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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. A lovely act of both love and submission
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  2. Damn, I'm really proud of you, Mash. That took a lot of courage, and you did what needed to be done, when it needed to be done.
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  3. Mash2214: Your post made me very happy, I love to hear about loving couples, what you have done for your Mistress is something that few would do, men or women, you are very brave and kind, true love make us better, people like you and her make a better world.
  5. Thank You to everyone for your kind words, I didn't think it was that big of a deal it's not like it was the first time she spanked me. It maybe me happy that she wasn't angry when she arrived at work. The dozen roses that were waiting for her helped. You know when you deal with the same Florest for many years and you ask for an immediate delivery they do their best to deliver for you. When she came home she rubbed some lotion into my backside after we had a discussion over who should go first. I was first because I said she would fall asleep during her massage and she did.
    She was very thankful for what I did for her and said she'll think of something when I'm unlocked for my obedience training on the weekend but I still have to wear the plug as she previously said untill then. It felt real good to finally remove it today it hasn't been a very enjoyable experience but it's only 3 more days.
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  6. The orgasm you were allowed the other day must have felt so wonderful. I hope I can experience that some day. Wearing the plug each day for all those hours I believe is further preparing you for whats in the future as well. Your little fun hole will never be quite the same after this week. Now it will always be ready for her, as you will see. The week is almost done. :rolleyes: Hang in there.
  7. Awesome loving post!
  8. Yes the Orgasm I received was amazing. To cum without even having your penise stimulated is something I would recommend to everyone to experience in their life.

    I never thought that wearing a plug all day for a week was preparing me for what's in the future. I thought more that it was her way of showing control. You may be right. She may be preparing me for something I should mention that the plug she has me wear has a small base that doesn't keep me stretched very much. The width or girth is inside me which isn't very comfortable after a while I can't wait to remove it in the evening. As far as being always ready for her I think I would like that.
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  9. Thursday evening I had everything ready for supper. Mistress normally doesn't get home untill 7:30 so I have supper ready. It was 5:30 and I was just waiting till 6:00 so I could take out the irritating But Plug. I received this text from my Mistress " Terrie is coming for a massage at 7:00 leave your bum plugged till after her massage. love Ya " that was good news and Bad.

    I prepared the table for Terrie and was excited as she entered, it had been a long time since I'd given her a massage and I was excitedly looking forward to it. She came into our massage room totally nude, my cage tightened but instead of getting on the table she she came right in front of me took ahold of my cage and said. " your Mistress said you were a Little Tight, I like It," she than ran her hand between my cheeks feeling the end of the plug and ran her fingers over my cheeks. " Plugged and paddled, my my what have I been missing" she added.

    When she got on the table I became instantly excited, just to run my hands over her tight body was a pleasure for me. I massaged her back and slid my hands down to caress her tight ass like I normally would do. As I touched her cheeks she stopped me. "No touching my private parts, just a massage " she instructed me. I was disappointed but as I continued the massage my cage was still as tight as it could get and my precum was dripping off the end. It was almost 8:00 when I finished her massage and my Mistress had already come home. As Terrie was getting dressed she came into the room. The two ladies shared a passionate hug and Terrie complemented her on putting me in a smaller cage and the plug.

    Mistress responded by saying " I've also have something else to show you as she led me into the livingroom." She than stood right in front of me eye to eye and with a very Mysterious Grin said " Present yourself" I knelt down in front of her and got into position. I stayed in position as instructed till 9:00 as they visited and talked about me as though I wasn't their, fully exposed hiding nothing.
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  10. Saturday evening arrived and it was time that I could remove my But plug. Mistress was lounging on the couch as the clock reached 6:00. I went and removed the plug and cleaned up, I was so glad to finally have the week over with. As I excited the washroom Mistress called me into the bed room. When I say her standing there it was clear what was going to happen.

    The stap on that she was wearing was larger than anything she had ever used on me before. It was larger than I could ever dream of becoming. Tears came to my eyes as I layed on the bed and pulled my legs up. She slid into me with very little effort. She penetrated me for awhile but never giving me enough stimulation to reach an Orgasm untill she stopped. i was glad that it was over and my week of wearing the butt plug was over. As Mistress crawled into bed she Kissed me and said " Tomorrow I have a reword for you."
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  11. Sunday morning as usual I was awake before Mistress. When she awoke she came to me with a big smile on her face and asked if I was ready for my surprise. I simply answered "Yes Ma'am " her surprise was simple. She removed my cage and it would stay off all day or untill it got aroused. To spend the whole day uncaged was something I hadn't experienced in a very long time. Just the thought of it caused me to stir and start to get aroused, I quickly got my emotions under control so I wouldn't ruin the entire day.

    The day was interesting but difficult. Mistress never touched me did anything to try and get me excited. I just went about doing every day things with only one difference I was unlocked. Just the feeling of having my penise move freely was difficult enough without Mistress doing anything to excite me. I was free from 8:00 till 8:00 with out getting an erection. In one way I felt like I had succeeded and in another way I felt like I had Failed. It was a very different day.

    Shortly after 8:00 Mistress said it was time to lock up she hande me the short cage with the tube installed in it. I put the ring on and slid the tube into my penise untill it was all the way in and locked the cage. I handed the key to my Mistress and thanked her for Locking me back up. It had been nice to be free for the day but being locked up just seemed to be right.
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  12. As my Mistress was leaving for work this morning after a routine morning she gave her property a little squeeze and ran her finger between my cheeks just touching my pleasure hole. She than gave me a big hug and with a huge smile on her face said " My Perfect Little Boy"

    As she drove away I was standing in the window wearing a blue lace thong, a cage and tube that were to small to allow any kind of growth and my bum hole that still hadn't gotten over the week of wearing the Plug. I also had a smile on my face because I am Her little boy.

    I was just starting to clean up the kitchen when I received a text from her that said " Send me a picture of my little boy with a Red Bum. Just to make my Day"

    She was pleased with the picture. I didn't disappoint her
  13. When we go to sleep at night we dream. Sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we don't. Sometimes i even dream about weird and strange things that I have No idea where they came from. Last night I had a dream that was terrifying and also humours.

    I simply dreamt that I was laying in bed and I could feel my self starting to get an erection. So I did what most men probable do I reached down to give myself a few good strokes. When my hand got to my penise it was GONE it wasn't their. I frantically tryed to find it but it wasn't above my testicals as it normally was it had been Removed. As I continued to frantically search for my Penise with my hand I went from dreaming to being awake. I was already sweating when I found my penise where it should be. It was Locked in its cage trying to get hard. As I relaxed and thought that it was only a Dream I couldn't help but see the humour in it.

    After my Misstress got up I told her about my scary dream and how it seemed real. We shared a good laugh and then she went to have a shower. I heard her start the shower than she poked her head out the door and still laughing said " Maybe we should remove it " I never said a word but the look on my face should have been clear that removing it was not up for discussion.
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  14. I know exactly what you just went through. I had a similar dream, in which Elle took me to a pro-Domme, something she has said she wants to do, and had me castrated. This is not an impossible thing to happen as Elle has a few surgeons as personal friends. I told Elle about the dream and was startled by how turned on she was by the whole thing. Like your Wife she then started talking about actually having me castrated, and still teases me about it occasionally, cupping my testicles and musing about having them removed.

    I can top dream that though, many people actually get castrated, but my other crazy dream is something that came out of nowhere and I have never heard of anything like it actually happening. The basis for the dream came from my actual reason for being in a chastity device which was to hide my modified glans from Elle, so she didn't have to see what I had done to it. Again my dream took place at a pro-Domme's but this time my treatment was utterly different and bizarre.

    My penis was sliced in half from the tip of my glans all the way down to my balls. A chastity device was then fixed to me so that a steel plate kept each half separate from each other, the plate had a urethral tube replacement as mine was now defunct. The device had a cage that went around the upside of my penis like a usual device, but it also had steel bolts that pierced the shaft of my penis, went through the central steel plate and out the other side. There was no escape from what had been done to me. The steel plate would ensure that there was no chance that my penis could heal and would forever separate the halves. During the operation to fix the device to me Elle was joining in, helping the surgeon, actually doing the cutting and piercing, telling me that as I had partially ruined my penis she might as well finish the job and do it properly.

    Where on earth did that dream come from? As I say, castration I can understand, but a device that sits in between a split penis and is screwed into place with piercings going through the shaft of the penis? I've never heard of anything like that, so where did my fevered imagination get the idea from?
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  15. Yup your dream Trumps mine big time. Sometimes it's good if Dreams DON'T come true. Thanks for sharing it with me and No I'm not going to tell my Mistress about it having her think about having my penise removed is bad enough LOL
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  16. Some things are indeed best kept to ourselves!
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  17. It's been 4 days since in my Mistress's words. I've been her perfect little boy. The small cage that I had become use to last week seems to be even tighter with the tube in it. My Mistress seems to be really enjoying the new setup. She's been caressing me a lot more than she has in months and while she's doing this she always has a smile on her face, not that she wasn't happy before but now she just has that glow about her. It makes me happy to see her this excited over having me locked in the small cage. She has caressed me to the point of trying to get hard which isn't no longer possible.

    She did give me some pleasure last night before bed. She allowed me to mount a dildo that she had stuck to the edge of the coffee table. As I lowered my love hole onto the dildo she just sat back and watched. I lowered my self till it was all the way in than raised myself up till it almost came out of my love hole with long slow strokes,over and over again, my caged package was dripping onto the floor till she stopped me before I had an accident.

    She hasn't said when or if she's going to remove the tube from my penise, so I will just have to remain her ,Perfect Little Boy
  18. I've enjoyed reading about how your Mistress teases you and keeps you on the edge Mash.
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  19. Thanks @Penney@Penney i enjoy when she teases me to. This last weekend when she had me unlocked but never so much as touched me just didn't seem right. It gives me more pleasure if I'm locked and she does even the smallest of things to make me wet or start to grow so that my cage gets snug. I'm starting to not want to be unlocked it just doesn't feel right.
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  20. I know what you mean. It's funny how after you have been locked for a while it feels odd to be out. Definitely a love hate thing. I'm starting on month three...icks!
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  21. After having the priveledge to orally service my Mistress this morning I was standing with my hands behind my back beside her as she was having breakfast. This being the normal position for me to be in. She than reached over and pulled my panties down and gently squeezed her property. She than said. " I was just wondering. During your dream where your testicals also removed or was it just your penise" I got a lump in my throat as I answered "Just my penise"

    She started to pull down firmly on her property and added " if we removed both you wouldn't have to wear a cage any more." She than looked up at me with that mysterious look on her face and said. " just think how smooth you' would be" she than released her property and told me to go and get the suction cup dildo.

    As I went to get the dildo I was trembling over what she had said. I know she's only messing with my mind but it still having an effect on me. I returned with the dildo. She told me to" Stick it to the fridge than kneel and suck on it" I stuck it to the fridge than knelt to follow her instructions. As I was sucking on the dildo I couldn't get what she had said earlier out of my mind. Even though I was visually pleasing my Mistress it wasn't causing me to get even the slightest bit excited. After a few minutes of sucking she had me turn around and mount the dildo. I slide my self back until my cheeks contacted the cold fridge I rode the rubber cock as best I could moving away till it almost came out of me before thrusting my self back onto it. I looked over at my Mistress who was resting her head in her hands staring at me pleasuring my self. I was getting close to an orgasm when she stopped me and told me to remove myself from the dildo and present myself. I got into position spreading my cheeks apart for her. She walked by me and simply said. "You will remain in this position untill I leave"
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  22. I have seen pictures of men who have been both castrated and had a penectomy.

    Just saying.
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  23. Your not making me feel any better if that's what your trying to do. :confused:
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  24. It's quite a mind trip when our wives or partners do things like this. Especially when, like our wives, we cannot tell if they are being serious! It does demonstrate how well they can press our buttons. Also it does make us question our own thoughts and ideas, and our limits. Are they being serious? Would we agree? How real is all this chastity, femdom, FLR stuff anyway?

    It is good to think about all of this rather than just get swallowed up by the fantasy element of what is being done to us.

    For instance I fantasize about being spanked but I am not sure I could endure what you are put through. But I might not have a choice. A few nights ago Elle really spanked me with her hand for the first time after I had been a bit cheeky. Nothing close to what is done to you, but she did it and it raised the bar with regards to one of her own personal limits, which was to do something that caused me pain. This was one of hard limits not long ago and that has obviously changed.

    I have already learned that this journey I am on with her has gone to places I never expected. So when she mentions having me castrated I do look at her with a half smile, hoping that she is joking but also knowing she doesn't tend to say something unless she means it, and she has friends who could potentially make it a reality.
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  25. To put your mind at rest none of the pictures I saw of men who had both testicles and penis removed looked smooth. It looked like a mess to be honest. Castrations done by a real surgeon tend to leave the empty scrotum which isn't something many women would find appealing either, and none of the penectomies were carried out professionally. They left a stump that would not be as aesthetic as your Wife might think, so even if the scrotum was removed like it is done in genital reassignment surgery it still wouldn't look like how your wife imagined it.
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