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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by 100 Days or more, Jun 20, 2015.


Should 'Locked' guys be allowed underwear?

Poll closed Jun 27, 2015.
  1. Yes they should just be allowed to wear what they like.

  2. Their key holder should choose for them

  3. They should only wear a thong or jock

  4. Underwear? What underwear? They should go without.

  1. I get to pick out what underwear I want most every day. My Bride is gone on business travel many weeks, and has no ability or time to make such decisions for me. However, she does require that I am fully naked anytime I am in our bedroom, regardless of what I am in there for, and I am always required in bed to sleep completely naked with no underwear. I always enjoy surprising her when she isn't expecting it, with something lacy and pretty, and I know she gets a bit excited to.
  2. You are beautiful, love your splendid legs and very feminine. Please make an album of photos of your collection of panties.
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  3. You look just like a young women. Or is that someone else?
  4. ooh thank you but giggle, i cant do that cos they don't let you put lots and lots of piccys in here no more.
  5. no it not someone else its me. pout. :(
  6. Absolutely gorgeous, as always, Sweet Jenima ❤️❤️
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  7. Wow you make a great sissy
  8. thank you very much but i'm a maid and not a sissy really.
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  9. My deepest apologies to you. I really look forward to your post. Your life is a lot different than mine. That's what makes it exciting. Sorry if I offended you
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  10. @Mash2214@Mash2214 it ok, you don't offend me anyways.
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  11. Jemima, I'm interested to know what it is that makes you a maid versus a sissy. Is the difference the services you provide to your mistress, or how or when you dress?
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  12. well please its cos i am the maid in the house and do all the housework and the cooking and the laundry and as well i does the garden. i serve at table like a waitress and i been train to do it proper. i do has a maid uniform but i am not made to wear frilly baby dresses that sissy wears or very very frilly knickers as well and i am a girl all the time and not just sometimes. i dont mind sissygirls and i have met lots and theym usual very nice folks. and we get on good.
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  13. Thank you Jemima. It is so nice that you can be a girl all the time.
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  14. Nappies for me. I wear two different types. One is the Tena active fit which is plastic backed. The other ones are for adult babies and are made by Crinckles in Germany. They have teddy bears on them and my key holder makes me wear them if I am likely to be exposed say for a hospital or doctors apointment and when I go to the clinic for a catheter change. It is very embarasing and I make excuses like we had run out of the Tena ones and borrowed them from someone who has a disabled older boy.
  15. JEMIMA: So nice of you, because of your love of your KH you play the maid, I love your reverence of her and appreciate your dedication, you are an angel.
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  16. I have and wear boxers,have Joe Boxers throngs,silk type mens guess call them boy shorts (2) and a few times have worn Mistresses panties. wear the boxers most of the time and the others for fun times. I use to wear and liked boxer briefs
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  17. what a lovley thingy to say to me. thank you ever so much. but i do things wrong sometimes as well.
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  18. For a so lovely girl wronglies must be pardonned.
  19. I let my boyfriend choose, only criteria is it MUST be panties. We often go shopping together to pick out pairs we each like.
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    lol. If I had allowed that she wouldn't have turned out so well.
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  21. jemima, you are very modest. I suspect that an exception could be made in your case.
  22. Underwear serve a good purpose outside of chastity. Without underwear I would be washing my pants very often. :) I wear boxer shorts all the time and they are fine as they do not bind or squash.
  23. ooh i dont think so. i has got to many in now really.
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  24. So right. Just being nice to her isn't enough...
  25. #2, of course! i am in panties because W/we are in a FLR. Who better to choose my panties than a sissy in training or a Lady that has a lifetime experience in selecting panties?