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On Display

Discussion in 'Chastity journals and blogs' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. When we went to bed Sunday Night. Mistress was already in bed I was going to crawl in beside her when she stopped me and said " you can sleep in the guest room but first give yourself 100 swats, Good Night "

    As I walked into the guest room to follow out her instructions, I knew that i should have said something when the possibility of her getting a spanking came up but I didn't. Know I would have to pay for my silence. I woke up earlier in the morning as I normally do and prepared her breakfast. When she came out of the bed room I informed her that her breakfast was ready all she said to me as she took her coffee was "Corner" I remained in the corner till she left for the day. An extra list of chores was waiting for me. Since I didn't have to go to work for a few days this was our normally routine. No touch, No talk, for three days.

    My corner time on Wednesday was even more difficult as I listened to her bring her self to a morning orgasm in the chair right behind me after her simple words " If you drip you get strapped"

    On Friday I was home from work before her so I had time to make a great supper and meet her at the door on my knees with a glass of wine. She took the wine without saying anything to me untill she sat down at the table and told me to come stand beside her with my hands behind my head. She than took the key and unlocked my cage and removed it, leaving the ring on me. Not a word was spoken, nothing needed to be said. I knew that I was not allowed to get an erection this was my weekly test.

    As Mistress finished her supper the doorbell rang, I instinctively jumped and moved slightly to go and put some cloths on. I was met by a stern look that froze me in my position. Mistress answered the door as I'm sure I started to blush. It was Terrie and the Lingerie Lady, I was relieved when I say it was them since for them to see me in this situation wasn't anything new. The ladies relaxed in the livingroom enjoying some wine while I remained in position for their viewing pleasure. I could feel myself getting excited but fought off getting an erection. My only break from standing was to serve the ladies more wine but it wasn't much of a break as they all took the liberty to touch my uncaged cock to try and get me excited.

    The ladies drank and visited for awhile untill Mistress told me to go prepare the massage table and wait there. I did as instructed feeling some relieve to not have to be standing on display for them. I was in position at the head of the table as Terrie entered totally nude. I felt myself start to rise, as she crawled onto the table and layed on her back I tried to fight the feeling between my legs as I looked at her naked body laying infront of me. As I started to massage her I managed to take my mind off of getting an erection and concentrated on the feel of her muscles. The massage was going well and I was winning that was untill Terrie took ahold of my testicals and said " I Would love to suck on this, that is if it was hard " well the thought of her sucking on me and her caressing of me was to much for me to overcome and my penise betrayed me and got hard.

    Terrie got off of the table still holding on to me. Just the thought of having her lips on me was making me wet. She bent down with her mouth only inches from me than stood up and said "Come with me " she led me out into the living room where they had set up a chair in the middle of the room that had the strap laying on the seat. I had been setup.

    Mistress went first delivering 25 hard strokes, than Terrie took her turn delivering 25. The tears were already starting to flow before I was to Recieve 25 more from someone who had never spanked me before. In fact she had never strapped a man before. After some instruction from my wife and 5 practice strokes that didn't count because my Wife said they weren't hard enough , she derived 30 strokes to my very sore backside. my punishment was over

    I served the ladies more wine and snacks late into the evening, I remained uncaged and pointing downward as my Mistress wanted me to be. Even when Terrie caressed me and stroked me I didn't respond. Just after the ladies left my Mistress reinstalled my cage ( without the tube ) and asked me if I enjoyed my uncaged time because it would be my last for this year. She than slapped me on the ass and went to bed.

    As I was cleaning up I touched my cage, Happy that it was back on
  2. Last for the year?!?!! I'm not sure if I should be happy for your protection or sad for such a long period of denial... either way good luck and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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  3. Set up indeed! My oh my that was intense Mash. I'm with CA2 on this!
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  4. Thanks for your concern @CagedAnimal2@CagedAnimal2 and @Penney@Penney being locked and possibly denied till the end of the year isn't terrible. I think I'll survive. But that being said after the Eastern final and our team losing I may have other prices to pay. Time will tell.
  5. I forgot to add from my Friday night discipline that I took a good look at the Liingerie Lady's nails. She has the right body type and nice nails but I couldn't be sure.

    With regards to the Eastern final the ladies decided to make the same bet as the Quarterfinals. ( see post 800 for details ). Since out team was favoured it seemed like a safe bet. Well it's agame and things can happen. Our team had a terrible first half and we ended up losing by 4 points 25-21.

    As our team lost my Mistress just looked at me with her cold eyes, she stood up and dropped her pants to the floor and removed her panties. All this time she never took her eyes off of me. I was going to be in trouble. She stood beside Brian who was seated on the chair in the middle of the room. He was holding a small But Plug with a huge grin on his face. My Mistress lowered herself over his knee, Brian was having a hard time holding back his excitement as he lubed up the But Plug.

    My wife let out a small streak as the plug slid into her. This being the first time that I know of that anything bigger than a finger had entered her backside. I felt terrible and wished that we had never made the bet and that I had said something last week to prevent it. Even though the thought of seeing her spanked excited me when Brian applied his hand to her bare backside I closed my eyes and wished that it wasn't happening.

    After her 20 strokes she got up with out saying a word and just stood in silence as I received my spanking from Carla. Brian and Carla didn't stay long after the game was over so My Wife didn't have to endure the plug for long. As soon as they left she went to the washroom and removed the plug. When she came out she placed the strap on the table and said "20 every 20 minutes for the next 4 hours, I'm going to the Bed Room" I had just applied the first 20 strokes as she watched me. Her last words before closing the door were " The plug stays in till morning "

    So being Locked till the end of the Year may not be that bad. I can't even imagine what tomorrow morning may bring
  6. why did not you apply for spanking in place of your mistress?
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  7. I suggested that to her the day before but she didn't want to. In some strange way I almost think she wanted to get a little spanking just so she could use it against me. shes an adventurous women and sometimes I still don't understand why she does what she does. It shocked me when she agreed to have the bet again for the second week. I wondered than what was she thinking.
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  8. It would be no surprise if she is thinking of new ways to push your "buttons." ;-)
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  9. Since Sunday my Mistress hasn't touched me or done anything to give me any kind of stimulation. After serving her breakfast I've been spending my time in the corner till she leaves for work and my alarm goes of to tell me to continue with household duties. Yesterday when she came home from work I gave her a very long massage and body rub. Tonight she has informed me that Terrie is coming for a massage.

    Strange as it may seem even though she's giving me the silent no touch treatment I still find my self getting wet. As I'm sitting hear now I'm just wondering why this still excites me. Is it because I'm serving her and nothing else matters. Is it because my pleasures really don't matter to me any more.

    We've been in this lifestyle for a long time already and have experienced many changes, as most of you know, but the last couple days have been Different. I really don't know how to explain it. She still has me Securly locked and i don't care if she ever takes it off again. I'm having one of those moments that women wish us men would have more of, that being an emotional moment.

    I don't know what else to say. I'll let you know how tonight goes. Sorry if this post seems confusing I guess that's just how I am right now.
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  10. It's been almost a week since my last post. The reson being that it's been very quiet the massage last Tuesday that I was aLittle excited about with Terri. Was a massage period. She even left her panties on and didn't allow me to touch her in any sexual way. After the massage she just got off the table and left.

    My Mistress has continued with the no touch no talk for the whole week. My only change being that she made me stand with my hands behind my head instead of in the corner a couple times. I couldn't help but think she was testing me once again. For what I don't know.

    Well her silent treatment ended on Sunday. Just after 12:00 pm she told me to go remove my pubic hair and clean my self Totally we were having company tonight and I was going to serve them. I went into the washroom to shave my pubic hair when the door opened and she handed me the key and said " Use the Hair removal Cream first. You have 20 minutes." I removed my cage and applied the cream to my pubic area while she watched me from the doorway, so I wouldn't stimulate myself. After the 10 minutes I removed the cream and applied shaving cream to get ever last hair. I finished shaving than re locked my self with time to spare. After totally cleaning myself, bum included, I entered the bed room where my attire for the evening was waiting. Pink thong panties, a ribbon with a small bell on it for my cage, a long but plug with a tail on it, and the items that surprised me a Bra and high heel shoes. I got dressed putting the bra and shoes on last. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and didn't really like what I say.

    As I walked out of the bedroom it took a few steps to get use to the shoes that were comfortable but walking with the heels took some practice. I'm sure my face showed my humiliation. This being a first for me. As I got things ready for our company I was getting use to the shoes and to be perfectly honest I liked how they made my backside stick out as I walked. The hairs of the tail gently touched my legs as I walked. The combination of the tail and the shoes caused my cage to get tight and a wet spot to appear on my panties. Everything was ready. Now all I could do was wait and wonder who I was going to be exposed to.
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  11. For almost an hour I was made to wait standing OnDisplay for my Mistress who was enjoying a beverage. The Doorbell rang, I Froze, it was time. I went to the door, my hands were shaking as I opened it for our guests. I was releaved when I say Terrie, Carla and Donna ( the lingerie lady) but the other lady cause me some anxiety she was a lady that I've know casually( very casually) for many years we had talked a couple of times over the years but didn't really know each other. I had a feeling that that was going to change tonight.

    The ladies had a good laugh at my expense as I showed them in and served them beverages. I'm not sure what they were laughing more about the tail,the bra and panties or me trying to walk in high heels. After a few beverages and escorting each lady to her chair for supper, I served a very good meal to everyone trying hard not to trip while carrying something. The ladies all took liberty to play with my tail or run their hands over my exposed bum. I didn't resist any kind of stimulation was welcomed. I cleared off the table as the ladies retired to the livingroom. My Mistress put on some music and said to me " Its time for the entertainment." She took ahold of her property and looked me right in the eye and said " Do anything you want to make us all wet except No Touching Anyone " She sat down again as I stood infront of these five women. I looked at my Wife and thought what do you want me to do? I than said to my self " If you want a show I'll give you a show"

    I started to dance to the music as a stripper would. I removed the bra and pinched my nipples hard. Shrekes were heard from the audience, I pinched them some more as my bra fell to the floor, I ran my hands around the band of my thong lowering it than putting it back inplace. Terri and Carla were cheering, I was getting wet. I removed my panties and tossed them to Terri. I continued to run my hands over my body, I even got on the coffee table right in front of our newest guest. Shaking my cage infront of her. I reached back and gave my back side a hard slap, she shivered with excitement. A slapped my backside again. I was getting wetter and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. I crawled up onto the arms of the chair she was sitting in being very careful not to touch her. My tail dragged across her breasts as my cage was only inches away from her mouth. I say a small drop of precum ready to drip from the end. She would have nothing of this and licked it off the tip. I raised my self up saying "No touching"

    As the song ended I got off the chair and went to the bed room. I returned with a large dildo that I stuck to the coffee table and a couple of paddles, and the Cane. I was excited and It had been along time since I was in control so I was going to make the best of it. I looked over at my Mistress who had one hand under her dress and a huge smile on her face. Terri had removed her pants and was holding nothing back. The other ladies were trying to be Conservative. I wasn't as I tanned my backside, displaying it right infront of everyone. I rode the dildo on the coffee table like it was the last chance I'd ever have to Recieve pleasure. Slowing down many times to avoid cumming. I was sure that wasn't allowed. For over an hour I entertained these ladies making them all wet I was Sure of that. My bum was sore from riding the dildo and from my spanking of it but the looks on their faces it was worth it.

    To end my performance I placed the cane on the coffee table and said " Feel free to show your appreciation " I than put my hands on the wall and stuck my back side out. I waited for a long time without moving before I felt the first strokes of the cane. They all showed their appreciation but they all took it easy on me. My Mistress was last. She took the cane and said " Your performance was a 10, so you'll get 10 stokes." I cried out as she applied the first stroke, she was holding nothing back. All 10 were delivered with force, my face was wet with tears as I turned around to face the Ladies. My Mistress had put the final touch on a great evening.
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  12. After the ladies left I started to cleanup as I normally do. My lovely wife came and told me to co e to bed that it could wait until tomorrow. As we cuddled into bed she told me to lay on my stomach so she could put some lotion on my bum. The feel of her hands and the cooling sensation of the lotion felt good but it was nothing compared to the pleasure I received as she lowered her lips to my tender flesh and licked me. She rimmed my tender flesh causing me to gasp and my cock to try and get instantly hard. It had been so long since she had done this to me that I had forgotten how good it felt. I just relaxed and enjoyed the rimming not wanting it to stop.

    In my Mistresses own words. " After a performance like that everyone deserves a little oral"
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  13. @Mash2214@Mash2214 please when your Mistress gived you hair remover cream to put on your bits well didn't it hurt a lot cos its a bit danger to put that cream on them bits. eeeeeeek
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  14. I know what your saying. I experimented with it first going a couple minutes at a time and I've had no problems with burning or even reddening. Maybe it's because I've been shaving for a few years or I'm getting older. After the cream I shower and use a razor to get any hair I missed than use a soothing balm. Like I said I've had no problems. The result is very smooth
  15. I believe the silent treatment, no touch time is over. This morning Mistress had me join her for breakfast followed by her telling me to Present Myself. I was kneeling on the floor with my head down while she got ready for work. She applied a soothing oil to my backside and slid a prostate stimulating plug into me and said "That I'll keep you ready till tonight"

    As I'm sitting here now I'm enjoying the feeling of the plug stimulating me. It's making my cage tight and me wet. I can't wait till tonight.
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  16. So glad your still sharing your wild ride with us, thanks so much!
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  17. It hasn't been very wild lately. Things did get aLittle exciting on Sunday. I'm just hopeing that my Mistress is over being upset with me and giving me the no touch no talk treatment. I think it's over but time will tell. Thank You for your support.
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  18. That was quite an experience Mash. Your performance pushed all my submissive buttons! I enjoyed your telling of it, especially since it is very unlikely my Mistress would have me put on such a display as much as I would totally love to. Thanks for sharing it.
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  19. It felt good to be free to do what ever I wanted. It was almost like I wasn't being comtroled I could just be a little slutty. The best part was that my Mistress was Pleased and I think everyone else was to.
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  20. Last night when my Mistress came home I greeted her at the door on my knees holding up a glass of Scotch for her. I still had the plug in as instructed by her. As I was kneeling my caged cock was dripping onto the floor. She just rubbed her boot against her property making the cage even tighter. I removed her boots and kissed her feet. She left me kneeling at the door till she called me to the table my cage was getting uncomfortably tight in anticipation of what was going to happen.

    After supper she escorted me to the bed room and told me to get in position on the bed and pull my legs up. She put on her Strap on and took ahold of the but plug and pushed moved it around for awhile before removing it. She than applied some lube to her cock and slid it into me in one slow steady motion. I tightened myself around her cock enjoying the feeling of being filled. She made slow passionate love to me bringing me to the edge more than once but not allowing me to cum. I didn't want her to make me cum I wanted the pleasure to continue on and on. She didn't disappoint me as she removed her cock and went to clean up. When she returned I was still on the bed and she was still wearing the strapon. The words she spoke were simple. " Suck my cock little boy "

    I didn't disappoint her as I took her cock deep into my mouth devouring it like it was the only thing that mattered. As I sucked on her she ran her fingers through my hair. She was pleased with me.
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  21. Yesterday morning I awoke before my Mistress as usual it was 7:30. I was just getting out of bed when she got up and told me to lay on my front in the middle of the bed.

    I instantly became excited it's not very often she does something like this to me. She propped up my backside with a couple pillows. Put a blindfold on me. Fastened the spreader bar to my ankles, than fastened the wrist restraints to my wrists. She told me to hold onto the bars of the head board as she fastened the chain of the wrist restraints to the head board. When I heard the sound of the lock clicking shut I became wet I was hers to do with as she pleased.

    She than left the room for a few minutes, when she returned I expected to feel the sting of the strap so I was surprised when she started to massage my back and shoulders. It felt good to Recieve a massage. She left the room again. After awhile she returned and said "Are you ready "

    I responded "Yes Ma'am " I could hear her tapping something against her hand. Thinking it was a paddle or a strap. She than said "Your little love hole looks so inviting" she than touched it with a vibrator sending pleasure totally through me. Again she left the room. The vibrator continued to stimulate me but I wanted it inside me to have it stimulate me more deeply,but no matter how much I moved I could get it any deeper in. I was trying to break the bars of my cage as my erection was fighting the steel. She came back into the room and removed the vibrator, I pushed my bum upwards hopeing she would put it inside me. I felt nothing. She had once again left the room leaving me to look for something that wasn't there. I relaxed and waited for her return as my erection started to subside. It was along time till she returned, I became instantly excited again.

    "Is this what you want " she said as she tapped the cane on my backside.
    "Yes Mistress, Take me " I responded almost begging for her to spank me or penetrate me , anything. She tapped the cane harder on my backside, just hard enough that I could feel it but not hard enough to hurt. I wanted more as I raised my backside up into the air. She continued just tapping the cane on my backside.
    I begged to her "Please Cane me Mistress" she tapped me a few more times than stopped and said "Later" she than placed the cane between my cheeks and left the room. I waited for her return holding the cane in place.

    I heard her car start, I though yes she's going to cane me just before she leaves for work. The next thing I heard was the front door closing and her driving away.

    She couldn't leave me like this chained to the bed. I panicked there was no way I could stay like this all day, than it acured to me she was just playing with me she was just making me think she drove away and would walk back and come in and surprise me. I waited, and waited a long time had passed and I was starting to get more concerned that she had left me for the day. My bladder was getting ready to explode, since I hadn't had a pee this morning yet,Ii couldn't hold it much longer I started to panic again and let go of the bars on the headboard and pulled on the chain. It Came Free. I removed the blindfold and looked at chain holding me to the headboard, I had never been secured to it, I had been free all this time.

    I pulled my legs up and started to undo the spreader bar, I was to late as I released my bladder, I was peeing all over myself and the bed, I was embarrassed and ashamed at what I had done. As I was cleaning up i remained as hard as my cage would allow just thinking about how my Mistress had controlled me and tricked me.
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  22. When my Mistress came home last night I met her at the door on my knees with my head down. After removing her boots I told her what I had done after she left and waited for her response. She walked past me and left me kneeling at the door. When she returned she had the cane and a hand full of cloths pins in her other hand. She led me to the middle of the livingroom and said. "This morning you were begging me to cane you correct"
    Yes Ma'am I answered
    She added " you peed in our bed this morning correct "
    Yes Ma'am
    Your punishment will be 20 pins on in 20 minutes, 10 cane strokes, than 20 minutes to remove the pins. I'm being easy on you because you also were under your internet time for November.
    Thank you Ma'am I responded. I applied the pins to her property than bent over the chair for the cane. I was shaking as she prepared to give me the first stroke. When I heard the swish and felt the cane on my backside I was surprised it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. She applied the remaining strokes in the same manor they hurt but nothing compared to how much they could have. She had takes it easy on me. After I removed the last pin and layed it on the table she took ahold of her property and said " Good boy. Now come with me you have a Pussy to lick "
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  23. Well to add to my last post almost a week ago. Mistress enjoyed the oral service orgasm last Thirsday. I also had the priveledge of serving in her in this way on on Sunday evening. She also received three massages, or should I say 1.25 massages. when I give her a massage I start with her back, than her arms , legs and finish with her feet. The reason I say 1.25 is on Friday she stayed awake for the whole massage. On Sunday she was asleep after finishing her back and on Tuesday she fell asleep while I was doing her arms. I've gotten very use to her sleeping through her massages I guess I must be doing something Right. Ha

    As for what kind of stimulation I've received in the past 5 days. Besides the massages I spent two mornings standing in the corner and Monday morning I was on the floor in my "Present myself Position " for aver an hour. When she left for the day all she said to me was " put a plug in that Ass, maybe I'll do something to it tonight." When she came home she was tired and went to bed early.

    So that sort of sums up my week, not very exciting I know. Since Carla has gotten serios with Brian and Terrie who really knows where or what she's up to. My life is all about serving my Mistress and her needs. In case your wondering she never removed my cage.
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  24. Glad to hear everyone is getting along so well. Sounds good to me.
  25. This morning while Mistress was eating breakfast she told me to go take a shower because I was coming with her to her office this morning.

    Going to her office isn't that unusual but having a shower first was. I take care of a lot of the maintenance at her office since we own the building if I can fix things myself it's better than hiring someone. So you see my reason why showering first didn't make sense. When I stepped out of the shower She was waiting for me with my clothes. Lace panties as usual but she also was holding the bra from last week. I just looked at her pleading to her with my eyes that I didn't want to wear the Bra. She knew what I was thinking and said " Unless you want to wear the tail also you will put this on Now" as she tossed it to me. I looked at her than at the Bra and did as she ordered.

    The rest of my wardrobe wasn't anything exciting just jeans and a T shirt (Thank God ) but when I put the shirt on you could tell that I had something on under neither. I was thankful that it is winter here and I would have to wear a coat.

    When we were almost at her office she pulled into the mall parking lot first. "We have some shopping to do first " walking through the mall with my lovely wife was terrifying at first. It reminded me of the first time I went out in public wearing my cage. I thought everyone could tell what was under my cloths. When I walked past a mirror I looked at my reflection and it showed nothing out of the ordinary. You couldn't tell what I was wearing under my shirt. Mistress did buy a few things but nothing important that I had to be their with her. As we walked back to the car she asked me if I was scared. I responded "Yes Ma'am " what I didn't tell her was that the front of my panties were wet and my cage was uncomfortable and tighter than normal. Something's are better un said.

    We drove to her office and she handed me a shopping list for groceries with these instructions" Get everything on the list before you go home and Pick me up for supper". Filling the list was a challenge I had to ask for assistance twice to get everything on the list but I was succesful. I was very thankful that I was wearing a coat but by the time I was leaving the store my panties were very wet.
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