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mr, from Belguim

Day 4 of giving the keys to my wife in the morning. Mar 5, 2020

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Jun 30, 2020 at 7:44 PM
    1. Sissy_Denise
      Being locked is like that favorite food, nothing tastes a good as being thin feels and no release is as good as the captured mind, or other body part! :-)
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    2. durango_o
      Day 4 of giving the keys to my wife in the morning.
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      1. DoesasTold
        Just wait till you get to week 4! The mind swirl is awesome!
        Apr 24, 2020
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    3. durango_o
      Last night the wife suggested taking both keys for the week. I chickened out. Now regret it. I have a hard time giving up control.
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      2. durango_o
        She wanted all the keys.
        I complyed.
        And omg its going to be for a long time.
        She doesn't say how long.
        But I better be good...
        Jan 20, 2020
      3. Skyhigh
        The problem is you get an orgasm and loose your focus. When you are as horny as you can get, convince her to lock you up, hand over the keys, all of them, and let her decide the release. And stop complaining :-)
        Once she decides everything about your chastity and orgasms, you get a lot of energi. Spend it wisely....on your woman
        Feb 28, 2020
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      4. On the Edge 247
        On the Edge 247
        I’m currently on day 18 in 24/7 chastity apart from a 7 day check and wash.
        Only a few days to go before my 3 week release. I’m in a constant state of edge, lots of chastity tears ATM at night and sometimes during the day... it’s fantastic
        May 22, 2020
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