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Long term member, Male, from Australia

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    1. Monkey 66
      Monkey 66
      I have started to read your journal and wanted to say how much i have enjoyed it and the encouragement it has given me to hand over control of my cock to my partner
      1. CuriousAndy
        Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Quite regularly I ready the latest entries to my Wife, she enjoys it too. It's very much a couple experience for us.
        Mar 23, 2023
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    Curious Goddess
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    • Submissive
    Chastity devices:
    Neosteel shemale belt
    Master Series Solitary
    Nub Cap Chastity Cage
    Mini Ring Chastity Cage
    Holy Trainer v4 Nano (knock off)
    Holy Trainer v4 Nub (knock off)
    Fancy Steel Sissy Belt
    My wife and are pretty vanilla most of the time. However, we go through kinky periods. We’ve managed to accumulate quite a collection of “marital aids”, including chastity devices.

    In vanilla periods my wife and I are equal partners, both in day to day life and in the bedroom. Though depending on mood we both enjoy dominating the other during normal sex, often I'm the more dominant partner.

    Kinky periods usually consist of extended role play over several weeks and female dominance. She is more comfortable giving orders than receiving them and I have always found focusing on her pleasure very enjoyable. This is when the chastity devices come out.
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