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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by 100 Days or more, Jun 20, 2015.


Should 'Locked' guys be allowed underwear?

Poll closed Jun 27, 2015.
  1. Yes they should just be allowed to wear what they like.

  2. Their key holder should choose for them

  3. They should only wear a thong or jock

  4. Underwear? What underwear? They should go without.

  1. Ok so most of us just pull on a clean pair every day but what role should this play in a relationship.

    I will admit I have a bit of a thing for nice underwear either for myself or my wife and I have more than enough so to add a twist to our current 'challenge' we added some controls. For my wife this was easy, she was only allowed silk or lace and all the more 'practical' ones have been put away. For me a little more was involved. Firstly, anything that covered my bum is a no no until the 1st November so these are all with the winter clothes in a case. That left my many thongs, (yes guys do wear thongs too), but still too much choice so only white and nude remain in my drawer and everything else is in the case too. But that was too simple so I am banned from wearing any underwear under shorts and therefore just these thongs under skinny jeans or trousers.

    Does anyone else have a story to tell?
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  2. My answer is # 3
  3. I pretty much select my own underwear. But sometimes when I get out of the shower she will have set out the pair of panties she wants me to wear. So I answered #1, but its not always the case.
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  4. #1 I choose my own underwear
    She decices when I take it off ;-)
  5. Hubby gets to choose...from the panties I buy him.
  6. I say the first choice.

    My device is heavy. I chose underwear that supports it well. I have a custom made metal one that would droop and tug at me way to much if I went about my day without underwear.

    Matter of fact I am 37 and NEVER wore underwear in my life until I bought this chastity device. A good device needs good support.

    Sure maybe some womens panties would work, I dunno. But whatever underwear it needs to support the device well.

    My device has a PA attachment. I certainly do not want my PA to migrate from being pulled on.
  7. #2 My choice ;) what she's to wear ,,, hehe
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  8. #1 only because I can choose what is comfortable at work etc.

  9. #2. I chose my sub's lingerie every morning.
  10. Mistress buy all my ones and i wears clean ones every morning. They all difrent colors so She knows they clean ones.
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  11. I used to chose dickie's underwear every day. He is now free to pick from what I have purchased and placed in his/her drawer. Most are women's briefs, bikinis, or thongs. Only when he is being punished do I select his panties, which are vinyl or latex, and fit snug enough to serve as a reminder during the day.
    Mistress Suzan
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  12. Thanks everyone so far, its all very interesting and a good mix of what is and isn't allowed. I am a little surprised that not more of the guys have to go without.
  13. i am obliged to wear high-cut latex panties most days, unless the weather is very hot. Today?Latex leggings, t-shirt and invisible stretch corset under my work clothes (with plug).
  14. You lucky man
  15. Due to my continence issues I have in the past worn latex panties. I can understand how warm they can be in the summer - although the scent and rustling is delightful. Gary euroflex bloomers are another favourite when worn under day clothes. Just the hint of an interesting rustle which I think is part of the magic of wearing such items when out and about.
  16. Strange feeling today as its raining outside and I need to wear jeans so the first time I've worn a thong for over 2 weeks. I even did the 2 days at work last week without underwear under my suit or jeans as it was so hot, so it feels really odd having a thong on today.

    To update you I am banned from anything that covers my bum until November and not allowed anything under shorts so seriously limited. When we go on holiday in August i've been told I can only pack 5 thongs maximum so that ensures I will be commando for most of the time.
  17. most i wear are womens biknis and thongs
    i do have some boyshorts also i buy them and my wife buys my panties for me
  18. I had never heard of Gary's euroflex so I looked up the company. They have two distinct lines of clothing; a novelty line sold by diaper fetish retailers and a straight adult incontinent line sold by medical suppliers. I am amazed that they cross that line under 1 name!
  19. I'm #2 my wife decides in the morning for me anything from my normal briefs to a thong or her knickers .the thong always worries me as I wear a suit to work and am scared someone may see the out line :)
  20. I have a drawer full of various men's pouched underwear, from thongs to bikini, to boy shorts, and pretty much chose what to wear, but i also know which ones Mistress Wolf likes, and wear those more often
  21. Going commando always adds a little something I find.
  22. I am in the 1 2 3 category. I can pick any underwear out of my drawer I wish. But all that it's in there is underwear she chose shopping online, and they are all thong.
  23. Commando is a big problem for MistressRoyal.
    Locked or not I just look way too big with stuff hanging down a leg.
    Therefore underwear is a MUST in her opinion.
    And she usually pre-approves.
    Also,without underwear, the issue of leakage and dripping is too big to deal with.
    Underwear wins all the time.
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    @subklik@subklik Oh my. Had no idea you were such a big boy. :)