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I've not been around, real life has been getting in the way Jul 9, 2020

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Mar 20, 2023
    1. eskalessandro
      Good morning Miss UKdomF,

      i hope to find You well.... i am looking for a relationship with a KH Dominant Woman, i am living in Bristol at present and will move to Leeds by end of September....

      please let me know if You could be interested in evaluating me.
    2. Guest 3900
      Guest 3900
      Mistress. May I follow you?
    3. Submissive Spectre
      Submissive Spectre
      Sorry I started following without asking permission, so I hope its ok with you if I do, otherwise I will retract the following off course if this would be your request. Sorry this wasn't clear to me before.
      Kiesela likes this.
      1. Submissive Spectre
        Submissive Spectre
        Ma'am I've retracted my follow since I didn't get permission so far. Feel free to chat anytime, always welcome
        Dec 21, 2021
    4. Guest 2628
      Guest 2628
      I'm glad you see the benefits of a true Female Led lifestyle. FLR is largely about being compatible as partners and in general, having a lovely, loving relationship together - only then followed up by the correct blend of Power exchange. It can be a wonderful and fulfilling life.
      servingwife likes this.
    5. Ruinedgunzcaged
      Good evening. I was reading one of your messages about being new to Chastity and a Dom/Switch. I am also new to chastity. I would love to hear your thoughts on how a male slave should be locked up and punished. Maybe ill try it or wait. Maybe I could help you too with ideas.
    6. Alexdosbox
      Evening UKdomF (not sure what title you prefer, if any!)

      I saw your post and would like permission to approach with regards to having my keys held by yourself.

      Thank you for reading, and please have an amazing evening
    7. MrMojoRisin_tx
      Hello Goddess. How are you? I hope you are well. I humbly request the privilege of speaking with you and getting to know you. I read your post looking to being a keyholder and being new to the lifestyle. I would love to chat and see if we have a connection. I know things are wild right now. Hoping you are well and happy
    8. Lockedloser
      A humble hello. If there is anything I can do to earn your attention you please let me know.
    9. Sinde
      Hi i just found this site and you and i'm wondering if you still do chastity holding because i'm very interested.
    10. Suewiang
      Hope you find what you look for
      Francesco_ likes this.
    11. LukeVallentine
      ;) Merry Christmas :)
    12. Cyybelian hubby
      Cyybelian hubby
      May this slave follow You Ma'am? please
    13. LukeVallentine
      Thanks for your like ;)
      1. UKdomF
        It was nice for someone to realise that I was a person and not a just a think to hold keys and amuse someone
        Oct 19, 2020
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      2. LukeVallentine
        Fetishes are great, but they're just icing on the cake. It is what's underneath them that matters.
        Oct 19, 2020
    14. tdk34
      I love to be instructed by you to lock up in chastity for your amusement, and wait for any release from you.
      njcuckold likes this.
      1. LukeVallentine
        Don't get me wrong, amusement is great, but great many women, even dominant ones, look for something deeper.
        Oct 13, 2020
        UKdomF likes this.
    15. UKdomF
      I've not been around, real life has been getting in the way
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Mike1290
        As long as your safe and well in these strange times.
        Jul 10, 2020
      3. Jblocked
        You got to take care of business
        Jul 10, 2020
      4. LukeVallentine
        Hopefully, it will sort itself out soon and from that moment on it will be all uninterrupted fetishistic chastity bliss.
        P.S. Either my eyes are deceiving me, or you had another avatar update. Kudos.
        Jul 10, 2020
    16. SubMGC89
      Good afternoon Miss. It’s nice to see someone else from Yorkshire!
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    17. Guest 3007
      Guest 3007
      Good morning Miss
    18. Guest 3007
      Guest 3007
      May I follow your page Miss?
      UKdomF likes this.
    19. LukeVallentine
      I see you avatar keeps getting better and better:)
      UKdomF likes this.
    20. sextudent
      Hello and welcome!
      I hope we can chat soon
      UKdomF likes this.
    21. Guest 2384
      Guest 2384
      Hello and welcome Mistress.
      I recently registered on the web, I like being caged and I would like to find a virtual KH, perhaps we could comment on it.
      Greetings Mistress
      njcuckold likes this.
    22. Bitchboy
      Welcome to the site Miss! Nice to see someone else from the UK :-)
      bertyboy and limsub like this.
      1. UKdomF
        There seems to be a few of us which is nice
        Jun 22, 2020
    23. Junebug15
      Wonderful avatar. Hello and welcome
      UKdomF likes this.
    24. limsub
      Hello and welcome to the Mansion Ma'am. Hope you are finding it useful
    25. Coyotie
      In answer to your question i would be self locking, I dont have a key holder. I must admit to trying bondage with a previous partner unfortunately it didnt last (the relationship) so it was only a brief dalliance , but i did find it quite stimulating, unable to control what was going to happen and someone else being in control, it is a huge turn on.
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    Yorkshire, UK
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    • Domestic Keyholder
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    • Domme
    Chastity resume:
    Male chastity has been my fantasy for years. I have dabbled in previous relationships but it wasn't meant to be :(
    Fetlife: UKdomF
    Kik: UKdomF
    Insta: UKdomF
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