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The Evolution of Mistress Amante

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Nicoftime, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. And I didn't mention it but if I have legitimate physical or medical issue, chastity takes a backseat to safety. Besides, if you don't address small physical issues promptly, they can become large issues quickly, then the device has to be off even longer.

    Earlier when I experimented with some of the super short cages everything seemed fine, but after its first removal found red puffy irritation. I could have locked back up but that might have turned into something serious within a week. Better to take a small break.
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  2. I have been on vacation this week so not a lot of time to keep up here, but did manage to have a few very intense experiences.

    Last week she was amazing. I was a mess. A little tipsy she told me she wanted me in her. She then really got into it verbally. It was incredibly honest, direct, and without worry. It's like she had lost all inhibitions about hurting my feelings, an open dialogue of matter of fact. She told me that she couldn't really feel me, that I needed to get the wand because my little cock wasn't enough.

    She then told me that she wanted to get Johnson (her dildo) but she wanted me to feel her cum with the wand. Plus some other stuff about wanting to get fucked with a huge cock. She came and gave me a long sweet hug, told me how much she loved me and went to sleep. It took everything not to finish myself off, but I didn't.

    The next morning I went down on her immediately. I was starving for her and couldn't get enough. I used my fingers to get her off, first two then three. After her O, I climbed on and tested the waters, she didn't say no, so I slid in. It was heaven. She told me that she couldn't feel me after my fingers were in her. I immediately began thrusting but after about 10 seconds had to stop. She then said it's ok you can cum. As soon as she said it I exploded. My toes curled and my calf locked up, crazy intense.

    I just laid on her and tried to recover. She told me I need to clean up, she was letting me off the hook too often, and pushed my head gently down. It doesn't take too long with her encouragement to get back into pleasing her and soon found myself lost in her again until she came.

    Then punishment night happened. I really don't know which one she used, but it definitely hurt. I kept moving around and she told me to stop but she kept missing my butt and was hitting my hip. Then add to it I was laughing my butt off. I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm not being held down or restrained and know I can get away. She was surely hitting hard, but I just couldn't help it. I'm pretty sure the only way to keep me from laughing would be to hold me down and be unrelenting and fast with the swats. Not giving me any time to recover. I don't know, I did end up with a very sore bottom and the side of my butt and hip were bruised and had a few small red welts. I'm sure she will figure out what works.
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  3. Right now I am at the week mark, the time where I just want to feel an erection again.

    I can feel it try quite often during the day to get hard, but it can't conquer the steel or the piercing. This is when it feels like a spigot. A faucet for urine. It feels so useless.

    We will have the house to ourselves for 3 night starting tomorrow, maybe it will get out and do something besides pee.
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  4. I have been slacking off in my morning duties but we have both been tired and staying up too late. Might get some more punishment, but really we have just been bushed. She is doing lots to keep me revved up, but at the end of the day or in the morning we have been more into sleeping lol.

    Earlier this week she and I had some more fun. It goes to show how much we have both changed. We were just about ready to sleep but she decided that she wanted a ride. No foreplay just hop on and ride.

    As super horny as I was earlier, we had been drinking and with it comes my ability to last longer than ten seconds. She got on me and the feeling was amazing. It's then I question myself that I ever instigated chastity. Why on earth would I ever make it easier for her to keep that wonderful feeling away from me? She began to talk dirty to me a little and asked how it felt. I have to admit that as much as I love and get turned on by her telling me what to do or verbally teasing me, I am not very good at pillow talk myself and feel awkward about replying. I did my best.

    After a few minutes she was said I think it's time to cage backbup. She was letting me inside her and giving me a chance to cum due to some of my steamy and desperate texts earlier, but she wasn't going to wait forever. I had been holding back as much as I could (the beer helped) but as soon as the possibility of stopping occurred to me I kind of moaned and kept going. She asked me if I thought I could get my little cock to cum. I quickly asked her if I could. She said I'll give you a minute and it's time to stop. As soon as she gave me permission I lost it with me clinging to her from below.

    She quickly turned over and told me to get busy, she said she could tell there was a lot and said I was going to be in so much trouble if I waited so long that it soaked the sheets. There was a lot. So much that it was all over the outside as well as a very large amount on the verge of leaving her. I hesitated at the amount and she quickly grabbed my head and guided me to her. Normally I would say her interest was more of wanted me to get her off with my mouth. That really wasn't the case this time. It was pure domination and wanting it cleaned up. When I tried to focus on her clit she pushed me inside of her to get it all. I missed the outside and she made sure it was all gone. I then tried to resume my interest in her clit but she pulled me back up and said that was enough.

    Part of me loves how dominant she has become, especially sexually. Part of me is ashamed at how easily manipulated and trained I have become. Anymore, before sex I actually crave my cum and associate it with pleasure. Her mere permission to cum makes me explode and I have no shame that it was all a gift to me. I accepted it without hesitation that her having me inside her was a gift. Without her generosity I would have just serviced her with my mouth , toy, or fingers.

    Today she said she had planned on sitting on my face this morning but we had overslept. My immediate response wasn't "oh I missed a chance that I might have been allowed to orgasm" it was "oh I missed a chance to be apart of her orgasm". I've always been pretty giving when it comes to sex but we have really gotten to a point where we BOTH think of her orgasm as a priority and mine as a gift.

    I truly have never been happier. I love how open, honest, and real we have become.
  5. We had a little of a tiff the other night, drinking it seems gets both of our dominant sides rolling and we clash. I am not very nice when upset when like that. I'm not physically mean but my sarcasm and attitude of this is what's going on...is counter productive to what we are trying to achieve. I tell you what, being sexually submissive and being submissive are two totally different things. She tried telling me to go to bed and my fur stood up. I told her I won't be ordered around like a child or a dog...geesh I need to work on this while subbie thing. We of course made up and learned more about each other, but it certainly got way out of hand quickly.

    After our verbal make up and still feeling a bit like getting us back to normal in the morning she used the wand while I held her close and used my fingers. After her O we dressed and went upstairs. A few hours later, nursing a large hangover, she laid her feet on my lap...her signal that she wants a foot rub. Her lotion is always very near and I started. She absolutely loves having her feet rubbed and I did this for about a half an hour.

    Still feeling revved up from watching her cum earlier I rubbed her legs as well and was slowly creeping up. She seemed to be fine with it and was very wet by the time I got to her pussy. After a bit I went and retrieved Johnson the 9 inch dildo. It slid inside her with ease and I watched it disappear. I worked her with it and rubbed her clit increasing the pace as needed. She asked me if I wanted inside of her, if I wished I had a cock like that to fuck her and if I did she would let me fuck her all the time.

    I was really into it but we needed to take it to the bedroom. We got down there and she unlocked me and sat on my face. I tried to devour her but she was in control and directed traffic. She spun around and started to 69 me. She hasn't put her lips on me in like forever and it was heaven. Sensing she was limiting my time before cumming she then climbed almost on me. She teased me with barely letting me in her and just when I'm in she lifted herself off a little and I slip out. Then I must try to get in her without using my hands. She kept at this for awhile and every time I got I. There it felt like the best sensation in the world.

    She told me she was going to rub herself on my little cock till she cums and then maybe she will let me. She did and then I kept at it and she was sensitive and lifted her self out of reach. I was desperate and begged her and she told me she wanted to feel her little cock cum. I immediately did so which was so intense it hurt. My calf cramped up, and just like punishment...I even began to giggle a little.

    She rolled over and pushed my head down and told me to clean up. I did and there was a lot. Usually it is dark and can't see that much but this time I saw very clearly. Every time I stopped, more oozed out, I didn't know I could even cum that much! She even asked me if I got it all. I said I think so and climbed up and laid my head on her chest. She said I think we just had makeup sex!

    She said that later she wanted me to wear the harness and fuck her with Johnson while I wasn't locked up. So I could almost touch her while a real cock fucked her. So I stayed unlocked and put in my pa ring. Well we were both too tired later so that didn't happen...so will lock back up when she gives me the go ahead.

    On a side note, while we were drinking that night, one of my friends mentioned something in passing like "that's about as likely as seeing nic in a dress." @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté feeling a bit buzzed said "oh that's not a problem, I'd tell him to wear the dress or I'd give him spankings" my two buddies laughed and so did I, but there was truth in her eyes I'm sure that even they could see.

    Anyway, another day in paradise
  6. It's funny how very comfortable she has gotten keeping me caged.

    After her morning orgasm on Friday I told her I needed to groom. So she gave me the key to unlock. After my shower we were getting ready to spend some time on the river and casually joked with her, "you sure you want me to lock up, in all smooth and ready" she smiled gently and said "yes I'm sure, I don't need it unlocked" and just like that, any potential playtime was over.

    I locked back up,(no small feat) and dressed for the day of fun we had planned. It got me thinking of how much she has changed since we started. I am sure that when we first started, that little interaction would have resulted in her getting me off or at the very least fondling me for a bit. Now she has no problem with her needs being the only concern. If she feels the need to pleasure me, that would happen as well, but she didn't, so it didn't happen.

    How wonderful of a feeling knowing that every single time she touches me, it is always because she wants to, and never because she feels she should. Even if it means me being touched less, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thankyou @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté i adore you.
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  7. Having a hard time today, all I want to do right now is tear this steel cage off, get inside her and cum.

    Usually after awhile I tend to relax and calmness washes over me and I can continue with my day. Some part of my brain isn't letting go that I should be emptying myself in her. It can't comprehend that I just stopped, and that it not only isn't going to happen right now, but can't.

    It's yelling at me to finish up"come on, it won't even take more than a few seconds...I promise I'll quit bugging you if you just finish up". A penis on my shoulder telling me to find a way to get off, I look to my other shoulder for the penis voice of reason and he shrugs and says "I'm with him!".

    It's times like this that I struggle with my actions. Although she has fully accepted and loves the power of holding my key, she's not beyond a certain amount of manipulation. Meaning I could probably cajole her into letting me out and even cumming. I'm not saying she can't say no, but I know she loves me and if I really tried and begged properly, she would probably let me. That being said, its counter productive to what I desire. I don't desire to be locked, but I do desire for her to be the ONLY reason for unlocking to happen. I can't have my cake and eat it too.

    If I truly want her to be in control and only get unlocked, hard, or orgasm when she wants it to, then I must accept that most of the time she doesn't want it to as an answer. But the urge to beg, to whine, and to try to impose my will is hard to resist.

    Just venting I guess, will be fine and dandy once I settle down.
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  8. I know chastity can be frustrating, can't it? I can't tell you how many times I don't even want an O, but I'd do anything just for an erection! Sounds like your mistress has you under control! :)
  9. An amazing morning! Woke up a lil early so I could give her some overdue oral...missed yesterday, and I'm not sure which one of us enjoyed it more.

    Started off with oral and added fingers till O number one. Got the large dildo out and once I slid it in her, guided her hand to it so she could work it just right as i caressed her body. O number 2. Then I nudged her to her knees with her bottom in the air and her face on the pillow. Rimming and worshipping her bottom for twenty minutes I then added my fingers inside her till I thought she was ready for another O. I then handed her the wand and from below she worked herself while I continued make out with her precious bottom. O number 3.

    My cage doesn't really allow for erectuons, so the only evidence of my arrousal is the massive amounts of precum involuntarily dripping from the tip. That and balls were swollen and tight as a drum.

    She told me how good it was and how much she loved me, I tried to calm down and slow my breathing. She asked me how much I wanted out of my little cage...I said a lot...she said maybe tonight. And just like that I knew that playtime was over.

    Later this morning I think how badly I wanted out, to be inside her, knowing in 2 or 3 strokes I would reach the plateau. Then after I calmed down I am happy that she knows best. Happy that she makes that call. Happy that she knows that if she doesn't want me to cum for a month, for 3 months, for a year, or never a full orgasm again, that I trust that it's because it's what is best for her and that makes me happy. To know for a fact that you are making someone happy fills me with pride and contentment that I cannot describe.

    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté thankyou so much for putting in all the effort of being my mistress. Being responsible for our sexuality is a weight that most couples share, and I thank you for carrying it.
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  10. She's had a a few more sessions, some of it with a new twist.

    She has tried ball slapping as punishment and she seemed to enjoy it immensely. First punishment that she has dished out that I truly felt like I was enduring something special for her. I go into it in further detail on my thread ball punishment.

    Anyway, oral and bottom servicing followed, her dildo made an appearance, then she rode me and allowed me to finish once she had cum a few times. She asked me if I wanted her to fuck me a few times and I finally said yes, maybe she was testing to see if I would agree, but she didn't use it on me.

    She asked if I was forgetting something (clean up) and she climbed in top of my face and was given my snack. It was more like a meal though. So very much I could hardly keep up as she pushed it out.

    The next morning she let me sleep in for a bit but woke me by sitting on my face. After a bit she climbed on top and rode me till she had a nice calm little O. I asked if I could finish and she agreed...I was off to the races. After a few minutes she said I had enough, time was up. Ughhhh I could hardly take it but knew, there really wasn't any changing her mind, and if I had been quicker, would have had my O. We dressed and had a great day together, and I stayed uncaged hoping to finish this mornings fun later.

    Last night she thought I was being sassy again and said "that's it back in your cage, your not getting out of there for awhile ", not really sure what awhile is to her...I think our opinions on the matter may be different.

    She's the bossy, cruel, beautiful, mistress of my dreams and I can't believe how lucky I am to have her.
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  11. how your relationship with your Mistress is growing is very Exciting. It amazes me that even after being locked up and having her hold your key and control your pleasures for a very long time that sassy rebellious inner self still comes out. Being part of who you are this may always get you into trouble with your Mistress. I would be good for people who are just starting in this lifestyle to read about your inner struggle so they will realize that having a cage on won't solve all your problems.

    Getting angry and raising my voice towards my Mistress is something I haven't done in years. I guess my inner self isn't as strong as yours and my nature is more Submisive or I'm just not a dominant person by nature,who really knows.

    Thanks for posting your Journey and showing that it's not all a Bed of Roses Thanks
  12. Thanks, but when she says sass, it's still playful. If it were a genuine outburst...I don't know...not sure if I'd want to be on the receiving end of that!!!

    I am argumentative and sometimes I like winning too much to stop...even when there really is no winning. Oh well Rome was not built in a day.
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  13. Nearing the one week mark and already I'm about going nuts. I can go longer and have, but have found that from one week on is the same....constantly thinking of her, getting hard, and how I want to please her.

    Just a few days past a year since I was pierced. Being pierced I think was a catalyst that really helped her get over feelings of guilt. There was no touching it for weeks after, and even then it had to be gentle, and not something she was particularly enjoying. So it was easy to go weeks without release. That I think helped her carry it forward to only letting me out when she actually wanted it, and only allowing me to finish if she felt like I deserved it.

    Looking back I think of how she made a point to unlock me every night to tease me, got into ruined orgasms, and was very concerned about her role. Now she has moved past doing anything but what she wants, has no problem having multiple orgasms to my none, and in general will be treated to foot body rubs, front and bottom licking, and will get off anyway she wants.

    We have come so far in our journey together. If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would give up masterbation and erections, will clean up all of my cum when allowed to cum, agree to weekly maid service, domestic discipline, get my penis pierced and locked in an inescapable cage, and reduce orgasms to roughly 15 a year....I would have not believed them.

    Yet here we are, I couldn't be happier, and I hope she is half as happy as I am.
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  14. Day 11 and she gets back tommorow. I dont even know what i want, i am going back and forth in my mind.

    On one hand i of course desparately want to have an erection again, to feel the intensity of being inside her and finishing.

    On the other hand, i also crave this feeling to stay. I truly don't want to be out unless she wants me out, so i would hate to feel i bugged her to let me out. The thought of her telling me to use the dildo and wand on her and telling me that she doesn't need me out, turns me on, and could be what happens. I sit here thinking of how much that would turn me on, and how much i don't want that to happen, but hoping it does.

    In the end, it doesn't matter. Its hers to use or not, just thinking more about it because she is away and i am home by myself. Cant wait to see her and give her affection.
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  15. Well she returned, she was exhausted from her trip and had a bit of a tummy ache so went to bed early. Was ok with that, my son just got here and was nice to spend some time with him.

    This morning I got up and took the dogs out and returned, hoping for something to happen, she said she would wait in bed till I dropped my son off at school and that some maid duties were Accomplished and the house looked nice. I went beside her and embraced her.

    After some foreplay and some kisses, went down her. Delicious as ever, but I also know that she usually needs a bit more, so got the wand and used my fingers. Within a minute she climaxed and I tried to calm down. I climbed aboard with my steel cage nestled right on her, she asked me what I was doing? Hoping? I said yes, and we laughed and went to sleep a lil longer.

    When we got up I kissed her back and sides trying to keep her in bed. She started fumbling with my cage. It worked! She oiled me up and started stroking. Within a minute I had to tell her I was close. (It's been awhile 14 days) just when she was about to go too far she let go. I was waiting for her to continue, it didn't feel like I was that close to a ruined O, didn't even feel anything come out and I had my eyes closed. While I was waiting I felt her fingers on my mouth. I knew what that meant. She had given me a ruined O and was helping me clean up. After a few more mouthfuls, she gave me some more tugs. I think to make sure I was still hard and that it really was ruined.

    I tried kissing her and she layed on my chest,"not the big O you were looking for? Still horny?" No and yes were all I could muster. " good, I like you horny, it's time to get up, playtime is over". And just like that it was.

    I took a shower and caged back up. It's deliciously frustrating and maddening. I guess I have my answer.
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  16. Went camping for the weekend, all caged up on a beach staring at her in a swimsuit, my key right there...was agonizingly frustrating.

    Several times I told her we could sneak away for a minute, that I could get there in seconds at this point. She whispered in my ear that "that wouldn't do me any good, so there isn't any reason to unlock you". I had to agree, it would have been a few seconds of me humping, and it would have been over.

    Right when our camping trip was wrapping up, her monthly visitor arrived...sad face.

    Now I am waiting for her visitor to leave, and hoping I have a chance to do something that she feels earns me an orgasm. Since I've gotten to the point that it won't take me long once I am unlocked, and won't last long enough to do anything for her, my next orgasm will be a treat and have little to do with pleasing her.

    I have a trip to my folks house planned for Saturday and will be there a week...I'm not sure what her plans are for that. This could be a long lock up without a real O.
  17. So last night we went to bed, we were both tired and her visitor has been here for a few days. It was going to be just sleeping and I was ready. Then she reaches over and puts her hand on my steel cage.

    What a loving act. So thoughtful and delicious. I of course instantly lost the feeling of being tired, but it was just a token of affection, and a good one at that.

    This morning I kissed and held her, she fondled my cage a lil, I handed her the wand and caressed her while she got herself off. I continued to kiss her all over and offered to give her bottom some attention but she was ready to get up.

    She told me how much she loved me and it was time to get up. Looking forward to tasting her again.
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  18. I find its little touches like that that make it all worth while :)
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  19. I can't keep up with all these orgasms you're having :p
  20. Are you referring to "you're" as mine? Cause she was the only one getting one lol

    And not everyone has a year lol no lock up...at this point we should just take u to the vet and get them removed.
  21. I wasn't talking about the last post specifically :p More like a month's worth of timeline, but i'm just writing out of jealousy, don't mind me :p
    We want kids in the future, they'll be coming handy someday !
  22. Yes I suppose to someone not getting any...once a month would seem like a harvest!
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  23. 41 days since last O, and coming home tomorrow. I am not sure if she will let me cum or not, I guess it depends on whether or not she is willing to give up this doting and subbiness, to give me an orgasm.

    I have been texting her this week while I was away, and miss her terribly. I have vowed to treat her like a princess, that my domestic service will resume in a more regular basis, and that I will make sure she feels pampered.

    At this point I have also come to another conclusion. She wanted honesty so I told her that I don't think I can be unlocked without supervision anymore. Not that I would cum, but don't think at this point I could keep from playing with it. She said it was very good that I said something and that she will help me out. Of course after an orgasm it wouldn't be an issue, but I really don't know when that will be.

    Funny it doesn't take long for me to be dripping wet. Texting with her and sending her pictures this morning had me leaking to the point I had a giant wet spot on my shorts.

    The clean up training seems to have really started to sink in. I am now wanting and yearning to lick it from her, looking at pics and gifs of it on tumblr physically makes my mouth water. I am sooo desperate to please her and to serve her. I daydream about kneeling at her feet and worshiping them, laying my head on her bare mound and deeply inhaling her scent. It's intoxicating scent driving me both mad with lust and calming me with its presence.
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  24. Came home from my trip, and the evening was memorable.

    We had went out for drinks, came home and I fixed us a snack. After...

    We kissed and fondled, I went down and lost myself in her. She was pretty verbal, and it turned me on like crazy. She asked to start using my fingers, then asked for 3, told me how much bigger they are compared to me, then she mentioned some stuff she's never shared.

    While I was still going down on her she asked me if I wanted to watch her getting fucked by a nice big cock, watch her getting cock that I could never give her, and if I would clean her up after he came in her. I kept licking and told her I would, she asked what I would be doing, I told her I would probably still be locked. She then asked me if I really wanted this, I licked her even more and told her yes, yes, anything she wanted.

    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté and I have no plans to do this, and I believe it's just some dirty talk, but I had told her before that I would be open to her being a hotwife...getting her needs fulfilled however she pleases, and was my last hard limit that I had yet to tear down. Anyway, it did get me super hot just listening to her.

    She told me she wanted to see if she could feel me, so I climbed on. After having my fingers in her she could not. It had been 42 days since my last orgasm, and had been caged without release for a few weeks. To say I was ready to go was an understatement. She then told me I had to last 5 minutes. Five minutes and I felt like I could barely last 5 seconds! I tried my best but I immediately pulled out so I didn't cum, she told me I had to stay in, and that i had better not or it will be a very long time before I'm out again. I warned her and told her I need to pull out but she didn't let me. I lasted almost a minute.

    I immediately went down to clean her, and said I was still in big trouble. We went to the bedroom to finish her off with the wand.

    She told me I could try to make up for it the next day. This morning I used her dildo Johnson and went down on her, after she let in her again. She told me she couldn't feel me at all after having a real cock in her, and that she needed to close her legs more to feel me. I was getting close in a hurry and she told me I could finish. I did as soon as she gave me permission. Post orgasmic bliss followed...I snuck out of clean up yay!

    I noticed I have some irritation and a spot that is getting raw, so didn't lock right up. Will inspect tonight and see if I am able to lock up again. Think it was due to not being able to groom while on vacation.

    Looking forward to my renewed dedication to serving her
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  25. well that evening she told me we should start a new rule. 10 days straight of oral for her before I have the possibility of release. If I skip a day it gets set back to 0. She really isn't one to set rigid rules so I kind of doubted that she would take this too far, but I mentioned wanting her a few times and she mentioned that I had started my 10 days over a few times, so it seems she is sticking to it. We really haven't worked out any details...if I try and she doesn't want to, her monthly...does effort count as a day? does her visitor make me restart the clock? I told her "ya know you decide whether or not I'm ever let out of my cage, that she didn't need an excuse to keep me locked" she said I know. So, I think she just wants me more focused on her.

    I had a very fun evening the other night. I got her in the mood with a little oral on the couch, and we went downstairs to fully get into it. Continuing the oral with fervor. She started the dirty talk, a little more cuckold related. Asking me if i wanted to see her getting fucked by a real cock, would i like that, if i would suck him, and if i would lick up his cum from her pussy. I was crazy with desire licking her, and told her yes, anything you want. She asked me whos pleasure mattered, grabbed my balls and asked who they belonged to...to both i answered yours. She tried giving them a few swats, she didn't get a good angle so didn't hit them too hard but i still felt them ache...weird feeling, it craves to be touched so much, even pain and ache are worth it to feel something happening. She told me she wants my fingers in her, they are bigger than my little cock anyway.

    I lubed my hand up and started rubbing the outside then eventually sliding some fingers in her. She asked for more fingers and i obliged. I got 4 in her(her limit) and tried to massage her gspot. She told me she wanted johnson. I got the strapon on and lubed up the 9inch long and thick cock before gently pressing into her. Not being able to feel her, its hard to judge resistence and how deep and fast to go right away, so went fairly slow.

    As soon as i fully had all of it in her she let out a gutteral groan and said "oh god, thats what ive been waiting for" so i knew she was ready. Missionary position i slowly started my rhythme. She clutched my back, held her legs up and wide so she could recieve the fucking i was giving her. I picked up the pace and and her moans and groans of passion grew. She told me to fuck her, told me she wished my cock could fuck her like this, and asked me about fucking someone else while i watched...I was so in the moment, i really don't remember exactly what she said on the last one, and her breathing was so hard it was hard to hear what she was saying. Either way i agreed to whatever she asked.

    I gave her a steady fast pouding until she came...hard, i slowed down for a bit and increased the pace. Got to a very fast pace, my heart pounding fast with the effort and watching her excitement. She came again, even harder this time. She said it was the hardest she's ever came.

    So day 3 in a row, got her off with the wand this morning, more and release is possible. Not sure if that means i will get out, but at least i might. Day off today, years ago i might have watched porn all day and got myself off a few times...now i'm just stuck with my desire with no way to do anything about it.
    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté
    I love and thank you
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