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The Evolution of Mistress Amante

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. well that evening she told me we should start a new rule. 10 days straight of oral for her before I have the possibility of release. If I skip a day it gets set back to 0. She really isn't one to set rigid rules so I kind of doubted that she would take this too far, but I mentioned wanting her a few times and she mentioned that I had started my 10 days over a few times, so it seems she is sticking to it. We really haven't worked out any details...if I try and she doesn't want to, her monthly...does effort count as a day? does her visitor make me restart the clock? I told her "ya know you decide whether or not I'm ever let out of my cage, that she didn't need an excuse to keep me locked" she said I know. So, I think she just wants me more focused on her.

    I had a very fun evening the other night. I got her in the mood with a little oral on the couch, and we went downstairs to fully get into it. Continuing the oral with fervor. She started the dirty talk, a little more cuckold related. Asking me if i wanted to see her getting fucked by a real cock, would i like that, if i would suck him, and if i would lick up his cum from her pussy. I was crazy with desire licking her, and told her yes, anything you want. She asked me whos pleasure mattered, grabbed my balls and asked who they belonged to...to both i answered yours. She tried giving them a few swats, she didn't get a good angle so didn't hit them too hard but i still felt them ache...weird feeling, it craves to be touched so much, even pain and ache are worth it to feel something happening. She told me she wants my fingers in her, they are bigger than my little cock anyway.

    I lubed my hand up and started rubbing the outside then eventually sliding some fingers in her. She asked for more fingers and i obliged. I got 4 in her(her limit) and tried to massage her gspot. She told me she wanted johnson. I got the strapon on and lubed up the 9inch long and thick cock before gently pressing into her. Not being able to feel her, its hard to judge resistence and how deep and fast to go right away, so went fairly slow.

    As soon as i fully had all of it in her she let out a gutteral groan and said "oh god, thats what ive been waiting for" so i knew she was ready. Missionary position i slowly started my rhythme. She clutched my back, held her legs up and wide so she could recieve the fucking i was giving her. I picked up the pace and and her moans and groans of passion grew. She told me to fuck her, told me she wished my cock could fuck her like this, and asked me about fucking someone else while i watched...I was so in the moment, i really don't remember exactly what she said on the last one, and her breathing was so hard it was hard to hear what she was saying. Either way i agreed to whatever she asked.

    I gave her a steady fast pouding until she came...hard, i slowed down for a bit and increased the pace. Got to a very fast pace, my heart pounding fast with the effort and watching her excitement. She came again, even harder this time. She said it was the hardest she's ever came.

    So day 3 in a row, got her off with the wand this morning, more and release is possible. Not sure if that means i will get out, but at least i might. Day off today, years ago i might have watched porn all day and got myself off a few times...now i'm just stuck with my desire with no way to do anything about it.
    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté
    I love and thank you
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  2. Well it's been a little while, schedule has been weird so hadn't had a lot of exciting fun to report. After the last bit of fun, she mentioned 10 days oral in a row before the possibility of getting out of cage, and if I miss a day the 10 days starts over. Well as much as I have been hinting about her maybe not being serious about it, or changing her mind, she seems adamant about it. I went 4 days but then i thought her visitor arrived but she said it was a false alarm so it reset. Then her visitor did come, and reset. I finally got to start again this morning and she's still sticking to her guns.

    She was using the wand while I was using my fingers. She told me how much she needed this, that she wants to get fucked by a real cock, that she wished it was me. I used the dildo while she worked the wand, telling me me to fuck her harder and how hard she was going to cum.

    After a few orgasms she had to leave for work but I kept at it with the wand. She said she could do this all day. I tried to her her to let me in, but she told me she didn't want my little dick, and it would be a long time before she lets me do that. She then told me that when I got home from work I was to strip and put on the strapon, that would be my clothes for the night. I told her yes mistress and tried to lick her a bit more before she left the bed.

    Looking forward to giving her a jump, but sure would love to get off, or get hard.
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  3. My situation is quite the same. Both of us were dissatisfied until we realized that the roles needed to be reversed. My wife now is the 'male' and I am the 'female' and we're happy and comfortable with her natural dominance and my submission.
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  4. I agree. Women simply are smarter and stronger and deserve to be in control.
  5. After about ten days I was pretty subbie again and surprised her with a back rub, and she surprised me by unlocking me.

    She said she wanted doxy(wand) so I handed it to her and caressed her while she got herself off. That still makes me hot, watching her cum.

    She said she would let me cum and climbed on. Well, after being in the device a little while I must have recently developed a bit of a irritated area cause while I was in her it was almost like I was scratching an itch instead of it being all sexual pleasure. So I lasted a bit longer than usual and surprised her...I'm usually done in seconds.

    When I failed to finish in the minute I was given she said she would let me be on top and had one more minute or I would be locking back up... then she said "I have doxy, I don't need little dicks". Well once on top I pumped for a few seconds and was able to finish. Yay!!!

    She then said "you are locking right back up too"

    So glad she's opened up herself to me enough to be honest and call it like it is.