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    1. Damons
      We need you back here badly! Hope all is well & Happy New Year!
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    2. tdk34
      Follow someone!!?
    3. pippahkt
      I really love to read your posts.Thank you for thoses
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    4. Слуга
      Hello Charming Lady! I'm sorry to bother you. Let me ask you, do you agree to virtual communication with me? We can offer You several options of communication. Maybe you will like it!?
    5. Loudogger
      Missing hearing from you beautiful lady. Really would love to hear how your needs are being met specifically and with what frequency.
      If you’re getting it multiple times per week he must be going crazy
      Do you still cuckold him ?
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    6. slavetoby
      You are stunning looking. And sound like a very strict and determined keyholder
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    7. cudaboy
      I just wanted to say You are a very pretty Woman and anyone would be proud to belong to You, Your man is very very lucky.
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    8. Ossian
      You are stellar example of a loving kh. Thank you for your posts.
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    9. mouton
      Please don't get discouraged by the haters like User 2112. I think you are wonderful and your husband is the luckiest guy in the world! I enjoy your post immensely!
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    10. BziC
      I've long wanted to write just did not have time ...You are a beautiful wife. Your husband is incredibly lucky. I even envy him))
    11. shadowman6
      My most humble greetings Mistress, just a note to say that as far as I am concerned you are the epitome of female superiority. You seem to have a "joie-de-vivre" that I am most envious of, and I, like others have, wish you and your husband the very best...
      Most humbly yours,
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    12. Muzzo4you
      Humble Hello, I've just now had the fortune to discover your profile and your postings. As many have stated previously, your husband is one lucky gent for oh so many reasons. You have an infectious smile and attitude towards life and I wish you, yours, and all you come in contact with a joyous, satisfying, yet kinky life. I do hope we see more of your postings and pictures.
    13. James71
      Chastised since the 14th February
    14. Mash2214
      I like your photos. They show enjoy your life.
    15. Mash2214
      You are a very unique and powerful Mistress
    16. sissy Veronica
      sissy Veronica
      I love reading about your adventures.The world needs more strong women like you
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    17. Evgeny
      Are those leather pants or a leather skirt on the profile picture? It looks so nice and shiny :-).
    18. Damons
      I'm lost? I thought I was most complimentery! Did I get blocked
      1. Damons
        Accident ly hit ignore. Problems solved. Carry on!!
        Apr 28, 2016
    19. ChasteHubby2015
      I love your new profile picture. You guys look so cute together, very romantic! You're gorgeous and he's so lucky to have you, it's well worth never being allowed an orgasm just to be with you.
    20. Aslan
      Can you please take a picture with a piece of paper showing todays date and cm's website name. It seems that people are having trouble you are who you say you are and it would shut those people up. Given that you have no problem showing you and your subs faces, this should not be a problem for you.
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      2. thekeyholderwife
        It should also not be a problem for them if I tell them that I don't obey orders from strangers very well. And I won't. I have considered taking down my photos anyway because the more I think about it, many on this site just want to jerk off anyway and I am not trying to encourage this kind of behavior.
        Mar 12, 2016
      3. Aslan
        I agree with richard, people do not have to prove themselves, however, a picture with a piece of paper should not be too difficult. When people have 10+ pictures uploaded, yet they get very defensive for such a simple request, it definitely raises question marks.
        Mar 16, 2016
      4. SubVerity
        Sorry Aslan, can you see how your question looks? You have no profile information, zero posts on the forum, no avatar, words on someone else's profile page is the sum total of your existence here, yet you feel this is enough to cast judgement on the veracity of others? Get real Aslan, by posting something of your own.
        Mar 16, 2016
    21. Colleen1986
      What a nice avatar of you and your sub-hubby. Hugs.
    22. kevgetsum
      My wife would love to chat with an experienced keyholder like yourself. I notice you haven't been on in a week. Hope to see you around soon.
    23. ChasteHubby2015
      I love your photos, but just curious, aren't you afraid that people you know or work with will see these photos and learn about your personal life or does everyone already know?
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      1. thekeyholderwife
        Not worried at all. If they find these photos then it would mean that they are on this site too. If that is the case and they are male then I know what is under their pants;-) And if they talk to me about what they saw then they risk getting into a very difficult HR problem. Especially since I work at a law firm.
        Nov 24, 2015
      2. ChasteHubby2015
        That definitely makes sense, never thought of it that way. Thank you for explaining.
        Nov 24, 2015
      3. Evgeny
        A concern that I would have is that one could fine the image using face recognition without explicitly browsing this website. So somebody uploads a picture of you to Google Image Search and it picks up your face here.
        Jul 18, 2016
    24. Jblocked
      One Hot Lady
    25. Freebird
      OMG those pics are amazing.
      You look WAY better in them than your old low res profile pic.

      Don't mean to offend you, but damn I wish I was allowed to cum at the moment...
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