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    Would those of you who are willing to share please post a copy of your contract in the thread below?

    It is a topic that comes up frequently, and although contracts are personally tailored to your requirements, others may find them helpful in creating their own.

    Thank you. :xd:
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    Our first Contract

    Below you will find a copy of our most recent contract, literally just finished this weekend. It is by no means an end all contract but it was important to both of us (My Wife and I) to keep some of the vanilla elements in here until we can establish a longer term arrangement.

    Enjoy and feel free to use any part of this for your needs.

    Chastity Contract


    CHASTITY BELT Any lockable wearable device designed for continuous wear to prevent masturbation, infidelity, control sexual urges or aggression, or sexual intercourse. 

    USER The individual who will wear the device, hereafter referred to as the HUSBAND. By definition the HUSBAND has granted the control of his sexual organs and services to the KEYHOLDER. 

    KEYHOLDER The individual who will hold the key and the control for the device, hereafter referred to as the WIFE. By definition, the WIFE is the individual entrusted to have absolute say in the use of the user�s sexual organs and services.


    � Husband will wear said device for a period determined by Wife.


    � Husband is responsible for daily cleaning of device.

    � Husband will notify the Wife immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of device.

    � The Wife will permit at least one removal of device in a seven-day period for cleaning and shaving.

    � Husband agrees that such release may be supervised and agrees to all terms of release as set forth by Wife, including restraints if deemed necessary.

    � Husband agrees that during release for cleaning he will shave accordingly to keep genital area free from hair.

    � Husband agrees that he will immediately re-secure device after all cleanings.

    � Both parties acknowledge that a release from device may be permitted for medical or extreme discomfort issues. However during such release no sexual releases are permitted and husband agrees once medical condition is rectified immediate return of the device will commence without delay.


    � Wife will retain all keys to said device.

    � Wife will carry one key on her person at all times.

    � Husband will not attempt to defeat the device in any way.

    � Wife will make one emergency key available to Husband for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which excessive bodily harm may be present to Husband.

    � Husband agrees that in such emergency he will notify Wife immediately and that no sexual release is permitted. If self-release is attempted and/or carried out, punishment as outlined in the contract will be applied.

    � Husband agrees that once medical condition has been rectified Husband will re-secure device immediately and notify Wife of said action.

    Sexual Release

    � Wife agrees that husband will be entitled to at least three releases in any sixty-day period. Releases will be for a period of no less than 8 hours but no more than 24 hours.

    � Wife is given sole discretion of how releases will be carried out. At least two of the three releases will be by means of sexual intercourse.

    � Husband acknowledges and agrees that Wife has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases for Wife do not constitute a release for Husband.

    � Husband agrees to satisfy Wife by whatever means Wife deems necessary for sexual gratification.

    � Husband agrees that sexual releases may be accompanied by being restrained as determined by Wife.

    � Husband agrees that Wife may release husband for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted until Wife permits one.

    � Husband agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ons, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Wife.

    � Husband agrees that Wife may use devices mentioned above in addition to other restraints on Husband and Husband will have no say in objecting to such devices. (Although begging up to a point will be allowed, once Husband is told by Wife to stop, the expectation is compliance. Failure will result in punishment both immediate and future.)

    Non-Sexual Releases

    � Husband agrees that Wife may release Husband out of good nature and that such a release from device is not grounds for sexual release.

    � Husband agrees to abide by all directions from Wife during such releases.

    � Husband agrees to re-secure device upon command from Wife.


    � Husband agrees that Wife may require certain clothing to be worn by Husband, including but not limited to feminine clothing such as heels, hosiery, and other items. In such cases Husband agrees to follow directives as set forth by Wife.

    � Wife agrees that she will not require clothing that would be detrimental to normal public wear or that would otherwise affect public opinion, interfere with work duties, or that would cause public humiliation for Husband.

    � Husband acknowledges that Wife may adorn herself in various clothing to tease and/or torment Husband and that Husband is not entitled to a sexual release because of such adornment.

    General Understandings

    � Both parties agree that every day life decisions such as child development, household finances, and other marital decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this agreement, and that such decisions made can have no impact on the terms of this agreement.

    � Husband agrees and understands that Wife may use various methods to tease and torment Husband at any time. Further more, Husband understands that he has no say in such teasing and that Wife may continue at will.

    � Wife understands that she is free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from Husband during periods of confinement.

    � Husband is aware that rewards � up to and including sexual release � are given for good behavior including but not limited to pampering, dinner dates, gifts, massages, and other ideas Husband comes up with.

    � Both parties agree that modifications to this agreement may be needed during the period of this agreement and that such modifications can be made as long as both parties are in agreement.

    Penalties and Punishments

    � Both parties agree that deviation from contract will result in either cancellation of contract or punishments to correct errant behavior.

    � Breach of contract by Wife will constitute a cancellation of contract.

    � Cancellation of contract will result in immediate release of Husband from device.

    � Breach of contract by Husband will be handled at the discretion of the Wife as outlined below.

    � Unauthorized removal of device will result in a thirty-day period of lock up and denial for Husband. Absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for Husband during this penalty period.

    � Unauthorized removal of device that includes a sexual release will result in a forty-five day period of lock up and denial for Husband. Again, absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for Husband during this penalty period. Additional punishment may be added as determined by Wife

    � Husband agrees that additional restraining, flogging, private humiliation, servitude, and any other means of punishment may be administered by Wife to correct or punish infractions from contract.

    � Husband agrees that failure to accept terms of punishment for infractions is means for immediate termination of this agreement and that such refusal could lead to other detrimental behavior on part of Wife.

    Wife Signature____________________________________Date_ _______________

    Husband Signature_________________________________Date____ ____________

    Upon signing of contract Husband is to immediately secure said device and hand over keys to Wife. Terms of this contract commence upon transfer of keys.
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    Looks like a simple, easy to understand contract that contains the necessary elements of a chastity lifestyle.
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    I'm currently without a keyholder. But here is the contract I've developed. I'm willing to sign as User

    Contract of Chastity
    1. Definitions:
    Throughout this contract, these terms are used with following definitions.
    Chastity: Prevention of all kinds of sexual behavior, including sexual intercourse and masturbation.

    Chastity Belt: Any lockable, wearable device designed to keep user's chastity and to prevent touching user's genitals by wearing and locking-up.

    User: The individual who will wear the device according to this contract, and who is to keep ones own chastity. By definition the user has granted control of his sexual organs and services to the keyholder.

    Key-holder: The individual who will lock the device up and will hold the key according to this contract. By definition the keyholder has absolute say in the use of the users sexual organs.

    Name of the Keyholder: _______________________

    Name of the User: ______________________

    2. User's obligation:

    By signing this contract User indemnifies Keyholder from any damage occurring based on any actions meeting the terms of this contract.

    User is under the following obligations:

    a. User wears the chastity belt at all times except when granted release by Keyholder
    b. User is prohibited to engage in any sexual activity without the Keyholder's permission.
    c. User is prohibited to masturbate or ejaculate without the Keyholder's permission. User shall immediately report to Keyholder any instances of unauthorized ejaculation, be they intentional or unintentional
    d. Making efforts to remove the chastity belt by User is forbidden.
    e. It is the responsibility of User to maintain the chastity belt cleanliness.
    f. The user is never permitted to leave from under Keyholder's control without Keyholder's special permission, when the chastity belt is removed by Keyholder temporarily.
    g. User is prohibited seeking permission in removing the chastity belt to Keyholder for the sake of User's sexual satisfaction.
    h. User shall perform all duties, sexual and otherwise, as requested by Keyholder, providing they do not unduly interfere with family and work obligations.
    i. User shall provide chastity device, lock, and plastic serialized tags to Keyholder.
    j. User shall notify Keyholder at least 1 week in advance of any medical appointments requiring removal of chastity device.
    k. User shall notify Keyholder as far as reasonably possible of any need to pass through metal detectors requiring replacement of padlock with serialized plastic tag.

    3. Keyholder's obligation:

    Keyholder is under following obligation:

    a. The key will always be under the supervision of Keyholder.
    b. Keyholder has the obligation to pay attention to User's health condition and arrange necessary suitable treatment, when any disorders are identified on the user's body.
    c. Keyholder will supervise and let the user maintain the chastity device every 15 days at a maximum.
    d. Keyholder shall be discreet, never disclosing the fact that she controls User's sex in any manner that would affect family or work obligations.
    e. Keyholder shall remove chastity device for medical appointments, supervising if desired.
    f. Keyholder shall provide for periodic seminal release for User at the frequency and method of her choosing.

    4. Keyholder’s authority:

    a. Keyholder may have sexual relations with anyone of her choosing at any time and place of her choosing.
    b. Keyholder may require User to observe or participate in any sexual activities she desires, including with other participants.
    c. Keyholder may privately humiliate User in any manner she desires regarding his condition and inadequacies. Others may be involved if Keyholder ensures they will also maintain privacy.
    d. Keyholder may punish User as deemed appropriate by the Keyholder for any failings regarding his obligations. Punishment shall not cause permanent injury or markings and shall meet discretion requirements of this contract.
    e. Keyholder may choose to take photographs or videos, publishing/posting as desired, as long as the identity of User is not compromised and no facial images are shown.
    f. Keyholder may require User to wear feminine panties and other items as long as they are not visible under outer garments.
    g. Keyholder may choose to purchase other chastity or similar devices.

    5. Duration of the contract:

    There is no determination on the duration of this contract. It means that this contract is valid for an indefinite period.

    6. Cancellation of the contract:
    User never requests the cancellation of the contract except the following cases.

    a. The relationship between User and Keyholder ends.
    b. Either User or Keyholder is unable to execute ones obligation due to long-term illness or some other reasons.
    c. It becomes obvious that wearing the chastity device results in serious health problems for User.
    d. Either User or Keyholder moves out of the area due to career or family obligations.

    Both User and Keyholder agreed on all the above sentences with each own free will and each keeps a duplicated document signed by both.

    User: signed_______________________ Date: ___________________

    Keyholder: signed__________________ Date: ___________________
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    This agreement describes the relationship and duties of two people, the Male, and the Guardian. The Male is to be locked in a chastity device. The Guardian is to control the keys to that device and, therefore, the sexual behaviour of the Male.

    Chastity Device is a locking mechanism that encloses the male genitalia preventing erection, manipulation, and orgasm.

    The Male who agrees to have his penis locked beyond his reach in a chastity device.
    The Guardian who agrees to maintain the keys to the chastity device.

    Once signed the Male accedes to the Guardian any and all right to terminate this agreement. The agreement will remain in force at the pleasure of the Guardian.

    The male will remain in the chastity device at all times. He will keep it clean and only remove it for inspection with the supervision of the Guardian. He will never attempt to defeat the purpose of the device.
    The Guardian will keep the keys to the device in a secure place away from the Male.
    The Guardian will unlock the device only at her/his discretion.
    The Male agrees to have no rights in determining the length of confinement even if the term is permanent.
    The Male agrees to accept behaviour modification to eliminate erectile function.
    The Male agrees to use prosthetic devices, in lieu of his penis, to satisfy his mate.
    The Male agrees to allow others to use prosthetic devices on him for their own pleasure.
    The Male agrees to whatever use the Guardian requires, including servicing others, female and male.

    Cause bodily harm.
    Require brands, tattoos, or piercing.
    Require inappropriate clothing or adornment in public.
    Require behaviour that would cause loss of public reputation or employment of the Male.
    Require behaviour detrimental to the health of the Male.

    In addition to the chastity device the Guardian may use other restraints on the male:
    Hood, collar, cuffs, gag, strait-jacket, spreader bars, steel cage, corset,
    back brace, leg braces, steel armour, breathing devices, etc.

    The Guardian and the Male stipulate they are over twenty-one years of age, have read and understand this agreement, and are signing this agreement freely without coercion.


    Male: Date:

    Guardian: Date:
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    1. DEFINITIONS.....

    CHASTITY....the prevention of all kinds of sexual behaviour that allows any kind of gratification to the user, including intercourse and masturbation.

    CHASTITY BELT.... "The Arch" by Neosteel

    USER.... Ma'ams cuckold foot slut

    KEYHOLDER.... Ma'am


    CFS wears the belt at all times

    CFS is banned from masturbation

    Attempting to remove the belt is prohibited

    CFS is responsible for keeping himself and the belt clean

    CFS is not to leave the presence of Ma'am when out of the belt

    CFS must not beg and plead for release

    CFS will support and assist Ma'am in attaining/receiving sexual gratification in any way Ma'am demands, with anyone Ma'am demands, at any time and in any place Ma'am see's fit. The frequency will be as directed by Ma'am and is not questionable.


    Ma'am must keep the key safe at all times and make available an emergency key should the need arise when Ma'am is not present.

    The emergency key must be kept in such a way that Ma'am will be aware should it be used without authority.

    Ma'am must pay attention to CFS's health and hygeine in relation to chastity.

    At intervals determined by Ma'am she must supervise cleaning of CFS and the device.


    Ma'am may cancel the contract should she so choose.

    CFS has no say.


    This contract is for the period of 1 year and will be valid for this period.
    {Ma'am may extend this contract by any period she see's fit in accordance with Cfs's level of service, behaviour or for any reason she may choose.}


    Both Ma'am & Cfs agree with the terms of the above contract, each will keep a signed copy(signed by both)

    DATED THIS DAY.....................OF...................200......VALID FOR AN INITIAL PERIOD OF...................

    EXTENDED BY MA'AM TO......................................
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    this is great info for future reference good thread
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    Let's see which if any one she chooses to use.
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    Thank You, Mistress Watchful, for this educational post! :)

    As i might be entering into my first bout with actual chastity, this is all very good information to have.

    little nikki
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    Slave Contract
    This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement that defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between two individuals, hereafter termed the slave and the Mistress. This agreement is binding only between the two people listed below and represents a legally binding agreement. This agreement must be entered voluntarily with both parties agreeing to the conditions.
    Section One: The Mistress's Role
    The Mistress accepts the responsibility of the slave's body, to do with as she sees fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. The Mistress agrees to care for the slave and to arrange for the safety and wellbeing of the slave as long as she owns the slave. The Mistress also accepts the commitment to treat the slave properly, to train the slave, punish the slave, love the slave, and use the slave as she sees fit.
    Section Two: The Slave's Role
    The slave agrees to submit completely to the Mistress in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of the Mistress without risking punishment, except in the use of a safeword to be agreed upon and covered in this contract under the rules section. The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, his body belongs to the Mistress, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. The slave agrees to please the Mistress to the best of his ability, in that he now exists solely for the pleasure of said Mistress. The slave belongs to the Mistress.
    Section Three: Alteration of Contract
    This contract may not be altered, except when both Mistress and slave agree. If the contract is altered, the new contract shall be printed and signed, and then the old contract must be destroyed.
    Section Four: Termination of Contract
    This contract may only be terminated after both parties agree that irreconcilable differences in the relationship have been reached. All avenues of recourse to repair the relationship must be investigated fully to the Mistress's satisfaction before termination. Upon reaching such agreement, the Mistress must have final approval of termination of contract.
    Section Five: Code of Conduct
    1. Obedience is required. When an instruction is given, it is not the time to negotiate. Discussion will be allowed later if needed. Hesitation to follow instruction will be met with punishment.
    2. The slave agrees to obey his Mistress in all respects. his mind, body, heart and time belong to Her. The slave accepts the responsibility of using her safe word when necessary, and trusts implicitly in his Mistress to respect the use of that safe word. If a condition arises in which the slave needs to use the safe word or gesture, his Mistress will assess the situation, and determine an appropriate course of action.
    3. The slave shall keep his body available for the use of his Mistress at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that his Mistress possesses the right to determine whether others can use his body and what use they may put it to. The Mistress will discuss all such instances in advance with the slave, to be certain that such play with others will not violate any established limits. The slave shall demonstrate his acceptance of her role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places specified by his Mistress. The slave acknowledges that his Mistress may use his body or mind in any manner She wishes within the parameters of safety. She may hurt him without reason to please Herself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect his treatment. Further, he accepts that if his Mistress tires of his noise, she may gag him or take other actions to silence him.
    4. The slave will answer any questions put to him honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information his Mistress should know about his physical or emotional condition. While his Mistress expects Her slave to speak honestly and forth rightly about anything that bothers him, he is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. he will phrase his concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept his Mistress's judgment in these matters without further complaint.
    5. The slave is permitted to engage in any and all activities not actively forbidden by their contract or by later edict of the Mistress. All rights and privileges not otherwise noted in this contract belong to the Mistress, and She may exercise them as She chooses.
    6. No part of their agreement is intended to interfere with the slave's career. The Mistress wishes the slave to work hard and honestly, in general to conduct himself in a manner calculated to bring honor and respect to them both. During periods of work, the slave is permitted to schedule appointments, to dress in a manner appropriate to work, and to leave the house when necessary. During periods of work, the slave may answer the telephone and discuss business without the expressed permission of his Mistress.
    7. The collar and chastity device are to be worn at all times unless circumstances as determined by the Mistress require otherwise.
    8. A period of reflection is required when the slave returns home from work. This is to be done on his knees in the slave’s room and last for a period of at least 5 minutes. This is to remind the slave of his position.
    9. Clothing will be selected and/or approved by the Mistress.
    10. Modification of the body including hair will be approved by the Mistress.
    11. The wearing of underwear by the slave will be determined by the Mistress, according to circumstances.
    12. The slave will be clean shaven on legs, underarms, and pubic area at all times.
    13. Respect of the Mistress’s friends and associates is required.
    14. There is to be a discussion time regarding the relationship any time the slave or Mistress feels it is necessary, except during a session, or while being given an order. A request for discussion will assure one, with in one day at both the Mistress’s and slave's convenience.
    15. A safeword will always be honored in this relationship and no circumstances negative or otherwise will occur upon the use of this safeword.
    16. When in the same room as his Mistress, the slave will ask permission before leaving the room, explaining where he is going, and why.
    Failure to obey these rules can and will lead to corrective measures. There will be no discussion from the slave regarding these corrective measures, unless it is at a later discussion time.
    Section Six: Agreements between Mistress and Slave:
    We agree that fidelity is required in this relationship/marriage. There will be no sexual intercourse with others while in the relationship unless otherwise ordered by the Mistress. This does not apply to sexual encounters in which both Mistress and slave participate with others.
    We agree that our relationship will always come first in our lives. We will not put work, other relationships, or other outside interests before the relationship/marriage.
    We agree to always be honest with each other in all things including feelings, thoughts and actions.
    The slave agrees to accept any punishment the Mistress decides to inflict, whether earned or not.
    Section Seven: Hard Limits
    The following is a list of hard limits both Mistress and slave agree upon. This section may be added to or subtracted from upon the agreement of both Mistress and slave.
    No acts involving water sports or feces
    No acts involving children or animals
    No acts that would leave permanent damage or markings unless agreed upon by both parties
    Section Eight : Slave's Signature
    I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to give myself completely to my Mistress, and further accept her claim of ownership over my physical body. I understand that I will be commanded, trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Mistress to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract.
    Section Nine: Mistress's Signature
    I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this slave as my property, body and possession, and to care for him to the best of my ability. I shall provide for his security and wellbeing and command him, train him, and punish him as a slave. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to the slave as long as he is mine. I further understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time.
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    To enter into a key holder contract with __________________, you must read, understand and agree to the following conditions:
    Conditions: This Agreement sets conditions under which a person wears a Chastity Device, the key or number of the lock is kept by _________________
    Key Holder: The person who controls all copies of the key to a users chastity device; namely, __________ and her Associates(if she picks one)______________.
    User: The person who consents to submit to a period of time of controlled chastity and the person who wears a chastity device.
    Chastity Device: CB 2000, CB 3000, or other locking device to be worn by the User and referred to as CD for the remainder of this contract.
    Purpose: The User is to wear a CD:
    To provide quality versus quantity to the sexual experience;
    To inhibit or terminate masturbation by User;
    To artfully cause and inflame Users sexual desperation;
    To be an aid to User preventing uncontrolled sexual intercourse;
    To affirm mutual couple commitment, togetherness and quality of life;
    To modify behavior or habits considered inappropriate or unacceptable by the Key Holder.
    To encourage the user to loose weight, exercise or to discourage another bad habit.
    Duration of the contract: The user will wear the chastity device from_____________________ for a minimum of___________ days or in the case of weight loss until he looses ___________ pounds as recorded by ____________ scale.
    Termination of the contract: The contract will not be terminated except in the following circumstances:
    The agreed period of confinement has expired (or the user has lost the appropriate amount of weight and the user has discharged all obligations, including payment of all fees due to the Key Holder;
    Death or serious illness of the Key Holder or User;
    An emergency as described in paragraph 6.
    Emergency: A physical danger the Key Holder considers a dire situation that needs intervention. Mere user sexual desperation is not an emergency. Unconditional sexual control is by definition totally under the control of the Key Holder. User may warn Key Holder of either a potential or an existing emergency for guidance. The Key Holder always wants the User to maintain his or her physical safety and will allow release for medical needs to be met in a timely manner.
    Rules: The user and the Key Holder will adhere to the following for the duration of the contract:
    1. The user will purchase a chastity device that can be locked. The user will inform the Key Holder and will set an appointment time to be interviewed. At this time, the user will present all numbered locks purchased with the CD and an appropriate padlock in a manufacturer sealed package.
    2. The User must be in possession of a digital or web camera, to prove the CD has not been tampered with or removed between contacts. Or the user may be required to appear in person for inspection when demanded by the Key Holder
    3. The Key Holder will never hurt or knowingly injure the User and is obligated to do all within the Key Holders power to maintain the health and well being of the User. User is to immediately report any medical condition or problem.
    5. The User always has permission to ask a question but should never demand or expect an answer. The Key Holder should normally give a reason for withholding the answer but may simply say UNACCEPTABLE, and that will end the discussion for the moment. The User may repeat the question in 48 hours as an indication that the answer is important to proper service. Be aware that this request is considered part of the Users approved email contact. Do not waste contacts with __________with superfluous and inappropriate questions. Abuse of this privilege may result in additional days of confinement, additional penalty fees or both.
    6. Other rules as agreed upon by both User and Key Holder. These can range from further restrictions, tease and denial exercises, merciless assignments to test the Users chastity limits and more.
    Key Holder Fees:
    Initial Consultation: $___, plus $____ penalty deposit. Total $_____.
    Free will: Both _______________________ as the User, and ___________as the Key Holder agreed on all the above each with own free will. The User and Key Holder will each keep a duplicated document signed by both.
    Signatures: Signed by: User_______________________ Date: __________________
    Mailing Address:_____________________________________
    City:_____________________________ State:______________________
    Signed by Key Holder:_______________________ Date:_____________
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    Here is the contract that my Wife/keyholder and I have. It has worked very well for us and I am loving the lack of control.

    Updated Chastity and Control Contract between Tamara and Sissy Daniel/Danielle,


    I. TERMS OF AGREEMENT: TAMARA will have total 24/7 control of the chastity of Sissy Daniel/Danielle in every aspect and as follows:

    Sissy Daniel/Danielle will be referred to in the rest of the contract as simply SISSY.

    A. Sissy submits ownership of his/her genitals to Tamara as her property. Tamara takes complete control of Sissy’s genitals. Sissy is not allowed to touch or fondle Tamara's property without her consent. However, Tamara has free reign to do whatever she desires with her property.
    B. Sissy submits to the use and wearing of a locking chastity device of Tamara’s choosing 24/7 to ensure that Tamara’s property is kept secure and denies access to Sissy.
    C. Tamara will keep all keys and will carry one key on her person at all times. Sissy is not authorized to touch any keys.
    D. Sissy agrees to re-secure device upon command from Tamara even if it is right after sexual release to make sure that Sissy does not go long periods un-chastised.
    E. Sissy is responsible for daily cleaning of the chastity device and Tamara’s property. Sissy will notify Tamara immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of chastity device.
    F. Tamara will ultimately decide when & if permission to orgasm will be granted based on variables such as infractions of these terms, the convenience of the orgasm to be granted, or Tamara’s general overall mood to grant permission. Sissy will never be allowed more than two orgasms in any 2 week period. But periods of chastity can be as long as months between orgasms if desired by Tamara and to serve out punishment time. Of Course during these long period of chastity Tamara can use Sissy for her pleasure with Sissy remaining locked in his/her chastity device.
    G. Tamara decides when the chastity device may be taken off for hygiene and maintenance purposes. Also whether Sissy needs to be watched during showers to ensure compliance until the chastity device is again secured in place.
    H. Sissy does not have authority to remove the chastity device from Tamara’s property for any reason.
    I. Sissy may however, request for removal of the chastity device explaining the reason for removal, but ultimately Tamara will decide on the approval of the request.
    J. Sissy will take responsibility for the performance of any household chores as directed by Tamara. This includes, but is not limited to, laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the floors, trash removal, ironing, and general cleanup of all rooms within the house. Tamara may request that these chores be done at any time that she sees fit and in any attire she decides. Sissy will normally wear a full maid’s uniform when cleaning house and will never be un-chastised when dressed as a sissy maid due to his/her potential for playing with herself.
    K. Tamara may ask for any personal assistance from Sissy such as helping her get dressed, shaving her legs, combing her hair, foot massage, general massage etc., at any time she sees fit. Sissy has no right to deny Tamara of any personal assistance. If Sissy does, time will be added to the period before the next release.
    L. Tamara has the right to ask any favor from Sissy without any form of defiance. Sissy may explain any disagreement but Tamara ultimately has the final word in the ruling of the appeal.
    M. Sissy agrees that Tamara can use any sexual device or restraint that she thinks fit on Sissy. Sissy will have no say in objecting to such devices. Sissy also agrees that Tamara can do anything sexually to Sissy that she wants and that he/she can’t object to Tamara’s desires this includes denial of Orgasm, anal play i.e. Dildo’s, butt plug’s etc, Nipple piercing, Genital piercing, or anything else that Tamara wishes that is not covered by this agreement.
    N. Tamara agrees that Sissy will be entitled to at least three releases in any sixty-day period. Releases will be for a minimum of a 2 hour and no longer than a 24 hour time period. It is at the sole discretion of Tamara as to how releases will be carried out. This does not hold true if punishment time is being served.
    O. Sissy acknowledges and agrees that Tamara has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases for Tamara do not constitute a release for Sissy. Sissy agrees to satisfy Tamara by whatever means Tamara deems necessary for sexual gratification. Sissy agrees to use sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ons, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Tamara and will do everything possible to help Tamara reach sexual euphoria working towards the ultimate goal of multiple orgasms for Tamara. Sissy understands and agrees that he/she may not get released from the chastity device to orgasm during the times when Tamara’s sexual needs are being met.
    P. Tamara understands that she is free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from Sissy during periods of confinement.
    Q. Sissy agrees and understands that Tamara may use various methods to tease and torment Sissy at any time (including nipple play, public teasing and private humiliation). Furthermore, Sissy understands that he/she has no say in such teasing and that Tamara may continue at will with any teasing and torment that she desires. Any interference with Tamara’s teasing by Sissy is not allowed and will result in a one week delay before being released for anything, even hygiene.
    R. Both parties agree that every day life decisions such as child development, household finances, and other marital decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this agreement, and that such decisions will be made together as a team.
    S. Tamara has the sole authority to amend any of the terms listed above, at any time, and without Sissy’s approval.


    A. If Sissy touches or fondles Tamara’s property without her permission, an additional two weeks will be added to the chastity period before release will be granted. Tamara will during these times of course be able to use Sissy for her pleasure to assure her sexual release.
    B. Any unauthorized removal of the chastity device from Tamara’s property, tampering with the chastity device, stealing of Tamara’s keys will result in a forty-five day period of lock up and denial for Sissy.
    C. If Sissy has an unauthorized orgasm any time during the chastity period:
    1. The chastity period will increase by four weeks beyond the original sexual release date.
    2. He/she must submit to a punishment of whatever Tamara decides.
    3. Sissy must use his/her tongue to clean up the mess.
    D. If Sissy fails to do any of the household duties directed by Tamara, he/she will receive
    7 days (one week) added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    E. If Sissy fails to do any of the personal assistance duties, properly satisfy Tamara’s sexually or any other additional personal assistance required, he/she will receive 7 days (one week) added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    F. Sissy will sit down to pee so as not to make a mess around the toilet. Failure to comply will result in up to 3 days, as decided per Tamara, added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    G. Sissy will work out at least 3-4 times per week to keep in a good physical condition for Tamara. Failure to comply will result in up to 7 days, as decided per Tamara, added on to the current chastity period for each workout missed.
    H. Sissy agrees that additional restraining, private humiliation, servitude, and any other means of punishment may be administered by Tamara to correct or punish infractions from contract.
    I. Sissy agrees that Tamara has total authority to amend any of the punishments and consequences listed above and absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for Sissy during this penalty period.

    Have fun all

    Sissy Danny
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    Try this one. Words in square brackets optional, depending what you want.

    NOTE: This agreement is a variation of one for a married couple (adapted for an LTR) entering into a D/s agreement for the first time. For best results it also needs a separate side letter (below).


    1. This agreement is made between [F] (“She” or “Her”) and [m] (“he” or “him”) who are living together as part of a long term relationship. It is agreed as a basis for their intended future personal relationship for a period of [six] months from [date] (“the agreed period”). It is not intended to be legally enforceable, but it is intended to be a binding and consensual agreement in all other respects to the extent to which consent for anything within this agreement may be lawfully given to all and any acts which are not illegal between consenting adults.
    2. The purpose of this agreement is to enhance and give a new dimension to the existing relationship between them, following a request by him to be committed to the experience of a period of total domestic subservience to Her in the context of a submissive/Dominant relationship for the agreed period. For this reason it is specifically agreed that this agreement may not unilaterally be amended or terminated by him prior to the expiry of the agreed period and that it may only be so amended by mutual consent. It may however be terminated (but not amended) by Her at any time. It is also recorded that he is a committed member of the chastitymansion group on the internet where he has the name of [………..] and requires to experience this relationship as part of his lifestyle due to his natural submissive desires.
    3. During the agreed period She shall make all decisions regarding his responsibilities for domestic duties and tasks and he shall comply with all such decisions and obey Her in all respects concerning them absolutely. She shall also make all decisions regarding his general conduct, social activities, and behaviour generally, to include (but not to be limited to) computer usage, television and radio viewing and listening, alcohol and tobacco consumption, what clothing he shall and shall not wear, and times when he may and may not be absent from the home in which they live together, and She may restrict him to or from any part of it; and he shall likewise comply with all such decisions and shall obey Her in all respects absolutely.
    4. In order to regulate and secure his obedience and compliance with this agreement She may from time to time make specific Regulations for particular matters to include provisions for disciplinary actions for any breach by him. Any such disciplinary actions may include anything whatsoever to which he may lawfully consent, and may include restraints, restrictions, and other physical punishment; and by this agreement he confirms his desire and consent to all and any such disciplinary actions without limit or restriction absolutely. She may also from time to time in her absolute discretion provide him with rewards for compliance if and whenever She shall see fit.
    5. All sexual activities of him and Her during the agreed period shall be Her sole decision absolutely. In recognition of this he shall at all times wear a secure chastity belt or other chastity device of a type to be decided by Her from time to time and of which She shall at all times have sole and absolute control. [She shall be free and unfettered in respect of Her own activities, and it is of the essence of this agreement that She shall also be at liberty during the agreed period to have a relationship with any other person should She so wish.] She may also at Her sole discretion permit or prohibit conditionally or absolutely all or any of such his activities; and may require of him any such activity She may wish and to consent to which may be lawfully given. Further, if and whenever She shall require any such activity of the him any failure by him to provide Her with adequate satisfaction may be subject to disciplinary action in the terms of the previous paragraph.
    6. At the expiry of the agreed period both parties shall evaluate their respective experiences of this agreement and shall consider the extent to which it has enhanced their relationship and whether or not they wish it to continue or cease or whether they wish a new agreement in such terms as they may jointly consider appropriate.

    Signed and dated by:


    Dearest [ ],

    I am so grateful to you for consenting to this agreement, which I have been craving for some time. For a long time I have been needing to experience a woman who is prepared to control a man by the balls, literally and metaphorically, and to use that control to get her own way absolutely. I want and expect you to take absolutely every advantage of it) and to do everything you can to ensure you get exactly what you want out of it (whatever that may be) and to do all you can to make my life absolutely impossible if I even think of trying to wriggle out. This relationship needs to be no holds barred (provided they’re not actually illegal) if it is going to work: I need to feel absolutely certain that you’ve got me where I need to be, every which way, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    Please don’t let me be disappointed.


    [ ……….]
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    This is a copy of one of our previous agreements that I hope is helpful to some lucky slave.
    The Enslavement Agreement that follows simplifies everything. Mistress Has full control over every aspect of my enslavement.

    Rules Of Chastity


    Device: For the purpose of these rules, the device is to mean a CB-3000 chastity device; hereafter referred to as CD. This will be secured by whatever means Mistress (see below) chooses, but normally by a padlock.

    Slave: The person who is to be securely locked in the CD; namely __________. Hereafter referred to as The slave.

    Mistress: The person who is responsible for the safe keeping of the keys at all times; namely _____________. Hereafter referred to as Mistress.

    Rules: 1. How and when the slave is allowed sexual release is up to Mistress.
    2. Once the CD has been securely fitted the slave is to make no attempt to escape. Any evidence of tampering will be punished by Mistress.
    3. CD may only be removed at the discretion of Mistress. I.e. for intimate cleaning, severe discomfort or when the conditions for release have been met.
    4. Mistress will be present for all periods that the slave is not wearing the CD.
    5. There is to be no begging or pleading for release by the slave.
    6. Any increase in the period of chastity is not to be an unreasonable amount.
    7. The slave will remain locked in the CD for the entire time that Mistress is on if the conditions for release have not been met.
    8. Once release has been granted the slave will clean himself and Mistress before being secured back in to the CD.
    10. Mistress may tease and frustrate the Slave however she sees fit.
    11. The orgasm count when the clone is being used is to be limited to a maximum of 5.


    1. Punishment will consist of a spanking, nipple torture or any other punishment that Mistress deems fit for porpose.
    2. Slave will be told exactly what the punishment is to be before it is administered.
    3. Punishment will not be used for failure to carry out domestic duties.
    4. Punishment will not be handed out as a way of winning an argument or to make the Chaste agree to household decisions.
    5. Spiteful punishment may not be given.

    I agree to these rules of my own free will









    These rules supersede any previous rules

    Enslavement Agreement

    I, ___________, hereafter referred to as slave, fully agree to be the sex slave of _____________. Hereafter referred to as Mistress.


    slave will carry out any and all of Mistresss sexual requirements and demands immediately, without complaint and to the best of his ability. slave also hands over full control of his own sexual release to Mistress.


    Should slave fail in his duties for any reason, slave agrees to accept any punishment Mistress decides to hand out. If the punishment becomes unbearably painful, slave will be allowed the use of a safe word. This will be the word RED.

    I wholeheartedly and of my own free will enter in to the above agreement

    Signed ____________

    Please Enjoy xx
  15. Silky4Good

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    I must add to my previous post that I am locked 24/7 with no expectations for release.
    If Mistress ever decides to I am worthy of release I will have to lick my sticky mess out of her. It will help remind me of my place.
    I would rather not cum though as this would cause me to lose my focus and Mistress deserves my full attention, ALWAYS!!

    silky the slut xx
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    While Mistress/wife and I do not have an actual contract, she did provide me with a list of rules. FYI: ECD = Eligible Climax Date.

    ECD Rules:
    1. From now on, you will have two Eligible Climax Dates. Any violations that require adding time to your ECD will be added to the second date.

    2. If your first ECD comes and goes and you are not allowed to climax, you will be considered to be without an ECD until you are permitted to climax.

    3. The chances of you being allowed out of your diaper and chastity belt except when being used for my pleasure are next to nothing. When you have to go to the doctor, you will be going in your diaper and chastity belt. When you go swimming, you will wear a diaper and your chastity belt under your swim trunks. If you go on a trip and need to share a motel room with someone, you will do so while wearing your diaper and chastity belt. No amount of embarrassment will be too much for you to please your Mistress.

    4. From now on when you have an ECD you are not to ask or beg me to let you climax. When you have an ECD the answer will always be, No, so there is no reason to ask. I am tired of hearing your begging and I will not stand for it anymore. Even when I am using you and you are so desperate that you begin to cry you are not allowed to ask. If you break this rule, I will add one week to your second ECD. If you do not have an ECD (See point #2) and I am using you, then you are allowed to ask to climax one time. If I say, No, then you are to immediately drop the subject and keep yourself from climaxing. If you ask a second time, then you will receive a punishment beating for disobedience when I am done using you. If you climax anyway, then it will be the same as an unauthorized climax in point number five.

    5. From now on there is no such thing as an accidental climax. When I am using you and you are not allowed to climax you should be obedient and control yourself. Any climaxes, other than wet dreams, that occur without permission, regardless of the stimulation being received, will be treated as an act of direct disobedience. You will receive a severe punishment beating until I am satisfied that any pleasure you received from selfishly climaxing is erased and forgotten by the pain of the beating that you are receiving. You will also forfeit your next ECD and six weeks will be added to the second one. Climaxing without authorization is a severe violation and it can result in you going for more than a year before your next climax, but it will be your own fault. You should have been more obedient.

    6. From now on you are to never ask or joke about being let out of your diaper and chastity belt. You may tell me when you have a doctors appointment and you can explain why you think you may need to be let out of your chastity belt, but unless you hear otherwise you are going in your diaper and chastity belt. Permission to go to the doctor without your chastity belt does not constitute permission to remove your diaper. You are not to ask me to take my penis out and play with it. I am aware of how long it has been locked up and I know better than you do how much attention it needs. If I do not think that it needs to be free, then obviously it does not. If you break this rule, then one week will be added to your second ECD.

    7. If you ever remove your diaper and/or chastity belt without permission to avoid embarrassment, then six months will be added to your second ECD.

    8. From now on, I am going to keep a closer watch on the tag number of the seal that is securing your chastity belt. I am going to check it randomly without warning. When directed to you will immediately show me your security tag. If the seal number is wrong, then six months will be added to your second ECD because obviously you took it off at sometime without permission.

    9. ECDs can only be moved forward and never back. There will be no such thing as too long between climaxes. If you insist on disobeying me, then you will suffer the consequences of your actions. The most climaxes you can ever hope to receive in any calendar year is two. If you want to disobey me and go a year or longer without a climax, then that is your prerogative. I will always receive sexual satisfaction whenever I desire so your satisfaction is of no concern to me.
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    i will post the contract i am signing tomorrow , if permitted, though my contract goes further than just chastity
  18. wickedmichael

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    yes charlene love to see the contract and see what your 'extreme' goals are !...

  19. charleneextremeslut

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    charleneslut's contract to Mummy

    the contract and addendum is below for Your perrusal.
    i hope it is readable,
    i signed this freely and willingly this morning


    Let all know by these present that their agreement is entered into freely. Between Stephanie Smith known as Mummy Stephanie and xxx xxx xxx to be known as CharleneSlut, in the year of 2009

    Mummy Stephanies full name and address:


    Charlene's full name and address:

    Born xx July 1957

    CharleneSlut from this day forward has entered into service for Extreme training in Obedience and feminization and slave.

    This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement, which defines in specific terms, the relationship and interaction between two individuals, hereafter termed the Master and the slave. This agreement is legal and binding. This agreement must be entered voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated
    herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved. (See section 7.0.0)

    This agreement shall become binding upon those whose signatures appear below.

    Slave's Role
    Slave's Veto
    Mummy's Role
    Rules of Punishment
    Permanent Bodily Harm
    Alteration of Contract
    Termination of Contract
    Slave's Signature
    Mummy's Signature

    Slave's Role:
    The slave agrees to submit completely to Mummy in all ways.
    There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may wilfully refuse to obey the directive of the Master without risking punishment, except in situations where the slave's veto applies.

    The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Training Contract, her body and mind belongs to Mummy, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein.

    Charlene Slut agrees to please Mummy to the best of her ability, in that she now exists solely for the pleasure of said Mummy.

    Charlene Slut is subject unto Me, her, Mummy, for her training and feminization , or to whomever I should choose to lend her to.

    She has freely given up all right to personal sexual freedom as a condition to enter into service.

    She has freely consented to performing every order and act given to her by Mummy without question or regard to consequence.

    She has freely accepted the fact that failure, ill feelings, or disobedience will be punished at Master's discretion in discussion with Mummy any manner that She chooses.

    She has given her body for Mummy's use and modification, as Mummy sees fit.

    She consents to become the status of property, and as such, will be dealt with accordingly

    Charlene Slut shall live according to the rules attached to this Agreement and understands that these shall be enforced without any recourse or redress.

    She will live according to the rules of Conduct that Master and Mummy shall draw up and amend at their own convenience, and at any time.

    Charlene Sluts Veto:
    Charlene Slut, where appropriate, holds veto power over any command given by Mummy, at which time he may rightfully refuse to obey that command. The power may only be invoked under the following circumstances, or where agreed by Master, Mummy and slave:

    Where said command conflicts with any existing laws and may lead to fines, arrest, or prosecution of the slave.

    Where said command may cause extreme damage to slave's life, (such as losing her job, causing family stress, etc.)

    Where said command may cause permanent bodily harm to the slave.

    Mummy's Role:
    Mummy accepts the responsibility of the slut's body, to do with as she sees fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. Mummy agrees to care for the slut, to arrange for the safety and well being of the slut, as long as she shall own the slut. Mummy also accepts the commitment to treat the slut properly, to train the slut, punish the slut, and use the slut as she sees fit.

    Charlene Slut agrees to accept any punishment the Master and Mummy decides to inflict, whether earned or not.

    Rules of Punishment:
    Punishment of the slut is subject to certain rules designed to protect the slut from intentional abuse or permanent bodily harm.
    Punishment must not incur permanent bodily harm, or the following forms of abuse:

    Blood may not be drawn at any time. Punishment must stop immediately if blood is drawn.

    Burning the body.
    Drastic loss of circulation.
    Causing internal bleeding.
    Loss of consciousness.

    Withholding of any necessary materials, such as food, water, or sunlight for extended periods of time.

    Permanent Bodily Harm:
    Since the body of the slave belongs to the Master, it is the Master's responsibility to protect that body from permanent bodily harm. Should the slave ever come to permanent bodily harm during the course of punishment, or in any other slavery related activity, whether by intention or accident, it will be grounds for immediate termination of this contract, should the slave so desire. Permanent bodily harm shall be determined as:

    Any damage that involves loss of mobility or function, including broken bones.
    Any permanent marks on the skin, including scars, burns, or tattoos, (Unless accepted by the slave).
    Any loss of hair. (Unless accepted by the slave).
    Any piercing of the flesh, which leaves a permanent hole. (Unless accepted by the slave).
    Any diseases that could result in any of the above results, including sexually transmitted diseases.

    The slave may not seek any other Master or lover or relate to others in any sexual or submissive way without the Master's express permission. To do so will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in extreme punishment. The Master may accept other
    slaves or lovers.
    The Master may direct the slave to perform any task for others.

    The Master may give the slave to another Master/Mistress, provided the rules of this contract are upheld. In such a situation, the Master will inform the new Master/Mistress of the provisions stated herein, and any breach by the new Master/Mistress will be considered a breach by the Master as well, subject to all rules stated in this contract.

    Alteration of Contract:
    This contract may be altered by Master at any time , except for the slave veto. If the contract is altered, every and any alteration must be clearly signed and dated.

    Termination of Contract:
    This contract may be terminated at any time by the Master, but never by the slave, except under special conditions explained within this contract. Upon termination, all physical evidence of the slavery, including this contract, will be destroyed, and all materials and belongings shall belong to the Master, to be shared or kept as She sees fit. The slave, shall once again own their body.

    Charlene Slut Signature:
    I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree and accept Mummy's claim of ownership over my physical body for the purpose of extreme training and feminization..

    I understand that I will be commanded, trained and punished as a slave, and I promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of my Master to the best of my abilities.

    I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract.

    I Charlene Slut ,of my own free will do hereby give myself in total submission completely and without coercion to Mummy Stephanie who is now my Mistress. I freely give up all my personal sexual freedom to be in Her service as my last willful act.

    I waive all right to my mind and body.

    I waive all right to recourse and redress after receiving any punishment at the hand of my Master for failure, ill feelings and disobedience regarding whatever is demanded and commanded of me by Mummy.

    I agree to be worked, controlled, used, and abused without limits.

    I agree to submit myself to any acts of S&M, B&D, including any sexual or non-sexual activity demanded of me, and these shall not be limited to serving the needs of humans.

    I agree to live according to any set of rules my Master may impose on me now and in the future.

    I relinquish human status, in preference to the status of property.

    I understand that from this day forward i am a slave and a slut, and will never
    again be granted my freedom, and that this agreement is binding on
    my signature below.

    Signature of slave/slut (real name) .....................................................................

    Slave/slut Name

    Date: ...... - ...... - ....

    I Mummy Stephanie, of my own free will hereby take charge of Charlene Slut for the use and extreme training to which she has agreed .

    I will see to it that these covenants are carried out to the letter.

    I reserve the right to amend any rules except the slave's veto, at any time that I may impose on My property.

    I reserve the right to enforce these rules in any manner I see fit.

    Master reserves the right to sell or lease His property.

    I am bound to this agreement by My signature below

    Signature of Mummy .....................................................................

    Signature of Mummy .(real Name) .....................................................................

    Date: ...... - ...... - ....

    ==============optional ========================================

    To be witnessed third party.(Who is willing to be contacted by the
    Master or slave to confirm the details on the form.

    Witness name: ....................................................................

    Witness contact address/phone No. ....................................................................

    I have witnessed this contract and have read it in full.

    Signature .....................................................................


    Addendum to Legal Contract between Mummy and slave Charlene, Dated: _08_ /_06_ / _2009
    YES/ NO/MAYBE Fetish Activities: Slave to perform or receive the following
    YES _____ _____ Oral sex
    YES _____ _____ Anal sex and/or rimming
    YES _____ _____ Light bondage using scarves, light rope, etc.
    YES _____ _____ Heavy bondage using handcuffs, shackles or similar devices
    YES _____ _____ Blindfolds
    YES _____ _____ Toys such as vibrators, dildos, or eggs
    YES _____ _____ Toys such as anal beads or BenWa balls
    YES _____ _____ Spanking
    No _____ _____ Whipping
    YES _____ _____ Cock and ball torture, clamps, etc.
    YES _____ _____ Nipple torture, clamps etc.
    YES _____ _____ Collar/leash
    YES _____ _____ Role playing
    YES _____ _____ Cross dressing
    YES _____ _____ Taking photographs for private use
    YES _____ _____ Filming for private use
    YES _____ _____ Voyeurism
    Maybe _____ _____ Fisting
    YES _____ _____ Pussy and/or cock worship
    No _____ _____ Knife play
    No _____ _____ Fire play
    No _____ _____ Needle play
    No _____ _____ Branding
    YES _____ _____ Sensory Deprivation
    YES _____ _____ Water sports/urine
    Unsure___ _____ Scat to Orally take Her Mummys Scat straight from Mummys Pussy hole
    YES _____ _____ Food play
    YES _____ _____ Hot candle wax
    YES _____ _____ Depilation/shaving
    YES _____ _____ High heels/boots
    YES _____ _____ The rack/medieval devices
    YES _____ _____ Discipline
    YES _____ _____ Exhibitionism/sex in public
    YES _____ _____ Humiliation
    YES _____ _____ Infantilism/diapers
    YES _____ _____ Confinement
    YES _____ _____ Defilement, seeing a partner dirty or wet
    YES _____ _____ Leather, fur or other texture stimulation
    YES _____ _____ Enemas
    YES _____ _____ Sex during menstruation
    YES _____ _____ Talking dirty
    No _____ _____ Biting
    YES _____ _____ Feet worship
    YES _____ _____ Pinching
    YES _____ _____ Massage
    YES _____ _____ Tickling
    YES _____ _____ Wearing Tampax 24 x 7 during period cycle
    AGREED _____ _____ SlaveSlut indulging in Masturbation is FORBIDDEN
    Mummys CONDITIONS::
    24 x7 total control
    Slave/Slut to wear panties at all times
    Slave/Slut to buy panties, stocking suspenders, heels, bras and skirts and top and to sleep with bra, panties, suspenders and stockings at all times 24/7
    Slave/Slut to piss Twice a day once at 0900 and once at 2100 only
    From Today, Slav/Slut e is NOT allowed to touch her wife sexually under any circumstances unless ordered to do so. These orders will be very very specific to sluts training needs. .
    Slave/Slut to wear a Butt plug in bed except during her period week in which case she wears Tampon
    Slave/Slut to send Mummy a daily picture of her attire she is wearing which mummy will choose for her
    Slave/Slut to give Mummy copy of her Passport for safe keeping


    To obey utterly and totally her Mummy on a 24 x 7 basis without question.
    Mummy knows best always

    Mummys SIGNATURE:: _________________________________
    Dated: :: _________________________________

    SLAVE/SLUT'S SIGNATURE:: __________________________________
    Dated: :: _________________________________
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    Femdom Marriage Contract

    We found this one that we plan to modify when we get married:

    Marriage Contract

    This contract signed by ----------, hereinafter known as "husband" orit or related forms it's or itself. "husband" was legally married to ---------, hereinafter known as Wife, earlier this evening of ---------- in ---------- County, Florida. This Contract has been entered into voluntarily by "husband".

    WHEREAS, "husband" and Wife, prior to officially being married this day, have engaged in a loving, mutually rewarding relationship since they met on ----------, 1992. This relationship has involved the submission of "husband" to Wife, with "husband" served Wife in a very submissive manner including but not limited to sexual relations, domestic duties, and various other behaviors. "husband" and Wife desire to continue the relationship into a female-led marriage. She is expected to be the Head of the Household and it, the submissive "husband".

    WHEREAS, "husband" sincerely believes in the superiority of the female over the male and this belief goes beyond sexual relations and includes all aspects of his life. "husband" is weak compared to Wife and needs Wife's control over his life. Wife is superior over him. This is neither a fantasy contract, a game, or for play.

    WHEREAS, "husband" strongly desires to fully recognize his devotion and unconditional love for Wife by executing this contract. Even when "husband" and Wife had fights and problems it completely devoted itself to Her with its unconditional love and servitude.

    WHEREAS, this contract is accompanied by a lengthier "Rules of Marriage for slave "husband"" for which "husband" agrees to follow those rules explicitly. The "Rules of Marriage for slave "husband"" were written by "husband" for the benefit of Wife and the rules contained in the accompanying document can only be modified by Her.

    WHEREAS, "husband" has owned his own body it desires to transfer said body to Wife. "husband" already has given his body as property to Wife in prior verbal and written agreements and this Contract will supersede all prior agreements and contracts, written or oral.

    WERREAS, "husband" strongly wishes to live the rest of his life in the servitude of Wife and does so without duress or undue influence from Wife or others. The genesis of this contract is not sexual in nature and was thoughtfully written by "husband".

    WHEREAS, "husband" desires there to be are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which "husband" may willfully refuse to obey the directive of Wife and further agrees that, once signing this Contract with his signature below, his body will belong to Wife, including all assets, finances, and material goods, to do with as it sees fit.

    WHEREAS, the definition of a "husband", for purposes of this contract, is a slave to Wife. This agreement is legal and binding as it operates outside the parameters of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    NOW, THEREFORE, "husband" agrees to be contractually bound by the following:

    a.the purpose of this Contract is for "husband" to fully and openly acknowledge the devotion it has to Wife and to display the submissive parameters of the life it has been living and will continue to live with Wife.
    "husband" expects to solidify his devotions to Wife by constructing this Contract and enabling Her remedies should it not fulfill what it expects of itself in its role as Her slave.
    This contract is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship between "husband" and Wife. "husband" wishes to be acknowledged not as a human but as a possession of Wife. Through this Contract "husband" expects not to be entitled to any rights outside of this Contract and expects to become the property or chattel of Wife.
    This contract is a measure of control. This contract shall be an instrument in recognition of "husband"'s deep and abiding need to have an owner and authority figure in its life, choose to enter into a full-time, unequal Dominant/submissive marriage with Wife fully owning "husband" as her own personal property and whereas "husband" has no expectations of having any rights, freedom or ability to make decisions on its own behalf for itself or others unless commanded by Wife or instructed within the confines of this Contract.

    a."husband" agrees, to sign a legal Irrevocable Power of Attorney, a Medical Power of Attorney, and a Living Will, enabling Wife to go before a judge and declare "husband" unable to handle its own affairs and granting Her full legal rights over it.
    "husband" fully understands the implications of signing such a document whereas it would lose all legal rights to himself. "husband" accepts all decisions made for it by Wife.
    "husband" fully understands Wife may invoke to legally change "husband"s name to any of Her choosing.
    "husband" desires to renounce all personal rights, privileges, and property from "husband" to Wife.
    Should "husband" find himself in incarcerated by the authorities: if there by an act at the direction of Wife than "husband" fully expects Wifes assistance in his defense. Since Wife is not signing this contract, this is only an assumption on its part and in no way obligates Wife to assist. If "husband" is incarcerated by the authorities for an act of his own, then "husband" does not expect the assistance of Wife.

    a.Upon signing this contract "husband" agrees to officially and legally sign over any of his property to Wife or to an entity of Her choosing. This shall include, and is not limited to, its real estate, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, as beneficiary of any trusts, all clothing, jewelery, sex toys, vehicles, and private stock in any companies.
    Should Wife choose to end the marriage and/or relationship "husband" acknowledges it may be left without any property or financial support whatsoever.
    If Wife chooses to end the marriage, "husband" acknowledges that Wife has the right to sell, trade or donate "husband" to another person or persons of Her choosing as it is Her chattel.
    Should "husband" find himself in a position of receiving income, then prior to the receipt of that income, "husband" must arrange to have that income directly received by Wife or an entity of Her choosing. "husband" is not permitted to have income and only by the good grace of Wife shall "husband" receive a allowance, for which it is expected to have a full accounting of its expense.
    Should "husband" receive gifts (i.e. Christmas and Birthday gifts) then "husband" will immediately give the gifts to Wife, to become Her property, for Her to decide what to do with them.
    b. "husband" agrees, upon Wife's wishes, to reach a point financially whereas neither needs to work for income enabling husband to be at Wife's disposal twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year without any holiday breaks. "husband" is expected to work hard to bring in as much income as possible for Wife and its goal should be to become retired within ten years of the signing of this Contract. This way "husband" can devote himself to round-the-clock service to Wife.

    a."husband" agrees to serve Wife as Her humble servant for the remainder of his life and acknowledges She may trade, sell or donate his body to another at anytime of Her choosing either permanently or on a temporary basis.
    "husband" will always address Wife with respect.
    "husband" agrees, upon Wifes wishes, it can be permanently marked or altered. This can include and is not limited to tattoos, permanent piercings, brandings, implants, genital alterations or other elective surgeries that may permanently change the shape, form, sight, functionality, or other aspects of "husband"'s physical body.
    "husband" must keep himself clean with excellent hygiene.
    "husband" acknowledges it may be publicly exposed of his status. husband acknowledges that there may be relationships with others that may be damaged through it becoming known of its status of being owned.
    "husband" will perform domestic labor and other domestic duties. These duties are more clearly explained in the "Rules of Marriage for slave "husband"".
    "husband" will entertain Wife and any guests for their amusements. There are no limits to what this entertainment may include.
    "husband" agrees to please Wife to the best of his ability, in that it now exists solely for Wife's pleasure.
    Wife may confine or imprison "husband" under any conditions she desires as often as she may wish and for any length of time.
    Although "husband" hopes Wife will show love and kindness to him, "husband" understands and acknowledges Wife is in no way under any obligation or expectation to show mercy or kindness to "husband".

    a."husband" agrees to seek permission of Wife to purchase any clothing if "husband" has been given money to make such a purchase. "husband" fully realizes most, if not all, clothing purchases will be purchased by Wife.
    "husband" agrees and acknowledges it will wear anything Wife demands of him.
    "husband" acknowledges it may be limited to the type of clothing it is to wear. For example, Wife may desire "husband"s swimwear to be limited to the coverage of a Speedo-style bikini or as small as a g-string to be worn in public. "husband" must wear what Wife wishes without complaint.
    "husband" may be publicly exposed with little or no clothing at the wishes of Wife.
    b. If "husband" has not been told what to wear outside, then it will find something to wear that may be considered inappropriate and will always ask itself the question, Is this sexy enough?, then choose an outfit sexier to wear outside.
    c. Various accessories may be adorned to "husband" that may be indicative of its status (i.e. Slave collar, bondage wear).

    a."husband" has proven itself to be something that cannot control its sexual gratification and is a chronic masturbator. "husband" agrees to wear a male chastity device of Wifes choosing to ensure fidelity to Her. This device may be attached temporarily or permanently. Wearing such a device, "husband" acknowledges it will not be able to have an erection or an orgasm. "husband" fully realizes the ramifications of such a device and already has much experience in using such devices and welcomes giving full control of its penis to Wife. Afterall, husband is giving fully control and ownership of its body to Wife by signing this contract and its penis is only one part of that body. "husband" currently regularly wears a chastity device. Such chastity device must be designed in such a way to be worn 24 hours per day, seven days per week and should be hygienic, allowing for proper bathing and urination.
    "husband" acknowledges it will always be monogamous to Wife but Wife may have as many relationships and lovers as She may desire. Specifically, Wife may have sexual relations with as many or as few males or females She may desire, whereas "husband" is limited to only having sexual relations, if any, with Wife. "husband" agrees to do everything to its utmost and within its ability to get along well with Wife's other lovers and in no way will allow jealousy or envy to enter into "husband"'s life. "husband" will strive whole-heartedly to make Wife's lovers as comfortable as possible whether a temporary lover or a permanent lover.
    "husband" will sexually satisfy Wife as per Her wishes as often as She desires, if at all. "husband" fully understands his sexual satisfaction is dependent upon Wife. "husband" always has and always will devote himself to worshiping Wife.
    This day "husband" has strong sexual feelings for Wife and feels confident he could devote itself soley to giving endless sexual pleasures to Wife. "husband" also acknowledges and agrees in the future, its sexual drive may not be as strong and should that become the case, it agrees to fully satisfy Wife sexually in any way She may desire.
    "husband" acknowledges masturbation is, in effect, an act of infidelity and Wife may choose to rid Herself of "husband" via trade, sale or donation to another party should "husband" partake in such activity. "husband" acknowledges and agrees not to attempt self-pleasure via his penis without the permission of Wife.
    "husband" may not seek any other human for sexual union of any kind or relate to others in any sexual manner without Wife's permission. husband may not seek any non-human for sexual gratification. husband will only accept sexual gratification, if any, as directed by Wife.

    a."husband" and Wife have discussed that at some time in the future Wife may desire to bear children. Such a decision will be completely up to Wife how and when She will become pregnant and/or adopt.
    It is also Wifes decision whom shall impregnate Her as sit may have another lover.
    Decisions in raising the children will be solely made by Wife. "husband" realizes and agrees to do all domestic work related to the children (i.e. diaper changes, cleaning up after).
    The household will be decidedly slanted in favor of any females and to the disfavor of any males. Should Wife bear or adopt any females than they are to be treated literally as princesses. Clearly defined roles within the household are a must and those roles will be decided by Wife.
    "husband" acknowledges and agrees Wife will have full custody of any children.
    a.This contract has no expiration. "husband" is bound by this contract for the remainder of his life.
    b.Even though Wife is not signing this Contract, She may cancel it any time.

    a."husband" expects Wife, though fully realizes sit is not required, to administer medical help to "husband" should it need medical attention.
    "husband" agrees to maintain his body the best way it knows how or otherwise directed by Wife.
    "husband" acknowledges Wifes desire to have a "husband" with an attractive, muscular, healthy body and agrees to maintain such a physique.
    "husband" agrees to eat healthfully, six meals per day, as realistically can be applied.
    "husband" agrees to effectively train his body for strength and endurance utilizing aspects of Triathlon and Strength training or as per training directed by Wife.
    "husband" agrees, upon Wifes wishes, to eliminate all or part of his body hair temporarily or permanently to better display his muscles and to keep his skin smooth.
    b. Wife may provide regular doctor visits for "husband" however is not required to do so.
    c. Wife shall have complete control over "husband"'s food and drink consumption.
    Wife shall have complete control over "husband"'s exercise regimen.
    Wife shall have complete control over "husband"'s elimination of bodily waste as "husband" is Her property. "husband" acknowledges and agrees such control may be, but is not limited to, Her command or device such as catheters.

    a."husband" acknowledges and agrees Wife may need to punish it and agrees to accept any and all punishments from Wife or Her assigns whether earned or not. More detailed examples of punishment can be found in the "Rules of Marriage for slave "husband"", an accompanying document to this Contract.
    "husband" agrees and acknowledges it may be subjected various punishments that will harm him temporarily or permanently. it agrees and acknowledges it may be subjected to prolonged discomfort or pain.
    "husband" may endure punishment for, and not limited to, not following the "Rules of Marriage for slave "husband"", and/or any command given by Wife or the terms of this Contract, or for Wife's general amusement.

    a."husband" acknowledges it forgoes any privacy from Wife and potentially the public. "husband" has no expectations of privacy.
    "husband" may be commanded to engage in acts it may find humiliating and agrees to engage in such acts at the command of Wife or Her assigns. Such acts may be private, semi-private, or public and may be cause for incarceration by the authorities.
    "husband" agrees and acknowledges it may be subjected to photographs and video and/or audio recordings of him in various situations that, upon Wifes wishes, can be played and displayed for anyone She may desire. husband acknowledges and agrees Wife may make these materials available to husband's family, co-workers, friends, and associates. Wife may even sell thee recordings for profit if She chooses. "husband" fully realizes the impact of this clause and will not claim blackmail or sexual harassment should such events take place because by signing this Contract husband is giving explicit permission for Wife to do so. Instead it will dutifully accept the humiliation it finds itself a subject. "husband" acknowledges and agrees others may be informed about this Contract and its status to Wife. "husband" may be made to keep a slave diary which, by way of Wife's desire, may stay private or could be made public by any means She may choose.

    12.FREE TIME
    a. Wife may grant "husband" free time on a regular or irregular basis however "husband" should not expect to be granted such free time. This is time "husband" may use for physical, emotional, spiritual and other healing as needed. Each free time shall have a time of termination which will be strictly observed by "husband".
    Free time may include being able to write and talk to its family.
    Free time may include being able to write and talk with his friends (if permitted to have any).
    Free time may include anything "husband" wishes to do so long as it does not interfere with its obligations under other sections of this Contract.
    Free time is considered a gift or privilege and is not a right of "husband".
    Free time may include the ability of "husband" to speak freely and openly to Wife.

    a.Should Wife become incapacitated, Wife has signed a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney enabling "husband" to handle Her affairs. Wife may, at Her discretion, update Her living will to include another individual to handle Her affairs instead of husband.
    Regardless, "husband" will, upon the incapacity of Wife, devote himself to Her recovery. Should Her condition not be conducive to recovery, "husband" will devote himself to Her care and will remain permanently chaste and monogamous to Her.
    Should Wifes death precede "husband"s than "husband" will continue his life in permanent chastity and will not be permitted to engage another relationship unless express written consent is given by Wife prior to Her death. husband will continue to follow this Contract and the "Rules of Marriage for slave "husband"" as if Wife was still alive for the remainder of his life. Wife may include other instructions in Her will that may supercede this document, instructing "husband" to whom it is to become the property of, as it is Wifes chattel.
    Should "husband" become incapacitated, it has signed an, Irrevocable Power of Attorney, Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney enabling Wife to fully handle his affairs.
    Should "husband" become incapacitated for an extended period of time, "husband" acknowledges Wife may discard him and move on with Her life, leaving it property of the State.
    Should "husband"s death precede Wifes than Wife will continue with Her life as She desires.


    a. "husband" acknowledges and agrees Wife may, over time, view "husband" as only a single-task object (i.e. Maid, masseuse, house manager) and not use it for any other purpose.
    b. "husband" shall never lie to Wife and will always answer truthfully any question Wife asks.
    c. "husband" shall bring everything to Wife's attention that, in "husband"'s best judgement, are important for Wife to know.
    d. "husband"'s personal habits shall be remade at anytime, in any manner Wife desires, for any reason Wife desires.
    e. "husband" requests that no third party, group, or organization interfere in any way to prevent it from fulfilling its obligations of servitude and obedience to Wife as defined in this contract.

    a. Revocation of this contract lies solely in the hands of Wife. "husband" CANNOT revoke this contract once signed. This contract is irrevocable by "husband".
    b. Wife may, upon Her wishes, have this contract transferred or assigned to another individual or individuals. "husband" agrees and acknowledges subsequent holders of this Contract shall retain all rights, privileges and provisions set forth herein.
    c. Wife has the right to sell, trade or donate "husband" to another individual(s) without this contract in place, in effect revoking this contract and can do so on a temporary or permanent basis.

    husband has willfully given Wife $1 in consideration for entering into this Contract.

    This Contract shall be legally binding to "husband" and it signs this Contract of its own free will, without duress, and fully understands its provisions herein. "husband" conceived of and wrote this Contract to be given to Wife upon their wedding night on ----------, 1994. By signing this Contract "husband" fully acknowledges and agrees to become the complete and total property of Wife to do with as sit wishes mind, body, and soul. "husband"'s original signature shall be valid and binding for this Contract and any addendum hereto. This shall include powers of attorney on behalf of "husband". "husband" wishes from this moment forward to formally become the owned property of Wife and to have no rights, no freedom and no escape from slavery or enslavement for life. Once this Contract is signed, it shall supersede any and all other agreements or contracts whether oral or written by "husband" and/or between Wife and "husband".

    By signing this Contract I, ---- ------ do understand the responsibilities as defined in this contract, and affirm the intention of this Contract as an attempt to forge understanding of rights and responsibilities in this new marriage. I enter into this marriage of my own free will, with no coercion expressed or implied by Wife or any other party, and agree that the aforementioned responsibilities are what i choose to be bound to within this relationship between myself and Wife. By my signature, I affirm my intent to enter into this Contract.

    Signed this ----st day of -------, 1994 ______________________________
    ----------, "husband" of Wife

    WITNESS: _________________________________
    -----------, Owner of "husband"
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    Here is one I like for a female led marriage. It provides what I think of as a reasonable basis for changes in the contract and control while still maintaining her in a superior position.

    Contract of Service

    This Contract of Service (Contract or Agreement) is entered into voluntarily by both parties without duress of any kind. This Agreement is by and between ______________ (Wife) and _____________ (Husband).

    Article I Recitals

    1.1 Whereas, Husband acknowledges his deep need for loving female authority, and guidance.

    1.2 Whereas, it is in the interest of both parties to have a strong and loving marriage.

    1.3 Therefor, Husband, desiring to improve himself and the marital relationship, has wisely concluded that he should agree to a Contract of Service for the benefit of Wife, in which substantially all control of the relationship is in her hands. Wife, in exchange, offers to fulfill Husbands need for loving female authority under this Agreement.

    Article II Definitions

    2.01 Abrogate the Contract The rejection by the Husband of the Contract, leaving the marriage without any terms other than the original marriage vows. Permitted at only one time a year.

    2.02 Chastity Device A locking device for preventing both erection and Orgasm, but allowing for urination and reasonable hygiene. Currently the CB2000.

    2.03 Orgasm (male) An ejaculatory release of semen.

    2.04 Prostate Milking The massage of the prostate gland in such a manner as to release ejaculate and/or other accumulated fluids without an Orgasm.

    2.05 Punishment Period of Denial A period of time in which Husband is denied an Orgasm for punishment, as opposed to ordinary periods of denial.

    2.06 Regular Duties A list of chores, duties and responsibilities and their frequency of performance.

    2.07 Review A regular meeting in which performance under this Agreement is evaluated. This is also the time when Husband should make any confessions of infractions of the Rules. Husband will be offered an opportunity to express comments, concerns and thoughts for the Wifes consideration.

    2.08 Rules In general, this Agreement in its entirety, as well as any Special Duties, Programs, Rules or requirements Wife may impose at any time.

    2.09 Special Duties A list, though it may not be in writing, of tasks, chores, duties, actions and responsibilities to be performed, typically of a limited or non-recurring nature.

    2.10 Special Programs Actions to accomplish a specific goal, e.g. weight loss, stop smoking, eat healthier, etc.

    2.11 Unauthorized Orgasm Any Orgasm Husband has by any means that occurs without Wifes specific permission.

    2.12 Unauthorized Sexual Contact Any contact with Husbands genitals, by anyone without Wifes specific permission, regardless of whether an Orgasm occurs or not.

    Article III General Terms

    3.01 Husband will always treat Wife with the utmost respect and affection in and outside the home.

    3.02 Husband agrees to cheerfully and without complaint immediately comply with all of Wifes requests.

    3.03 Husband agrees, if after full discussion no consensus is reached, to defer to her decisions in all matters.

    3.04 Husband agrees to accept without complaint or argument her evaluation of his performance under this Contract.

    3.05 Husband agrees to accept any punishments she may decide to impose for breaches of the Rules or this Contract.

    3.06 Husband agrees to perform Regular Duties to the best of his abilities as detailed in Exhibit A.

    3.07 Husband agrees to perform Special Duties as Wife may require of him from time to time.

    3.08 Husband agrees to take all necessary steps and follow direction to accomplish the goals Wife sets out in Special Programs.

    3.09 Husband agrees to promptly and completely confess all infractions of the Rules or terms of this Contract.

    3.10 Husband agrees to provide sexual services to Wife at any time, in any manner and under any conditions she desires. Including, but not limited to, providing her with as many orgasms as she desires regardless of whether or not he is permitted one.

    3.11 Husband agrees to accept without complaint, both verbal or through physical demeanor or facial expression, Wifes decisions regarding any sexual contact he may have with her.

    3.12 Husband agrees that even during sexual relations with Wife, he must seek permission for his Orgasm before it is inevitable.

    Article IV Chastity

    4.01 Husband surrenders complete control of his Orgasm to Wife. She alone has the power to permit him an Orgasm.

    4.02 Husband shall not seek, nor permit, any unauthorized sexual contact, as defined in 2.12.

    4.03 Wife has graciously decided that Husband will not be kept in a Chastity Device permanently.

    4.04 Wife has generously decided that Husband will not be punished for an Unauthorized Orgasm, provided that it:
    is confessed to her no later that the first Review following its occurrence,
    has been at least 30 days since the last Unauthorized Orgasm,
    did not occur during a Punishment Period of Denial, and
    did not occur during a period in which his performance of Regular and Special Duties was less than acceptable.

    4.05 Wife decides the method, manner and severity of punishments for Unauthorized Orgasm.

    4.06 Wife may choose to conclude that an Unauthorized Orgasm has occurred solely on the basis of slipping performance of Regular and Special Duties. In this event, she will pick the date from within the last Review period to be deemed the date of the Unauthorized Orgasm.

    4.07 Notwithstanding other punishments that she may impose, Wife has determined the minimum punishment for an Unauthorized Orgasm to be:
    confinement in a Chastity Device for a period of not less than 30 days,
    a Punishment Period of Denial of 30 days to run concurrently with Chastity Device confinement, and
    30 spanks on the bare buttocks with the implement of her choice.

    4.08 Wife acknowledges that for the general health of Husband, if he has not been permitted an Orgasm for 28 days or more, including during Punishment Periods of Denial, that his prostate will be milked no later than 35 days from his last Orgasm or Prostate Milking.

    4.09 During periods of enforced chastity, Husband will be allowed out of the Chastity Device for routine cleanings and teasings, at times and under conditions to be determined by Wife.

    4.10 While confined in a Chastity Device, Husband will always have access to an emergency key, which will be in tamper evident packaging. The unopened package must be shown to Wife upon her request, and returned following the end of his period of enforced chastity.

    4.11 Unauthorized removal of the Chastity Device is a punishable offense. In addition, there will be an immediate presumption that an Unauthorized Orgasm occurred. Furthermore, the provisions of 4.04, exempting certain Unauthorized Orgasms from punishment, will not apply in this case.

    Article V Punishments

    5.01 Husband surrenders to Wife the complete discretion to determine the manner, form and severity of punishments.

    5.02 Punishments may include but are not limited to:
    extra duties or chores,
    denial of other forms of affection for a specified period of time,
    extending the period of Orgasm denial, such extension known as a Punishment Period of Denial,
    confinement in a Chastity Device for a specified period of time, and
    spankings, strappings and canings.

    5.03 Wife, in her sole discretion, may offer Husband a choice between two or more punishments.

    Article VI Privileges

    Wife, in her kindness and wisdom, grants the following privileges to Husband:

    6.01 Husband may masturbate to the edge of Orgasm as often as he desires, when not confined in the Chastity Device. Privilege to masturbate is not approval for Orgasm, and Husband assumes the full risk and responsibility for even an unintentional Orgasms, which will be treated as Unauthorized.

    6.02 Husband may initiate a request for sex with Wife at any time, and cheerfully accept her answer, or her terms under which it will occur.

    6.03 Husband will not be required to disclose the contents of this Agreement to anyone.

    6.04 Husband will not be required to wear the Chastity Device for medical checkups or procedures, or in other circumstances where exposure is unavoidable. Husband may agree to wear the device in such circumstances.

    6.05 Husband may offer ideas and suggestions, especially in anticipation of her needs, on any matter that may arise between them.

    6.06 Husband will not be humiliated or belittled personally or in front of others in any fashion.

    6.07 Every Sunday at a time of Wifes convenience, a Review will be held. This will cover the following items:
    Husbands performance for the week
    Husbands confessions of infractions of the Rules
    Husbands comments, concerns and thoughts are offered for her consideration. Husband must not state these as requests, merely express his desires and feelings. Wife, being the fair and loving person she is, will take these under consideration. Her decisions about his comments will be final. Inasmuch as these are not requests, she is under no obligation to respond to them at the time of the Review.

    Article VII Amendment and Renewal

    7.01 The term of this Agreement is a calendar year, January 1 through December 31. The Agreement may be extended and renewed indefinitely.

    7.02 Wife has the full authority to amend this Agreement at any time, not only in the addition to Regular and Special Duties, but also in any other aspect.

    7.03 Wife expresses the opinion that more restrictive is not necessarily better, that her objective is not to merely increase rigidity or severity of control; but rather to improve the marital relationship. Therefore, Wife has generously decided of her own accord that such amendments during the course of the calendar year will not materially increase the restrictiveness of the terms of service. Wife has the sole discretion to determine whether or not such changes constitute material increase in severity.

    7.04 With the exception of the first Review of the new calendar year, Husband will graciously be permitted to propose changes to this Contract and his reasons on the first Review of a calendar quarter. In order to preserve the final authority of Wife, this is not a negotiation, Wife has final authority to accept all, some or none of the changes proposed by Husband.

    7.05 The first Review following the start of the calendar year, is special as it sets up the renewal of the Contract of Service. It is the one time when Husband has the most freedom, essentially to accept or Abrogate the Contract. Husband must do one of the following:
    Accept the then current Contract (with changes made during the course of the year, including those which may have been made specifically for the new calendar year),
    Accept With Concerns that certain provisions may be so restrictive that he fears he may Abrogate the Contract, or
    Abrogate the Contract in its entirety.

    7.06 Abrogation of the Contract does not mean the end of the marriage, but such decision should be viewed as of similar magnitude. Husband pledges not to attempt to use this privilege as a negotiating ploy, but to do so only in the most extreme situation.

    7.07 In the event that Husband Accepts With Concerns, the Contract as currently amended by Wife is renewed for a period of one month. On the first Review of February, Husband must select either to renew the then current Contract for the balance of the year, or to Abrogate the Contract in its entirety. Wife may, of her own decision, choose to amend the Contract he is presented on the first Review of February as the one to be completely Accepted or Abrogated. The Contract he is presented in February has only two options for Husband; Accept or Abrogate.

    Agreed to this date _________________________

    Husband: _________________________________

    Wife: ____________________________________

    Exhibit A Regular Duties

    Husbands Regular Duties are as follows, subject to amendment without notice:

    <fill in what you need>

    Exhibit B Rules

    In addition to the entire Contract, Regular and Special Duties, and Special Programs, the following Rules are prescribed:

    <fill in what you need>
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  22. chaste777

    chaste777 chaste777

    Sep 15, 2009
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    10:00 PM
    I do not have a contract as such, as I am currently without keyholder. However, being a general mad fucker and a masochist and a chastity, orgasm denial and humiliation slut, I rather like the idea of a permananet chastity arrangement:


    Definition of Permanent Chastity and Denial – the state of being kept in chastity and denial in perpetuity, with permission for release explicitly and permanently forbidden.

    The chastity device stays on 24/7. NO releases. Perpetual chastity, perpetual orgasm denial. The only reason for removing the device would be (a) a genuine medical emergency or urgent personal hygiene / cleaning need, (b) to replace it if it becomes damaged, or (c) to replace it with a better quality device. Other than those stipulations, the device stays on perpetually.

    In chastity, perpetuity!
  23. scovic

    scovic Junior Member

    Dec 13, 2009
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    This is the contract that me & my wife both agreed to sign up too


    This Contract is between Husband Mr M***** & Wife Mrs M*****

    I)The key holder in this contract will be Mrs M***** who will be referred to as Mrs M.

    II)The chaste in this contract will be Mr M****** who will be referred to as Mr M.

    III)Chastity device is the instrument that confines by locking mechanism the male genitalia and prevents erections, masturbation, and orgasm.
    IV)Confinement is the period in which Mr M is locked into the chastity device.
    V)Schedule is the period of time determined by Mrs M between releases.
    Purpose of Contract:
    The main objective of this contract is to break Mr M of his negative attitude & behaviour towards Mrs M and to reaffirm the love and commitment made under marriage by means of a Chastity device.
    It is further understood between the parties that Mr M, by entering said contract, forfeits all rights and privileges to his manhood as well as his sexual freedom and that he will only be able to utilize said appendage following approval from Mrs M.
    It is further agreed that Mrs M as the key holder has the absolute power and authority to make any and all rules regarding the usage of Mr M's appendage and Mrs M can change, modify, or alter those rules for any reason at any time.
    Terms & conditions
    I) Mr M will not touch, fondle, or masturbate said appendage at any time unless permission is granted by Mrs M.
    II) Mr M will be confined in the male chastity device at all time's, for any length of time as dictated by Mrs M.
    III) Mrs M as the key holder may or may not determine a schedule for release.
    IV) Mrs M as the key holder can withhold the privilege of release for any reason, justified or not.
    V) Mr M will show complete commitment & devotion to Mrs M throughout the duration of this contract.
    VI) Mr M to administer pleasurable acts on Mrs M that are required for her Own satisfaction.
    VII) Performing acts stated in VI does NOT guarantee release, This decision remains with Mrs M.
    VIII) Mr M to quit smoking within 6 mths of commencing date.

    Breach of contract:
    I) harass or Badgers Mrs M for early release at any time.
    II) Upsets or causes distress to Mrs M in ANY WAY.
    III) Failure to adhere to any and all terms and conditions.
    Consequences of Breach:
    Any violation of above is deemed a serious breach and therefore Mrs M, without limitation, may or may not do any of the following:
    1) Extended period of confinement without release.
    2) Complete denial of release.
    3) Alter previous schedule.
    4) Employ disciplinary measures to be determined at the time of punishment
    5) Cease to be the key holder.
    Length of Contract:
    Length of said contract to be solely determined by Mrs M without reservation by Mr M.
    Both parties enter into this contract voluntarily, consensually and of their own free will and agree to all terms and conditions without reservation.
    Therefore let it be known by this agreement that Mr M has now and until this contract is terminated, forfeited all rights to his sexual freedom, as well as use of his appendage and this contract when signed is binding on both parties.


    Date: ______ November 2009
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  24. jeank

    jeank Member

    Oct 25, 2009
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    Set of Rules

    Rather than a contract we used a set of rules, as we decided that KH wasn't actually committing to do anything - hope someone finds it useful:

    Rules XXX has to follow after giving KH The Key.

    These rules start immediately and continue indefinitely


    1. XXX never asks KH to unlock him. If he does it will be ignored and XXX accepts that KH would have every right to be very angry and impose punishments of her choosing as it is denying her control. The only exception is for medical reasons (chafing or pinching or anything else not healthy).
    2. XXX lets KH (and KH alone) decide when to unlock him. There are no time limits.
    3. Even if KH unlocks him, XXX still needs permission to orgasm, which may or may not be granted. XXX has given KH control of his orgasms completely and indefinitely.
    4. XXX accepts that KH may request and immediately receive any sensual or sexual gratification wherever and as often as she likes from XXX in any form that takes her fancy, obviously including, but not limited to, normal intercourse, with or without XXX achieving release.
    5. XXX accepts he will be immediately re-locked after release with no arguments if KH decides that is what she wants.
    6. XXX must make a point of paying a lot of extra attention to Hygiene to avoid health problems and must tell KH immediately if he thinks there are problems. KH will decide if these are serious enough to warrant unlocking. If lock period is for an extended period, weekly cleaning is needed.
    7. XXX will have access to a back-up key for extreme medical emergencies, but sealed and signed by KH and will only use it for genuine emergencies and with her permission.

    For KH NO RULES, but XXX humbly requests that:

    1. KH doesnt tell XXX in advance when she will unlock him, or if she does, he accepts that she can always change her mind without telling him in advance.

    2. KH keeps the key safe and secure but XXX does not know where.

    3. KH will continually flirt with and tease XXX without mercy, and delay his releases for so many days or even weeks that he will regret signing this, but any protestations or pleas will be not only be ignored but may lead to even more teasing or longer periods of lock-up.


    KH can make whatever unreasonable demands she wants whenever she likes. She has complete freedom. If she thinks it would be fun to do so, she may change or add to these rules at will, and XXX agrees to abide by any changes or additions she chooses to make without argument.

    By signing below, XXX acknowledges that he is probably the luckiest man alive, is married to the most gorgeous woman on the face of this earth and undertakes to love her, cherish her and adore her accordingly - forever and without limit.

    Signed:________________________ Date:__________________________
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  25. TerrysBoi

    TerrysBoi Member

    Feb 12, 2010
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    Contract for TerrysBoi


    THIS CHASTITY AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") entered into on this ____th day of
    __________, _________ by and between _________________ ("HUSBAND") and
    _________________ ("WIFE").

    WHEREAS, each party desires to enter into an agreement defining behaviors to enhance the
    relationship between HUSBAND and WIFE.

    NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

    1. Definitions.
    "Chastity" is defined as being deprived of the ability to receive physical sexual
    gratification through touching, rubbing or otherwise physically contacting the genitalia.

    "Chastity device" is any physical device that enforces chastity upon a person.

    2. HUSBAND's Covenants. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement,
    HUSBAND agrees to:

    a) Be bound in chastity by a chastity device ("DEVICE") at all times during the
    effective period of this agreement.
    b) Surrender all keys or other devices or methods for removing DEVICE to WIFE.
    c) Diligently, to the best of his ability, perform any task or duty assigned by WIFE
    regardless of the sexual or non-sexual nature of the task.
    d) Accept any discipline that WIFE may impose.
    e) Be immediately available to WIFE during all non-working hours of WIFE except
    as permitted in writing or directed by WIFE.
    f) Offer affection in the form of stroking, petting, kissing, massages, baths, or
    other pleasant actions above and beyond the basic needs and wants of WIFE
    without the request of WIFE on a regular basis.

    3. WIFE's Covenants. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, WIFE
    agrees to:

    a) Bind HUSBAND in chastity by a chastity device ("DEVICE") at all times
    during the effective period of this agreement.
    b) Maintain all keys or other devices or methods for removing DEVICE such that
    HUSBAND cannot access keys or devices except with the explicit permission of
    c) Release HUSBAND from device for health reasons, doctor appointments, and
    supervised periods of exercise.
    d) Closely supervise HUSBAND during periods of release from DEVICE to
    enforce HUSBAND's chastity.
    e) Deny HUSBAND, to the best of her ability, any form of sexual release.
    f) Be affectionate and loving to HUSBAND such that HUSBAND is kept in a state
    of sexual arousal a large percentage of the time.
    g) Direct HUSBAND to satisfy all sexual desires except in the case where
    HUSBAND is physically unavailable. This includes desires that would have
    been satisfied by masterbation prior to this agreement.

    4. Jurisdiction.
    This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the
    State of _________, except its rules as to choice of laws. The parties agree that any
    claims or other actions arising out of this Agreement shall be litigated in the Federal or
    State courts in ____________ County, ________ and each party consents to the
    jurisdiction of such courts.

    5. Termination.
    WIFE may terminate this agreement in writing at any time. HUSBAND has no right of
    termination. This agreement will be terminated immediately upon any legal action of
    either party to terminate the marriage between HUSBAND and WIFE.

    6. Modifications.
    No modifications of this Agreement or waiver of any of its terms will be effective
    unless set forth in a writing signed by the parties. Failure by any party to require the
    other to perform any of the terms of this Agreement, or waiver by any party of any
    breach of this Agreement by the other shall not prevent subsequent enforcement of
    such term or be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach thereof.

    7. Miscellaneous.
    This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and
    not to their respective successors and assigns. Neither party may transfer or assign its
    interests in this Agreement, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the

    Each provision of this Agreement shall be valid and enforced to the fullest extent
    permitted by law. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement
    shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.

    This Agreement constitutes the complete understanding between the parties of each
    party's obligations to the other relating chastity. All prior negotiations, representations,
    discussions, contracts or agreements concerning chastity by the parties hereto are
    cancelled and merged herein.

    The headings are for reference purposes only and shall not affect the interpretation of
    any provision of this Agreement

    Copies or faxcimiles of this document shall not be valid or binding unless the copy
    contains the original signatures of both parties.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties understand this Agreement and execute this Agreement as
    of the date first set forth above.

    __________________________ ____________________________
    Name: __________________________ Name: ____________________________
    Date: __________________________ Date: ____________________________
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