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The Evolution of Mistress Amante

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Apr 13, 2017.

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    He's possibly commenting as this thread is in The Vault, an open-for-all area.
    If we were to move it to The Pedestal, an area for female worship, then he'd be less free to make such comments - uncalled for as they are.

    If @Nicoftime@Nicoftime would like the thread moved I'd be happy to do so. :)
  2. Actually this thread, as it so happens to be labeled, is about my mistress and our journey.

    And yes it is an open for all thread if someone has something pertinent to discuss about the subject matter the thread is aptly named.

    I have no idea why @superchef08@superchef08 felt the need to go quite off the subject matter, neither engaging in me in discussion, or to put such a wild statement on a thread that is clearly meant to document our daily life of a happy couple in a chastity/leaning FLR lifestyle.

    If anyone would like to comment on IT, or ask me questions about It, or even discuss your own similarities or dissimilarities, I am more than willing to have a discussion with you.

    If not, please move on, start your own thread, and rant, and shout at the moon there.
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  3. No more issues with me. SD sorry if I offended anyone.
    A person is allowed to defend themselves at any time anyplace
  4. Just please keep in mind, I said nothing rude or improper, just a personal opinion
  5. Take it someplace else I'm all stocked up on crazy here.

    You have every right to your opinion, in fact you should start your own thread and discuss them with people interested in them. This thread is about me, my kh, and our journey.
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  6. And if you were talking about me specifically, my attitude and actions mentioned in my post...we could discuss it behind a tavern somewhere and you can find out how weak and wimpy I am.

    Because I give up sexual control to someone else, or allow a loved one the ability to alter some of my negative traits does not make me weak.

    The strength required to submit is far greater than giving in to base needs and carnal desires. I personally don't believe in female superiority, I believe both genders are equally grand as well as foul. I do find it odd that you decided that females being in charge is ruining our country despite the fact men in general have been calling the shots in it since the spaniards arrived. In fact the one people that had a near utopian society had a very liberal opinion of women as well as homosexuality. Of course the native Americans and their near utopian society were not something the new world could live with.

    So, I am not saying women should be in charge, but there is a saying about the definition of insanity....repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. Maybe "wimpy weak" men are ruining this country...I say weak minded, and people with no foresight are doing it just fine by themselves.
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  7. @superchef08@superchef08 i just realized you were the one stuffing your bladder with food...my apologies. I didn't mean to get into a debate with some so...challenged.

    Might I suggest sharp cheddar instead of American ez cheese the next time you fill your bladder.
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  8. I was going to join in with bashing the ridiculous troll, but it appears the so called weak men are doing a very fine job of it without my help. The idea that women are ruining the world displays a very deep rooted mummy issue that an expensive psychologist might be able to deal with, but somehow I doubt it.
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  9. Well I have started to feel like a real heel lately about not being as subbie and attentive as I should.

    I know I'm a better partner and our life together is easier when I strip myself of male ego, masculinity, inhibitions, and serve her and our home as maid. I do know it's been different without doing it, and even if it's just once a week, exposing myself so openly does create an attitude and softness I normally hide from the world.

    We have been busy moving me in, and it never seemed like the right time. But she's mentioned it a few times now, and although she told me she understands that we have been busy, that she loves me, and have been fine, I still feel like I'm letting her down.

    Which brings me to the part where I feel like a heel. She has been such an understanding person, open to try new things, and really so cool about keeping me at my subbiest, and here I am making excuses for not doing something that obviously brings us closer, makes her happy, and makes me better.

    So, with a renewed sense of gratitude, will get that darn maid back on duty. Might have to order another uniform, getting a bit fat for the other one. I put my on some weight this winter and that uniform was tight before. I told her already how much I appreciate her and that I will be the best I can for her again.
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  10. Wow quoting the Bible you must be a Priest
  11. What a morning.

    I gave her the wand and watched and caressed her while she got herself off, then she took a minute break and used it again.

    I slid my thumb in her and she told me it felt just like my little cock, she had the vibe on her and pressed into my hand so she could feel it inside of her as well. Another O.

    I slid down and gently licked around her sensitive spot and layed my head on her tummy. Oh I wanted her, I wanted to just thrust into her. I put my cage on her and she slid it in, and asked me if I could feel anything. It felt a wet on the tip but I couldn't feel anything else. She said good.

    She checked the clock and she had time for another and asked for the wand again. This time I hooked two fingers inside of her rubbing her g spot while she had another intense O.

    I layed on her again wanting her more and more, she said I owed a lot of spanks for missing 3 days of oral. Then she asked if I wanted to be inside her, I immediately said yes, hoping she would unlock me and I would get to cum. She said I won't be doing that very often, it's a privilege to let my small cock inside her. I sighed and tried to calm down. She told me to go make coffee and we got up.

    I want out of this cage so bad! I told her the maid will be on duty tonight and she will be pampered.
  12. WoW I'm very impressed with your posts I'm just Sorry I haven't taken the time to read your journey earlier. You have a very exciting life.
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  13. Thanks, it's certainly not the norm, or exactly how I had envisioned my life. All from buying a cage and telling her I was sexually submissive.

    Like everyone else here, there are many things that aren't part of my entries. Since this is a chastity/FLR type site I try to keep it about the tease and denial portion, and our adjustments to chastity. We have other issues like any couple. I just went thru a nasty divorce custody battle, I moved into mistresses home, work has been crazy, money issues, her mother has health issues, etc.

    But thank you again, we do have an interesting, exciting, ever changing love life. Sometimes I look down at my steel enclosed, pierced, completely immobile privates, and wonder just what the heck was I thinking lol! Most of the time though, I am just happy I confided in her.
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  14. Well the maid was casually dressed tonight. My uniform is too tight. So I improvised, stretchy running tights, black top and I did my hair.

    I didn't do much cleaning inside, but I did however cook her a very nice dinner of steak kabobs, mushrooms peppers and sweet onion kabobs seasoned with olive oil and garlic salt. Served with a beefy wild rice and portobello mushrooms.

    I then painted her nails and rubbed her feet. I offered to give her a bath and massage, but she has to get up early and need the sleep so went to bed early.

    Not quite the pampering I had in mind, but she seemed very pleased and I felt good making her happy.
  15. So True. Why in the world did I lock my self up. Than the next moment it's God I love being locked up. So True
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  16. Well it's been a year caged. I started wearing the device a couple weeks before I gave mistress the keys. I wanted to make sure of the fit first.

    I went through all my posts, and since being caged I have had 22 orgasms. I used to have one every day. I went from over 300 to 22. Weird but I've never had a better sex life.

    I do miss my old friend every once in awhile. Also miss my erections, just being hard, reaching down and holding it.

    Will have to get used to it, @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté has had less and less desire for my erections, or orgasms. I wonder what this next year has in store.
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  17. It sounds from reading this thread that you have had one heck of an tough, interesting and exciting year even if you do miss your old friend sometimes.

    The future doesn't half look like it could be fun for you both and I wish you both have an amazing year whatever is in store. I do love reading your posts it does make for some tight caged reading.

    Sissysnax X
  18. Thanks! This year should be even brighter! Life is on track to start being more routine. That doesn't sound very good or exciting to some but for us it will be nice.

    Routine means we can spend more time doing the little things that really help.

    So much has changed in our life so fast it's hard to imagine what other things may transpire.
  19. I sometimes wonder about others here, am I the only one that wants desperately to cum?!

    Others want to be locked away for months, if I had my choice, I would be unlocked and orgasm every day. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I gave up control, but I still want to cum badly every single day. It just so happens, that is not apparently how often she needs me to cum so here we are.

    Wonder if there are others like me.
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  20. Do I want to cum? Every day! All the time, especially when Elle is teasing me. But I don't, because in part all of those crazy feelings that build up in me over time go when I have a full orgasm. They take the best part of a month to build up fully again.

    I used to masturbate about two or three times a week and have sex two or three times a month so, over a year, I would have had about 180 orgasms or so. In my first year of wearing a device I had five full orgasms and this year so far I have had two. We started in October, so I only have five months left so chances are I will have less tie year than the five I had the year before.

    If I didn't want to cum there wouldn't be any fun doing this. I wouldn't react the way I do to Elle and she wouldn't get turned on by the way I react. I think if it was up to me I would cum every four to six weeks, but it isn't up to me, it's Elle who decides and she doesn't appear to need to let me cum that often. Saying no to me turns her on so much.
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  21. I spent all day yesterday in a state of wanting. It was like 12 straight hours of fore play. Probably just making being caged more frustrating though.

    We laid on the couch together watching a movie, snuggled a bit, rubbed her feet for a little, touching her casually, and even had some time where I laid my head on her chest(one of my favorites). Then went to bed with my steel faucet nestled securely between her cheeks. Ahhh, maybe tomorrow, no wonder I'm a Cubs fan, always hoping. Hey, they did finally win, just took over 100 years. Let's just hope I have better luck.

    Woke up to a very tight cage. This new device has been very good at not waking me up in the morning, but think once over the week mark or so, morning erections begin to be an issue again.

    I slid close to her and nuzzled her back. Fondling and caressing her. I worked down her back to her bottom and was going to proceed to worship her ass, but she didnt let me waste any time there. She maneuvered my face to her pussy and I began to feast on my lovely kh.

    I almost got her to cum with mouth only (tough for her) but the alarm started going off and I was running out of time. I handed her the wand, slid two fingers inside, and with my face just inches away, she and I gave her a nice big O. As is my custom, I layed my head on her, breathing her in, trying to calm down, leaking on her leg, desperately wanting out of this steel contraption.

    Not enough time to unlock me, even if she wanted to now, so I went to work and left her to sleep a while longer. Sometimes I wonder why this was my idea lol!

    Oh well, maybe tonight!
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  22. Or tomorrow night perhaps...
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  23. Just a quick question as I have trouble seperating the stories from real life. Does your mistress really have no use for your penis and are you ok with that or is that just a game to yank your chain? In your relationship what would happen, since you love each other, if you said I am tired of playing?
  24. I didn't claim she had NO use for it, it comes in handy when she wants to make me happy. She also uses it when she wants to make love and share intimacy, and she can even orgasm with it if I last long enough and she is on top grinding.

    Yes I am very much ok with her using my penis when it suits her And not a second before. I have been in relationships where I had sex and knew they weren't into it, about the worst feeling ever, would rather it get used less and wanted, than used more out of pity or obligation.

    No this isn't jacking material, unless someone wanted to, a bit odd for a chastity site but I guess people could.

    We have come a long way in our dynamic, and as of right now, if I wanted to stop, we would have a discussion first. No she couldn't or wouldn't not give me the key back, not only would that be against a law or two, but would signify the end of our bond. This is something that she likes now too, has grown accustomed to her role, and I owe her at the very least a conversation or compromise before demanding the key back. Demanding a key without discussion I believe would pretty much put a kabosh on our d/s dynamic for good. Due to the fact that 90% of our relationship has been with her as my kh, there isn't a lot of "normal" to go back to. You can never go home again...a pertinent quote and feel it describes our situation.

    Now to ask you a question @mcfeely@mcfeely what exactly do you enjoy about chastity.? I've seen some of your posts, and I don't get the impression you are very fond of it. To each their own and all that, but you seem pretty vocal about giving up control yet chastity is pretty much a control tool. I suppose you could be dom and tell them how to do it, not my cup of tea but everyone is a bit different I suppose.
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  25. Nicotime, I don't really have any feelings about chastity except that in giving up control my concern is that my relationship will not end up like yours or some of the others as noted here. My wife has brought up the subject so in fairness to her, I am investigating the pros and cons. Some of the conversations on the site I find very bothersome but more from how one human being is treating another standpoint. Unlike you who had a time in your life where sex was abundant I have always felt undersexed so you can see my reservations about giving control to someone in this situation. I could easily see going from minimal sex to no sex and that could be very hurtful. Your right, I don't think I can give up control in this situation. I know most of the people on the site say to give up control, don't top from the bottom etc.... but if I'm not getting my needs met, then why bother. As you can see, I can't get my head around this and will continue to pose questions out of a sense of fairness and obligation to my wife. I think you are right in your statement " you can't go home again" I was just curious as to your thoughts on how your relationship would change/ survive if the dynamic changed.