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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. This idea of having my penise removed is just a dream. It not something that's ever going to happen so I just need to put it out if my mind and hopefully my dreams. My wife and I have been together for way to long for her to do something that drastic without my approval. When a Mistress startes to do things against her subs approval ,even if his limits are very high, you get into situation of legality. This is just another way that my Mistress is using to show her control over me. She has become a master of using my own mind against me. It amazing how someone can have control over you by not even touching you.
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  2. I would like to tell you about a Fantasy that I do have that will never happen. Remember this is a Fantasy.

    My Mistrss has informed me that we're having friends over for the evening and that we were going to have a Barbecue. About an hour before our guests arrive she calls me into the bed room and tells me to pull my pants down so she can tan my backside. Her reasoning is "So that your on your best behaviour" she gives my backside a Very Hard strapping followed by a few stokes with the cane. My Backside is Very Sore as our guests start to arrive.

    The interesting thing about our guests is they are friends of my wife's, people I've never met. The ladies relax in the house while the men go out side while I prepare supper. As we go out side my wife says "I'm sure you guys can find something in common to talk about " her statement is as far from the truth as you could possibly be. I'm more of an outdoors handyman type of person. John is an accountant who knows nothing about tools or working with his hands. Bill is a Pharmacist. And George restores cars. George and I talk a little but conversation between the four of us is totally impossible we share No common interests.

    During supper the men are all quiet while the ladies talk about normal ladies things. After supper is when things become interesting. We retire to the living room and I serve everyone something to drink when my wife says. " did you guys find something in common to talk about ? " we all look at each other Dumbfounded and say No. My wife than says " Well you weren't trying hard enough So we'll have to show you." She than told all four of us to stand up and face the ladies, we did as asked not knowing what was going on. My wife than dropped the Bomb by saying. " What you all have in common is that you were all spanked just before you came here". To say we were embarrassed would be an understatement. She than added " We ladies have a bet on who's bum is the reddest so Drop Your Pants and turn around " I looked at my wife with pleading eyes. I would be showing more than my Red bum I was also wearing my chastity cage and panties. I lowered my pants and turned around exposing my self as the other men did the same. I noticed that Bill also was locked in a chastity cage. John and George also noticed that our cocks were locked up. Their wives simply told them to take a good look because they would also be locked up before leaving.

    With regard to who's bum was the reddest. I won and my reward was to listen as the other three were spanked some more. After all the backsides were the same colour one of the ladies came up with the idea that John and George should be allowed a last Orgasm before being locked up. My Wife suggested that they Recieve a blow job from the two caged men. So I was positioned kneeling in front of John and Bill in front of George. To make things more interesting it was to be a contest. The rules were simple.
    1 who ever Orgasmed first would be severely cained.
    2 who ever failed to make his man cum would be cained

    On your mark, get set, Go. I took Johns cock into my mouth and frantically sucked on it taking it deep into my throat , moving my mouth up and down as much as I could. Stimulating him to reluctantly cum. I wasn't going to Loss. It took a few minutes of un relentless cock sucking to get him to explode into my mouth. I removed my mouth slightly to allow some of his cum to splash onto my face to show that. I Had Won.

    Bill and John were placed over the back of chairs as my wife and George's wife stood with caines in their hands. They were just about to start their punishment when I was turned away from them to knell In front of George to finish what Bill was unable to do. Each lady delivered 10 strokes to each ack side as I sucked on George's cock. He came into my mouth as the ladies finished their canning of the two losers.

    All four men were made to stand in front of the ladies john and George now also had their cocks locked up in cages so we had something else in common. My wife suggested to end the evening that the bum that showed the signs of being spanked the least be tenderized to match the rest. That bum was mine

    As I said at the start this is a Fantasy, or maybe a Dream Ha
  3. Yesterday after noon Mistress returned home from shopping. After carrying in her purchases and putting them away she asked me to come to her. I stood in front of her in my normal outfit lace panties covering my cage. She removed my panties and than unlocked my cage and removed it. As the tube slid out of my penise it felt uncomfortable. It felt good to have the small cage and tube removed, it was alright wearing it for the whole week but having a little more room in a cage would have been more comfortable.
    As I stood infront of her nude she informed me that I was going to be punished ( I had gone over my internet time ) she than left the room. When she returned she had a wash cloth that she used to clean her property, the riding crop , and a three foot spreader bar that she attached to my ankles. My punishment was simple. I was to remain as I was till she said, under No sercomstance was I to even Touch Her Property. And her property was to remain flaccid and pointing down at all times or she would use the riding crop on it.
    She than sat back on the chair and ordered me to bring her a glass of wine. To say that moving around with your legs spread apart is difficult would be an understatement. It's almost impossible. I presented her with her glass of wine after some very awkward manoeuvring. Her property had remained pointed downward but had become very wet as a stream of precum hung almost to the floor. As I stood infront of her once again she took a big drink of wine than took her property all the way into her mouth. I looked down as her lips were at the base of my penise and I instantly started to get excited. I looked away and tried to think of anything I could to stop my self from getting excited but the feeling and just the thought of my penise being all the way in her mouth was to much. She removed her mouth from her property when it had become to much for her it was semi erect and continued to grow untill it was pointing upwards.
    Her instructions were simply " Step Back " she delivered ten stokes to my erection. After the first two I was crying from the pain. After the tenth I was a mess the tears were flowing steadily and my erection was gone. I was once again pointing downwards.
    The rest of the evening her property remained pointed downwards as I continued to struggle to move around the house to service my Mistress. When she removed the spreader bar at midnight my legs were aching, my feet were aching and her property was aching. She locked up her property before bed with the bigger cage without the tube, I was very grateful in pain but grateful.
  4. The Halloween season has once again come to an end. A lot of people enjoy dressing up in interesting costumes and living a little on the edge for the night. My Mistress on the other hand doesn't really like Halloween so we don't go out and Party than. I'd kind of like to but that's not the way it is.

    Shortly after dinner on the 31st I was at home and someone rang the door bell. It was kind of early for trick or treaters and also living in the country we don't usually get anyone at our house. When I went to the door I was met by a witch that forced her selve into the house ( I didn't resist much ) when she was in she pushed me to the floor and on to my back. She than straddled me and literally sat on my face. I could have forced her off me but when you have a wet pussy on your mouth you do what needs to be done. You start licking ,sucking and kissing it. I was do everything to please the witch and give her pleasure. As she kept grinding her sex into my mouth her juices were covering my face. She than suddenly got up and turned around so she was facing my feet and once again sat on me. I continued to pleasure her but now she had removed my sweat pants and panties and was taking my testicals into her mouth and gently nibbling on them. I became as wet as the witch who was grinding her self into my face untill she released her orgasm all over me. I cleaned her as best as I could before she stood up and walked towards the door with out saying a word.

    As the witch exited I simply said "Thanks Terrie " she just screached and went on her way. I wasn't sure if that was a trick or a treat. I'll take it as a treat.
  5. Last night we finally had the chance to get together with Carla and Brian. Ever since those to meet if seen very little of Carla. I do miss the time that we shared together but I'm so happy for her that her and Brian are getting along so well.

    I had prepared a fantastic supper for us which everyone enjoyed but not as much as the socializing with people we haven't seen in awhile. Since Carla and Brian had meet their relationship has developed to the point that they spend almost all of their spare time together. After supper we relaxed in the living room and enjoyed some more beverages. Everyone had become very relaxed and comfortable. The conversation had also opened up alitte led by my wife who said. "Brian can I ask you a personal question"

    Brian didn't say anything for a few seconds than said " Yes you may "
    I knew where this was going when my Wife responded by saying "Carla and I are very good friends which you know. She mentioned that you have purchased a chastity cage is that true. "
    Brian blushed aLittle and responded "Yes Ma'am I have "
    Mistress continued " that's very nice, are you wearing it now? "
    Brian became rather uncomfortable and turned to Carla who simply smiled and nodded her head. Brian than responded with a croak in his voice "Yes I'm wearing it right now "
    "May I see it " was her response. She than looked at me and told me to remove my cloths so Brian wouldn't feel uncomfortable. I did as instructed and was standing beside her totally nude except for my cage.

    Mistress than looked at Brian and said " Thats ok. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, you don't have to show me."
    Brian looked at me ,than at my Mistress ,than at Carla. He than looked directly at my caged cock and than back at Carla. Carla said nothing she just gave him a loving smile.
    Brian stood up and undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. His shirt followed. He was standing in front of us in his u dear wear when he looked at me and removed them. He was now also nude displaying his caged cock in a Holy Trainer 2. It was an awkward situation that was broken by my Mistresses gently words " don't be embarrassed you look very sexy"

    The rest of the evening was like any evening when two couples get together. A lot of socializing and a little to much drinking the only difference here was two men were nude and caged.

    The evening went long into the night so Brian and Carla spent the night.
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  6. Since we had over night guest I had to get up early to make everyone a good breakfast. The coffee was brewing as Brian and Carla came into the kitchen. Brian was wearing his pants while terry was wearing my wife's silk kamono that shrunk after hanging in the closet for 30 years. I was wearing my normal chef outfit, lace panties with an apron ( cooking Bacon can be dangerous )

    Brian and Carla were enjoying a morning coffee as Mistress joined them. The breakfast of omelettes, hash browns, toast ,pancakes and fruit was a hit. We were sitting at the table enjoying a normal conversation when my Mistress changed the tone. She said. " Would you like to see his New small cage with the uethera tube ? " Brian said nothing as he Looked at me while Carla responded with a definite " Yes I would "

    Mistress went to the bed room and returned with the cage and set it on the table. She than dropped the key on the table and said "It looks much better on, Right Honey" I just looked at her than at Carla and Brian. Brian was sharing in my embarrassment while the other two were waiting in anticipation.

    I rose from my chair and removed my panties and let them fall to the floor. I than picked up the key and unlock my cage, I could feel myself starting to get aroused as I slid the cage off. As I removed the ring I tried my best to not get aroused knowing that if I did I would be punished. As I installed the ring to the small cage I looked at Brian who was sitting very quietly trying not to look at me. I slide the tube into my penise as I could once again feel myself getting aroused I went quicker to get the cage locked before I wouldn't be able to. I was successful but barely. As soon as I was securlly locked I placed the key on the table, I could feel my face turning red as my cage became very tight. I was now standing infront of everyone as an embarrassed ,locked ,excited servant
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    Your wife is soooo good to you. :)
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  8. Thank you, Some people may not always see it that way but she is a very special Lady. It gives me such pleasure to please her and make her happy like she does to me. Thanks for your comment
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    You're welcome. It's lovely to read your posts, they read almost like a romance novel. A twisted one to be sure, but what I read is the very real love and appreciation you have for each other.
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  10. I was feeling kind of bad for Brian after the morning where I was put on Display for everyone so I called him. After a little bit of small talk I asked him if he was alright with what happened during Breakfast. His response wasn't exactly what I expected.

    Brian responded by first laughing then he said. " I was totally fine with it, I fact I was getting excited but couldn't if you know what I mean" it was my turn to chuckle I knew what he meant. He than continued " I was a little concerned that I was also going to be lock in such a small cage. That can't be comfortable can it ? I didn't want to say anything just in case. "

    I reaffirmed him that even though it's small it is relatively comfortable even with the tube.

    Brian responded " Well sorry but I have no interest to be locked in something like that, even being in the one I have for more than a couple days is to much. I'm OK with your guys relationship but it's not really my thing. I do like being around you guys because it gets Carla really excited. If you know what I mean"

    It was my turn to laugh. We also like being around you guys we'll have to make more of a point of getting together. He responded that he would definetly like that.

    It made me feel a lot better talking to him and knowing that we didn't jeopardize their relationship with our crazy lifestyle.
  11. i just tucked Mistress into bed after giving her a full body massage ( in bed) she dozed off to sleep so I covered her up and kissed her goodnight. She woke up when I kissed her and caressed her tight little package, she told me that it would stay on till next weekend If I was a good boy. She also told me that it was a 20/20 night.

    A 20/20 night is every 20 minutes I must spank myself 20 times with the rubber paddle till I go to bed. It was 9:20 when I tucked her in. It's almost 10:00 now so it's time for round two.

    Good Night
  12. The start of the week had nothing out of the normal till Mistress came home early on Wednesday evening and told me that a friend of hers was coming over later for a massage. She went on to inform me that this lady already knows about me being locked up so I would be wearing just panties and a Blindfold. When she mentioned this to me I became a little bit excited. Giving a massage to someone new while blindfolded no matter who it way be does excit me in a strange way.

    My excitement was short lived when Mistress informed me that this massage would be a Totally non sexuall massage and to make sure of that she was going to prepare me first. " Present your self " we're her next words. I did as ordered kneeling on the coffee table with my head down and backside up. Mistress sat behind me and placed a bowl under her locked property and lubed up my exposed backside. "I want you milked dry so you'll be on your best behaviour "

    She did exactly as she said she would she milked me for almost 30 minutes untill nothing else would drip from her property. She was satisfied that I was dry enough than placed the bowl infront of my mouth and said. " Clean this up while I go and get the cane " fear entered into my mind as I cleaned the bowl. I didn't want to feel the sting of the cane. When she returned she removed the clean bowl and and told me stay in position and not move.

    She delivered five stokes directly to the crack of my ass and anus and five more across my cheeks. I remained in position even though it was very painful and uncomfortable. Mistress rubbed my back side, she was pleased with her handy work, she than inserted a but plug into me and said " Put your panties back on and get the room ready she'll be here shortly "
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  13. I'm curious to know who will be the new massage girl
  14. I'm Sorry that I couldn't continue with the results of the massage. My Mistress informed me this morning as I was finishing the previous post that I needed to go with her to her office to do some maintenance.

    I had the room ready before my customer arrived. I was standing at the head of the table blindfolded and wearing white lace thong panties that didn't do anything to hide my cage or the red stripes on my backside. Mistress brought the lady into the massage room and helped her onto the table, before leaving she told me to pay special attention to her hips and lower back.

    As I placed my oiled hands on her shoulders she let out a small sigh. As I continued to massage her shoulders and upper back she responded with more sighs and little moans of pleasure. I moved down to her lower back and hips. I had hardly touched her and she jumped slightly due to pain. This ladies back and hips were definetly sore so I had to be very carful massaging her. The more that I worked her lower back hips and buttocks her jolts of pain became less and slight moans of pleasure were taking their place. I had no idea how long I spent on this area but it was making her feel better and that was making me feel good. I could feel a tingle in my cage but do to the previous milking my cage didn't get tight.

    I asked her if she could turn over so I could better work on her hips. She was reluctant at first but than I heard her roll over. This mystery lady was now laying their nude facing me. I applied more oil and started to massage her hips. As my hand went to massage her inner thighs my fingers were met by her wetness. She was more than a little wet. I avoided touching her womanhood as my cage finally started to tighten. I moved her hips and massaged her thighs releasing all the tension and pain that she had in this area. I was almost ready to move down to her fet and finish the massage when I felt her hand cup my testicals and give them a gently squeeze. She continued to caress me moving her fingers to the tip of my cage where she felt my wetness. I wanted to slide my fingers into her and give her more pleasure but didn't. I continued massaging her hips avoiding her wetness. She than slide her hand between my legs , I parted them slightly for her convenience. As her hand caressed my backside she took her nails and ran them across my reddened backside. I jumped slightly not from pain but because I was almost certain that I had felt those nails before. I moved my hips forward slightly allowing my testicals to slide upon her forearm. She removed her hand but not after she touched my testicals with her nails.

    I moved down to finish on her feet before returning to the head of the table. My mystery lady layed their for a couple minutes before getting off the table unassisted and with out pain. She stood beside me and whispered in my ear "Thank You Very Very Much " she than gently slapped my backside and left the room. I remained alone in the room untill my Mistress came in and told me to clean up and come to the bed room. When I exited the room the lady was gone I never say who she was but I was positive this wasn't the first time that we had met and wouldn't be the last.
  15. I cleaned up the massage room and couldn't help but notice the wet spot that this lady had left on the sheet. After I cleaned everything up I went into the bed room as Mistress had previously instructed me to do.

    She has standing beside the bed wearing a large Strapon. She looked at me smiled and said. " You did a Fantastic job releaving her pain, it's reward time" she tapped the bed infront of her. I didn't need to be told twice. I got on the bed on my back and pulled my legs up so she would have easy access to my pleasure hole.

    She removed the plug and squirted a very generous amount of lube into me. She than slid just the head of her big cock into me and stopped. " Are you ready to get Fucked little Boy"

    I had no sooner answered "Yes Ma'am " when she buried the cock into me in one firm stroke. It totally took my breath away, I was just getting my breath when she with Drew almost completely and buried her self again. Long hard strokes over and over again, the pleasure was incredible. She continued to make love to me giving me incredible pleasure. I could feel myself getting close to an orgasm, I was waiting for her to stop but she didn't she continued her long hard strokes into my pleasure hole. I was getting O so close and than it happened I received an Orgasm. It felt incredible as she still continued making love to me. I lifted my head to look at my caged cock and the puddle of cum but their was nothing their. I had just had an Orgasm but nothing had come out of me. I layed my head back down as Mistress buried her self into me and just held her self there for a few moments. As she withdrew from me she was chuckling, she stepped away as I continued to hold my legs open for her wanting more. She placed her hands on my knees and lowered them, looked at me with a huge smile on her face and said. "My Little boy is all Dried Up" she than went to the washroom giggling.
  16. This morning My lovely Wife didn't have to go to the office till the afternoon so we had some time to just sit around and talk. Well I was rubbing her feet while we talked but it was mostly time together. I asked her how the Mystery Lady was feeling.
    She informed me that she was feeling much better after the massage. I was trying to find a way to ask who she was when my Wife said she said something about fingernails. I found my opening and mentioned that the Mystery Lady had nice nails and I was sure I had felt them before.

    Mistress looked at me and folded her arms across her chest and said " Relly and when was this " I told her it was when she had people over for supper and I was tied to the chair. mistress responded by saying " I'm impressed you could tell it was the same person by her fingernails, for your information she's been at our house twice before yesterday and was at your birthday party. When you were on the pedestal. "

    I was speechless I've met this lady before and still have no idea who she is. I know one thing for sure I'll be taking notice of ladies nails from now on.
  17. I just received an interesting text from my Mistress it said " Carla and Brian are going to come over on Sunday afternoon to watch the game, P.S. Put your plug in till I get home. Luv ya little boy "

    The game she's talking about is the football game between Saskatchewan and Ottawa, since I'm from Saskatchewan and Brian was from the East I'm sure that there'll be a friendly bet on the game. If my Mistress has anything to do with making the bet it could be Very interesting.

    Time to go put my plug in , what a sweet woman
  18. I have spent the last 3 days reading every post from the beginning. As others have said your a very lucky guy. Thanks so much for sharing!
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  19. Wow I'm impressed that's a lot of reading. Thank you very much for your support
  20. Simple things can mean so much.

    Last night when we went to bed after an evening of no teasing or sexual interaction at all we cuddled up in what has become our new cuddle position.
    That is with her in the back and me cuddling into her. She put her arm around me and caressed her property, which she normally does when we go to bed. But what she said to me was very Special.

    She whispered in my ear as she was holding her property " I just Love it when your locked up, it makes me so Happy that you want to do this for me"

    She than drifted off to sleep as I delt with a very tight cage.
  21. Just before lunch today, since it's Saturday and my Mistress is at home she called me to come stand infront of her while she was watching a show on TV. I stood infront of her for a few minutes untill a commercial break she than told me to go and get the key and the riding crop. She took the key and unlocked me removed my cage while leaving the ring on. She than said to me. " Next commercial I'm going to suck on you for 2 minutes. If you get hard I use the riding crop. If you stay soft I'll reward you." Her program started again I looked at the riding crop and was determined not to feel the sting of it. I waited in silence as her property continued to point downwards.

    A commercial started and she set her phone to 2 minutes and took me into her mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to think of un please t things while the feeling was incredible. I could feel myself growing slightly, I continued with my eyes shut not giving in to her Sucking. The alarm on her phone went off. She sat back in her chair with out saying a word. I slowly opened my eyes and looked down at my self. I had swollen up slightly but was still pointing downwards. I Had Won

    She just sat their in silence looking at her property as though she was willing it to get hard, it started to soften even more, I was not going to loss. Her program came back on as I just stood their waiting for what she was going to do next. It seemed so strange to me that I didn't want to get an erection when I wanted one so bad. Her program went to a commercial break again and she went to the bed room. She retuned with 20 clothes pins and a bottle of oil. " You have 40 minutes to Pleasure yourselves. Every minute 1 pin goes on my property till all 20 are on than off one at a time. Start Now, Don't you Dare have an Orgasm"

    I picked up the first cloths pin and clipped it onto my scrotam I than poured a generous amount of oil on myself and started stoking cock. I was almost hard before the next pin went on, by the third I was totally erect. It had been so long since she'd allowed me to stroke myself that I had to stop many many times to avoid having an orgasm. As I continued to apply pins and caressing myself the contrast between the pain and the pleasure was incredible.

    20 minutes had passed and 20 pins were attached to my scrotam. I was ready to explode. Another minute passed and the first pin was removed. The pain when removing them is more intense than when you put them on. I still continued to masturbate for my lovely wife's viewing pleasure bringing myself to the edge over and over again. One pin after another was removed untill finally they were all on the coffee table I front of me. As I placed the last pin on the table I placed my hands behind my head. My cock was harder than I had seen it in a long long time.

    Mistress just sat their and looked at me with a huge smile on her face. "That was incredibly Hot " she commented. I remained with my hands behind my head as my erection finally subsided. Mistress had gone to the washroom and returned with a washcloth that she cleaned her property with. She than handed me my cage, she had attached the Urethera tube to it. I slide the tube into her property and locked it up. As I handed her the key she said " That should hold you for awhile "
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  22. After lunch and after finishing the dishes I was washing the kitchen floor as a good sub should. My lovely wife was talking to someone on the phone, I wasn't sure who it was that called but they must have asked were I was and She responded by saying " Washing the floor with a Big Plug in his Ass, where he should be" I gasped when I heard what she said not knowing who she was talking to. Mistress looked at me and chuckled I continued with my duties and was relieved when she said good buy to Carla.

    My Lovely Wife sat down in a chair and placed her foot against the plug in my bum and pushed on it. She than said " Carla and I have decided that which ever guys team losses tomorrow he will get his ass plugged and tanned by the winning lady. Is that exceptable to you? ( she pushed even harder on the plug ) "

    Yes Mistress I responded precum dripped onto the floor where I had already cleaned it. A servants work is never done.
  23. Good Luck! Sounds like a possible win-win!!
  24. I love those kind of bets.
  25. Carla and Brian arrived late morning giving them plenty of time to enjoy some special coffee. You know how it is. It's always 5:00 somewhere, like maybe Paris. The girls were having a fun time refining the bet. The bet would be 5 strokes per point and the loser would remain pantless with the plug in place untill the end of the evening.

    The game was still 1/2 hour from starting when Brian said. "Why is it only the guys getting spanked, the girls should be spanked to, it is a team sport." My Mistress wouldn't be inf favour of that, she doesn't like to be spanked and has never had a plug in her bum. So Brian's suggestion was t going to happen, Carla on the other hand said why not. A little spanking never hurt no one. We all looked at my Wife who looked at me, I was excited about the possibility of seeing her get spanked so I said nothing. After an awkward minute She answered " Ok I'll go for it " what I couldn't believe what I just heard. No matter who won the game now I would be a winner. I'd be spanking Carla or seeing my Mistress get spanked. WOW

    Game time. We scored first and never looked back and ended up winning 31-20. As the game came to an end my Lovely wife looked at me and said "You are so Lucky that we won". She than looked at Brian with a big smile on her face and said I guess your plan kind of backfired didn't it. Take your pants off. I'll be right back " mistress went to get some lube and plugs while Brien stood up and removed his pants and underwear. He was not caged and semi erect.

    When Mistress returned she placed a chair in the middle of the room sat down. Looked at Brian and tapped her lap. He layed over her lap his cock which was now hard was pressing against her leg. As she was luring up the but plug she said " I'm going to enjoy this, to bad your not " she than slide the plug in in one steady motion causing him to gasp. She picked up the black rubber strap and started to deliver the 55 strokes to his tender behind. By the time she had finished his bum was glowing red and his erection had vanished. Brian stood up with tears in his eyes, his price had been payed.

    I stood up to take my turn spanking Carla when my Mistress stopped me by saying " Your not going to spank her . I am" she than looked at Carla and tapped her lap again. Carla removed her pants and panties to expose her completely hairless pubic area. My cage started to tighten as she layed across my Mistresses knee. Carla's spanking wasn't as hard as Brian's but she still had a nice red backside. I almost couldn't believe what I had just witnessed, my cage was extremely tight and I was dripping precum as I looked at the red bums of our guests.

    My Lovely Wife just looked at me and said "Your next, you wouldn't want our guests to feel uncomfortable now would you " I bared my backside and layed across her lap. 55 times she applied the strap making my backside match our guests. Mistress than got up from the chair and said " Would anyone like a drink to celebrate the victory?" The rest of the afternoon and evening were normal, as normal as it could be with three bare bums.

    Next Sunday is the East Final, does anyone want to make a Bet? Just Kidding
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