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My new life

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Doczilla421, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Hi
    Today is the 14th day of being locked up, with only one day off because of being sore. Let me fill everyone in on how I came to being locked up. First of all I have a major problem with masturbating. To me and my wife that is cheating on her. Did research on how to stop and it lead to being in chastity. Well I order one off line and when it came in the mail I unpacked it and figured out how to put it on. Once on I locked it and put the keys in my pocket.
    When my wife got home from work and settled in, I took the keys out and handed them to her. She looked at me and asked me what they were for? That's when I confessed to her what I had been doing. First reaction from her was anger and then a hurt look in her eyes. I kept telling her it wasn't her fault but mine and that I had a solution. That's when I told her about the chastity cage and then I showed it to her. I explained to her that she had the only keys to it and she could do what she wanted with them. She took the keys and put them in her pocket, and then told me to get use to wearing that thing.
    That was 14 days ago, seems like a year. During this time I have had a lot of thinking to do. Maybe I rushed into this too quick. I do feel a lot better with confessing to her because I felt so guilty about it. I didn't think about things like having to pee. First time I did it sprayed all over the place. Lesson learned I have to pee sitting down now. Going to work, driving, sleeping and probably more things that I haven't encountered yet.
    The most positive thing is that I find myself paying more attention to my wife, whom I do love very much, serving her as much as I can. She is defiantly liking it. She has received from me 4 massages with a happy ending for her, nothing for me. Which is ok cause I deserve this treatment.
    I wasn't so sure that I really wanted to be caged like this but honestly as the days go by, it seems to get easier and I'm starting to like it. I guess I had better cause she is definitely not unlocking me anytime soon. In fact she ordered this 2 inch pvc shrink tubing, which is 200 gage thickness and put 3 layers of this stuff on my padlock and shrunk it down and sealed the lock up. She told me she didnt trust me not to try and pick the lock. Then she marked it with a green marker. I have to give it to her she is a lot smarter than I gave her credit for cause the thought had crossed my mind to try that.
    Was this voluntary or forced chastity on me. At first it was voluntary but now has turned into forced incarceration. If it keeps my wife happy and me keeping my focus on her needs and not mine, then I don't mind at all.
    I plan on updating this as the days go by and see how it turns out. Thanks for reading this. I would appreciate any input from ya all as this is defiantly a new life.
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  2. Was it Volantary or Forced? You Locked yourself up and than Handed the key and Control over to your wife. You are where you wanted to be, you may not have thought about what it would be like after a few weeks, which is normal for most of us men we don't think about how things will make us feel Long Term. We're more about instant gratification like masturbating. If you've had your cage on for 14 days with no problems than your one of the lucky ones that picked a cage that fits properly. Get use to it

    Now your u dear her control, what you need to do now is be Very Very nice to her if you want to have an Orgasm in the near Future. As you have already realized having an Orgasm isn't everything being edged over and over again can be far more rewarding. Personally speaking this is better than cumming on a regular bases. Enjoy Your Journey and Please keep us updated.
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  3. Well I put it on voluntarily and gave her the keys, but I thought after a day or so she would let me out. So it's turned into a forced lock up now. I am getting use to it so I guess it goes back to voluntary lock up again. All thought I don't have a say about it coming off, cause I did ask after a week or so IF she would remove it....lol and her answer was absolutely NOT!!! Her tone makes me afraid to ask again.
    To be honest I don't know if I want it off. After 2 wks it has basically become part of me. I'm sure there will be days I want it off, but I will get over that.
    Over all I think it's a good thing, no more cheating with masturbating. Things can only look up from here.
    Thanks for your comments.
  4. Congratulations on your first two weeks! I have to agree with Mash. Being edged repeatedly and then recaged can be a lot more rewarding for both of you. It drives home the fact to her that she’s in control and it leaves you so horny that you’ll do anything to please her. Besides, it helps make up for all the times you masturbated yourself to orgasm behind her back. :oops:
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  5. Well had to remove my cage. My wife took my cage off due to getting sore. Need a few days to heal I guess. Julie said as soon as I was healed it was going back on. Being locked up for my weaknesses is a necessity which I submit to my wife willingly.
    I don't know but being unlocked right now seems weird. After 2 wks with it on it has gotten use to it being there.
    I'm actually missing it being on. I think my brain has already been conditioned to having my penis locked up.
    Well I'm going to embrace it and look forward to my next lock down. I hope I heal fast. I don't want any relapse to my old way of life.
  6. Ok now Im feeling better. Came home from, a 72 hr shift, and my wife locked me back up. Soreness gone. Im feeling good Im happy to be locked. The past 3 days I have really missed it. I NEVER would have thought that I would miss it. But Im really really happy now. Looking forward to all that is to come.
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  7. I would be interested to know if my husband would miss it after it being off for a while. I toyed with the idea once but decided it is a curiosity that will never be known. I truly cannot imagine him unlocked for more than 30-60 minutes for each of the vary rare times it comes off. Furthermore, it is fairly unfathomable to me to let him free while unsecured. As for now, what I do know is that he very much would like for it to be off permanently or more often. While the former will NOT happen while I have any say in the matter, the latter may or may not occur.
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  8. Of course Once you've got him where and how you want him, letting him go is almost unthinkable IMO.;):p:D:p;)
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  9. I would only miss it if I was told I had to stay chaste. Then, after a few days, I would need it as a tool.

    Plus after a few days I notice that I’m almost up to 4 inches, and feel huge lol!
  10. my one comes off sometimes when we goes out somewhere nice but i'm tucked then so i cant do anthing anyways. i don't mind tho cos i am milk every 4 weeks.
  11. My wife said that she might milk me today. Would be the first time trying it. Any pointers on how the process is done?
  12. On all fours, a lot of fore play, relax, she inserts finger like she is pointing at something, she curls her finger downward, when she hits “the spot” let her know that she did, she can keep rubbing that spot while you leak out. As it goes she can increase in speed and pressure.

    I have never been able to cum this way, merely milking.
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  13. I myself would truly love to be free again, as said it is not allowed
  14. Why would you ever want to be free again? Im new to this myself but it has been more exciting now then when I wasn't locked up. No more masturbating behind her back and being horny all the time makes me ready to please her when she wants it. Im alot more happier now than I have ever been.
  15. I'm milked twice a day by wife, who is feminizing me and needs to (literally) drain me of my essence. She uses an anal vibrator which works wonderfully. I highly recommend it.
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  16. This is her fantasy not mine, I stay locked because she wants me to. It is better to stay locked than disrupt
    And I love masturbating guess we are all different
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  17. That's why I'm locked up, because I masturbate. It was taking what should have been for my wife and basically ignoring her needs. I was the one who initiated it because of the guilt I was feeling. To my surprise she embraced it and now requires me to be locked up, especially when she's not around.
    She hasn't allowed me to have an orgasm since she locked me up, probably a punishment for my past. Which I totally agree with. It will happen soon I hope.
    I would imagine that she has been reading up on this new life, cause she is the one that said she would have to "milk me soon". I think she plans on doing it tonight. She bought a anal vibrator the other day, pretty sure it's for me and the milking process.
    Embrace the life.
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  18. that is funny I never had guilt, but she has always thought that boys need to keep their hands outta their pants
    so when I met her 6 years ago she introduced me to her idea, so here I am
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  19. Your wife is right to lock you for that reason. Masturbation is supremely disrespectful to your wife, particularly if her pussy is at your disposal on a regular basis. That said, having experienced both, I would much rather be miked than masturbate. Of course, this comes from a bottom who (until my wife forbade it), loved having a hard cock deep in my bowels.
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  20. there in is the difference I am not a bottom, just a nice guy :)
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  21. I'm not a bottom either, but her plan is to make me one.
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  22. You mean a bottom for her or a bottom for an actual cock?
  23. good one Doczilla421
  24. A
    A bottom for her. I don't know her future plans for me other than to serve her. If it pleases her to put a cock in my butt then so be it. I really don't think she will other than the anal massager she got for milking me.
  25. Well, what's important is that you have the appropriate submissive attitude. Because of my addiction to risky sex with men my wife has forbidden me to touch my penis again, not even when urinating. She does allow me to cum while being milked, for which I am most grateful. Having a vibrator inside my ass is a reasonable equivalent of the real thing, at least.
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