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The Evolution of Mistress Amante

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Well it's been a little while, schedule has been weird so hadn't had a lot of exciting fun to report. After the last bit of fun, she mentioned 10 days oral in a row before the possibility of getting out of cage, and if I miss a day the 10 days starts over. Well as much as I have been hinting about her maybe not being serious about it, or changing her mind, she seems adamant about it. I went 4 days but then i thought her visitor arrived but she said it was a false alarm so it reset. Then her visitor did come, and reset. I finally got to start again this morning and she's still sticking to her guns.

    She was using the wand while I was using my fingers. She told me how much she needed this, that she wants to get fucked by a real cock, that she wished it was me. I used the dildo while she worked the wand, telling me me to fuck her harder and how hard she was going to cum.

    After a few orgasms she had to leave for work but I kept at it with the wand. She said she could do this all day. I tried to her her to let me in, but she told me she didn't want my little dick, and it would be a long time before she lets me do that. She then told me that when I got home from work I was to strip and put on the strapon, that would be my clothes for the night. I told her yes mistress and tried to lick her a bit more before she left the bed.

    Looking forward to giving her a jump, but sure would love to get off, or get hard.
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  2. My situation is quite the same. Both of us were dissatisfied until we realized that the roles needed to be reversed. My wife now is the 'male' and I am the 'female' and we're happy and comfortable with her natural dominance and my submission.
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  3. I agree. Women simply are smarter and stronger and deserve to be in control.
  4. After about ten days I was pretty subbie again and surprised her with a back rub, and she surprised me by unlocking me.

    She said she wanted doxy(wand) so I handed it to her and caressed her while she got herself off. That still makes me hot, watching her cum.

    She said she would let me cum and climbed on. Well, after being in the device a little while I must have recently developed a bit of a irritated area cause while I was in her it was almost like I was scratching an itch instead of it being all sexual pleasure. So I lasted a bit longer than usual and surprised her...I'm usually done in seconds.

    When I failed to finish in the minute I was given she said she would let me be on top and had one more minute or I would be locking back up... then she said "I have doxy, I don't need little dicks". Well once on top I pumped for a few seconds and was able to finish. Yay!!!

    She then said "you are locking right back up too"

    So glad she's opened up herself to me enough to be honest and call it like it is.
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  5. After some playing under the covers this afternoon, me using my fingers on her, she said she needed doxi (our wand).

    We went down stairs and I immediately went down on her and ravenously devoured her. Put my fingers inside and worked her g spot. Soon she wanted doxi so I handed her the wand.

    She asked if I wanted to fuck her, and I quickly said yes. She asked if I could make her cum like this with my little dick, I said I'm not sure. She then said no, you can't, that's why you're staying locked up. Soon she got herself over the edge and had an intense O.

    I was still dressed but since I had not put on any undies, had noticeably dripped down my leg and on to hers. She said your dripping...good.

    Ughhh, I wanted to rip my cage off and be inside of her so much!
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  6. Your balls were the perfect shade of purple
    I love watching you writhing to get some sort of relief. Only 9 more days to go
  7. Going ten days without missing one seems easy. It's easy to someone that's never tried it. I sympathize with you things can be going great for 6 or 7 days than something happens and you reset. Your journey is an inspiration to myself and should be to others that are looking at this lifestyle.
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  8. Was hoping you were gonna forget about the 10days straight thing!
  9. Been awhile but things are going well. Last week she surprised me with some sex...twice! From what I gathered most of it was seeing if I would roll over and quit snoring lol.

    The last one was was pretty controlling yet very hot. I woke up feeling myself getting rubbed and then received some oral...super treat! I tried caressing her but she grabbed my hands and put them to the side. Once she got me standing at attention she climbed aboard. Again she placed my hands above my head, so I guess no touching. Because it was morning and I hadn’t went to the bathroom yet, was able to hold out a bit longer than normal. I lasted long enough for her to get off, she kept at it and soon I was ready and she said I could finish. What a surprise in the morning. I reluctantly locked back up a day later.

    At the one week mark I snuck her away downstairs to get a taste of her while the child was busy in the shower. I had to work later and this was the only chance for awhile. I soon was going to town and she said she wanted me to fuck her and asked if I had time, I almost giggled, yeah I have plenty of time, and she finished with for me. I shrugged and said I’ll try. I was so hot I couldn’t get the base ring off. She said that’s ok your locking right back up, just leave it on.

    So I slid in and heaven was awaiting. I can’t desc the feeling of being denied contact for a period and then being able to become erect and being inside her. I get lost in sensations. So after 30 seconds I have to stop or I’ll blow, I start again and this time she takes matters in her own hands. She started pinching my nipples very hard. I have sensitive nipples and it definitely took my mind off cumming. She did it several times until she had gotten to the point of her orgasm and she had somehow managed to stretch this out past my usual seconds to a few minutes.

    Funny thing was, I had somehow tricked my body into thinking I had came when she did. I tried to continue until I got off, and she even said she would let me cum if I could get her there again, but the tell tale refractory period had begun. I was wilting. I double checked her, and the sheets to see if I had some sort of ruined orgasm without my knowledge, but nothing. It was like my body thought I had came when she did.

    She said oh well, I guess you can lock back up. I did, still confused about the whole ordeal.
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  10. I was surprised with some action the other day. She had just gotten her visitor so thought fun would off the table for awhile.

    She surprised me by playing around with it and rubbing vitamin e oil on me. It didn’t take long before I was ready and warned her. After several starts and stops it was evident she wanted to bleed an orgasm out. She was successful and on the third stop we both watched as I involuntarily oozed out on to my tummy.

    I haven’t been quite as good at clean up lately, but she didn’t let me out of it this time. She wiped it up with her fingers and put them to my mouth. Three times until there wasn’t a drop left. Still rock hard and horny as all get out I desperately wanted her to try again and maybe let it go too far “accidentally” lol. I didn’t need to because she hopped on and rode me for a bit. She let me cum and it was glorious. My whole body ached from the contractions. I don’t know what I sound like when I cum, but it was probably gibberish lol.

    Last night she grabbed my cock before falling asleep, and said you know your little cock is smaller than my thumb, and my thumb is pretty small. I said I know, and we both went to sleep. I just love it when she talks that way, so open and honest, I really wanted to be caged up so I wouldn’t be tempted to rub one out. Very hot when she talks that way.
  11. WARNING- this episode is an explicit retelling of our last sexual escapades. I just hope I can do it justice, for I had an incredible time.

    Earlier she had told me that she had plans for tying me up and torturing me. I really had no idea what she meant...ouch or mmmmm. She had hinted at both so I wasn’t sure if I should even look forward to it.

    Uncaged healing from a chastity burn, I had been cage free all week, but although I had teased her that I have been taking care of business without her, she really didn’t believe I would really do it and I hadn’t. So I was sure ready for some attention. She undressed and joined me in the bed, where we cuddled and I groped her a bit. Not really sure if her big plans were going to happen. Sometimes the best laid plans fall down, nobody’s fault it just happens.

    I made my way down on her, I was eager but tried not to dive right in. After teasing the outer areas I eventually gave her entire length a long slow lick. She was turned on I could feel, her wetness was impossible to hide. I continued to devour her, making sure I wasn’t too rough or stayed in the same spot too long. Soon she pushed my hand towards my face, her indication she was done with the foreplay and wanted something inside her.

    She was certainly wet enough for normal finger play as is, but I had other plans. I grabbed the astroglide lube(crazy slippery stuff), and liberally applies it to her. Then while still kissing her inner thighs, I began to slide two fingers inside her. She was very turned on and greeted my fingers with a nice moan and a slight pelvic lift to let me have a better angle. I worked the two fingers for a while but stayed away from going too fast. I didn’t want her to cum just yet. I then added a third and her moans said it all. She bucked her hips trying to help me, get more inside, and I then started massaging her g spot. Her juices really started flowing then. When she was really getting in to it I added the fourth. I could feel her surrounding my hand, yielding more and more to the intrusion until I easily slid them through her very wet pussy. Until she said I want to fuck.

    I knew what she meant, and it wasn’t me. Our 9inch dildo and harness is what she had in mind and I quickly grabbed it from the drawer. Luckily the harness I have is super simple and easy to use , within 20 seconds I was ready. When I had finished putting it on, she had already gotten on all fours on the edge of the bed and waited. Practically purring, waiting to be filled (this is a position I really can’t reach myself. Mostly just me jabbing away, so it’s somewhat of a treat). I slid the tip in her easily, she was ready. I stood still so she could ease the rest into her. She shuddered. Once in I grabbed her hips and slowly started a rhythm. Eager she picked up the pace for me, backing into me as I thrust. Then I picked up the pace. This position is also a treat for me. Not something I can do because of length, I can get the tip in when pressed up to her but with every stroke i pull completely out. So, staring down and watching my huge cock enter her in long strokes is pretty awesome for me. My pace was now rapid, my hand gripping her hips for purchase, her moaning loudly and wantonly. I gave her a few cracks on the ass with my palm, she was too into the pleasure to feel the pain. Soon she was cumng and fell forward on the bed, and I could feel the resistance on the toy grow through her orgasm. I slowed to a crawl to let her catch her breath but never stopped. I then picked up the pace again until she loudly came again.

    I rolled over and caressed her, truly thinking the playtime was over. After she caught her breath she got up and started fiddling with the restraints under the bed. She got them on me good and tight till I was spread eagle. I of course was already crazy with lust, and her smallest touches were getting me closer and closer to the edge. She teased me with her hands, her mouth, her hair, her breasts...with every contact within a few seconds I had to tell her I was close.

    She then climbed on me, but didn’t let me in. She just lowered hers on me with me rubbing the outside of her pussy. She was still soaked, so as soon as contact was made, it felt amazing, even if it was just the outside. Once she allowed me in her it took a few pumps and I was almost ready to pop. Grinding on me she said “I want to fuck a real cock” and that sent me over the edge. I said stop or I’ll cumand lifted her off me. She looked down and waited, and sure enough a ruined O, drained from me. I couldn’t see because I was still tied up but it must have been a lot. She said that it looked like a real one(opposed to a ruined), and scooped the mess into my mouth. It took 3 trips and a fourth the get the last bit to my waiting mouth. I was so turned on still that I swallowed it all and licked my lips wanting more. She slid on me again and again I was ready very soon. This time I just groaned if you don’t stop I’m going to cum. Which for me, is plenty of fair warning. And I was right, as soon as she didn’t answer I had a mind blowing orgasm. The fun hadn’t ended apparently because she kept on riding me. Post orgasm torture, and that it was. I was still tightly secured to the bed and was helpless to do anything but take it. I started laughing till my eyes were streaming tears(I do the same when punished hard, I don’t know why). Eventually she had mercy on me and let me slip out saying “awe I wasn’t done yet, and either are you”. On that note she crawled up and placed her sex above my head. She lowered herself down so I could clean her up. I couldn’t move so when she angled herself, it was so my mouth was at her opening and not near her clit, yes this was strictly a clean up. After she made sure I had gotten every drop, she rolled over and untied me.

    It was a great evening and I can’t stop thinking of her. Later she said would be tying me up again soon, but didn’t get into what was in store for me.

    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté i love you and so happy that you are happy with all of this!

    I promise I will lock up as soon as the spot disappears, I just want to see if I can keep it from reappearing if I let it heal all the way.