

    So many women start off confused about chastity, about tease and denial. Some get it very quickly, but some want nothing to do with it. I read yesterday someone asking for help with how to wear a device, even though his wife wanted nothing to do with it, calling it 'yet another one of his perversions.' I wanted to sit her down with my Wife, or another one of the incredible women linked to the Mansion, to get them to explain why she was so very wrong.

    It's good to read about another woman who does get it, and read about how over time she is developing.
  12. Thanks, it truly is a new outlook physically and mentally. Her past relationships were nothing but trying to please others. I'm not saying this doesn't please me, but letting go of physically needing to please me has helped her mentally be more confident.

    Don't get me wrong, she agreed with all of this because she really liked me and she was willing to give it a shot. That's it. If she didn't like it, it would have disappeared right with other sex toys that don't make the cut, disregarded as something that just didn't work out. But she did like it. She likes my attentiveness, and frankly loves that my sexuality is hers alone.

    Just yesterday, I casually texted her that I could put my ring back in and take the device off for awhile if she wanted to "free Willy" for awhile. She answered "I don't think so, want to kiss you a lot though". So she has changed mentality of feeling the need to conform to another's needs. She guiltlessly decided that physically she didn't need or want me unlocked. That might be embarrassing or hurt some people's egos, but to me, her own needs being met and being happy is hot for me.

    I have been in relationships where I knew for a fact they were letting me have sex either out of pity, or some general idea that it's been so long that she "needed" to. What a horrible feeling. I didn't want to have sex when someone obviously doesn't really want it, but also didn't want to turn someone down and perpetuate the problem.

    Now I know that every time I am having sex, it is unequivocally her desire to do so. The fact that I don't get unlocked during 99% of our sexual activity means she is being honest with me and herself. Sooo hot.
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  13. It is still roughly 3 months before completing our first year of chastity and FLR, and the changes and evolution in my Bride range from subtle to obvious. Just this past Saturday night, while out for a nice dinner date, she ordered for the two of us with no hesitation, and I know this was no accident, as I sat there silent like a submissive mouse. Honestly, it didn't bother me, and I rather enjoyed my new place at the table. She teases me about other guys checking her out and acts as if it may go somewhere someday, she threatens to tell someone soon about our new life together, she already maintains a punishment schedule which has been limited to paddling on the weekends, she is already proposing new punishments for unauthorized erections such as ice cubes in my rectum, she isn't afraid to feminize me with panties, maid outfit, etc.. , she often gives me a list of work that goes beyond my daily maid service, she keeps me caged while I put the strap on to meet her needs, she will rarely peg me, and from time to time milks me. All this, from a woman I used to tease about being vanilla, and she didn't like that.
  14. She spent the last 14 years being my loving submissive wife, trying to please me in every way as I tried to somewhat assert my male dominance. Clearly, she is now the dominant one, becoming more comfortable in her role with each passing month, and I am happily her submissive, in a place I knew I always wanted to be.
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  15. I utterly agree. My Wife has finally got to the stage where she feels absolutely no need to unlock me when we have sex. She knows I enjoy being teased and denied and knows that me seeing her have an orgasm whilst not being allowed to have one myself turns me on more than if she let me have an orgasm. It didn't make sense to her at first but a year and a half after we started she no longer worries about the why, and just accepts it.
  16. By the way @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté i am sooo proud of you, and so happy. You keep saying you are the luckiest girl in the world, it makes me happy you feel that way.

    I would never want to live this way just for me. It would defeat the whole idea.

    Would you believe just over a year ago that you would be locking up a penis, totally in control of all sexual activity, have someone going down on you on an almost daily basis, and in general being the mistress you have become? I didn't even have a clue and most of this started with my chastity device idea. Weird huh?! Never been happier!
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  17. Got a lot of rest last night and woke up with her getting on my face, licking until she was done, and grabbing the wand. I placed it below my chin and she rode it to another O.

    She promised to unlock me tonight and let me fuck her with the dildo. She didn't say anything about me cumming so I assume it's not gonna happen. That's ok, will be fun just to get hard again.

    Earlier last night she mentioned that her maid had quit. Again I feel bad about it, I know it's something she wants, I am just not that productive all gussied up, and there was a lot of real work to do with me moving in. Once everything is settled down, and my sons schedule is more of a routine, the maid will be back to work.

    Speaking of maid, chest is getting bigger so at least the uniform will fit on top lol! Actually she has been touching my breasts more often lately, it feels wonderful, but too embarrassed to tell her I like it. I mean she knows, but until she reads this she doesn't know how much of an erogenous zone they are now.
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  18. Well last night I was all revved up for being unlocked, I should probably not give myself so much fore play thinking about it, she took a nap, and then so did I. An hour later I was groggy just woke up grumpy tired, and the moment (if there was going to be one) was over.

    This morning was nice though. Woke up in time to give her a nice long rimming, then rolled her over to work my mouth on her bare sex. After awhile she was grabbing my hair and directing traffic, then touched my hand and gave it a push. This means she's ready for fingers.

    Hooked my finger in and worked her g spot while I licked and sucked. Her alarm clock kept going off interrupting the O, but the final snooze button was tripped and I broke out the big guns. I handed her the wand, and again hooked my fingers inside her and worked her spot while she took the reins of the wand. Quickly she reached her intense O and I layed my head on her tummy.

    There is a certain feeling of love and trust I feel when laying there on her. She usually runs her hands through my hair(getting longer) and tells me how happy she is. I feel like I did a good job keeping her happy and I settle down, my body slowly realizing that an erection or orgasm isn't going to happen. When both of our breathing resumes normal we get up for the day.
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  19. This post isn't really about her but about my general feeling.

    I've posted this before, but I feel cut off from manhood right now. Totally helpless, looking down it's just gone. I use it to pee. That's it. It drips and leaks through out the day, but I can get no physical pleasure from it. Dependent on her for even for any physical stimulation.

    It's only been a week but every waking hour seems to have my mind preoccupied with what I can't have. It feels like constant fore play, even if I'm just hanging around doing nothing, all I think about is her, and hoping she will release me.

    Well that's my rant, I'm done whining. When I started all this, it was all about me wanting her to be the most honest and free she could be. I didn't want pity sex or to be touched out of some feeling of obligation that it was "needed". I always hated the idea of someone faking wanting it, faking how good it was, or ever doing it if that's not what they wanted. Now I have someone that is willing to be honest, to only use me when she wants, and not feeling guilty about not needing my somewhat small cock. Just today she texted me that she couldn't wait to use the dildo tonight, she needs a cock, and being honest about which one is better.

    I love that she has evolved and loves me enough to be honest, and we talk about what i can do to make sure she is sexually satisfied.
  20. I'll be following this one @Nicoftime@Nicoftime , thank you for sharing!
  21. We spent all day texting each other and I was pretty revved up. Snuck away a few times to kiss and fondle.

    she headed to bed and I stayed up to get the kid to bed, got a text from her saying she might like to feel her little cock tonight. I joined her asap!

    She unlocked me and immediately it sprung to attention. It felt glorious to get hard again. She apparently was ready cause without fore play she wanted me on top. I couldn't resist get some licks in first though. She told me I was going to get her so wet that she won't feel me when I slide in, was all I needed to hear and slid into her.

    I will never be able to explain the feeling of entering her after a long lockup. Don't get me wrong it always feels good, but the sensitivity is increased 10fold and I have to really concentrate on not cumming in just a few pumps.

    Crisis averted I started again but it has been awhile since I was on top, and it took me a bit to get a rhythm going. I did and then she started talking. Oh my I almost lost it. I pulled out just in time. It might have been a ruined O, I couldn't see if anything cam out, but as soon as another crisis was averted I was still as hard as a rock and slid into her again.

    She had enough of letting me rut on top of her and said to "get on your back, I'm crawling on your face when you cum". We switched and she was soon riding me and grinding until she rode herself to a nice warm O. She kept on going, wanting me to cum, but I have a mental block when it comes to that. It's hard for me to cum if I know she already did. I told her so, she asked me if I wanted to get myself off which I said yes to.

    She rolled off me and I started. It's been awhile since I had touched it and without the piercing in, it felt weird. She then started caressing my breast and that was it. I instantly shot. She was a bit confused about it not being as much as she expected... it came out the bottom piercing hole too lol! So yes there was a lot. She didn't hesitate and started wiping it up with her fingers and sliding it into my mouth. It took four trips and each one was a large swipe. I can't believe there was so much. She brought me into submissive mode immediately that way and I wanted to go down on her again but she was ready for sleep.

    I stayed uncaged all night and was in quite a hurry this morning and no time to put device back on. I told her immediately and she had already noticed it on her nightstand still.

    Weirdly enough I am super horny again even though I have had an orgasm last night. I must be somewhat being trained. I instantly thought of wanting to slide into her, filling her up so I could clean her up. I have been looking at tumblr all morning, and the pictures of cum on tummies, chest, and pussies, all made my mouth water and wanting to cum. Going to ask her for another before I lock up again, usually I don't ask but I think I will try my luck. Usually I am not this turned on this quick after an O.

    I adore you @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté and I can't wait to crawl under you once again.
  22. Such wimpy weak men are ruining our country
    Women should never be in charge
  23. @superchef08@superchef08, I think you're wrong about that. More strong women need to be in charge. You're being a bit negative (needless to say I mean that in a polite, helpful, non-confrontational, non-critical way).
  24. The downfall of society was when That female bitch EVE disobeyed God and lied To Adam

    Give a Women control over your penis and life????
    What a joke
  25. Why are you here?
    This is a celebration of strong women in control.
    Did you burn your breakfast?
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