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Part 4 ~ Putting the "FUN" in DysFUNctional...

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. I'm really happy for you two! And happy you are both blogging!

    Sometimes I wish Kris would just grab the bull by the horns and do summit like that, instead of getting into the whole 'do u want me to?' 'well do you want it?' debate that just seems to go on for ages then nothing ever happens!

    I was going to say 'bloody men' then for some reason to, but yeah being a man that prob won't work lol!
  2. Dear oh dear... I see pet has thrown a hissy (sissy?!) fit!

    I understand completely so there are no hard feelings. A couple of things pet appears to have forgotten:

    1) I'm have a presentation in front of senior members of the local Council on Tuesday and I'm (huge understatement) a little bit nervous!

    2) I have an essay to write that I haven't started yet. It's not the essay that's a problem, its finding time to read 15-20 papers before writing it. I need to hand it in before it's due date (and I'll explain why in a minute!)

    Because I was tired last night I figured I would wrap a couple of presents to cheer me up as I couldn't concentrate on any Uni work. Can I find anything I need... NO!

    pet is right - if you lose something in this house, that's it GONE! Why? Because people put things "somewhere" to put them away later. PUT IT AWAY ALREADY!

    The other little fit is over not being able to look after baby AND do housework. I get it, I've been there, with 3 under school age!

    When the kids are in bed, take 10 minutes in each room before you settle down for the night.

    I just suggested this to pet and go a stroppy "but I'm the only one doing it".

    I don't have time to argue right now... but seriously pet, you are much better at keeping the kids in check than I am. No treats (xbox, tv, etc) before they have cleared their crap out of the downstairs rooms.

    I can't deal with anything in this last week and a half of Uni. When I'm done, just bugger off and live with your mother for a week and leave me to deal with the house!!! Once its sorted, maintenance is easy.

    Right - onto the fun stuff. The reason I want to get my essay handed in on Wednesday next week (instead of Friday when its due) is because I'm going out Thursday night! :manga_champers:

    I'm very excited. I have a very pretty dress to wear and I'm staying the night in the University hotel.

    Actually I'm more excited than very excited! A bit nervous too. I do sort of have a date. He is more of a father figure, don't worry, no alpha male or anything! He's going to look after me, because I get very shy on night's out!

    3 course Xmas dinner, then a pub quiz, then dancing. Should be fun. I can't wait! Hopefully I'll get some pictures to show you all.

    Ah well, back to preparing my presentation. Not a happy bunny today though. :manga_bunny:
  3. Eek, just as everything seemed to be going so well. You’re bound to snap once in a while, with all the pressure of running a family and going to Uni. You and pet seem to be doing a great job coping.

    Hope you have a good weekend, it would seem you could do with some time to let your hair down.
  4. Well, I'm in a right pickle!

    I'm finding myself newly interested in chastity. Don't laugh!

    It's good to be back here, reading about everyone's experiences and I'm so DESPERATE to get pet locked up and start teasing.

    I wonder how long foreskin piercings take to heal? I wonder if I can put him in the CB6k without causing any problems. I mean I guess he can't masturbate with the pain and the ring through the foreskin and his penis... but I just love the look of chastity. I miss it!

    I want to get kinky again too. I was having vivid sexy dreams last night and wanted to have sex with pet in the morning. Obviously we were still a bit grumpy and I didn't know if pet would be able to...

  5. Mistress Watchful, you are an inspiration :innocent0002:
    i find myself jealous indeed!
  6. Hey! You're the Mistress! If you wanted sex this morning, he should have provided! If "little pet" is too sore, well who needs it?!? He's got a tongue! ;-p

  7. *giggle* Mike has a point *giggle* though having various piercings don't know about PA's but my hood piercing took about a month but i heal very fast The only thing that took forever was my nipples but well think that had to do with it being unbearably hot here in the summer and well sweat and healing piercings is bad. Glad to hear things seem to have calmed down a bit for you. though often it takes not having something to make it more desirable :sex021: Hopefully pet will heal quickly though :manga_angel:
  8. Thanks all.

    Overnight I have developed a terrible sore throat. As you may know, I have a very important presentation on Tuesday, so it better clear up! :manga_exclaim:

    This weekend promises to be "not much fun!".

    I have to write an essay from scratch that I've had weeks to write (hmmm... typical student!) so I'm spending the day in the bedroom reading, reading and reading some more in preparation.

    I do have a salon appointment at 12, which I'm REALLY looking forward too. I haven't been in the salon for SOOOOOOOOOO long! I will have to take some of my papers to read there.

    Hopefully if I get this essay done and dusted, next week will be plain sailing and an enjoyable final week to term! :manga_partypopper:
  9. Feeling a bit blah today. I was very achey last night and worried that I may be getting some sort of flu. I dosed up and hopefully all I still have is a tickly throat and mild aching. No time for illness!

    The essay isn't going great! Lol. Really want it finished today (well, in final draft) so I can relax a bit more.

    I had my trip to the salon to get my hair and nails done and pet seemed to like the change. I go a little darker in the Autumn/Winter and I also had a fringe (bangs!) cut in.

    he mentioned about doing some photos, which got me all excited, but then the usual happened... or rather didn't.

    he probably thought I was feeling too poorly, but I'm always up for dressing up and playing to the camera. Oh well.

    Back to the essay!
  10. Well it's all downhill from here! University, I mean. Last week of this term. I'm surprisingly calm, probably because I am now sooooooooooo ill I am hallucinating!

    I still have an essay to finish, but I'm 2/3 way there.

    Tomorrow is this horrible presentation and I'm NOT looking forward to it. I will only have to speak for about 5 minutes, but I'm not prepared, I look like crap, and I'm probably going to have a runny nose through the whole thing.

    Once tomorrow is over, life will be a bit better. Should finish the essay tomorrow afternoon and over Wednesday, then Thursday night I am going to the post-graduate's christmas do. I'm quite excited because I never get to go out! :sign0011:

    Nothing much going on in the bedroom/chastity department.

    I put pet in his CB yesterday because I had plans for the evening, but I was so sick in the end I just had to call everything off.

    pet is obviously not happy about this. I was also annoyed that from the minute I put him back in it he was all OTT "what's going to happen" "when's it going to happen" the chastity equivalent of "are we nearly there yet?"

    I felt like maybe having snuggly sex this morning, but I'm worried about the piercing, and pet hasn't asked any questions about when/how long/what's safe, so I'm annoyed about that too.

    Actually, just ignore me, I just feel really sick and poorly. :sick0026:
  11. Sounds like you need chicken soup and rest. Do feel better soon!
  12. I would try Berocca like some one suggested before. I’ve just started taking it, I’m on a new vitamin drive to try and stop me feeling so ill. I’m not sure if it’s helping yet but it doesn’t taste all that bad, like flat cheep Fanta but at least I know it’ll do me good.


    All these vitamins don’t just help the body they also help the mind. If your body feels good then you will feel good on the inside. Well at least that’s what I’m hoping. Hope your presentation goes well.
  13. Get well soon!

    Mistress Watchful, dollyanne hates to hear You are feeling ill--and with sooo much to do! But, dollyanne knows You are a Wonder Woman! Dollyanne predicts Your presentation will ROCK, Your evening will be FABULOUS, You will feel MARVELOUS, and there is GREAT SEX in Your future! But first, as Miss D suggests, a little chicken soup wouldn't hurt to get You started.


    Curtsey and Huggs,
  14. Golly! Questions like that sound like a request for a few extra days in lockup, don't they? :bondage:
  15. Thanks everyone. I go through fits and starts, almost ok one minute and then hot and dizzy the next. I really do NOT need this in the last week. Lol.

    Thanks Miss D, I'm lucky to have rested most of today with E! (Entertainment Channel) on the TV.

    kris, I think I have some of that stuff around, I must start looking after myself! I was doing quite well with drinking lots of water.

    dollyanne, thank you, that's so kind. I think you should fly over here and serve me chicken soup in bed all day!

    mike, if only.... We had a discussion last night about chastity, not good when I'm ill because I just get very whingy. It's just that I was so ready to start lock-up again and pet's piercing threw me through a loop!

    I know (hopefully!) it's for the best in the long run, but it messed with my plans and I'm not good when that happens!

    Well, I have to phone one of my team-mates who rang while I was asleep. Hopefully he isn't wanting to change his section of the presentation. I won't be happy! :manga_exclaim:
  16. Please get better soon as I hate to hear about anyone who is sick. Just got over the flu myself and it was horrible this year. Now with that said tell your pet the fun of the whole lockup thing is not knowing when anything is going to happen!:fighting0074:
  17. Thanks excite, fortunately I don't get sick very often, and it's nowhere near as bad as ManFlu I'm sure! :mad0214:

    Well I'm up and ready (ish) to go and do this important presentation the the Council.

    I prepared a bit more last night and am reasonably confident.

    How I'm going to manage to look professional with a huge bout of sniffles and a streaming nose I do NOT know!

    Ah well. Once it's done, it's done! :anim_27:
  18. Ok Mistress so do share, how did the presentation go? I am sure you did very well but was just thinking about your post. Hope you are feeling better.
  19. Well. What a fiasco!

    Bearing in mind we have been lead to think that the climax of our Regeneration module this term would be a presentation to the "high and mighty" Council team... people who could be our future employers:

    I arrived 5 minutes before the presentation was due to begin. It is a small, dark, gloomy room. It is full of students (of course) but no-one else!

    Our lecturers are looking very stressed, staring at a table with a PC projector on it.

    One of my team members announces "there's no computer!!".

    The joy of Council organisation (the Council is local council, like a local branch of government... they make decisions... apparently!)

    Fortunately I have my laptop! MW saves the day!

    There are a few moments of panic when I wonder what the heck they may come across that will be projected up on the wall, and then I figure I look pretty good in most of it! Lol.

    9.15am 15 minutes later than scheduled, still no council members are there. Lecturers look further stressed, annoyed and a bit "this is so fucking typical".

    One council member arrives. One lecturer dashes off to find out where all the *important* council members are. She comes back and says we may as well start.

    3 presentations, lasting about 15 minutes each. 2 more members trickle in through the presentations.

    I'm fairly happy with what I did, it came across ok, my nose didn't run too much, and my lecturer/supervisor was smiling at me throughout my bit and nodded occasionally, so I figure it went ok.

    The Council have been useless in all matters relating to this "Spotlight/One of a Kind" project.

    It was a fiasco, start to finish. I will NEVER work for the Council! :manga_shout:

    So here I am again, trying to finish this blooming essay so I can enjoy myself tomorrow. But I'm still ill, so we will see how it goes.

    Me and pet? To complicated. Maybe pet will explain if he can be bothered to blog. :manga_angry:
  20. Sounds like you have your hands full, with all the wrong stuff, but full none the less. Good luck on your essay. I for one had to chuckle when you are describing your council. I thought that here in the US was the only place the professors etc acted like that. I wonder if they interviewed you for a job and you showed up 15+ minutes late to the interview if that would be acceptable. Oh well, nice job in being prepared with the laptop and all!
  21. Thanks xcite. You kinda hope your Government would be a wee bit more organised wouldn't you!?

    The stupid thing is *we* are their future! Intelligent graduates with excellent ideas... ohhhhh they don't like that do they? Might push them out of their safe (grey, dull, boring) little offices!

    So! Today is the day I've been looking forward to for AGES! Only now I'm not!

    I still feel a bit poorly, I haven't done ANY of the beauty routines I wanted to do, I haven't packed and I still haven't finished that BLOODY ESSAY!

    6.40am I have to get on with it, or I really won't be enjoying myself tonight! :manga_lolly:
  22. Ok... I'm REALLY excited now!!!!

    Essay is finished, just needs printing. Bags are packed! I'm beautified (ish!).... ohhhhh so excited!

    I doubt anything super exciting will happen, but I'll fill you all in about my party night when I get home sometime tomorrow!

    Look after pet for me! :love0077:
  23. Ok... I'm REALLY excited now!!!!

    Essay is finished, just needs printing. Bags are packed! I'm beautified (ish!).... ohhhhh so excited!

    I doubt anything super exciting will happen, but I'll fill you all in about my party night when I get home sometime tomorrow!

    Look after pet for me! :love0077:
  24. Mistress Watchful, I have just finished this entire journal up to now (although I admit I haven't read your others- thought I would read the most recent first- call me a cut to the end kind of guy!), but it seems there is a recurring theme of insecurity, and I may be able to offer a minor salve to one of them:

    My wife and I have three daughters together. When I met her, she had the young fit body of a 25 year old girl who went to the gym religiously (I was jealous and wanted her to slow down so we could be together more!!). She now has the mature sexy body that only motherhood can grant her. Don't be so sure that you are not sexy anymore. My wife's body still drives me just as crazy as it did back then, now for different reasons.:sex023:

    Modern styles try and tell women these days what is sexy. Somehow they don't take into account the many men who find the voluptuous rubenesque form more attractive than hip-bones and rib-cages............

    Enjoy yourself, and be you in your skin.
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