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On Display

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mash2214, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. After having a nice visit with Carla and Brian. They went home and Mistress simply told me to go lay on the bed because she wanted to make love. I was laying on my back when she entered the room with the double strap on. She applied some lube to my part of it than said " Bring your pleasure hole over here and hold you legs up " she slid into me slowly untill she was all the way in, it caused almost no pain or discomfort as she started to make love to me, it was obvious that she was enjoying the part that was inside her as she increased the pace before giving her self an orgasm. She with drew the dildo from me and exited the room. Being made love to this way had given me some pleasure as the wetness was evident on my stomach but it wasn't enough for me to reach an Orgasm but a least it wasn't Painful
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    Oh dude - that is one hilarious post! Loving the awkward bit. There's a thread somewhere here about manliness, I'm not sure a chastity show and tell quite fits into most peoples idea of it! :D

    You have an entertaining life Mr Mash, that you do. :)
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  3. That must have been crazy discussing chastity belts and devices like you were discussing different types of coffee.
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  4. Well how else do you explain it to someone that already knows your wearing a cage? After the keeping a good man Down comment it was more relaxed. Lol
  5. I like mine Black and strong, maybe a little sugar. LOL How would you have done it ?
  6. Almost tricked Brian into a cage right?? ;)
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  7. No trick intended it just seemed like the right thing to ask. He did kind chuckle about it after.
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  8. My Thursday morning started like almost any other morning. Get up before Mistress make coffee, wash her car, go prepare her breakfast than wait for what might happen. Well this morning I had her breakfast ready to cook when she called me to the bed room where she was laying on the bed with her legs pulled up and spread open. I buried my face in her wet pussy and did my best to give her as much oral pleasure as I possibly could. When Mistress had had enough she gently pushed me away, than glanced at the clock " Damn I have to get going". She had important meeting in the morning that she didn't want to be late for. She hurried to get dressed and was eating as she went out the door.
    " Were going to have to get up earlier from now on " she said as she rushed out of the house.

    I was standing on the deck as she left in a hurry, her tires even lost traction alittle. I wondered if she got a speeding ticket on the way to work if she would blame me and punish me for not making her cum faster. It was early in the morning maybe all the cops were still in the donut shops. I stood on the deck for awhile and just smiled she sure makes life fun.
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  9. What a lovely way to start the day for her , just hope you didn't make her late for her meeting ,
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  10. I got away lucky she made it on time without getting a speeding ticket, we had a good laugh about it last night when she got home while I was rubbing her feet.
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  11. Awesome conversation with Brian, it's only a matter of time now!
  12. @Mash2214@Mash2214 - my wife doesn't think that she would enjoy one of those double strap on's ...... obviously your's is loving it :)

    What brand or type/size is she using? Did you have to try a few different ones before finding the one that works well?


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  13. A fantastic start for a new day.
    Cheers for your lovely Lady.
    Such a lucky man!
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  14. I need a bit of advice on holy trainer wear. I just started wearing my holy trainer 24/7 unless requested to remove it for play. After a few hours of wear I develope a odor. I try showering with the cage on but I cannot completely get rid of the smell unless I remove it and wash thoroughly. This is not very practical to do several times a day, and it's a real downer if my wife wants to play and I need to shower. How did you keep yourself clean for your Mistress when using your holy trainer in the past.
  15. That is a problem with the closed design. What I was able to do was pull out the back and wash than tuck my self back in. Not the most secure way but I did get an erection while I was pulled out the back and it was painful and uncomfortable. When I showered I would pull out wash and Dry myself very good and my cage. Keeping it dry inside helped a lot but the odor was always a problem. When Mistress removed the cage for play she always had me wash first. I hope this helps a little.
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  16. Thanks for your comments. I don't know what brand name it is and when I asked her she just said " Who cares, Why are you asking do you want it Now " it's Purple and ribbed her part has different attachments and a vibrator.
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  17. Things have been very quite here lately. I've been working very long hours and Mistress and I have just barely seen each other untill tonight. I just tucked her into bed after a hot oil massage that she really enjoyed and fell asleep on the table. After over an hour on the Massage table I picked her up and carried her to bed. I didn't want her to walk since her feet were covered in oil. She protested alittle when I picked her up but I persisted and carried her to bed. As I tucked her in she told me that Carla And Brian would be coming for supper on Friday night and they may be staying the night so I should get the spare room ready. As I looked at my Mistress sleeping, I started to touch myself through my cage wishing that she would give me some edging soon. Time will tell.
  18. Sounds like a feeldoe..
    Look it up..
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  19. thanks .. yea, we had tried one of those .... she didn't like it .... perhaps because she didn't have a strap or belt to hold it in place? Might have to get another and give it a shot?
  20. Mash that's a lovely way to end a busy day , and so very relaxing for your Mistress , Friday sounds as though it could be interesting , looking forward to your next update , Take care for now
  21. Oh yay a sleepover! Could be very interesting indeed!!
  22. This morning since I was at home it was a normal day. I washed Mistresses car and got her breakfast ready than went into the Bed room after she had had her morning shower and was treated to giving her some Oral Pleasure. Just feeling her lips between mine made my cage tighten. She enjoyed her morning Orgasm and she still had time for breakfast without rushing out the door at the last minute.

    As she was walking out the door she looked back at me and smiled than said. " I won't have to speed to work today".
  23. Thursday morning was the same routine I had the pleasure of giving my Mistress a relaxing orgasm as she layed back on the pillows on the bed and I Gently put my lips to her lower lips. Even though she had not even touched her caged property it left a small wet spot on the bed where I was laying.

    Mistress had plenty of time to finish her breakfast before she had to go leave. So she told me to go wait for her on the deck. When she came out on the deck she had me stand against the railing and pulled my panties down to bare my bum to her, she than said " your bum needs a little warming before I leave" She proceeded to paddle me, not necessarily to discipline me but to remind me through the day of who was in control. She set the paddle down and ran her finger between my reddened cheeks whispered into my ear " Prepare your self for me tonight " She than walked to her car smiled at me and Drove off
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  24. I looked it up. And your right that's what it is. She's using it with a harness to help hold it in place. I guess I should be glad that it's not the Red one. Thanks
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  25. When Mistress came home last night, I was prepared, we enjoyed a nice supper with a glass of wine and talked about normal everyday things. After supper while I was cleaning up and doing the dishes she went and got ready.

    When I walked into the bed room she was laying on the bed propped up a little with some pillows reading a book. She had on the harness for her new toy with her part buried inside her. I could faintly hear the vibrator doing its job to stimulated her. My part was standing up waiting for me to mount it.

    She layed her book down looked at me and said "Make love to me " I straddled her on the bed and slid her cock deep inside me. It slid in easily as she had applied some lube to it and I had also applied some to myself. I slid down on her cock untill her property was resting on her pubic area and began to rotate my hips around causing the part the was buried in me and the part the was buried in her to stimulate
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