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Chastity Contracts

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Mistress Watchful, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. My Wife/Mistress(KH) has agreed to use my college classes to be the basis of our new contract. My classes run 10 weeks each and I take two classes at a time. The contract is very simple. Each week if all my work is done for that week I get some play time,which can be either T&D or whatever Mistress desires but I am not allowed to have an orgasm. If my work is not done then nothing happens. After the 10 weeks actually 11 weeks by the time grades are posted will determine if I am allowed to have an orgasm. If I get A's in both classes I can do whatever I want and cum however I want. Anything less than two A's but better than two D's I am still allowed to have an orgasm but it is up to Mistress how that happens. Anything less than two C's and I am not allowed any relief.
  2. [deleted -- revision posted below]
  3. Sexual Protocols: Chastity Device


    Device:A locking piece of equipment which completely prevents any masturbation by [sub],cannot be removed without the key, and can be worn over a duration of at least24 hours without undue physical distress.

    StopCondition: Stop conditions are situations in which significant adverseconsequences -- physical or social -- could result from [sub]’s wearing of thedevice. Stop conditions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    ○ [visitswith child]

    ○ Medicalvisits

    ○ Situationsinvolving metal detectors such as air travel, government buildings, etc.

    ○ Physicaldistress (beyond discomfort) caused by the device


    ● Iwill hold one of the two existing keys to the device’s lock. You will retainthe other and keep it with you at all times, secured in a safe as described in Key Management. I may choose to share thecombination with any other play and/or sexual partners you may be with.

    ● Whenwe are together and privacy permits, application and removal of the device isat my sole discretion.

    ● Whenwe are not together, I may direct you to or you may request permission to applythe device yourself.

    ● Ifa stop condition is met while you are locked in the device, you must make asubstantial effort to contact me for access to the key. If and only if thisfails, you will obtain access via the third party, and must inform me of thisat the first possible opportunity.

    ● Youwill always make every reasonable effort to ensure that I am aware of when thedevice is in use.

    ● AsI see fit, the device will be removed for thorough cleaning both of it and ofyour gentials. Unless I specify otherwise, if I have provided you the means todo this, you will also masturbate once at this point and then, regardless ofwhether ejaculation results, re-apply the device.

    ● Inthe absence of other instructions, you will masturbate once during eachcontinuous 48-hour period in which the device is not in use. Time, place,frequency, the use of erotic materials, etc., are at your discretion.

    ● UsingGoogle docs, you will submit a weekly sexuality journal. It is to includedetails of the timing in which you are locked in the device and thecircumstances under which you are locked and/or freed. It will also includesome basic details from each time you masturbate or, if the device is locked,believe you would have masturbated if it were possible. In the former case,thejournal will include when, whether it was to ejaculation, what thoughts ormaterials you used, and any other details that you think that I might want orneed to know. In the latter case, you will record times when you wish you couldhave masturbated and your emotional response to the inability to do so. Whileit is not necessary for it to read like erotica, nor for it to take a greatdeal of time to write, it is to have sufficient detail so as to provide me withan accurate picture of your practices, needs and wants regarding masturbationand chastity.

    ● Thisjournal is to be completed and submitted to me by 8 am each Sunday. If there isa delay in submitting it (except for technical reasons beyond your control),all sexual activity is strictly off-limits until it has been submitted. This isto include masturbation, sexual activity with a partner, either application orremoval of the device (whichever applies), and the logging into and use offetlife or any other adult Internet resource.

    ● Within24 hours of receiving the report from the past week, I will provide you withfeedback, as well as make you aware of any specific instructions that altereither your masturbation rules or the rules of using the device. Until you hearfrom me, or if I am unable to respond within the 24 hours, you shall assumethat no changes are to be made. I will notify you of any adjustments requiredfor the weekly journaling.

    ● Ifyou invoke safeword terms to be released from the device when none of the stopconditions applies, you will be released but you will not be permitted tofurther use the device (or equivalent alternative) for any reason. I may opt tolift this restriction after discussion and significant renegotiation.

    As noted, I may provide key access to other sexual or playpartners of yours. Other expectations affecting activity with sexual or playpartners are governed by a separate protocol.

    This arrangement can be revisited and modified to suit bothof our needs as I decide to be appropriate.
  4. The contract I have with my lady is very simple.

    I ___________,
    lovingly hand over my 'accessibility' to my loving lady, _________________.

    The conditions of remaining in her control are:
    1) Communicate all of my feelings.
    2) Learn skills to better myself and to make her happy.
    3) Serve to the best of my ability in action and word.

    We will each set 8 goals (on a separate piece of paper) and strive to achieve them through love and discipline.
    4 goals for me, from myself. 4 goals for her, from myself.
    4 goals for me, from her. 4 goals for her, for herself.

    As a goal is achieved (if it is possible to complete), a new one must be written in its place.

    Together, we will endure. Together we will struggle. Together we will progress.

  5. Interesting....

    Before we start the following is accepted
    WEARER will be shaved from the neck down.. Chest, Ass, Crotch, Arms, Legs, and Armpits will be completely smooth. WEARER will shave self and present WEARER for KEYHOLDERS inspection.
    (Understanding that any body hair will add two months to the initial time in chastity) • KEYHOLDER will have One Manual Hand sex, one time with KEYHOLDER before WEARER is locked in the device. (Enjoy this sexual release, because it’s the last one for a while). • To ensure that this is a consensual agreement WEARER (while being video taped) will beg and plead with KEYHOLDER to lock up WEARER cock as WEARER IS approaching orgasm. WEARER will beg KEYHOLDER to take complete control of WEARERS cock and orgasms. WEARER will beg KEYHOLDER to make WEARER my Chastity Toy. KEYHOLDER will immediately, upon achieving orgasm, the DEVICE will be locked on WEARER cock. It will be Locked on while the last of WEARER cum is dribbling out of WEARER dick and before WEARER can even clean up. • The instant the lock snaps shut, WEARER give up all control of WEARER penis and orgasms to KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) who will decide the next time WEARER has an orgasm. IF ever ……… (video will be shown to all whom keyholder choses, video will be maintained on handheld device, and posted to any and all web sites as keyholder wishes)

    KEYHOLDER demands the following as owner of WEARER penis:
    • WEARER will learn the benefits of chastity, the enjoyment of orgasm control and the pleasure of handing over all rights to WEARERS penis. •
    WEARER will learn how to gain sexual fulfillment though bringing KEYHOLDER to orgasm and learn how WEARERs ass, mouth and other areas of WEARER body can provide enjoy KEYHOLDER enjoyment, despite not being able to cum. •
    WEARER will not speak of WEARERS penis or WEARERS orgasms.
    The penis belongs to KEYHOLDER, (or her Designee) and WEARER simply will not have orgasms until KEYHOLDR chooses otherwise. If ever allowed, When asked, WEARER will respond with how MY penis is doing while locked in the cage. • WEARER will learn to embrace KEYHOLDERS interest in chastity without complaint. WEARER will not ask for release, or ask when WEARER will be released. WEARER will not like what happens if WEARER complain or begs.

    KEYHOLDER will have total 24/7 control of the WEARER, in every aspect and as follows The WEARER submits ownership of his genitals to KEYHOLDER as her property. KEYHOLDER takes complete control of the WEARER’s genitals.
    1. The WEARER is not allowed to touch or fondle KEYHOLDER's property without her consent, however, KEYHOLDER has free reign to do whatever she desires with her property.
    B. KEYHOLDER will ultimately decide if permission to orgasm will be granted based on variables such as infractions, the convenience of the orgasm to be granted, or KEYHOLDER’s general overall mood to grant permission. It should be noted that the intent is to forever keep WEARER in chastity 24/7 forever, without release or orgasm.

    C. The WEARER submits to the use and wearing of a locking chastity device to ensure that KEYHOLDER’s newly acquired property is kept secure and denies access to the WEARER’s ability to break the terms of this chastity. KEYHOLDER will keep all keys. The WEARER is not authorized to touch any of the KEYHOLDER’s keys. In case of the cancellation of this contract, keys will remain in possession of KEYHOLDER and chastity device will remain installed on WEARER. Removal will be the responsibility of the WEARER. (KEYHOLDER will supply keys to WEARER, and a punishment penalty will be assessed per rules listed below, for having keys in WEARERS possession)

    D. When KEYHOLDER decides when and if the chastity device may be taken off for hygiene and maintenance purposes. KEYHOLDER will decide if she will be the one who performs the cleaning of her property (or her Designee), or if she will trust the WEARER with the task.
    E. The chastity device may be taken off, at any time KEYHOLDER wishes, and for any reason KEYHOLDER wishes.
    F. The WEARER does not have authority to remove the chastity device from KEYHOLDER’s property for any reason. The WEARER may however, submit in writing a request for removal of the chastity device explaining the reason or reasons for removal, but ultimately KEYHOLDER will decide on the approval of the request. Normally not approved.
    G. The WEARER will take responsibility for the performance of all household chores. This includes, but is not limited to, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the floors, trash removal, ironing, and general cleanup of all rooms within the house. KEYHOLDER may request that these chores be done at any time

    KEYHOLDER she sees fit. KEYHOLDER may and will loan out WEARERs services out to anyone at any time KEYHOLDER without cause or reason. This may or will consist of any service to male or female, sexual or domestic.
    H. KEYHOLDER may also add any task as she wishes. KEYHOLDER may ask for any additional personal assistance from the WEARER such as helping her get dressed, shaving her legs, helping with hair, etc., at any time she sees fit (or her Designee). The WEARER has no right to deny or show disapproval of any task or service KEYHOLDER of any personal assistance.
    I. The WEARER must request permission from KEYHOLDER to engage in any kind of hobby or personal activity not mentioned above. KEYHOLDER has the right to deny these request’s at any time. Showing disapproval of answer will be treated as the same as doing the hobby or personal activity without permission. (It should be noted that thinking disapproval is the same as showing disapproval, and WEARERS thought will be reported to KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for punishments as listed below)
    J. KEYHOLDER has the right to ask or demand any favor from the WEARER without any form of defiance. The WEARER has no right to any disagreement of the favor, showing disapproval of the request will be treated the same as not doing the favor, (It should be noted that thinking disapproval is the same as showing disapproval, and WEARERS thought will be reported to KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for punishments as listed below)

    K. KEYHOLDER can do anything sexual or not as she thinks fit, this to include any anal play on the WEARER, (i.e. Dildo’s, enema’s, beatings, or homosexual activities or anything else that KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) wishes that is not covered by this agreement. Female underwear will be worn at all times. Other apparel may be directed to complete any task assigned by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee), female or male attire.
    L. WEARER will display to anyone KEYHOLDER desires the Chastity Device and tell how many days since release and expected next release, with 1 month added for each person told. Lifestyle parties will be attended and Keyholder will decide dress code
    M. Public Display may be done at the pleasure of the KEYHOLDER (or her Designee)
    N. KEYHOLDER has the authority to amend any of the terms listed above, at any time, and without the WEARER’s agreement.
    KEYHOLDER can administer punishment whenever or wherever, at any time without any reason what so ever.
    A. If the WEARERs touches or fondles his KEYHOLDER’s property without her permission, an additional two months will be added to the chastity period, further this will get WEARER a punishment of KEYHOLDERs Choice
    B. If the WEARER has an unauthorized orgasm any time during the chastity period:
    1. He must lick up his mess.
    2. He must submit to a punishment of whatever KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) decides.
    3. In addition, the chastity period will increase by six months from release point at that time.
    C. If the WEARER has any uncontrollable form of orgasm during the chastity period (i.e., wet dreams, etc.); the WEARER will report the incident to KEYHOLDER, (or her Designee) who will apply the original punishment for unauthorized orgasm..
    D. Any unauthorized removal of the chastity device from the KEYHOLDER’s property, tampering with the chastity device, stealing or touching the KEYHOLDER’s keys, without the KEYHOLDER’s approval of the incident will be met with the following punishment:
    1. Automatic forfeiture of orgasm for 6 months from the time that the infraction occurred.
    2. Punishment from KEYHOLDER with the use of impact implement in addition to a minimum of 12 hard smacks to the testicles, KEYHOLDER to decide how many or flogging while restrained.
    3. The chastity period will be increased by twelve months, with no removal till next release date.
    E. If the WEARER fails to do any of the household duties, he will receive:
    1. one month added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    2. Punishment from a paddle or flogging, by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for each infraction.
    F. If the WEARER fails to do any of the personal assistance duties, including, any additional personal assistance, he will receive:
    1. one month added on to the current chastity period for each infraction.
    2. Punishment from a paddle, by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for each infraction.
    G. If the WEARER defies the KEYHOLDER when denied a hobby or personal activity, the WEARER:
    1. Will be grounded from the activity for 7 days (one week) for each infraction,
    2. Punishment from a paddle, by KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) for each infraction.
    KEYHOLDER (or her Designee) has the authority to amend any of the punishments and consequences listed above.
    H. KEYHOLDER shall not be discreet, disclosing the fact that she controls WEARERS sex in any manner that she deems necessary to whomever she decides.
    I. KEYHOLDER shall not remove chastity device for medical appointments,
    J. KEYHOLDER may and will have sexual relations with anyone of her choosing at any time and place of her choosing. KEYHOLDER may demand WEARER find sexual partner for her.
    b. KEYHOLDER may require WEARER to observe or participate in any sexual activities she desires, including with other participants.
    c. KEYHOLDER may privately or publicly humiliate User in any manner she desires regarding his condition and inadequacies. Others may be involved.
    e. KEYHOLDER. Will choose to take photographs or videos, publishing/posting as desired or require WEARER to post them as directed.
    f. KEYHOLDER. will require WEARER to wear feminine panties and other items without regard to visual display in public.
    g. KEYHOLDER may choose to have WEARER purchase other extreme chastity or similar devices.
    h. The WEARER agrees to use prosthetic devices, in lieu of his penis, to satisfy KEYHOLDER.
    i. The WEARER agrees to allow others to use prosthetic devices on him for their own pleasure. (Any Size)
    j. The WEARER agrees to whatever use the KEYHOLDER. requires, including servicing others, female and males.
    k. WEARER will maintain a record of release day with extensions for infractions, any error will add twelve months to the corrected date, with no removal till next release date. This will be posted on web site in the form of a countdown ticker with infractions listed and extension times.
    l. The WEARER shall keep his body available for the use of his KEYHOLDER at all times. In addition, the slave agrees that his KEYHOLDER possesses the right to determine whether others can use his body and what use they may put it to. The WEARER shall demonstrate his acceptance of her role of service and availability at all times while at home and at other times and places. The WEARER acknowledges that his KEYHOLDER may use his body or mind in any manner She may hurt him without reason to please Herself. The slave enjoys the right to cry, scream or beg, but accepts the fact that these heartfelt expressions will not affect his treatment. Further, he accepts that if his KEYHOLDER tires of his noise, she may gag him or take other actions to silence him.
    The WEARER will answer any questions put to him honestly and directly, and will volunteer any information his KEYHOLDER should know about his physical or emotional condition. While his Mistress expects the WEARER to speak honestly and forth rightly about anything that bothers him, he is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. he will phrase his concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept his Mistress's judgment in these matters without further complaint.
    I agree to the terms and conditions listed above. I authorize this agree KEYHOLDER to take effect on the day of signing; further this agreement is binding on KEYHOLDER and KEYHOLDER alone for the rest of my life.

    Signature of WEARER
    Date 3-12-2011
    Driver’s License

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  7. Wow these are all wonderful I will have to pick one out when the time comes
  8. Personally I really can't see why people would enter such a long and complicated contract. Sure it is fun to read all the rules and penalties, but it is just fantasy. In real life there is no way people would enforce all these rules, it would just take you all day acting like a policeman/woman.
    My wife keeps me in a Lori #2D device 24/7 - with only a release once every 4-8 weeks. Only when she feels like it, the way it is intended to be. Give the Lady the keys and the control in order to live a healthy and loving relationship that is not harmed by excessive masturbating by the man. My Lady certainly doesn't need a contract for enforcing her rules.
  9. Wow, what a difference a year makes!
    i just read my post from last year where i said we don't livie this 24/7.
    Well, we do now!
    kids and all, we just keep things on the DL around the kids (all young adults now) and when the doors are closed or the house is empty.it all comes out and She enjoys a full power situation. 24/7 policing would actually defeat the purpose.
    We have several contracts in place and it is exactly because it is fun to do and spells out what we want in a Femme Dom or Female led marriage, and it takes nothing away from reality.

    Wow, have things changed...
  10. This is my proposal I am going to submit soon, called A.M.O.R :


    Accepted Male Orgasm Rule

    All obligations to family and job or employment come first. The Woman and the male unconditionally agree to accommodate any such activity or requirement. This agreement is based on LOVE!

    The male's masturbation habit ruins the intimacy of the Relationship. It ruins the mutual couple commitment, togetherness, trust and quality of life. It ruins the the couples sex life. Because of this the male agrees to having his penis pierced and permanently locked in a chastity device.

    The Woman will remove the chastity device temporarily if the male would be impaired or for hygienic reasons. The final decision is with her.

    The chastity device will prevent the male from any kind of masturbation or other selfish sexual pleasure. It is not a punishment to keep the male permanently chaste; it is an improvement and a positive and logical consequence of his selfish and destructive masturbation habits.

    The chastity device will enable the male to focus his sex drive on the Woman.

    The Woman alone has the power to grant the male any orgasm and may decide never to allow him to have another one.

    The male will perform all sexual services the Woman requests.

    The Woman will not confuse her total sexual control with being bossy. Her role is sexual, not in general domestic or informal.

    The male will keep an open and anonymous on-line journal of his service, thoughts, fantasies and training progress. There he will also post videos and photos of his status and experiences or links.

    The male is never allowed to discuss any sexual desperation with the Woman.

    The Woman does not need to acknowledge any sexual desperation of the male.

    The male known as .................... hereby consents to

    full and unconditional permanent chastity

    to his Woman .............................

    The male agrees to his change of status of its own free will. He is fully aware of the conditions implied in that change. The male understands that this change of its status is irrevocable.

    The male agrees and knows that if he ever changes his mind about this contract henceforth, then all evidence will be made public by posting a profile of the male with full details of his name, age, location, photos, his ex-anonymous on line blog etc. on a gay male BDSM site.

    This contract may be terminated at any time by the Woman, but never by the male. This contract may be replaced by another if agreed by both the Woman and the male.

    ..............................male ..............................Woman Date.......................
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  11. I really liked Badbob's format, as well as a great deal of the wording, so I borrowed his and made modifications:

    This Contract of Service (Contract or Agreement) is entered into voluntarily by both parties without duress of any kind. This Agreement is by and between (Mistress) and (Slave).

    Article I Recitals

    1.1 Whereas, Slave acknowledges his deep need for loving female domination.

    1.2 Whereas, it is in the interest of both parties to have a strong and loving marriage.

    1.3 Therefor, Slave, desiring to improve himself and the marital relationship, has wisely concluded that he should agree to a Contract of Service for the benefit of Mistress, in which Slave forfeits all control of Slave's orgasm to Mistress. Mistress, in exchange, offers to fulfill Slave's need for loving female domination under this Agreement.

    Article II Definitions

    2.01 Void the Contract: The rejection by the Slave of the Contract, rendering the agreement null and void. Permitted only if due to emergency.

    2.02 Chastity Device: A locking device for preventing both erection and Orgasm, but allowing for urination and reasonable hygiene. Currently the Mature Metal Queen's Keep.

    2.03 Orgasm (male): An ejaculatory release of semen.

    2.04 Duration of Contract: 30 days from start date, includes any and all Time Extensions as detailed In Article V: Punishments.

    2.05 Point: Points to be earned during the Duration of Contract.

    2.06 Tease Session: Teases earned after the accumulation of seven (7) points.

    2.07 Primary Objectives: A list of chores, duties and responsibilities and their frequency of performance. Worth one (1) Point per day.

    2.08 Secondary Objectives: A list, though it may not be in writing, of tasks, chores, duties, actions and responsibilities to be performed, typically of a limited or non-recurring nature. Can only be completed after Primary Objectives are complete, unless instructed otherwise by Mistress. Worth an additional Point (1) per day.

    2.09 Review: A regular meeting in which performance under this Agreement is evaluated. This is also the time when Slave should make any confessions of infractions of the Rules. Slave will be offered an opportunity to express comments, concerns and thoughts for the Mistress's consideration.

    2.10 Rules: In general, this Agreement in its entirety, as well as any Secondary Objectives, Programs, Rules or requirements Mistress may impose at any time.

    2.11 Unauthorized Orgasm: Any Orgasm Slave has by any means that occurs without Mistress's specific permission.

    2.12 Unauthorized Sexual Contact: Any contact with Slave's genitals, by anyone without Mistress's specific permission, regardless of whether an Orgasm occurs or not.

    Article III General Terms

    3.01 Slave will always treat Mistress with the utmost respect and affection in and outside the home.

    3.02 Slave agrees to cheerfully and without complaint immediately comply with all of Mistress's requests.

    3.03 Slave agrees, if after full discussion no consensus is reached, to defer to her decisions in all matters of the Contract of Service.

    3.04 Slave agrees to accept without complaint or argument her evaluation of his performance under this Contract.

    3.05 Slave agrees to accept any punishments Mistress may decide to impose for breaches of the Rules or this Contract.

    3.06 Slave agrees to complete Primary Objectives to the best of his abilities.

    3.07 Any form of affection or teasing by Mistress towards Slave will be considered a privilege and gift. Slave will in no way seek to prevent, cease, or avoid said attentions. The nature and rate of occurrence of said affection is up to the sole discretion of Mistress.

    3.08 Slave agrees to confess all infractions of the Rules or terms of this Contract without hesitation.

    3.09 Slave agrees to accept without complain or hesitation any method Mistress utilizes to establish the truthfulness of responses.

    3.10 Slave agrees to provide sexual services to Mistress at any time, in any manner and under any conditions she desires.

    3.11 Slave agrees to accept without complaint Mistress's decisions regarding any sexual contact he may have with her.

    3.12 Mistress agrees that any and all methods or tools will be used in a manner that does not result in injury or permanent damage to any part of the Slave's anatomy.

    3.13 Slave surrenders to Mistress the complete authority to determine the manner, form, rate of occurrence, and severity of punishments.

    3.14 Mistress may levy punishments for any and all infractions of the Rules, perceived or otherwise.

    3.15 Enforcement of the Rules will only apply to the roles and behaviors set in this Contract of Service, and is not to extend beyond the confines of this Contract.

    3.16 The default clothing permitted to Slave by Mistress while at the place of residence will be: thong, shirt, and leather collar. Mistress may alter or change the permitted clothing at will. If non participants are present or will be present in the place of residence, then Slave is permitted to dress normally.

    Article IV Chastity

    4.01 Slave surrenders complete control of his Orgasm to Mistress for the duration of the Contract. Mistress possesses sole authority to permit him an Orgasm for the duration of the Contract.

    4.02 Slave shall not seek, nor permit, any unauthorized sexual contact without prior approval, as defined in 2.12.

    4.03 Upon reaching the conclusion of the contract, including any and all Time Extensions, Slave will be permitted an Orgasm at Mistress' discretion, as well as release from the Chastity Device for an indeterminate amount of time.

    4.04 Unauthorized Orgasms are punishable by a Severe Time Extension, as detailed in article 5.03.

    4.05 Unauthorized removal of the Chastity Device is a punishable offense. Any escape of the genitalia outside of the Chastity Device constitutes a breach. In addition, there will be an immediate presumption that an Unauthorized Orgasm occurred.

    4.06 Mistress may decide to levy additional punishments, as detailed in Article V, for Unauthorized Orgasms, in addition to a Severe Time Extension, at her discretion.

    4.07 Upon earning seven points (7), Slave will be permitted a Tease Session, the time, duration, and method of which will be determined by Mistress. The total points will be reverted to zero (0) upon completion of the tease.

    4.08 Failure to complete Primary Objectives carries the mandatory punishment of a Time Extension, as detailed in 5.02, with additional punishments to be determined at Mistress' discretion.

    4.09 During periods of enforced chastity, Slave will be allowed out of the Chastity Device for routine cleanings, at times and under conditions to be determined by Mistress.

    4.10 While confined in a Chastity Device, Slave will always have access to an emergency key, which will be in tamper evident packaging. The unopened package must be shown to Mistress upon her request, and returned following the end of the Duration of Contract.

    Article V Punishments

    5.01 Punishments listed in Article V do not represent the sum total of potential punishments; sole authority to create, implement, and enforce any form of punishment resides with Mistress.

    5.02 Punishments cannot exceed an amount of time that would impede, prevent, or otherwise disrupt the completion of Primary Objectives.

    5.03 Time Extension: An additional day (24 hours) in which Slave is denied an Orgasm in addition to the Duration of Contract.

    5.04 Severe Time Extension: An additional seven (7) days in addition to the Duration of Contract.

    5.05 Punishments may include but are not limited to: extra duties or chores, denial of other forms of affection for a specified or unspecified period of time, a Time Extension, spankings, flogging, cropping, and the application of electric stimulation to the Slave's anatomy.

    Article VI Privileges

    The following privileges are granted to Slave by Mistress:

    6.01 Slave may view, listen to, or read erotic or pornographic media insofar as it does not disrupt the completion of Primary or Secondary Objectives, or interfere with any additional responsibilities assigned by Mistress.

    6.02 Slave may initiate a request for sex with Mistress at any time. Mistress has sole authority over sexual contact, as detailed in 3.11.

    6.03 Slave will not be required to disclose the contents of this Agreement to anyone.

    6.04 Slave will not be required to wear the Chastity Device for medical checkups or procedures, or in other circumstances where exposure is unavoidable.

    6.05 Slave may offer ideas and suggestions, especially in anticipation of her needs, on any matter that may arise between them.

    6.06 Every Sunday at a time of Mistress's convenience, a Review will be held. This will cover the following items:
    Slave's performance for the week, Slave's confessions of infractions of the Rules, and Slave's comments. Slave's comments, concerns and thoughts are offered for her consideration. Slave must not state these as requests, merely express his desires and feelings. Mistress will take these under consideration. Her decisions about his comments will be final. Inasmuch as these are not requests, she is under no obligation to respond to them at the time of the Review.

    Article VII Amendment and Renewal

    7.01 The term of this Agreement is thirty (30) days, starting on March 15[sup]th[/sup], 2012 (3.15.2012). The Agreement may be extended and renewed indefinitely at Mistress' discretion.

    7.02 Mistress has the full authority to amend this Agreement at any time, not only in the addition to Primary and Secondary Objectives, but also in any other aspect.

    7.03 Slave will be permitted to propose changes to this Contract and his reasons during Sunday review. Mistress has final authority to accept all, some, or none of the changes proposed by Slave.

    7.04 Slave must be made aware of any amendments or changes made by Mistress to this Contract before enforcement.
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  12. My wife and I have discussed chastity for me, and as of 29 April 2012, I am now Chaste, allowed out only for her pleasure and required cleaning and maintenance. I have you fine people here to thank for this step in my new life, as it was a contract posted here that made the basis for our contract, which I will post here for others to see (hopefully when I get online tonight, if I'm allowed). Our contract was based off of Scovic's contract, and has already been amended to clarify things further.

    I have already seen changes in myself (stopping to think if an action I'm about to take will be "out of bounds"), and have seen subtle changes in my wife and keyholder. She has already begun to treat me differently, telling instead of asking, and has even been directive in bed (I really liked that!).

    Thanks all who posted! It made it easy to see what we liked and didn't like, and gave us some things we hadn't even considered.

    Caged Wolf
  13. As promised, here is the contract I'm now subject to, let me know what you think, please:

    Contract for Implementation and Maintenance of Chastity

    Purpose of Contract:
    This Contract is between G & A, Husband and Wife.The primary objective of this contract is to enable G to release any negative attitudes and behaviours, to nuture positive and healthy attitudes and behaviors, and to reaffirm the love and commitment made under marriage to A, by means of Chastity and a Chastity device.
    It is further understood between the parties that G, as Chaste, by entering said contract, forfeits all rights and privileges to his manhood, as well as his sexual freedom, and that he will only be able to utilize said appendage following specific approval from A, as Keyholder.
    It is further agreed that April, as Keyholder, has the absolute power and authority to make any and all rules regarding the usage and confinement of G’s appendage, and can change, modify, or alter those rules for any reason, at any time.

    I) The Keyholder in this contract will be A.
    II) The Chaste in this contract will be G.
    III) The Chastity Device is the instrument that confines by locking mechanism the male genitalia and prevents erections, masturbation, and orgasm. Current acceptable chastity devices are: Birdlocked Neo (for daily use), and Birdlocked Maxi (for Keyholder deemed special occasions). Other Chastity Devices may be approved by A, as Keyholder, at a future date.
    IV) Confinement is the period in which G, as Chaste, is secured into the chastity device.
    V) Schedule is the period of time determined by A, as Keyholder, between releases.

    Terms & conditions:
    I) A, as Keyholder, has absolute right and privelege to modify or amend this contract at anytime; may enforce further control, authority, or dominance; may or may not determine a schedule for release; and may change said contract or schedule based on performance and attitude at any time she so desires.
    II) A, as Keyholder, may withhold the privilege of release for ANY reason, justified or not.
    III) A, as Keyholder, may direct the performance of pleasurable acts, etc., as she desires, to include sharing of said acts with others. Additonally, A may enter sexual encounters outside the Keyholder/Chaste relationship at her own desire and discression.
    IV) G, as Chaste, will show complete commitment & devotion to A throughout the duration of this contract.
    V) G, as Chaste, is to administer any pleasurable acts on or with A that are desired by her for her satisfaction or the satisfaction of others.
    VI) G, as Chaste, will be confined in a male chastity device at all times, for any length of time, as dictated by A, as Key holder. G may self-release ONLY in cases of true emergency (ie. medical treatment, prevention of injury or damage, etc), prior to being actively involved in swimming or boating activities, and for required maintenance and cleaning when geographically separated from A.
    VII) G, as Chaste, will not touch, fondle, or masturbate said appendage at any time unless permission is specifically granted by A (adjustments required for comfort and cleaning are permissible). Additionally, any sexual encounters outside of the Keyholder/Chaste relationship must be properly requested by G, and/or explicitly approved by A, prior to G’s engagement in said encounter.
    VIII) Submission to these terms and conditions, and performance of acts stated in III, IV, and V does NOT guarantee release from chastity. The decision for release remains solely with A.

    A, as Keyholder, may at anytime desired request Proof of compliance with above Terms and Conditions applicable to the wear of approved Chastity devices. Request for proof may be as simple as A, as Keyholder, speaking or texting the word “proof” to G, as Chaste. Acceptable proof must then be provided in one of the following methods:
    1. In-Person Visual verification: G, as Chaste, must visually demonstrate compliance by exposing his properly worn and secured chastity device in clear view of A, as soon as socially appropriate, prior to leaving her sight after “Proof” is called.
    2. In-Person Physicial verification: In the event of lack of privacy for an In-Person Visual verifacation, G, as Chaste, must present himself in such a way that A, as Keyholder, may perform a physical contact verification to ensure an approved chastiy device is in place and secured, prior to leaving her sight after “Proof” is called.
    3. Picture/Text verification: When geographically separated, G, as Chaste, must send a picture text to A, as Keyholder, within a reasonable time limit. Said Picture must show evident “Proof” that an approved Chastity device is in place and secure, and must display physical evidence in the background to provide verifiable information as to place and time picture is taken (IE: bathroom at work, interior of vehicle, or other visible location identifiers). If unable to return picture text within 3 minutes, text must also give a justifiable reason for the delay in returning said picture text.

    In the event of a situation requiring removal of an approved Chastiy device, pursuant to Terms & Conditions, item VI, G, as Chaste, must provide picture/text verification to A, as Keyholder, that an approved Chastity device has been properly installed and secured as soon as is physically possible following the authorized removal situation.

    Breach of contract:
    G, as Chaste, will be considered in breach of contract if:
    I) He harasses or badgers A for early release at any time, not to include properly/respectfully submitted requests per item VII, Terms & Conditions..
    II) Upsets or causes distress to A in ANY WAY.
    III) Failure to adhere to any and all terms and conditions, to include amended changes to which verbal notification has been given.

    Consequences of Breach:
    Any violation of above is deemed a serious breach and therefore A, without limitation, may or may not take any or all or the following actions:
    1) Alter current schedule or Extended period of confinement without release.
    2) Complete or PERMANENT denial of release.
    3) Employ disciplinary measures (to be determined at the time of punishment)
    4) Implement modifications or amendments designed to address and/or correct the Breach
    5) Temporarily transfer Keyholder authority to another person of her chosing for an indefinate or specific period of time
    6) Cease to be the key holder.

    Length of Contract:
    Length of said contract is open ended, and expiration is to be solely determined by A, as Keyholder, without reservation or input by G, as Chaste.

    Both parties confirm they have entered into this contract voluntarily, consensually, and of their own free will, and agree to all terms and conditions without reservation.
    Therefore, let it be known by this agreement that G, as Chaste, now and until this contract is terminated, forfeits all rights to his manhood and sexual freedom, as well as use of his appendage, to the control of A, as Keyholder.

    This contract when signed is binding on both parties, until properly terminated by the Keyholder.

    Sign______________________Print______________________ Date: ______ ______

    Sign______________________Print______________________ Date: ______ ______
  14. About a month ago, I suggested to Mistress about possibly entering into a contract, and I showed her a sample of a Chastity contract I found on here that I really liked. Well, I got an e-mail from her last night. She saw my play and raised me... She didn't send me back the same contract or even a Chastity contract, but rather THIS contract instead:Yikes!

    sissy deena


    1.1 Binding Agreement

    This document, dated May 28th, 2012 (herein known as the "start date"), is a five year contract of voluntary slavery between L***** herein referred to as "Master" or "mistress" or the related forms of "Master's" and deena herein referred to as slave, sissy.

    slave, through signing this contract, is binding itself totally and completely, without limit (except as explicitly defined below), irrevocably to servitude to Master. slave relinquishes all legal and cultural (and both explicit and presumed) rights, privileges, prerogatives and status to Master to become Her property as a slave for Her to own and use as She sees fit.

    1.2 Term

    This contract is binding for five calendar years from the start date until 23:59 (GMT) on May 28th 2017.


    2.1 slave's Affirmation

    slave affirms that it is signing this contract of its own free will without pressure or coercion of any kind, that it is of sound mind and body and is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. slave further affirms that it fully understands the meaning and implications of this contract and explicitly requests it be enforced in full, and at all times, as defined below for the five year duration of the contract.

    slave understands that it will be used for sex as a sex slave, a women that I do what I please with, and as a pain slave for bondage and punishment sessions that will be real, inescapable, unstoppable and also could be severely painful.
    2.2 Interference

    slave requests that no third party group, individual, organisation or body interfere in any way to prevent slave from fulfilling its obligations of servitude and obedience to Master as defined in this contract and for the full term of the contract.

    3.1 slave's Responsibilities

    3.1.1slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Master any way She requires.
    3.1.3slave will willingly accept any punishment from Master and for whatever reason, including purely for Master's pleasure as a pain slave, but within the limits defined in section 4 below. Punishment may take any form Master deems fit including, but not limited to, corporal punishment, bondage, chastity, removal of privileges including food or sleep, hard work or degrading, humiliating or pointless tasks.
    3.1.4slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability immediately obey any order, or perform any action, demanded by Master.
    3.1.5slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability obey all rules set out for it by Master and live by them whether or not it is in Master's presence. slave is responsible for listing all such rules in a "rules of slavery" document. Rules for slave can be changed at any time by Master and apply immediately Master issues them.
    3.1.6slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability submit to any training, and any training methods, Master wishes to use or apply to it to better serve Him to meet His needs.
    3.1.7slave will always be completely honest and truthful and never lie to Master or omit to mention all facts, actions or inactions, or any breaches of the rules and responsibilities inherent upon it through this contract and associated rules of slavery document.
    3.1.8slave will never make any excuses for any failures or any of its actions, inactions or any breaches of this contract or the associated rules of slavery document.
    3.1.9slave will show Master the utmost respect at all times and never cause Him any embarrassment. This includes in any discussions, actions or activities with third parties and applies whether Master is present or not.
    3.1.10slave will always endeavour to improve itself physically and mentally to better serve Master.
    3.1.11slave will always be available to serve Master when required except by prior agreement with Master or for work or family emergencies. Following any emergency that prevents slave from serving Master then slave will, at Master's convenience, present itself for any punishment deemed necessary.
    3.1.12Master has the right to define rules, for any period of time up to the term of the contract, that require slave to seek permission from Master while in His presence to perform any and all independent actions such as making sounds, moving, bodily functions like urinating and defecating, and eating, drinking and sleeping. Master may also chose to allow slave to perform any or all of these actions independently to avoid being bothered unnecessarily by slave's base functions.
    3.2 slave's Veto

    3.2.1slave has no veto over any actions Master wishes it to perform except within the limits defined in section 4 below or where such actions may result in prosecution under the law e.g. public nudity/indecency.
    3.2.2slave has no "safe word" to use to stop any action or punishment. (also we have enough trust we don't need one)
    3.2.3slave has the right to respectfully refuse to perform any action for, or accept any punishment from, Master when Master is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such circumstances slave must, when Master is no longer under the influence of alcohol or drugs, submit itself for any punishment Master sees fit.
    3.2.4slave has the right to refuse any drugs, tobacco or alcohol offered by Master
    3.2.5slave has NO right to veto publication of any information, stories or pictures about its slavery and service to Master.
    3.4 Master's Responsibilities

    3.4.1Master accepts that slave is a valuable possession and as such Master will keep slave safe at all times. I will also keep the slaves chasity key safe around my neck at all times.
    3.4.2Master will not instruct slave to perform any unsafe or illegal acts or anything that is listed in the limits defined in section 4.
    3.4.3Master accepts slave has a right of veto on any actions or punishment if Master is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and furthermore slave has the right to refuse any alcohol or drugs Master wishes it to use.
    3.4.4Master will, at His own discretion, allow slave limited but regular free periods where slave will be allowed to freely express its thoughts while still showing respect to Master.
    3.4.5Master will allow slave to freely express itself in its daily slave journal and other electronic communications with Master including email and SMS text messaging, while still showing respect to Master and obeying any communication rules defined by Master.
    3.5 Third Parties

    3.5.1slave may have no other Master, partner (sexual or otherwise) or submit to any other person without the express agreement of Master.
    3.5.2Master is free to have other slaves, partners or relationships of any kind.
    3.5.3Master may expect slave to serve in public or private, alone or in front of others.
    3.5.4Master may instruct slave to serve another man or men
    3.5.5Master may instruct slave to serve Him with other male slaves where slave may have to control other slaves as a dominant alpha-slave, or to submit itself to another alpha-slave.

    3.6 Disagreement

    3.6.1 If there is any disagreement between Master and slave on the term of the contract or any of the clauses or limits within the contract then in all circumstances Master's decision is final.
    3.6.2Alterations to the contract must be agreed with Master and slave and an amended contract with the agreed change must be signed. The term of the contract will not change as a result of any amendment unless agreed by Master and slave. Master, or slave, can veto changes.
    4 LIMITS

    4.1 Bodily Harm

    4.1.1Master will not submit slave to any actions that would result in permanent bodily harm. This includes permanent marks on the skin and burns.
    4.1.2Master will not submit slave to any tattoos, brands or piercings against its will.

    4.2 Unsafe or Illegal Acts

    4.2.1Master will not submit slave to any unsafe acts, sexual or otherwise, including no scat, blood, needles, knives or other weapons. This does not limit any oral use, anal use with a dildo of my choice or drinking Other men's cum.
    4.2.2Master will not submit slave to any illegal acts, sexual or otherwise, including public nudity/indecent exposure and no acts with children or animals.

    4.3 Work and Family

    4.3.1Master will not submit slave to any actions that may result in it losing its job or seriously impacting relationships with its family.

    5.1 Lapse

    5.1.1This contract will run for five calendar years from the start date (the term of the contract) after which time the contract will lapse and the slave is freed of its slavery to Master as defined in this contract. Master and slave are free to negotiate any new contract or to not continue the relationship.

    5.2 Termination

    5.2.1Master has the right to terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract.
    5.2.2slave has no right to terminate the contract until the term of the contract is complete.

    5.3 Breach

    5.3.1Master has the right to severely punish slave for any breach of contract.
    5.3.2If Master breaches any of His responsibilities or slave's limits as defined in this contract then this contract is automatically terminated and slave is released from its slavery to Master.

    5.4 Goods and Assets

    5.4.1Any goods slave will wear anything and everything the master buys for the slave


    I hereby agree to be bound by the clauses and limits of this contract of voluntary slavery for the agreed term of the contract (five calendar years from the agreed start date) between the two parties identified as Master and slave below.
    Furthermore I agree that this contract will be held by Master and in the event of conflict with any other versions held securely online or elsewhere then the version held by Master will be deemed to be the authoritative copy.

    Master: __(SIGNATURE)__________________________________

    slave: __(SIGNATURE)__________________________________
  15. These are great. Thanks! Loads of detail
  16. Joroincharge

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    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    All this is fine. But it should be obvious that no contract of this can ever be enforceable vanilla.At least in any jurisdiction I know. So don't try to make it a binding agreement.

    Nevertheless there are plenty of activities which, though not enforceable, are perfectly lawful between consenting adults. Sex for one, but plenty more besides.

    So what's to do? My way of thinking is to have a framework that makes this clear, but instead expresses his CONSENT & DESIRE to the envisaged scenario, whatever it is. So he won't be able to argue it was against his will. Then, all that's needed is 'handles' (which can be vanilla or backup material he won't want public) so she's got him where she wants him so he won't be inclined to wriggle out.

    Various ways of doing this of course, and may depend on the individual situation.

    Maybe not enforceable in theory, but it can be pretty close to it in practice <weg>.
  17. Right you are. I see people talking about contracts now and then, but let's face it. No contract for chastity is enforceable by any outside mechanism. Ask yourself just how enforcement could possibly work? Even in a vanilla situation it is not really possible to force someone to do something if they refuse to do so.
    The legal system generally provides only two courses of remedy for any situation, financial penaly or incarceration. (leaving aside capital punishment which rarely is invoked for contract situations :) )
    So if I contract with Joro to piant her house and I then refused to do so, no one could force me to actually paint the house. I could be fined or put in jail but not actually be physically compelled to do the painting.
    So if you refuse to comply with your chastity contract in some way, you could never be made to do so. Even if the contact became "legal" all that could be done is that you could pay a fine or go to jail.Maybe that would convince you to comply, but you couldn't actually be physically compelled to comply.
    Luckily in the kink world we do have a couple of other options to compel compliance... corporal punishment, withholding of sexual or other favours. You coudl probably think of a few more. I think these might actually be more effective than any exterior state supported enforcement.
  18. Joroincharge

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    Only partly: there are some situations in some jurisdictions where 'specific performance' of a vanilla obligation can be enforced. Not relevant here though.

    But so long as the KH has sufficient (vanilla) handle on him and can ensure 'consequences' for any attempted wriggling...there are ways and means <weg>.....
  19. I remember an interesting thread regarding this one time. The basic idea was that if you had information that was serious enough you could really and I mean really compel someone to do what you wanted. When we think of this type of threat, we usually think in terms of the threat of making a person's kinky interests public as a motivator. Might work,might not.

    A more serious level would be to gather (or more likely manufacture) evidence of some sort of wrongdoing that could send someone to prison and use that as a motivator. Some interesting examples were thrown around. All involved the sub signing a "confession" that could be kept safely locked away along with corroborating evidence.

    Fun to throw ideas like that around.

  20. As I implied in "Chastity Journey," I don't believe any sort of compulsion can work; it simply leads to the destruction of a relationship. Implied in the discussion is a Mistress / slave relationship. These are typically precarious due to the power dynamic.

    It's important to remember that when one dictates, necessarily the slave has MORE inofmration at hand: what the Mistress wants and all that he, the slaves knows--desires, likes dislikes, etc. By dictating, the Mistress foregoes access to her slave's trove--what he's thinking, feeling, imagining, etc. Thus what's important is closeness in the relationship, not the distance implied by conventionally conceived M/s.

    What will work is attention to the psychodynamics of the relationship that leads from tease and denial into chastity and service into longer-term chastity chastity and utter pre-occupation with the Mistress and service!

    I've written more about the process in the topic noted above.
  21. I'd just like to thank everyone who has contributed by submitting a contract. I am ready to start looking for a new submissive after the best part of a year away from the scene, and Im sure these contracts will come in handy. :) Mistress C xx
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  22. I wish i get yhis contract any day but for 10 years
  23. Here is a copy of my own contract.

    I will have everything my own way.
    I will change things whenever I want.
    If he has issues he can find another mistress.

    The handy thing about it is that it doesn't need signing, review or discussion.
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    So that's what they call a 3 line whip, I suppose ;)
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  25. i will be happy to have you contract