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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

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    It's funny isnt it what makes us tick? I can well imagine that need for the situation to be experienced through the lens of your wife's involvement.
    There are various levels that can be envisaged -
    Right there pushing your head
    Sitting back watching and giving verbal encouragement
    Sitting there silently
    Starting you off and then leaving the room for a while
    Starting you off and then leaving the house
    Being there on skype from another location

    It's a very interesting conundrum for which answers are not required.
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  2. She has had me orally service a man before but she was their to watch it. I don't know what enjoyment she would get when she's a hundred miles away. It wasn't so much the act that was disturbing it was more that I was being forced to do it. The balance between serving my Mistress and making her happy and not having what I'm doing bother me is always a challenge as I think it would be for anyone in a similiar situation. Could it happen again. I don't think so but you never know.
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    Phew, after all the goings on, I would think she would need a hearty breakfast.
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  4. She does eat a good Breakfast. She's one of those people that believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's nice to help her get her day off to a good start.
  5. Hi Mash , I think it is a good thing that you have been able to talk to your mistress about how you felt about things , sometimes we don't know for sure where limits are until we reach them , finding them can be part of a learning curve for both people in any relationship , but once limits are established it can give both in the relationship a sound framework for ideas and activities to be enjoyed without placing them somewhere they really don't want to be or go , taking things to the very edge can be both exiting and exhilarating but going over that edge can result in just the opposite , its so important to know where that edge is and stay within it ,
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  6. I'm very happy for you and her, the most important thing is to feel that you are supported and loved, talking is the way.
  7. Thank you for your comment. We have been together all our lives so this is t the first time that we've had something happen that caused stress in our relationship. The important thing is that we are one together and no matter what issue arises it can be dealt with if you love and care about each other and communicate.
  8. Something exciting did happen yesterday. I had to go into the city so I thought I would stop by my Wife's office and surprise her with Floweres and take her out for lunch. Giving her flowers isn't much of a surprise since I have them delivered to her office on a regular bases. It makes her happy when she has flowers. And you know the saying " happy Mistress Happy Sub. ". For me to deliver them is totally a surprise, I don't go into the city very often.

    When I arrived at her office the surprise was on me she wasn't even their she had to leave on business and would be gone most of the day. The exciting part was that Carla was also their and wasn't busy so we went out for lunch. It had been a long time since we had spent any time together so we had a lot of catching up to do. Her relationship with Brian is getting very serious their spending almost all their time together. I teased her that she dropped me for a younger Man. We had a good laugh about it. She also told me that their experimenting with having him locked up for short periods of time so far she's had him locked for 2 days in a row. She said he didn't get much sleep during the night not necessarily because of the discomfort of the cage but more because she wouldn't stop teasing him.

    We had a good time together and agreed that we need to make more of an effort to get together sometime soon.
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  9. Hi @Mash2214@Mash2214 As the last few weeks have gone by, I can't help but remember your post about how you thought your Miss. probably realized that the thought of getting paddled was actually enticing or exciting to you. And as a result, she switched to using a cane. She was already focused on trying to see what your limits were then. As you have proven thru your self control, the cane is quite effective. I know the difference. I am sorry you felt so distressed during the message. Once again, she was still highly focused on testing you and pushing you to new limits. She clearly enjoys being in control. Did you ever find out who the guy you gave the message to was and where he was from ?. Hope I'm not out of line asking that . Just glad to hear all is still well in your world. Stay in touch.
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  10. I haven't asked who he was. I'm not sure I really want to know. I'm hoping that part of my life is behind me and won't be repeated.
  11. Wow I've never spent that much time in a Bar before without having even one Drink. If you talk about drinking do you still get some of the effects from it, like when you talk about sex and get aroused and wet ?

    To be honest it's 2:15 am and I couldn't sleep my cage was a little uncomfortable. You would think that after being locked for a long time sleeping through the night wouldn't be an issue anymore. Sometimes you just need to get up for a little while. Good Night
  12. I'll, please give me some time to catch op >> 700 posts :)
  13. Glad Carla finally locked Brian up!
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  14. Brian will be another happy caged fella being submitted by Carla, that lovely lady.
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  15. It's nice when we can have a weekend together, during the week we don't have a lot of time for extended intimacy or teasing. Mistress does enjoy her morning Orgasm as she relaxes on the bed before going to work and most evenings end with her receiving a massage or a relaxing foot rub. Please don't take this the wrong way I'm not complaining, it a pleasure for me to serve her.
    Yesterday I was awake before her as usual. I was just reading when she came into the livingroom and said. " Go prepare yourself and then Present yourself to me". I became instantly excited and tried to get erect inside my cage. I wasted no time preparing my self for my Mistress. I presented my self as she instructed, nude, kneeling, legs spread, face to the floor with my hands holding my cheeks apart. My cage was tight as precum dripped onto the floor as I waited for my Mistress. When she came into the room she ran her finger between my cheeks and said " Good little Boy " she than went about her morning routine as I waited in anticipation. When she returned to me almost an hour later I was almost shaking with excitement as she once again ran her finger between my cheeks. She than said " I'm going to give you pleasure. But first I'm going to tenderize you."
    The pain was intense as she tenderized me between my cheeks with the cane. As much as it hurt I didn't want her to stop. It had been awhile since she had spanked me or givin me any kind of stimulation. When she finally stopped I had made to small puddles on the floor. She than rubbed some oil between my cheeks that soothed the sting of the cane. I remained in position as Mistress went into the bed room. When she returned she knelt behind me and placed her hands on my hips. I knew what was coming next. She slowly entered me, sliding herself into my pleasure hole until her hips touched my cheeks. The feeling was incredible as she slowly moved in and out of me. She went slow at first than than increased her pace. Small moans and screams escaped my lips not from pain but from pleasure. I thrust my hips back to meet her forward thrusts. The feeling was incredibl, than it happened I released my seed onto the floor. My muscles tightened around her as my Orgasm overtook me. She withdrew from me and placed her hand on my back. My first thought was that I had just cum without permission so I instantly responded " I'm So Sorry Mistress "
    She just rubbed my back and said " That's ok Little Boy, now Lick up the mess you made and join me in the shower."
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  16. After sharing a shower together. It's a common saying that you shower together to safe water. Well this isn't true. Anyone that's ever showered with a lovely lady knows that it takes more than twice as long or untill you run out of hot water as was our case.

    After our shower Mistress had me apply oils to every inch of her body and massage them in. I was just finishing her feet when she jumped up and said. " I have an idea " she then left me standing in the massage room alone. When she returned she told me to close my eyes and put my hands behind my head. She than started to fiddle with my cage. The next thing I new she had removed it and removed the ring. This caught me by surprise but I remember what she had told be last week that I was to keep her property pointing downward. What she said next surprised me even more. She said. " Since your 55 now and just had an Orgasm let's see how long it'll take for you to get hard, no touching allowed. Also the longer it takes the more times I'm going to Strap your Ass"
    I didn't know what to think. She wanted me to get hard. I tried to think of anything I could to get myself erect, if she wanted an erection I was going to give her one. I continued to try and force my self to get excited but my body was betraying me and wouldn't respond, if only I could touch myself. Finally I felt myself start to get hard, I never achieved a full erection but it was enough. "23 minutes " she said " Thats 23 strokes now you have five minutes to put this on or I'll double. " she than started to stroke me and whispered in my ear " if you fail they will be exta Hard " she released my cock as I looked down I was now fully erect. I also looked at the cage she had placed on the table it was the new shorter cage that she had had me wear for only a coupl days.
    First she wants me hard and now she wants me soft this is almost an impossible task. I looked at her and she had the biggest grin on her face that she could possibly have. Needless to say I failed. i finally got her property in the small cage and handed her the key. She took the key and hung it around her neck where it sat between her breasts.
    "Bend over" was all she said. The strapping was as she said it would be. The first 23 weren't that hard but the last 23 were much harder. Even though it hurt it was still some what enjoyable. After she finished she left me bent over the table, all I could think about was how much I loved her and how glad I was that she hadn't stuck to her original idea of keeping me permanently locked.
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  17. Congratulations on your hands free orgasm Mash. Good job.
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  18. Likewise, congrats. That was an earlier goal i recall. Luck you!
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  19. It was incredible. just to have an orgasm was a treat but to have one with out any penise stimulation was incredible.
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  20. Sumday afternoon i was rubbing Misstresses feet while watching a movie. I had been rubbing her feet for about an hour when she told me to stop and stand up. As I stood up she undid my pants and pulled down both my pants and panties. Then told me to go stand in the corner. i waddled over to the corner with my bum bared still showing the signs of yesterday's spanking. As I stood in the corner I could heat her doing something behind me, I couldn't tell by the sound exsactully what it was untill her jeans were laying at my feet. The next thing I heard was clear. "Dont you dare turn around "
    I stayed facing the corner as ordered. What followed was something I would have loved to have watched but knew better than to look. Mistress had taken one of her dildos and was Masterbating with it. Just the sound of her enjoying her self made my tiny cage extremely uncomfortable. Wearing a small cage isn't normally that uncomfortable but trying to get hard in it is a different story. By her sounds she was definitely enjoying her self I just wished I could have watched as she brought her self to an Orgasm. But just hearing it was was all I was allowed. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the corner with my pants and panties at my ankles. She never touched me or said I word to me but I was their for her. A bare bummed statue for her viewing pleasure and mine
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  21. As I'm sitting here on Monday Morning. I was reflecting back on the interesting weekend that I'd just enjoyed with my Mistress. She has allowed had me do a lot of very exciting things in the last six with other women and even other men. She's exposed me to many different people some whom I've known and some who I still don't know who they are. This has been an extremely exciting time but when I look back at this weekend when it was just the two of us it's a different kind of pleasure. It just seemed so right when I'm just serving her.
    I am so thankful for everything my Mistress does for and to me. I can't put into words how it makes me feel when she thinks of something new to do to me and she's as excited as a little girl on Christmas Morning.
    I just heard her alarm go off so she'll be up soon and our normally routine will start again, I'll get the priveledge of servicing her and maybe she'll have so thing for me to do, or maybe not it really doesn't matter. To serve her is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.
  22. Mistresses plan has been made clear to me

    This morning as I was doing the dishes and she was getting ready for her day. She came into the Kitchen and said "Present Yourself" I did as instructed removing my panties and kneeling on the floor with my legs and cheeks spread. She came back a few minutes later and said. " Since your not plugged in the front now. You need to be plugged in the back" she than inserted her lubed fingers into me to prepare me for the But Plug that she inserted. She than told me to listen as she explained her plan
    You will keep this plug in untill 6:00 in the evening and every evening this week, you will have it in by 8 in the morning every morning. This weekend after you've had a few days to get use to the small cage. I'll attach the tube to it and that's the way you'll be, my little locked and plugged boy Perfect. Any questions she asked. All I said was "Yes Ma'am " . Good she responded now get up. I got up and stood In front of her instinctively putting my hands behind my head. She reached down and squeezed her property and added. " On the weekends I'll remove your cage from my property for cleaning and your obedience training are you alright with that? " I simply answered Yes Ma'am.
    She than said "Perfect now get back to your dishes Little Boy" as I turned to walk away she gave me a hard slap on the backside I guess that was her way of sealing the deal. And here I thought I wasn't going to be locked up Permanently I guess I was wrong.
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  23. I've just inserted the But Plug as per my Mistresses instructions and to be perfectly honest I'm not looking forward to having it in place for 10 hours today and for 4 more days. Mistress has had me plugged before but it's been awhile since I've had it in for this long. For the first couple hours yesterday it was even stimulating but as the day went on I just wanted it out. I guess the good thing is that it's only till Sunday ( I hope) and the shorter cage is tight but it's comfortable. Sometimes even the simplest things are a test.
  24. i don't like them being in a long long time as well.
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  25. I just did something with my Mistress this morning that I thought would never happen.

    For anyone that's been following this thread you would already know that my Wife has a business and dealing with people is a major part of that business. You would also know that she is a loving,king generous person that people like to be around.

    Well this morning just before breakfast she received a phone call that changed her. She was to put it mildly Furious. this was a side of her that I hadn't seen in a very very long time. I tried to calm her in every way I could but wasn't successful. So just before she was leaving for work I was giving her a big hug and said to her " I Love You so Much, before you leave this house their is something you need to do " I than left her standing at the door and went to the bed room. When I returned I handed her the leather strap and said. "You need to release your anger before you leave this house, you know that we've talked about this before and that I'm here for you." I than handed her the strap and layed over the ottoman for her.
    She stood at the door for a few minutes before she came to me and released her anger on my backside. We both cried for different reasons. When she had finished and layed the strap down we hugged like we hadn't seen each other in years. She than said to me. " Thank you so much, I love you so much and I'll make this up to you"
    As she walked out the door she had tears in her eyes and one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen.
    I know this isn't a normal post for me and it may be not be what people expect. But when you give your heart and soul to someone and their happiness is the only thing that matters to you, when their angry and upset it hurts you also. If you have to endure a little physical pain to make them happy than its all worth it. I don't know what you really call it, caring, submission or Love and it really doesn't matter, she isn't angry anymore.