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boi paul
Nov 15, 2013
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Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
Livonia Michigan
retired United States Army rank E6

boi paul

slave to my Mistress/wife 24/7, Male, from Livonia Michigan

enjoying life mistress retired :) Oct 14, 2016

    1. boi paul
      boi paul
      enjoying life mistress retired :)
      danijean001 and AlanThom like this.
      1. AlanThom
        Congratulations to both of you!! Enjoy!!
        Oct 14, 2016
        boi paul likes this.
    2. christinacd
      Please tell your Wife boi paul that my Wife and Myself had a real good time at dinner yesterday. It was A Pleasure to help before and after. Looking forward to the next time We can do it again.
    3. jemima
      i very happy for you cos that happen to me once and it not nice.
      1. boi paul
        boi paul
        yes it was not fun thank you jemima :)
        Feb 3, 2016
    4. KrisKnoxs
      welcome Back........... :)
      your are an awesome and extremely help person.......
      1. boi paul
        boi paul
        Thank you Kris your too kind :)
        Feb 3, 2016
    5. boi paul
      boi paul
      will not be here anymore thank you.............my friends can contact me on fetlife
    6. boi paul
      boi paul
      well dressed complete makeup done and my name for tonight Christina. my first public play party dressed....
      1. xcitedsisssy
        oh I hope you let us know how the evening went. and hope you had fun.
        Jan 24, 2016
      2. boi paul
        boi paul
        had a blast my friends made it a special night...:)thank you
        Jan 24, 2016
      3. katielane1
        Lucky girl ,thanks for all the likes in my album .
        Jan 27, 2016
    7. tdk34
      Hello , are you new here
      boi paul likes this.
      1. boi paul
        boi paul
        real good ty..yourself?
        Jan 19, 2016
    8. boi paul
      boi paul
      Mistress and myself had a wonderful weekend at a out of town play party and Her Boy Friend came Saturday night to complete it :)
    9. boi paul
      boi paul
      Bound4life likes this.
    10. thundar
      Thanks for the likes in my album
      1. boi paul
        boi paul
        your very welcome
        Jan 2, 2016
    11. tdk34
      Good to see you, have a good Thanks giving day,
    12. tdk34
    13. sissy_abby
      well it has finally happened, she made me a cuck sunday :)
      1. boi paul
        boi paul
        well congrats my friend how was it ?
        Nov 18, 2015
      2. sissy_abby
        has been a mind trip somewhat, had been going non stop since friday, with cleaning and the mental game. We had a normal evening last night so i got some rest and am doing great, no regrets :)
        Nov 19, 2015
    14. boi paul
      boi paul
      Happy Veterans Day to all my Brothers and Sisters..........
    15. boi paul
      boi paul
      W/we received the Vice today will let everyone know how it works :)
    16. MissCharlotte
      Nice photos, Ouch!!
      1. boi paul
        boi paul
        thank you Ma'am
        Sep 28, 2015
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    Home Page:
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    Livonia Michigan
    retired United States Army rank E6
    Your Role in the Chastity Lifestyle:
    • Submissive
    • Other - (Explain in "About You")
    Chastity Devices:
    CB2000/CB3000/CB6000/Bird locked/Bon Four/Holy trainer2/PA5000/Princes Collar.
    My Wish List(s):
    never displease Mistress :) found it love it...The Chastity Belt (poem)

    by scottish_switch about 3 hours ago

    Cold, hard, unyielding steel.
    Tightly round my cock will seal.
    Barring me from all release.
    Bringing a strange inner peace.
    It takes away all my control.
    Makes me work towards a goal.
    Teases me relentlessly.
    Builds desire to be free.
    Makes me wait upon her whim.
    As on my flesh her fingers skim.
    Nothing I can do but wait.
    For She alone controls my fate.
    Chastity Resume:
    Chastity Started for me with my Wife/Mistress Good Friday 1999
    I am the 24/7 Owned slave to my Wife Mistress We are into BDSM/CBT/Cross Dressing/Chastity/ Porcupine Quills/needles/BB/Air Soft Guns/Blow Dart Guns/Really anything involving sadomasochism. We are Edge Players and Mistress is always pushing my Limits.
    Floggers/Whips/Canes/Drum sticks/cat of nine tails/Dragons tail/Paddles/Battery Cables/chains/Rope/Plastic Rape/Wax/Knife and sword play/
    scalpel and medical stapler play...Also Her Cuckold...We Practice long term Chastity not for the faint of heart. She is my love and I will be in Her service in tell the day I die!! She feels the same and is Honored to have me in Her Service.

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