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Part 4 ~ Putting the "FUN" in DysFUNctional...

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. Pretty well said! Although I think deep down inside Mistress knows she is beautiful, she needs some reassurance from time to time. *wink*

  2. oohhhhh give me voluptuous rubenesque any day, LADIES ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE CURVES!!!! nice soft rounded curves, the curvasous swell of her breasts .... the well rounded ass, the .... *groan* the sharp jab of the POI
  3. You Go Girl! My misstress is 10 years older than me and she looks sexyer every day.She has times when(she looks in the mirror)AHHHHHH!!!!But there is a differance between age and beauty.To me there is something about a beautiful older Dominant Woman.Have pet shine and polish your shoes and boots.Get ready for the holidays.
  4. Morning everyone! And thank you for the kind words.

    I'm very tired, so I won't be posting too much right now. Waiting for my date to pick me up for breakfast :anim_63:

    I promise to spend the day appreciating my curves today!

    (oohhhhhh so tired, don't want to go to lectures!!!!!)
  5. I really should update, even if I'm tired, because now I'm here to update, I can't remember what happened! Lol.

    The postgraduate Xmas Do was great fun. It was nice to get out and dress up, and the food was amazing.

    Originally my "date" (chaperone!) was supposed to call for me and take me to the party, but as we left our lecture he came and told me he couldn't do that because he had to help out.

    I was very pissed off. I didn't want to walk in on my own (I'm very shy about these things!) So I went to my room and messed around with my video camera... if there is anything of any good on there, I might let you all see!!!

    I got ready and went off to the party. Fortunately my date met me at the door and I didn't have to go in on my own.

    He was very strange all night and I've spoken to pet about some of the things he was saying. I think we've come to the conclusion he either has a small crush on me and was nervous, or he thinks I have a crush on him and was scared to death. LOL!

    We had breakfast together in the morning and all seemed back to normal, so I'm glad about that because he's a really nice guy, very shy, and a good friend.

    I'm in odd limbo land today. I want to give myself the day off before I start getting the house in shape for Christmas, but I also need to keep in mind that I have 5 assignments to do over Christmas, and I mustn't leave them until the last minute!

    pet seems confused about the "in/out" nature of his chastity at the moment. That's a shame isn't it! :happy0195:
  6. I just put a couple of photos up from the video camera if anyone wants to go peek.

  7. i saw, i saw, i love, i love! thank You MW and so happy that You had fun at the party. enjoyed Your pets dream also <wiggles>.
  8. If any one wants to peak, you me when we don't you! LOL
  9. I have now been finished at Uni for 2 days, and I've never felt so miserable! :confused0082:

    I should be happy and relaxed, but I just feel pretty helpless about the state of the house (too much stuff!) and the fact that Christmas is looming.

    I just want to hide from it all, but I can't.
  10. We were with out power since 1am friday and it is very cold here. Now Monday moring with almost everything up an d running it is alot better.
    Now You might be askingYourself "why do I care" so here is what i am doing, i have seven bulidings i need to check everyone everywhere for problems, it is a monsterest task. So i make a note and tackle one thing at a time. If i try to do them all i would be running aroud getting nothing done.
    So Mistress, start with the most important and work down. Have pet start in the back of the house and work her way out. one room at a time:chores012::chores020::chores003::chores008::chores004::chores047::chores037::chores007:
  11. Adorable. Simply adorable. Your pet is so lucky to have you.
  12. Thank you Michsubhusband... I actually got pet to start work on cleaning the second hand chairs I just bought... I felt guilty at first, but figured I would treat him with something kinky when he came to bed!

    Unfortunately when pet came to bed he admitted to only cleaning 7 out of the 8 chairs! I was very annoyed so no kinky play for pet.

    Until this morning!

    Don't ask me how I went from depressed to horny in less than 24 hours but when I woke up this morning I was desperate for sex!

    This is a dodgy time for pet. He's not very good at waking up, so I just nudged him here and there to see if he would wake up "naturally" and he did!

    We snuggled and kissed for not very long and pet's hands started wandering... I let him run them all over my body and play with my nipples, which by now where begging to be nibbled and sucked.

    Once he started stroking my pussy I decided it was time to start issuing orders with "go and bury your face in my pussy"... I swear I only got to the word bury before he disappeared down between my legs!

    After I was satisfied, I asked him if he wanted to try and have sex... not sure how the piercing would hold up. So he said yes, he would try slowly.

    Unfortunately it was not to be. After trying a couple of times we decided the piercing was definitely in the way pet is 100% completely and utterly in chastity!!!!

    He kept hugging me and telling me how wonderful my body felt and how he really REALLY wanted to have sex with me. After I told him we were NOT going to risk removing the piercing he started to mention the strap on and the penis gag.... maybe later. :manga_love:
  13. lol.. 100% chastity just by getting the piercing! Who knew?!?

    Hmm, do I wish him a speedy recovery and healing? Naa... he's lovin' it! :bondage:
  14. it seems to take people 3 days to change
    "I have now been finished at Uni for 2 days, and I've never felt so miserable!" 2plus one.
    "Don't ask me how I went from depressed to horny in less than 24 hours but when I woke up this morning I was desperate for sex!"day four big change
    Hope You and pet have a happy christmas:party-051:
  15. Mistress it is good to see you got some of your "groove" back. :happy0158:

    I think as you can see you can still punish pet (no sex for only 7 of 8 chairs) and get what you want (morning sex). You see, for us pets, the sheer fact of having to go to sleep next to a beautiful woman knowing we messed up is punishment enough. Then to be used like that the next morning well heck I would say you are back on track!

    Try to follow the advice before me and just take one thing at a time, the most important first. Best of luck. By the way any hints you can drop to my Goddess about this penis gag that can be used on the other side like a dildo....damn that is hot!
  16. Penis Gag

    Just the coooooooolest toy! There are photos in my Saturday Night Fun album if you haven't seen them. I'm sure your Goddess would love one! I team it with the hood sometimes too.
  17. Well, no such fun with penis gags or strap-ons last night because it was wayyyyyyyyy past my bedtime when the plumber left.

    I did make sure pet had the strap-on out ready in case I felt horny in the morning.

    I went to sleep naked, which I don't do often... don't know why! pet snuggled up to me also naked, apart from his CB. I was up for a little bit of sleepy fun, but unfortunately baby was fidgeting so I was worried about her. The joys of motherhood!

    I woke pet up this morning by fondling his balls, but he's in a REALLY bad mood because he didn't sleep well. :sad0064:

    He still couldn't keep his hands off me, despite being in such a bad mood so I had a nice powerful orgasm this morning before sending him off to make my coffee! :love0001:

    Then I fell back asleep and need to rally myself because baby is off to a Christmas party at toddlers, and I don't know what to dress her in! Christmas dress-up pudding dress or pink fairy-type dress! Oh the difficult decisions of a toddler.

    Have a good day all. :party-094:

    Oh nearly forgot. Hubby arrived back in the country yesterday and came over to borrow the car. As you may remember we met his girlfriend on the last trip back. I was a little surprised and had to do a double-take when a woman followed him into my house... not the same woman!

    No introduction, no comment, no nothing. Not bothered really except for the fact he made such a HUGE fuss over introducing the last one to the kids... maybe this one isn't a girlfriend... would be nice to know!

    All he said was "can you buy my vegetables for Christmas day" and that was about it really.

    Wonder if she's here for Christmas? If it was the same girl I'd get her a little something, but I'm a bit confused now. Lol. Oh and this one isn't a size 6 :mad0055:
  18. Not sure what is going on at the moment.

    pet is a bit poorly and baby does nothing but whinge all the time, which is very stressful.

    pet does not want to "do this" anymore, is the general feeling I'm getting.

    I completely understand how frustrating this must be, and I'm not exactly making it fun. I'm beating myself up over the fact I had plans for last night and then bottled it at the last minute. I thought about it too much and then figured I wasn't up to the challenge.

    If I *had* gone through with them, pet would be a lot happier...

    I'm a bit lost on what to do. Am I supposed to push through and ignore his unhappy pleas? Or do I just put it all to the backburner again? :sad0123:
  19. MW,

    Speaking as someone finishing week 3 of chastity, I can say that even boys get moody! I've noticed myself on edge lately. I try to think of the big picture view. Your kids cry when you take them to the dentist, but the "big picture" is that they'll have healthy teeth in the end. None of us like to go to the doctor for intrusive exams, but the big picture is that it's important to our health.

    Pet doesn't like that he's VERY frustrated and horny (and perhaps cranky) right now, but the big picture is that he DEEPLY wants to serve you, and be tormented this way. It's what you both want. Without it, your relationship always feels like you need something more. I would argue that it's an emotional need, not unlike the physical needs of seeing the dentist or doctor.

    We don't cancel dentist appointments when the little ones cry. We don't (or shouldn't) cancel doctor appointments because it's uncomfortable. I don't think you should stop being Domme because he's having a natural reaction to being horny and frustrated. He's feeling exactly as he should. His role as a sub is to suck it up, and press on. If he can manipulate you with his emotions, he's topping from the bottom.

    I don't think you should be blind to his feelings. You should always be wondering if you're going too far. That means you care. But at the same time, I think you need to be strong for him. That's YOUR role. When you finally DO find the time when you're both healthy, and the kids are under control, how wonderful it's going to be!

    *rubs shoulders* You can do it! :whipbang:

  20. This is a hectic time of year - a daily emotional roller coaster. But the one thing that is assured - a subby thrives under your Control. It's more than just a mood... A good hard spanking can alter the mood... And it's such a power kick!

  21. Such a good idea Miss D. I sub should never be cranky. Especially if its because they want release.

    On the other hand part of being a good dom is knowing when the sub is just being a brat or actually under pressure and stressed.

    Often a good show of control will either relax a stressed sub allowing them to escape vanilla stresses or will knock out an=y brutishness. I should know Ive been a stress head and a brat for years.

  22. pet is a bit poorly and baby does nothing but whinge all the time, which is very stressful.

    pet does not want to "do this" anymore, is the general feeling I'm getting.

    Your problem with Your pet is not uncommon, i should know it would take both hands, both feet and more to count the number of times i have been in that mood over the last 4 years. i feel i am doing my part and Madame is forgetting about me. If You ask Madame She would tell You that i am in my " what about me" stage. i tell Her what i want She replies that She is stressed and doesn't need my whining and why would She care anyway. She canes me and tells me to act like a sub. She then reminds me IT ABOUT HER :party-051:
  23. I will comment on the replies later, but I had to come and blog my thoughts of the moment!

    Isnt it funny when you do mindless tasks, how you come up with random thoughts?!

    I had to come and blog because my thoughts were so vivid and so horny.

    I was wrapping Christmas presents, and thinking about my Big Brother. You may (or may not) remember that he was my #1 choice for Alpha Male.

    Hes tall, strong and has a wonderfully thick cock which is great to suck and be fucked by. There are also added bonuses. Ive had sex with him before, so I dont feel worried about the possibility of doing it again. I know he is very comfortable in his life and would not want to run away with me (lol that ship sailed when I was 19) And he is clean and safe! PERFECT!

    So why think of him suddenly? Mainly because he usually drops in a Christmas card at some point and hasnt done so yet. So I started fantasising about what would happen if he turned up with my card today? What if we started kissing in the hallway? What if he were to slip his hand down and start stroking my pussy? What if I were to start playing with his huge cock.

    Then my mind wandered back to cuckolding and how perfect BB would be for the role, if he ever wanted to take up the challenge. Booking a hotel room somewhere and dressing pet up, sitting him down in a hood, arms tied, and going off for a light lunch and a glass of wine with BB then coming back like a giggly couple ready for afternoon sex, and fucking like teenagers in front of a bound and sightless pet.

    I would love to see pet suck BBs cock, to see that first virgin BJ. Would I make pet clean me up after my pussy had been ravaged red and swollen and dripping with BBs cumI REALLY need to be fucked. It feels like its been forever.

    Now Im far too horny to carry on with wrapping, so Im going to go and have a shower!
  24. *fans self* Oh my! hehe

  25. Okay, Okay... Who turned the heat up in here? It's stiffling!

    MW is sooooooooooo close to becomming charlotte's Cuckoldress... All this talk about a huge cock, a hooded sissy and a dripping pussy... MY MY! Such delicious and evil thoughts... Such pleasure!

    It is so clear that MW has just the right talents to become a very good - a very talented - Cuckoldress - perhaps, one of the best. And I have a feeling charlotte knows this, and if not - oh well - she will soon enough....


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