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September 26
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ECommerce Business Owner


Looking-4-FLR-DS-2-SERVE-U, Male, from Australia

Slave Looking for Genuine Serious Female Led D/S Relationship Mar 23, 2021

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    1. sensualslave28
      Slave Looking for Genuine Serious Female Led D/S Relationship
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    September 26
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    ECommerce Business Owner
    My key is held by:
    Still Unowned at present Hoping to change soon
    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Cuckold
    • Slave
    Chastity devices:
    Metal Cage plus Pink Plastic chastity-also have kali's teeth device
    Chastity resume:
    I have been into chastity submissively for 20 years now Submissive since I was 15 (now 46) My First DS femdom relationship at 19.
    WHO I AM-

    I'm a genuine submissive slave who is fun , playful, and confident of my sexuality that of a bi submissive intelligent male who is very passionate about Femdom BDSM and particularly the spiritual side of bdsm .

    I'm a very positive person and an eternal optimist. I love going out in the local bdsm scene and am actively involved in real time play and meeting with real lifestyle people who love also have a love of this lifestyle.

    I love travelling and am regularly setting off somewhere to satisfy my hunger to better appreciate and understand the world.

    I am extremely open minded and love to meet with likeminded people who share some of my passions.

    I'm always up for a play and always enjoy having fun yet I do still crave that intense mental stimulation and really love it if someone can truly get inside my head.

    I have a strong will and if you're looking for a brainless sub who does everything you say from the get go then i'm probably not the one for you.

    However if you like a challenge and don't want a walkover sub rather you want someone you can break slowly by getting to know them first then using all you learn of me - my needs, my wants, my desires, my weaknesses - taking them and then using them to enslave me in order to mould me how you'd like me to be to serve you best-then I would definitely like to speak to you.

    Im a male i am well trained but i will still need to be trained in order to now how to serve you best and realise that punishment is a good tool for you to be able to do that.

    I strongly love the spiritual side of bdsm and enjoy that intense exchange of power that a good scene provides- I love letting go with someone I can trust.I want to totally let go but i need to be able to trust you are of good character and are wanting to do this to make me a better person not just for your benefit but for everyone else's benefit as well.

    Trust is something I am looking for - if you have no integrity then Im happy for you to move on (Shallow FINDOMS especially ).

    I need trust in order to give you my all-my mind my body my soul ,
    Please take note that........ I will give it all for the right one if they come along......if not then I want to make sure I have a lot of fun along the way.

    I have a fair amount of experience in bdsm as i have been playing and involved in depth within the fetish and bdsm community and scene since I was 17 (now 45) and I am open to most things .

    Major Fetish interests and desires I have that can ultimately be used against me are.....

    femdom in all its forms
    NT (I'm a nipple pain slut)
    Anal toys
    Anal rape
    Clean up
    Tease and denial (mental bondage)
    edging .
    Orgams denial
    ass worship
    Oral slave worship
    female supremacy
    obedience training
    foot worship
    foot gagging
    forced bi
    forced cock suckiing
    forced cum eating
    anal hooks
    affectionate cruelty
    submitting to cruel sadism
    discipline from most things except the cane
    being overpowered
    being vulnerable
    goddess worship
    and many many more

    Pretty much anything that is to do with Femdom i love and have few limits.

    Kids scat animals blood play are the main no go areas

    I am passionate about the ds side of things and looking for that mental stimulation.

    I am very in touch with myself and will hit subspace easily with someone who is enjoying what they are doing to me.

    My biggest thing is getting off on seeing your enjoyment and ultimately you getting off from what your doing to me

    My Ideal Person I'm looking for someone who accepts bdsm isn't the only thing in life but at the same time wants to play hard when the time is right and when the opportunity to dominate is there.
    Engaging on longer term plays is still something that you enjoy and if life didn't get in the way then you would love to engage in 24/7 whenever you could.

    Someone Who's passionate about bdsm as much as I am.

    Someone who enjoys the challenge of breaking someone who wants to be enslaved yet wants the getting to know you and seduction into slavery to be memorable for both parties.
    Now looking to be enslaved to one genuine kinky and intelligent female owner who is into BDSM as much as I am and wants to use my sexual submissive nature to enslave me to her every desire.

    I am after people who wish to have fun to indulge in something that is stimulating mentally - I want to find someone who is strong who i can fully trust who won't take my submission lightly - you will be doing this because you love and it makes you feel powerful-and you love the control that you get from taking advantage of a submissive male with huge submissive sexual desires.

    UNtil i find that person for those out there that simply want to have fun and play i am always looking to find fun play partners of most persuasions couples are always fun and definitely love subbing to a dom domme pairing if your that way inclined.

    Thanks for reading this I have tried to put it in words what I am looking for but I am constantly growing and learning about me and this wonderful lifestyle of ours so if you have got any questions -just ask dont be shy play hard and have fun)

    If you are interested in my profile then drop me a line and feel free to ask me anything you may like.

    IM submissive so I will answer always.


    Submissive slave genuinely looking for long term D/S FLR relationship.
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