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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. im not sure how to start a blog since I've never had one before but I have had some entertaining things happen to me since I started in this life style.

    When I introduced chastity to my wife almost 7 years ago she wasn't very receptive. Her response was something like. " You have an un satisfiable appetite for sexual adventure if you want to lock your your cock in that thing than go ahead " she was more vanilla than. My first devices was one that I built myself ( I posted a picture of it) it worked but was not the most comfortable thing in the world. During the day it was fine but the nighttime erections were painful and very uncomfortable, but I'm not a quitter so I stuck it out. Didn't get much sleep for a few days but I wasn't going to give in. I had read that when you get a nocturnal erection that if you applied ice or a bag of frozen peas to your testicles it would relive the discomfort.

    Now picture this. We had friends staying over for the weekend when I'm experimenting with chastity. I go to the kitchen with a raging locked up erection that's very uncomfortable. I take a bag of peas from the freezer and apply them to my locked up manhood and sit down at the kitchen table. I no sooner sit down when my friends wife, who is Very Vanilla comes and sits down with me and starts having a conversation. Thank God I was wearing my housecoat. But now I'm sitting at the table with a bag of peas on my locked cock. My erection was definitely not an issue anymore. After about 20 minutes she went back to bed and I was free to finally warmup my frozen testicals.

    Did I mention that I'm not a quitter, if I was my chastity adventure would have ended right than and there.

    This was my first adventure with chastity and up until now I haven't told anyone about it including my wife. For some reason I don't think she would understand. Ive enjoyed the interesting experiences other members of the mansion have posted so I hope you enjoy this one. I'll post more of my experiences in the future but for now I have to go. I just received a text from my wife who has been away on business for the past week. It said. " I'll be home in three hours I want your bum reddened, and go put your butt plug in. LUV YA " times have changed LOL
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  2. Wife/ Mistress arrived home safely. She was happy with the cleanliness of the house and my reddened bum. Traveling can be exhausting so she was not up for any kind off teasing play. She did unlock me and allow me 10 minutes to play with her property with No Orgasm. It's been over two weeks since the last time my cage came off so I totally enjoyed my ten minutes of freedom. She is now in bed sleeping after a very long body massage. I still have the butt plug in till 10:00 when she has given me permission to remove it. Life is Good
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  3. I enjoy your experience of almost getting caught in chastity! I think it may be exciting to get caught but of course embarrassing as well.

    I can't wait to read some of your other adventures from your years of experience. I'm a newbie at this. It's nice to have so many great people to gather info from! Thanks
  4. Thanks for the compliment I have been involved with chastity for almost 7 years which seems like a long time but at CM I'm almost a virgin. I have actually been caught twice so far but I don't have time now to post them. Life gets in the way of fun sometimes. Thanks again I'll post again soon.
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  5. How did you get a reddend bum ? :)
    Did that happen when your wife got back got back or while away ?.

    I loved reading your posts and was smilling at you almost getting caught with the ice on your bits while trying to "act normal" , I was wondering if you went red or anything and the lady suspected "something was up" .
    I got a funny picture in my mind of that situation lol
  6. My wife doesn't always want to spank me so she tells me to spank myself and this is what I did before she came home. Self spanking
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  7. Wow , thanks for answering, .
    I've tried self spanking but it was easy for me to stop and being honest my heart wasn't in it because I didn't want to hurt myself .
    Maybe if a future partner wanted me to do it for her and witness me doing it rather than me "doing it for a phonemistress " then it may be different .

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us
  8. self spanking doesn't do it for me. It lacks the control and humiliation aspects of being over Her knee and having to silently take what is dolled out.
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  9. I totally agree with you it also lacks the unexpected intensity. Your consoling how hard and where you strike instead of someone else. My wife does this to me because it shows her control. She doesn't have to do anything and I still end up with a red backside. When she orders me to self spank In front of her it is kind of humiliating. It's an easy way to spank you sub when your in a hurry or have your morning tea.
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  10. Thanks for taking time to read about my crazy life.
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  12. The first time a stranger say my cage was just shortly after I started my chastity adventure. I was Wearing my CB6000s which is to long for me so standing up to pee could be a little messy.

    I was in a fast food restaurant and had to use the restroom. No problem. The restaurant wasn't very busy and the restroom was very clean. I sat down to pee like any good chaste sub would do when I finished I was just standing up when the door opened and a man was looking right at me. You know when something shocking happens to you time seems to stand still this was one of those moments. I knew that I should pull up my pants but it just seemed to take forever for it to happen. The door than was discreetly closed the stranger than left the restroom without even using it ( I guess he didn't need to go very bad)

    I stood there for a second in shock than looked down to see that when I had pulled my pants up my cage was not inside it was Sticking Out Front in all its Glory. I adjusted myself and sat back down for about 5 minutes deciding what I should do and what would be waiting for me when I came out of the restroom

    When I final got enough courage to leave the restroom the stranger was nowhere around. To say I was relieved would be an understatement. Note to New People "Lock the Door"
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  13. The second time someone say my cage.
    Before i tell this story you need to know something about our life. We live on a large private acreage 45 minutes outside of a major city in Canada. I have a business that allows me to be at home most of the time. My wife has a business in the city. She is a very social person with many many friends I am a much more private person. I have a very strong and kinky sex drive. While hers is much more vanilla. Opposites attract we've been together for over 30 years.

    It's not uncommon for us to entertain people at our home.
    It was a Saturday last summer we were entertaining some of my wife's friends friends in the back yard and patio I didn't know many of these people very while. As the evening progressed everyone was enjoying the wine and getting a lot more comfortable, i should mention that when we have these events I drink very little and I do almost all the serving.

    The evening had thinned down to us one other couple and a very attractive young lady named Carla. I know the other couple very well but had only met Carla once before. Carla had had her fare share of wine and was walking back to the backyard fire pit when she stumbled luckily I was close to her and caught her before she actually fell to the ground. The problem was that when I caught her my had grabbed her right breast. I helped her compose herself and she thanked me for catching her. She also looked me straight in the eye and said "Since you got a free feel than I get one to" before I could stop her she grabbed me by the genitals. With me being caged their was no doubt that she felt a lot more than she expected. We just starred into each other's eyes for a few seconds until she broke the stare and went and sat down.

    A short time later the other couple went home and it was just the three of us left. My wife told me to start cleaning up as her and Carla would like to talk. My heart missed more than one beat and I'm sure my face was glowing. I did as instructed and started cleaning up always keeping one eye on them and trying to hear what they were talking about. My cage had gotten tighter and the satin panties that I was wearing were stating to get damp.

    I had cleaned up everything outside and was in the house doing the dishes when my wife came in and said " come out side " once outside she told me to stand I front of them. I nervously stood in front of my wife and this young lady that I hardly even new with wet panties and a cage that was getting comfortably tight. Than I heard the words

    "Pull your pants and panties down and take them off "

    I looked at my wife with pleading eyes but new that I had no choice. I removed my pants and wet panties and stood in front of these two ladies with my wife's property security locked in my HT2 with precome dripping off the end. I couldn't look at Carla but I could tell she had a big smile on her face and was enjoying the view. My wife told me to put my hands behind my head and look straight ahead and that she would be right back.

    As I stood there looking straight ahead I could feel Carla's eyes staring at me. I could also feel my precome slowly running down my leg. It took for ever till my wife returned. ( maybe 5 minutes) I finally heard my wife coming back from behind me. When she got to where I was standing she very gently placed her hand on my shoulder and said.

    " I love you. Carla has always asked me how I found such a loving and caring husband. Tonight she will get her answer"

    I jumped as my wife applied the first stroke of the stap to my bare backside. As she applied stroke after stroke to my backside I couldn't help but think that wasn't it bad enough that I was exposed to this person I hardly new but now I'm disaplined in front of her also. The tears were running down my cheeks when my wife finally stopped the strapping, she later told me she applied twenty strokes, it seemed like a hundred. I was than ordered to turn around and face away from them. I remained in this position till Carla finally left about an hour later. Exposed and Disaplined
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  14. Thanks for reading my adventures. I posted a couple times when my cage was exposed if your interested.
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  15. Those experiences of being exposed to others and how u were caught are great fun to read. I love hearing your stories. I'm not sure how I would react if I was caught but I don't really get embarrassed so I'm sure it would turn into a fun story as well.
    Thanks for sharing!
  16. An interesting thing about the second one about Carla is. That was over 7 months ago and I've seen her many times since than and she has never mentioned it or said anything about it but she always has a big smile on her face. It always leaves me wondering what she's thinking and what next. Time will tell. If something does happen I know where I can tell about it
  17. Earlier in my chastity life the cage that I was wearing wouldn't allow me to stand and pee. So I had to sit like a girl would. I don't dress I'm women's clothing when in public. I have nothing against any of you that do its just not the way I am. If we were to meet in public I would look like a typical 50+ year old man.

    Some friends of mine were going golfing and asked me to come along. I'm not a very good golfer but I thought it would be fun so away I went while I was caged and wearing silk panties, no ones going to see right. If you ever go golfing with a bunch off guys it's not uncommon for beer to be involved. While I was being social and had a few when nature called and I had to go pee. With no washrooms on this course I would have to go in the bushes, squatting like girls have to.

    This course didn't have nearly enough trees or bushes on it so I could conveniently hide and finally releve myself. I final found a semi private spot and pulled down my pants and panties and squatted. I had no sooner started peeing when two ladies in a different group came very close to where I was and definitely say we squatting. I finished peeing and pulled up my pants and panties and went back to the group I was golfing with. My face was a little flushed and I was a little embarrassed to say the least.

    The guys I was golfing with didn't seem to even notice that I had been gone for awhile. It may have had something to do with the beer. Needless to say I didn't drink anymore that day. Infact I drink very little in public since I've been in chastity. I guess it's one of the fringe benefits of being locked up lol.
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  18. Yeah, I learned not to drink much when locked up but I never engage in physical activity locked up. Too many bad and painful experiences and no reason to be locked since I do not make it a habit to masturbate in public. I am OK in being exposed to women but not men. In the past I was dominated by my wife's' girlfriend and she would have me drop my pants so the visiting girls could see the panties she put on me and then had me remove those too so that the girls could examine my penis and make it hard but go no further. I was seldom humiliated back then because I had a good body. I was a jock in high school and a combat vet. I played football and software for money against other teams. A year later I had sex with each of those girls when my wife asked them to join us in bed for a threesome. My wife often used me as bait to get girls she liked to join us for sex. Unless my exposure has a negative effect on my life, I do not really care. My thing about not in front of guys is due to an ex girlfriend asking my three visiting friends to gang bang her and then have me last. I gave them the go ahead since I was moving out of State in a few week anyway. They talked trash about me behind my back. No one thought I was cook or a good guy like they told me to my face. They were making jokes about my manhood and ability to please my girlfriend. Since then, nothing that hints at being submissive to men, even those that ask me to have sex with their wives. Makes me feel that I am being used to give the guy an orgasm. :)
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  19. It's never been a strong desire to have sex with another man it's more of a curiosity. For example I enjoy receiving a blowjob and consume my own cum almost all the time when allowed an orgasm. I really don't mind the taste or idea of consuming it. So I'm curious what it would be like to actually give someone a Blowjob. Maybe someday
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  20. Today was the day that I was "Rented Out" and my wife had an extra surprise for me. I was also put On Display I front of a young lady of about 25. I've never seen this lady before and have no idea who she is. As I stood I front of her wearing only my cage. Their is no doubt what she say. The details are in the thread " Rented Out"
  21. To be put On Display or Nude in Public isn't something that's new to me. It has always excited me even when I was a young teenager I would take off all my cloths and sneak around the neighbourhood in the dark. The thrill of getting caught, being seen by someone was exciting. Even though I did this quite a bid as I teenager I never got caught by anyone, I was seen by people running from one dark place to another but was never actually caught. I was even chased a couple times. It seems that some people wanted to know who the naked boy was. I was quite athletic as a teenage so out running these people was never a problem.

    The reason I wanted to share this with you is because when I started this blog about my journey I though about what to call it. That's when I came up with the idea of On Display. I kind of helps to explain who I am. I'll add some more adventures in my journey in the future.
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  22. How many people have been to Las Vegas. If you have than you've heard of Planet Hollywood. It's a hotel on the strip that has two areas that stick out front from the main building. Those area are suites that over look the strip.

    4 years ago we were staying in one of those suites. It was around 2:00 pm we were getting ready to go out for the evening. Anyone that's married knows that men take 10 minutes and women take 60 minutes to get ready and most men continually tell there wives to hurry up, that's just the way it is. I was ready to go and my Misses was still 45 minutes away from being ready. Instead of letting me just watch TV She told me to remove all my clothes ( except my cage) she than tied my hands behind my head and blindfolded me. Than she stood me I front of the floor to ceiling window and opened the curtains and said. " you can wait right here till I'm ready and if you move I'll tan your ass in front of the window." It took forever for her to get ready but I said nothing and didn't move.
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  23. Your mistress sounds like a girl I'd like to be around lol.
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  24. She would surprise you. She's a totally different person in public. Keep going the way you are and you'll be I for an incredible journey
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  25. As we awoke this morning my Wife/Mistress casually reached over and started to lightly touch her property. As my cage grew tighter and tighter she ran her nails over her testicals and started to tap them like you tap your nail on a table. This light tapping caused my cage to get incredibly tight and even though she had just allowed me an orgasm two days ago ( details in Rented Out ) her property was crying the tears of excitement and almost ready to explode..

    Than she stopped and said " it's three months till I allow you an orgasm, I'm going to make you beg me for a release. Now go make me breakfast "

    As she was eating her breakfast she had me stand on Display facing her with my hands behind my head and my legs slightly spread. The tears of excitement were dripping from her property and making a small puddle on the floor. She finished her breakfast and patted my bum and said. "Stay right where you are till I leave for work, than I guess you'll need to wash the floor"

    Three months till a release and Loving it