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Chastity Contracts

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Mistress Watchful, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. This pretty much summaries our contract.

    Just because you can!

    You have kept me permanently locked for months. You only allow me out if my hands are cuffed or tied so that I can't touch myself. Only you get to touch. You have said that for every ten orgasms I give you, you might consider teasing me. You always deny me, postponing my release. For some reason you always have me fettered exposed, so that you can play your kinky games on me. Sometimes you tease me, lick me or even fuck me. You have my body at your mercy and you use my sexual frustration as your tool. You push my boundaries, just because you can.

    Your removal of access to my male part allows me to feel true sensuality. In a very pure form.