We’re pleased you found your way here, these are the topics you can expect to find discussed in our forums:

Male Chastity ~ Orgasm Denial ~ Sissies ~ D/s & Female Led Relationships ~ Cuckolding

In our search for good Male Chastity sites on the net we found many professional Dominatrix sites (for a fee!) and plenty of sites for those heavily involved in the BDSM scene. What we did not find was an entry-level safe haven which provided a fast, clean, reliable site for discussing our journey.

We aim to cater for all levels of experience, but primarily want to provide a safe haven for those on the more inexperienced side of these lifestyles. This does not mean you are excluded if you are living the D/s life, please come in and share your secrets to success.

Not every Domme is born that way, she may need time to discover her inner Goddess. Not every submissive is the perfect slave/pet/sissy – they need somewhere to share their fears and learn to serve their Mistress/Princess/Goddess/Wife…

This is a community, for those who wish to discuss their chosen paths, in a relaxed, care-free environment.

We will NOT tolerate spamming, trolls, hatred or discrimination in any sense.

Here’s hoping you find this site fast, efficient and friendly. We will always be looking to improve, so please suggest anything you would like to see on the site, or tell us if you find you are experiencing problems.

(This is the original charter of Chastity Mansion when it was founded on May 10, 2008, and it still applies today)
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