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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Dam fat fingers.
    Causing the part that was buried in and the part that was buried in her to stimulate different areas of us. My cage that was resting on her was Un believably tight and the moisture was leaving a small puddle on her pubic hair. I continued to rotate the phallius around as she started to thrust upward trying to push herself even deeper into my love hole. I moved up and down slightly, sliding up her cock and pushing my self back down as she was pushing upward. The feeling was incredible she was making love to me as my caged property was rubbing against her ready to break the bars that held it. She was bringing me closer and closer to cumming , she thrust her hips upward and held them their and squeezed her legs, layed her head back and moaned as she reached her orgasm.

    After having her orgasm she relaxed slightly as I continued to rotate and thrust her cock into me. Again she reached the peak of her passion. And than again. After her third orgasm she relaxed and while rubbing my thighs said. "That's enough". I didn't want to stop I wanted to continue untill I had acheived my own orgasm but that was not to be. I removed my self from her phallius and removed her part from her, I pulled up the covers and tucked her into bed. She layed their with a big smile on her face totally relaxed as content.

    As I was cleaning up and getting ready for bed I couldn't help but think about how good it had felt to make love to her in this way. I never received an Orgasm but was so pleased with the pleasure I had given her, my only regret was that couldn't feel her explode into me when she Orgasmed as a women feels when her man makes love to her.

    If this is what our life together has become, I think that I could be alright with it.
  2. Great post Mash , I especially like the way you were on top almost riding her strapon , and your mistress was laid back and comfortable but still controlling things , but then I am biased , strapon play and pegging are one of my favourite things
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  3. I hope you'll eventually be able to orgasm this way, great post as always!
  4. Mash great post. You are absolutely going to be able to orgasm like this you lucky man. It will get easier and easier once you have achieved the first one. What a sexy wife you have. "Make love to me", I love it.
  5. It's been a week since we've heard from Mash. Hoping you survived the weekend.
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  6. My apologies for seeming to have dropped off the Face of the Earth. We had a very serious situation arise in our life with my Wife's Mother. She is alright now. We have been tending to her needs for the past while so having any kind of sexual interaction with each other hasnt been very important. Things have started to get back to normal the last couple days with her Mothers situation getting much better. My Apologies again for not updating this thread.
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  7. Mash welcome back , I am very sorry to hear about the situation that arose with your wife's mother , but pleased to hear she is now O.K , hoping things soon get back to normal for you all , please accept my very best wishes , my thoughts are with you all , Regards Ian
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  8. Walcome back
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  9. WOW and she is Vanilla what happens when she gets into it
  10. And Welcome back to you. I hope you had a great time on your Vacation.
  11. I guess some of you are curios about what happened when Carla and Brian spent the night.

    They came for supper and after supper I was doing up the dishes while Brian was helping to gather the dishes and was just talking with me as I was doing the dishes. The Ladies had disappeared into the bed room. I was almost done the dishes when the Ladies came into the kitchen. My Wife was wearing a house coat and Carla was wearing a Silk Kamono that I had bought for my wife many years ago ( she doesn't wear it any more because it's shrunk from being hanging in the closet for many years ). Both ladies than dropped the little clothing they had on and stood infront of us totally naked. I also noticed that both of them had removed all their pubic hair. They turned and walked away as my wife said "When your done the dishes come join us in the Hot Tub."

    It was obvious that Brian was excited as I could see his pants start to rise. I on the other hand didn't share in the Excitment since my Mistress had reddened my Backside earlier and now she was wanting me to expose it to both Carla and Brian. We were at the hot tub I and Brian removed his cloths displaying his hard cock as he climbed into the tub and cuddled up to Carla. I removed my clothes as my Mistress was staring at Brian's nakedness. I climbed into the tub while my cage and red bum were definitely noticeable to everyone. I was no sooner seated when I was asked or told to go get some drinks, once again exposing my self to everyone.

    The rest of the evening was more general conversation with everyone getting to know each other allot better. Chastity was talked about alittle as it was just another subject. It was also obvious that Carla and Brian's hands were caressing each other under the warm water. After a couple hours of sitting in the warm water, aside from my frequent trips to refresh everyone's drink, my wife said that we were going to go to bed and that they were welcome to stay in the hot tub as long as they wanted.

    When we got into the bed room Mistress layed on the bed for me to give her some oral pleasure. I was more than eager to put my lips to hers and bring her to to glorious Orgasms. We than cuddled into bed as Carla and Brian were still out side. As I cuddled in behind my lovely wife she said to me. " after seeing Brian's hard cock I kept thinking about how much I'd like to suck on a cock" when I heard this I instantly became hard trying to brake the steel bars of my cage, I was finally going to feel her lips on my cock again. Her next comment caused me to soften. She said " but since I'm not sucking on you anymore I'm going to ask Carla if I can give Brian a Blow Job. Maybe she'll let you watch "

    It took a long time for me to fall asleep as I contemplated my new position in life. We never made it to the next morning as the phone rang during the night, about her Mother. We were gone in minutes leaving Brian and Carla at our house.

    This was one of those times when owning an airplane is a huge asset. When you need to travel a long distance in a short time. Things are better now with her Mother so our life will be returning to normal again what ever that normal will be.
  12. Hoping all your problems will be soon solved
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  13. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family.
  14. wow ... best wishes and prayers for your wifes mother!! No worries on not posting .... .LIFE happens and ya gotta deal with the curveballs.

    Thanks for the updates! :)
  15. Life has returned almost normal. My Wife is going to go spend some time with her mother on the weekends but during the week she is still going to be going to work.

    Mistress has adjusted her mornings to include at least 30 minutes of oral stimulation. I've also been looking forward to this intimate time. Giving her one or more orgasms in the morning gives me the satisfaction that she will be happy all day. I feel better about my day knowing that she's enjoying hers.

    The last couple days when she was eating her breakfast she's had me mount the large Butt Plug and sit beside her stimulating myself by moving my hips around and moving up and down on the Dildo buried deep inside me. She doesn't allow me to touch myself when I'm performing for her and always stops me before I get close enough to have an Orgasm. She enjoys watching we take myself to the edge but never allowed to go over. This morning she was touching herself while she watched me causing me to get excited faster than normal.

    She hasn't mentioned anything more about giving Brian a BlowJob, I only know that if she wants to suck on someone's cock that it's not going to be mine. I'm not sure how I'll handle watching her suck on someone else but I'm sure I'm going to find out soon.

    Tomorrow being Friday she'll be leaving right after work and will be away untill Sunday night. She told me as she was leaving this morning that she was having someone stay with me for the weekend and they were going to do something To me that I would never expect. I don't know if I should be scared or excited.
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  16. Hi mash , pleased to hear things are getting back to normal for you all . I think I would have very mixed feelings about my mistress giving someone else a blow job , and much the same as you have said don't know how I would handle it in reality , I just hope if it dose happen in your case it wont have any negative effects for you , As to the person staying with you at the weekend and what will happen I think given what you have experienced recently I would feel more scared than excited
  17. Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure how to handle her giving someone else a blowjob but I have to keep reminding myself that she's allowed me to service Terrie orally so I can really say anything if she wants to also service someone orally. About this weekend I was kind of leaning towards excited but now after reading your comment maybe I should be more scared. I'll find out on Saturday.
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    I thought you had a typo there for a moment and meant scarred. :)

    Whatever happens I'm sure it'll be fun.
  19. Glad things are better, good luck Fri!
  20. Any news, Mash?
  21. Ahahah everyone here is literally dying to know about your experiences!!
  22. I'm sorry if I haven't been posting enough. My life has gotten a lot busier I'm working on a new project that's taking a lot of my time.

    My Mistress went to work Friday as usuall with the normal traditions first. As she was leaving she told me to be cleaned shaved and laying on the massage table at 9:00 pm tonight because my guest would be arriving.

    I followed my instructions and heard the door open I thought I heard two people enter into the house, a few minutes later a women's hands were caressing my back side than whispered in my ear "Your mine all weekend to do as I Please " the Voice was Terrie whom I have hardly seen since her so called Lingeriu party. She said to me" I'm going to torment you all weekend." My expectations of Excitment turned more towards fears. She than fastened cuffs on my wrists and ankles than fastened me to the table. I wasn't going anywhere unless she wanted me to. Even though I was a little worried I was excited and my cage was getting very uncomfortable.

    The first thing she said she was going to do is Warm Me Up. She than proceeded to tan my backside and upper thighs with a strap. It had been awhile since my Mistress had spanked me with everything else going on in our life's. The strapping hurt but excited me as I started to make a wet spot on the table. After I was tanned she applied oil to my backside and legs causing it to sting. She than left the room. When she returned about an hour later she wasn't alone Paul her part time Submisive was also with her. She ordered him to lick me.

    His tounge felt good as he licked up and dome my crack and entering into my bum hole. It had been a very long time since anyone had rimmed me that I had almost forgotten how good it felt. He rimmed me for a while pushing his tounge as deep as he could into me. Terrie than stopped him stuck two or more fingers in me and said. " Tomorrow one of you is going to get a cock in the ass, but for now you only get this " she than inserted a plug into me and left the room.

    It was early in the morning when Paul woke me he was totally nude, his genital area was clean shaven and he wasn't wearing a cage. His cock was semi erect as I looked at it I thought about the last time I was Un caged a almost a month ago. After making breakfast for everyone and giving Terrie a good massage where I was not allowed to touch her private areas we went out side, were Terrie and Paul got into the hottub while I was told to stand and watch. I could see Terrie caressing Paul under the water making him hard. After a few minutes Terrie told me to go get a deck of cards and a large dildo and some lube. When I returned they were out of the tub sitting on the chairs waiting for me. Terrie was still gently caressing Paul to keep him hard. I handed her the items and she said to me.

    You will draw three cards. If the first is a face card, I'll unlock you and you get to fuck Paul for as many minutes as the second card is. If it's not he gets to fuck you for as many minutes of the second and third multiplied together. Draw thre cards face down. I had about a 20% chance of getting out of my cage to penetrate Paul. I drew my cards face down on the table. The first card was the 9 of hearts, so I would be Recieving. The second a 10 the third a queen. 10X12=120 minutes iI would be penetrated by Paul. If only they had been the other way I would have been released and felt some satisfaction. Now I was facing 120 minutes of being penetrated.
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  23. I was facing 120 minutes of having mu ass penetrated by Paul. I was disappointed that I had lost but also strangely excited to feel him inside me.

    Terrie had me lay over a table that she generously had placed a cushion on. Paul came behind me as Terrie lubed my bum hole and I waited. Even though I had been pegged many times before this was a first for me, this would be my de flowering the first cock to enter into me. I was slightly scared but more excited as I felt the tip of his cock touch my love hole. He slowly slid in stopping and slightly withdrawing than slowly sliding in farther untill I felt his body touch my backside. He was buried all the way in me. He started to withdraw and thrust ahead, it was uncomfortable at first but quickly became pleasurable as I started to meet his thrusts with my own driving him in as far as he could go. My cage was extremely tight as my package bounced back and forth as Paul continued his assault on my love hole. Terries hand occasionally would caress and squeeze my testicals bringing me close to an Orgasm. Paul continued to thrust into me faster and faster untill he grabbed my hips and pulled me back hard against him and emptied his seed into. I could feel him shooting into me and even though I never reached an Orgasm I was happy that he had. He continued to pull me tight as I pushed back against him untill I could feel him starting to go soft. He withdrew from me, my deflowering was complete.

    I started to relax, untill I heard Terrie say " continue with this untill you get hard than Fuck Him Again " I started to panic that's how she was going to make 120 minutes. There was no way that I would be able to Handle that. Again I was penetrated, the phallius was even bigger than Paul which sort of felt better but as he thrust it in and out of me it it just wasn't the same as the real thing. I was still pushing back against his thrusts but inwardly wishing that he would get regenerated fast to give me the Real Thing. The phallius was also giving me pleasure stimulating me in a different way, causing me to get as hard and wet as I possibly could, when I felt that familiar feeling I was going to cum. I thrust back harder hoping and praying that he wouldn't stop. He never stopped and I reached the ultimate level of pleasure that I hadn't felt in so long. My spinster tightend on the phallius penetrating me as I Orgasmed. It rocked my body for what seemed like many minutes causing me to just relax on the table. Paul continued to use the dildo on me for a few minutes than he slowly removed it. I thought that maybe I would be done or get a break but I was mistaken. The dildo was replaced by Terrie and a Strap On. She pounded me for a long time as I just layed on the table taking it not moving at all just taking what ever she wanted to give to me. I had already reached my peak. She withdrew from me and stepped away, I layed their still relaxed and satisfied, my bum was sore I had had enough.

    After a couple minutes two hands touched my hips it was Paul, he was ready to go again. He slid into me with no effort or discomfort at all and as soon as he was buried deep inside me and I felt the warmth of his manhood I started to push back against him trying to draw him deeper into me. Even though I was already sore I wanted him, I wanted to feel him inside me. As I meet his thrust I kept thinking about all the times my Mistress had pegged me, being mounted on the pedestal, the many years that my lovely Mistress had stimulated my love hole, all the pleasures she had given my backside this was different. I wanted this. I wanted to feel this hard cock inside me.

    We continued in harmony together until he once again exploded inside me. When he came into me I squeezed my sprinter muscle trying to give him as much pleasure as I could. I wanted to thank him for giving me so much pleasure. As he softened the second time he stayed where he was than layed over my back and whispered Into my ear " I hope I get another chance before your time is up " when I heard this I squeezed my spinster muscle as tight as I could to say I hope so to.

    The third time never happened as my time ended as Terrie was pounding me with the Strap On. My back side had never been so sore as it was now. I was sore but happy
  24. I spent the rest of the day waiting on Terrie and Paul, serving them drinks or bringing them something to eat. Terrie on occasion would slide her fingers between my cheeks and smile. We all remainder nude except for me wearing my cage. I enjoyed just looking at her tight body and I even caught myself looking at Paul's cock almost willing it to get hard again but it never did. It made me wonder what kind of relationship they have since the last time I say him almost three months ago we were both standing at the railing on the deck, both of us locked up getting our bums spanked. Now he was unlocked and his bum showed no marks of being spanked. He still did what ever she asked him to but it was totally different.

    Sunday after noon I gave Terrie another massage, only this time she allowed and wanted me to touch her breasts, pubic area and, slid my fingers up the crack of her ass. I think the only reason she did this was to torment me and make me uncomfortable. But that was alright with me. After her massage she told Paul to come in for a massage.

    I gave him a deep tissue massage working all the tensions out of his back and legs. Terrie than told him to turn over so that I. Could do the same to his front. As I massaged his chest and legs his cock started to grow. Not getting fully erect just fuller than normal. I had finished massaging his feet when Terrie picked up the bottle of oil and poured a generous amount on his semi erect cock soaking it it oil. " You missed one muscle " she said. I moved up beside the table and started to caress his cock as Terrie and Paul both smiled. It had been many many years since I had stroked another mans cock, almost 40 I was only a teenager. I stroked his oil soaked cock bringing it to fully erect. No one was telling me to stop so I continued caressing his testicals with my left hand and stroking him with my right. Terrie was running her fingers up the crack of my ass as I brought Paul to an orgasm his cum spilled out mostly onto my hand. She than took ahold of my wrist and raised it to my mouth and said"You know what to do " I cleaned my hand as I looked into Paul's eyes, the mixture of oil and cum wasn't very tasty but I cleaned up his gift without saying a word. As Paul was getting off the table a small drop of cum was present on the end of his cock I thought about taking it off with my finger but didn't.

    They than went and showered together as I cleaned up the table it had been a very interesting weekend so far and even though my bum was still sore from the actions of yesterday and I had the taste of his cum in my mouth I was wishing it could continue and maybe I could experience his cock in my backside again and maybe being allowed to give my first BlowJob. I caught myself thinking about this and wondered what has my life become.
  25. Wow. You naughty boy!
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