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My new life

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Doczilla421, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Seems we are both locked up because of our past indiscretions. Life sentence for both of us. I think mine is without a the possibility of parole. How about you.
  2. Lifetime sentence for me, and well-deserved. Also, my wife is feminizing me gradually but irrevocably. I'm not caged because my wife says it's too small to bother with but she has tied a pink bow around what she now calls my clitty. I also have to sit to pee, which all girls do.
  3. Yeah I sit to pee also but it because of my cage. I dont think my wife has any plans to femminize me, but since you have brought it up I truthfully can't say that she might try it.
    Is what your wife doing ok with you?
  4. Yes, it is. Since I was a little boy I always wondered what it would like to be a girl. I used to try on my sexy young aunt's bra and panties. Mostly my wife wanted to diminish my masculine side and bring out my feminine side in ways that wouldn't be obvious in public. So I shave my entire body, use moisturizer all over, have brief cotton panties and clear nail polish and lipstick. It makes me much more docile and submissive and much, much happier. Of course, having every drop of semen drained out of me every day helps, too.
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  5. For me chastity meant more self-abuse than less. My condition is very different than yours (I'm a self-locked Dom with a slave), and I found that being caged has increased my horniness AND my masturbation. I am much more actively pawing and stroking and feeling my locked cock. Of course it's mostly masturbation as tease and denial. I have my slave tease me whenever I want and I absolutely love the way my cock feels as it strains against the metal.
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  6. 21 days locked up minus 3 days for healing. I'm starting to forget what it was like not being locked up. I'm really starting to enjoy this new life. It's funny I first locked this cage on myself, giving my wife the keys, thinking that after a few days she would get bored of it and let me out. To my surprise she embraced it and seems to enjoy the new power she has over me. I'm glad that I surrendered it to her. I love her so much!!! All I want to do is serve and please her. Should have done this year's ago.
    Happy to say that I think I'm going to be permanently locked up.
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  7. oh man I can remember what it is like being free STIFFYS haa haa
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  8. Update, tomorrow will be one month since I locked my cage on and gave the keys to my wife. Only have been off for 3 of those days because of soreness, but locked back on after I felt better. Not allowed to have an orgasm, which is really hard for me, cause I am a habitual masturbator. Thats why Im locked up.
    I have given my wife several nights of great orgasms for her but nothing for me.
    My birthday was a couple of days ago and thought that she would allow me one....nope got my first milking. She said that she liked milking me better because it was less work for her. All she did was put a prostate vibrator in my butt and told me to lay there till the cum was all expelled. That took about 20 minutes and done. I was hoping it would make me orgasm but it didnt. It just flowed out and I had to clean it all up.
    I think my wife is determind to make me pay for 12 years of masturbating. Not saying I don't deserve this but I hope she will allow me to have one every once in awhile.
    Already been told that I will not be unlocked for Christmas or new years.
    This just might be permanent. I have to give her credit, never seen her this determined to keep me locked up like this. Very strong willed which is new for her. Usually she would give in to me. Not happening this time.
    Will give another update in a few days.
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  9. Sounds like your wife is well on her way to making you a submissive hubby. I can tell you that it's completely satisfying. My wife milks me twice daily and also fucks me with a 10-inch strapon. I am not allowed to touch my penis for any purpose but I don't miss it. Anal bliss is addictive. Good luck.
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