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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by 100 Days or more, Jun 20, 2015.


Should 'Locked' guys be allowed underwear?

Poll closed Jun 27, 2015.
  1. Yes they should just be allowed to wear what they like.

  2. Their key holder should choose for them

  3. They should only wear a thong or jock

  4. Underwear? What underwear? They should go without.

  1. Panties, male thongs or boxer briefs
  2. No underwear, put them in diapers.
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  3. I'm too late to vote on this one...but I'll chime in. I believe if the locked person is submissive, then certainly they will wear the underwear as directed by their Keyholder...In my case that's panties, bra, and pantyhose....only appropriate for a sissy!
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  4. Why would any normal hetero male wear skinny jeans is my question?
  5. Yes ladies should choose what we wear
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  6. Male Thongs and boxer briefs. That's it.
  7. All I'm allowed to wear is panties
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  8. I've been wearing nothing but women's panties for several years now by choice. Lace thongs, bikini style, G-strings, completely sheer. I can pick what I like and my wife often says how she likes seeing me in panties. She has sometimes fully dressed me and I think she would enjoy seeing me in any kind of lingerie, including bras, girdles and pantyhose. I would love to wear these regularly as well, but I am little concerned it might be too much for her.
    I had a girlfriend many years ago who thought men should be able to wear anything they liked, including dresses and skirts.
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  9. Very nice. My Mistress/ fiancé picks my panties out she wants to see me of course shopping together so she can emasculate, humiliate me . Dressed fully fem , out of town. We live in a small community. Panties are so powerful to a sissy sub, all lingerie really. I couldn't believe it when she first said she wanted this type of relationship that after , shaved, nair, make up, perfumed when she ordered me into my first pair of panties I became rock hard.. Amazed me. She laughed and said see your born to be a sissy sub. I love wearing panties every day , bra a lot of times, she made me sleep in a bra and forms for 1 month. Anyway so nice to buy panties for your sub. Love being my fiancé sissy !
  10. So does my Mistress/ fiancé.
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  11. No 2: Key holders should choose the underwear :)
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  12. I have only had online mistresses. Current one only allows me to wear lacey womens panties (can be brief, bikin, gstring or thong). I had one mistress that mandated I wear nothing. That was very tough since when peeing while in chastity, you require extra time make sure you have no dribbles after. As it is now, I almost always wear a pad in my panties to soak up the extra pee.

    Before the mistress took over, my choice was practically always a man-thong.
  13. @toy4uruse68@toy4uruse68 I know what you mean about "no dribbles." I like the idea of a belt and being tied into the unit, but relieving myself is a real issue. The feeling of dribble down my leg is not something I want to cope with.
  14. I have an assortment of underwear to wear, I fall into the 1 & 2, and sometimes 3. I can wear anything that only she has bought. If she wants to see me in a certain pair she gets her wish.
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  15. I have been making poor choices lately in my purchases (only via amazon). Seems the lacy ones have no elastic in the waist and will not stay up.
  16. My Mistress used to pick mine, now it is up to me. Wish it was the other way around.
  17. I would wear panties if my wife asked me to or made me but she thinks that weird (we played a sex card game years ago and one of the things was to switch undies with each other, she didn't like me wearing panties, secretly I loved it)

    I wear Duluth Trading Armachillo boxer briefs. I tried the boxer version but I like the snugger fit of the boxer brief and the silkiness of the amachillo over the buck naked version.
  18. I wear panties all the time but that was nothing new when my mistress started training me. I started wearing panties when I was 13. Now I am allowed to wear pantyhose as well when she thinks I deserve it. I cross dress a lot and when I'm made up I can easily pass as a pretty girl. Anyway the point of the message today is an alternative my mistress uses from time to time when I am not in my cock cage. I wear diapers almost every night. That started when I was 13 as well because I needed to but it soon became more. I also wear plastic panties that are very tight and snug. To keep me from masturbating and trying to take the diaper off she has locking plastic panties. There is a chain around the waist and another that runs between my legs and locks in front or back whichever she prefers. sometimes she even has me in the locking plastic panties when I am also wearing the cock cage. Either way its all very exciting. when I am allowed to cum its tremendous and my mistress really enjoys watching.
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  19. We both pick my underwear but it's not something that you would want displayed in public. Unless you want everyone to know all your secrets
  20. I have quite the collection of jockstraps, or open rear underwear. She loves them on me, and maybe because it signals I am open for buisnes. LOL I do have a a number of panties but she really loves to see me in jocks. And good lord have you seen all the variations. I even have lace ones.
  21. If you go shopping in the right place you can get lace underwear for men that has room in front for your cage
  22. @Mash2214@Mash2214 I have two made by a company called Candyman my wife picked out for me. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to model them for the world. LOL
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  23. A word about underwear. About a day after my sub started in chastity I was taking him shopping and my girlfriend was coming with us. He had on a camisole and some thin, loose linen pants. He had his collar on but I had taken the leash off when we got to the mall. As we were walking in the mall my girlfriend asked me "what's that clicking noise." I realized it was the sound of the lock on the cock cage hitting the cage as he walked. I asked him if he was wearing panties and he said he didn't know if he should have put any on or not. We went into the lingerie department of one of the department stores and I had him pick out a pair of bright pink nylon panties, brief style. I then told him to go into the restroom and put them on which he did. So...the lesson is that it may be preferable to make sure your sub is wearing panties when you take him shopping.
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  24. I choose #3. Thongs are winners, they are delightiful.
  25. I has lots of panties and these ones are my faves at the mo.

    new tiesides2.jpg
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