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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. This morning was like any other morning. Well almost. I woke up before her made coffee, than went and washed her car, when I came in to start making breakfast she told me that we would have company for breakfast so make for one more. After my oral service to my Mistress I was just finishing getting breakfast ready when the door bell rang. I went to the door wearing a blue lace thong ,as requested by Mistress. Our guest for breakfast was the lady that does the home lingerie party's, their more any thing and everything sexual you want to by but don't want to order yourself parties. But Lingerie sounds better. The Ladies sat down for breakfast, than I was ordered to assume the same position as a couple nights ago on my knees head down holding my cheeks apart. I was alittle embarrassed as I lowered my panties but knew better than to not follow her orders.

    As I positioned my self on the floor in full view of both ladiesOur guest said " now is t he a Good little Pet ". Both ladies had a good laugh at my predicament I was glad that my ass and not my face was visible to them. After they finished eating Mistress came to me and said. "This is your new position when ever I tell you to present your self and if your not obedient this is Part of what you'll get. She than slid a Butt Plug into me. Having a Butt Plug inserted isn't punishment but what she had on it was it caused my bum hole to instantly burn and itch causing me a lot of discomfort. Tears were freely flowing from my eyes. The ladies talked for a few minutes, all this time I was on display for them with the Plug tormenting me.

    As the ladies were leaving Mistress told me that when my alarm goes off I can remove the plug and clean my self. I stayed in position till the alarm went off about ten minutes as I was getting up Both ladies were on the deck outside watching me. I was so glad that I waited till the alarm went off. As I removed the Plug and cleaned my Bum hole I vowed to my self that I would do anything so as Not to Experience that again.
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  2. Thank You Very Very much @JiL@JiL for your response. I think you relate very well to how my life has become. We have a lot more in common than I ever would have believed. Our relationships with our loving Brides/Mistress's are almost identical. I would love to read more about your new expectations. Thanks again for your comments
  3. OUCH!!
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  4. Your story Is amazing, something i only can dream of.
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  5. It was a dream for me to until my Mistress decided to take it to another level. If you treat her like the queen she is who knows what might happen. Good Luck
  6. It's Saturday evening and I'm still wondering what my Mistress and the Lingerie lady were talking about, or should I say planning. I guess I'll find out when my Mistress wants me to.

    Earlier this afternoon I was giving Mistress a full body massage on the deck. It may be September but the temp was 30 degrees Celsius. So enjoying the sun was a bonuse. Mistress had just turned over onto her front when I heard someone coming. Mistress just said "Don't worry I know who it is." I continued with the massage as the car drove up, stopped and Terrie and Paul got out. Terrie was deffinetly enjoying the warm weather wearing her bright Yellow bikini. Paul on the other hand was totally nude except he was wearing a cage, something that he wasn't wearing last weekend.

    They came up onto the deck and sat down. It seemed kind of weird for three of us to be naked and the other one almost but it wasn't anything that we hadn't seen before. I continued to give Mistress her massage as her and Terrie casually talked, Paul just sat their totally silent.

    As I finished her massage she got off the table and went to Terrie and offered her her hand to join her in the hot tub. Terrie rose and removed her bikini exposing her beautiful body and causing my cage to tighten. Mistress than looked at me and said. " You can now give Paul a massage " Paul climbed on to the table as I glanced over at the hot tub Terrie was straddling my Mistress and they were sharing a very passionate Kiss. The steel bars of my cage were tested to the max. As I gave Paul his back massage I kept glancing over at the girls who very deffinetly enjoying each other.

    As I finished massaging Paul's legs and back. He started to turn over to lay on hie back, as he did this the girls stopped caressing each other and got out of the tub and came and sat down beside the massage table. Terrie went to her purse and removed a key, she than unlocked Paul and removed his cage, dangled the key and cage infront of me and said "Suck him " I looked at Mistress and she had a huge smile on her face and was gently caressing her woman hood.

    As I looked at Paul's cock that was starting to get erect I cupped his testicals and lowered my lips to the head of his cock, I opened my mouth and took him into my mouth. If these girls wanted me to Suck on him I was going to give it everything I could. I stroked his cock to get it fully erect as I continued to suck on and run my tongue around the head. His cock rose to fully erect as I removed my mouth and looked at the Girls. They were both watching with wide open eyes as they both were touching them selves. I gave his cock a couple long slow strokes than opened my mouth wide and slid his cock deep into my mouth. I relaxed my throat as I had done on the dildos Mistress has had me sucking on and his cock slide all the way in till my lips were on his testicals. I moved up and down his cock taking him all the way into my throat changing the pace slightly to stroke him as a sucked on his head than taking deeply into my mouth. His cock tasted good in my mouth, it almost seemed sweet as I licked and sucked on him. My own cock was as hard as it could be in its cage and was dripping. I caught the drips with my finger than licked them clean before continuing my sucking of his hard cock. It took only a couple more deep throats untill I could feel that he was about to cum. I placed my mouth just off his head as I stroked him with my hand. He exploded into my mouth as some of it splashed on my lips. I licked it up with my tongue than took him deep into my mouth. His cock continued to shoot it's love juice deep into my mouth. The taste was good not much different than my own. I continued to suck on his cock as it started get soft. I was determined to give them a good show. I slid my mouth off his cock and kissed the head. As I raised my head I looked at my Mistress who mouthed the words " I Love You " I smiled at her, I hadn't disappointed her
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  7. Wow! That was quite a story Mash. Thank you for sharing it. I've never had a bi experience, but like you, I would if I were told to by my Mistress. How amazing to find another compatible couple near you.
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  8. Thanks Mash2214 for sharing your experience! The thought of giving a massage to him so that the ladies can have fun together, them kissing passionately and rubbing their bodies next to us is definitively a big turn-on :)
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  9. Thanks for your comments. But Terrie and Paul aren't really a couple. Their relationship is a Dom Sub relationship but only part time since they live far apart, it seems to work for them. Also with regards to giving a Blow Job I'm not surprised that my Miatress arranged for it to happen since its been hinted about for many months. Being honest it was exciting to do it in a strange way.
  10. Thanks for your response. The idea of my Mistress being with another woman is something she's just started doing a few months ago. So far the only lady that I know she's been with has been Terrie, who is a very sexually interesting person.
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  11. Mash: your sensation has something to do with discovering the feminine side of yourself?
    Now that you have had that womanly sensation of being fully possessed may that have been a turning point for you? I mean not for being submissive but for discovering new emotions generally related to females and not going for males.
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  12. After my servicing of Paul my Mistress was very pleased with me so she allowed me to have some pleasure of my own. What she allowed me to do was pick the lady that I could service orally. I looked at my Mistress than over at Terrie than back at my Mistress. She knew that I enjoy giving her oral Orgasms but to give one to Terrie wasn't something I was allowed to do very often. Mistress than glanced over at Terrie than looked at me with a slight smile, I took this as her permission. I stepped over to Terrie she excepted my invitation by leaning back in the Chair and bringing her legs up so her pussy was wide open for me.

    My cock started to twitch as moisture started to once again appear on the end. I knelt in front of her wide spread legs and buried myself in her sweetness. Licking and sucking at her womanhood like was the only action that mattered. I twirled her clit with my tounge and caressed her lips causing her to moan and move her self forward towards me. My Mistress had gotten up from her chair and was standing behind me caressing her property with one hand and sliding a small phallus into my own love hole. The feeling of giving and Recieving at the same time was making it difficult to keep up the pace with my lips and tounge. I continued giving Terrie my best she responded by raising her bum off the chair and releasing an orgasm into my waiting mouth. I continued untill she had two more each as enjoyable as the first. All this time Mistress was stimulating me bringing me ever so close to goi g over the edge but she new when to stop. Removing the stimulation before I could release. Terrie relaxed into the chair as I gently kissed her lower lips once more. Even though I didn't cum I still was satisfied. Satisfied that I had pleased my Mistress by giving pleasure to both our guests.

    As I got up off my knees Mistress looked at me and said. " You and Terrie can stay here while we go into the house for awhile." She than took Paul's hand and led him into the house. Terrie and I enjoyed some time in the Hot Tub as she allowed me to caress her body in the warm water. It was over an hour until Mistress and Paul joined us, not a word was said or a question asked about what they did. The only sign of what might have happened was When Paul climbed into the water and I could see that his bum had been reddened.
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  13. Thanks for your comment. I've read your post a few times and I would have to agree about getting more I touch with my feminine side but the comment "Now that you have had that womanly sensation of being Possessed"
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  14. Oops. I was going to add the being Possessed isn't how I've ever thought woman felt. This is a different thought to me. I have never really looked at it that way. Thanks for your comment @Joan.t@Joan.t
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  15. To posses or being possessed, maybe its the same, but how do you feel about it?
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  16. The last couple days I've been at work. But I kept thinking about your comment about being Possessed. Your post has touched me in a different way because I have changed. I'have become more emotional about many things in my life, this would be my feminine side, right. And I'm good with it I like the way my life and feelings have changed in the last couple years. I'm now the property of my Mistress, her possession. Thanks for making my last couple days very interesting. @Joan.t@Joan.t Im looking forward to more of your comments and posts.
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  17. I can never do it hard enough! :)
  18. Last night Mistress surprised me and gave me a full body massage. When she suggested it I was shocked to say the least but after the massage she told me to clean up than come to the bed room where she was laying on the bed with her strapon harness on. Her cock was standing at attention ready for me to mount it. But instead of having me make love to her she told me to give Her a Blow Job. She turned the vibrator on the strap on as I started to suck on it like it was her cock. It was different than what I had experienced with Paul but if that's what Mistress wanted that was what she was going to get. I took her cock deep into my mouth and throat causing it to move inside her as the vibrator gently caressed her g spot.. She was approaching her first Orgasm when she raised her hips and said " Mount me you little slut". My cage tightened and got wet at the sound of her order, it excited me in a different way.

    I mounted her cock sliding it all the way into my bum untill her property was resting on her pubic area. I then started to slid up and down the shaft almost removing it from my bottom before going down hard causing my testicals to bounce off her. The feeling of making Love to her was incredible I could feel myself getting close to an orgasm. Mistress also knew I was close and told me to stop and remove my self from her cock. as I was climbing off the bed She just layed their with a Devilish grin on her face and said. " You can have more stimulation by taking the black rubber strap and tanning your back side. I gave myself a good tanning as she just sat their and watched. Even though I never had an Orgasm I was excited,hard and very very wet. She had once again made me feel special even without having an orgasm.
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  19. That's what I meant, emotionality is the key to a better you, more open to what the universe tells you, that's how a woman feels, always looking ahead for caring and nursing others but not forgetting her needs. That's not about dominance or submitting to others, but expressing the real you, being male or female, it's the same.
  20. If Elle gave me an ultimatum, masturbate and this would all be over or submit to the cage I know what my answer would be. I can remember masturbating and the pleasure it gave, but I can also remember how fleeting that pleasure was. This build up of arousal that chastity and submission brings and the intensity it can reach far outshines the fun from masturbating. I would submit immediately. I can understand the fear of never being allowed out again, but the price for what I am getting now over what I used to have is well worth it.
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  21. Thank you for your comment @Jasmic68@Jasmic68 you are totally right. I enjoy having an Orgasm but the fall after it just isn't worth it. As we get older and experience being held on the edge for days and months without ever experiencing the emotional crash after an Orgasm you want to stay at that level. Awhile ago when Mistress had me masturbate for her I wanted to stop before cumming to keep myself at the high but that old macho man in me took over and I never stopped. My Mistress has also gotten over the idea that the ultimate pleasure isn't an Orgasm it's being held close to it. This has taken some time but don't get me wrong I'm very happy with what she has said that I may never cum again it's just that when your faced with the word Never you think about it.

    Now that I've become the one that is getting penetrated and in some ways made Love to I find myself more committed to serving her and trying to please her so she'll make Love to me. If you would have asked me even 6 months ago if I would be content with this kind of life style I would have told you than "No " but now that I'm living it it seems right. Sometimes Change is Good.

    Thanks again for your comments I appreciate when people share how they feel and their experience.
  22. I feel somewhat similar Mash. I was giving Mistress a neck massage a few nights ago as her neck had been hurting her all day. I wasn't looking for any return "action", but she started playing with my nipples, pulling them quite hard. They are like a switch, and she of course, knows that. She does like to tease me with them.

    I hadn't cum in over a month so the results were predictable. I was doing good, an holding out, and staying focused on her massage. However my cage was getting very uncomfortable. Also by now she had made up her mind that she wanted me to cum, so she unlocked me. Finally she said, "I want you to cum for me now," as she started rubbing my penis. I'm not allowed to argue about waiting, just as I'm not allowed to ask, and I get to cum when she says so.

    I have to admit it felt pretty good even though she stopped as I started cumming on my stomach. I usually have mixed feelings about waiting, but then I can't help myself either. There was quite a bit since it had been a while. Before she rolled over and went to sleep she scooped some up and made me consume it before I had to clean up the rest of my mess. Life is good. :)
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  23. Mistress has left for another day of work. Calling it work doesn't seem right when you really enjoy what you do like she does.

    Our morning routine was the same. I get up before her and make coffee, she has coffee than goes for a shower while I get her breakfast ready. After her shower she relaxes on the bed while I have the pleasure of orally serving her. Than she has breakfast and if she wants to she does something to excite or stimulate me. I should mention that this doesn't happen every morning due to my work I'm still gone in the morning before she gets up 3-4 times a week. So our Morning routine is only about half the time. In some ways this is better it keeps it more exciting, than doing it everyday. She hasn't complained yet.

    Anyway my point of this post is. This morning after she had her Orgasm she took her testicals in her hand and caressed them causing my cage to get vert tight and moist. She looked me in the eye and said " I would like to unlock you and Suck on you right now, but I'm not going to" she just smiled at me as she squeezes her property than added " This weekend I'm planning something special for you. The First thing I'm going to do is have you canned" as she said This I panicked, even though she's spanked he hundreds of times she has never canned me, that was now going to change. She also added. " Than you will be stimulated ".

    As I'm writing this I'm excited, I'm wet and as hard as I can be. She has that way of just saying something to me that excites me. I'm Very Lucky
  24. I totally agree with you. To have someone totally have control over When , IF and How you recieve pleasure is something you can't explain to someone else. They need to experience it.

    When she allows you to pleasure your self and you cum Without her Permission do you get punished?
  25. So much has happened for you since your September 6th post, I can't even believe it. While the decision you made was both emotional and difficult, with such a wonderful woman by your side, it feels and sounds like you made the best possible choice for the two of you. You sound happy, and she sounds even more pleased. I can only hope to be nearly as trusting, loving, and brave as you. Your posts these days leave me a flood of emotions.
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