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Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by 100 Days or more, Jun 20, 2015.


Should 'Locked' guys be allowed underwear?

Poll closed Jun 27, 2015.
  1. Yes they should just be allowed to wear what they like.

  2. Their key holder should choose for them

  3. They should only wear a thong or jock

  4. Underwear? What underwear? They should go without.

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    she obviously needs guidance at times.
  2. Clearly from my user name and avatar I'm a panty guy. For the most part I wear boxers. Panties for me are in some ways a form of punishment. I love wearing them, but they get me aroused and that is less comfortable while in chastity. I also find that because I have to sit down to pee, panties can be problematic. Worst case scenario I was in a somewhat rough bar wearing panties and a chastity cage. Had to sit and pee in a stall with no door that was clearly visible from the urinal. I would vote that it is the KH's choice if poll is still open, but the reality is most of the time my KH doesn't care about my underwear. When she does take an interest it's usually pouch panties for me.

  3. Lol from the looks of things, your penis is quite snug in those panties.
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  4. Maybe some punishments from times to times just to show you care.
  5. More cage than penis filling up those panties :oops:. In all seriousness the pouch panty is a perfect fit for a chastity cage, at least for me. Too much stuff for a regular panty to hold.
  6. my Mistress has chosen some very comfortable flesh toned underwear that keeps my cage snug and prevents the lock from flopping around and making noise.
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  7. i have had to use public toilet stalls with no lock or defective lock so i kind of know the feeling. When i am in public Mistress has a strap fastened to the end of my cage that is pulled between my legs and padlocked to the back of my waist strap. It is impossible to "hoist" my cage over the top of my panty waist band, so must pull down my panties and sit to wet. i just pray i don't encounter a stall with no door--i am caged, i am in panties, and it's not an option for me to sit as i have been trained to do.
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  8. Panties for me, basically anything from Victorias Secret. She picks them out, I pick them out. We do our panty shopping together. Alot of the styles they have allow for some room, but just enough to keep me nice, tight and comfy!
  9. I pick them, normally.

    Over the years, I've bought many styles from xdress.com or hommemystere.com - which are womens styled panties, but generally cut for guys - or sissy styled ones from etsy. I do have some traditional mens underwear for work travel or Real Life reasonings, but day to day, I pick from the draw full of lacy, satin or silk womens styles.

    Sometimes, she'll stop me and pick something, or have it laying out when I'm done showering, but generally, I get to pick, as long as it's feminine.
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  10. He should have be
    He should of been disciplined for thinking he could go without panties. When every a sub is not sure he should ask. Silly boy, don't make decisions.
  11. I am not allowed to wear anything that hides my dicklet/clitty, just a pretty pink bow that calls attention to it.
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  12. That's very good of your Mistress. So I'm calling to attention for you to post a picture of your pretty pink bow. You don't have to worry that someone might recognize you by your dicklet/clitty.
  13. My wife won't let me, because my feminization (at least at the moment) is strictly between us girls. Since I'm not allowed to ask her for anything, I'll have to wait for her to make the suggestion, which in our marriage has the force of a command. Would love to show you, though. Not many uncut clitties out there these days. Love and kisses. -- Demale
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  14. To bad she won't let you. Their are more uncut clitties out their than you think. I'm one of them
  15. Am glad to hear it. Sometimes I wish I'd been cut. The foreskin makes me seem even smaller than my one inch. (Two inches rock hard, though.) I became a cocksucker mostly out of penis envy.
  16. @demale@demale well cos you being femmed you shud be glad that you has a teeny one cos if it was a big one you wud had a great big lump in the front. so its good really innit.
  17. fyi the lock can still make some noise in panties -- they are usually tighter than men's briefs but not totally tight? consider way too small girl's swim bottoms in pink or other obviously not male colors. the extreme tightness allows for a large butt plug to stay in tight and it makes the cage more difficult as well. tends to encourage a female walk as well, all challenges. the lock may be wrapped in a bit of masking tape to completely silence it. :)
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  18. The no underwear option for some would not work so well with some of the steel ball trap devices. Quite a lot of people benefit from the support provided by well fitting underwear. That is both the wearer from a comfort and then able to endure perspective and for the KH it is the able to endure perspective that may come before comfort.
  19. I
    That's ad advantage of having a little boy's peepee. If only I could get rid of the big man's scrotum...
  20. I have a lovely keyholder who purchases my panties with me. Always a bit of fun at the till as we buy different sizes.