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Part 4 ~ Putting the "FUN" in DysFUNctional...

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. Putting the "FUN" in DysFUNctional...

    Not an uber-unique title... but very appropriate. :bigsmile:

    So - how did we get here and what am I up to these days?

    For those of you who are not familiar with me and my (lengthy, complicated) story… this is Part #3 and here’s a summary!

    Pet and I have been together for 4 years. My husband at the time and I had a lot of problems, he was never in the country, sex had disappeared completely and after an episode where he called me “fat and unattractive” I decided to call it a day.

    Pet and I always had great sex, allllll the time, we are desperately in love with each other and pet always accepted me for who I am, the daft, bubbly blonde with 3 kids! He was the inexperienced (but very enthusiastic!) young man who put me on a pedestal and adored me. He slowly admitted to having kinky thoughts about bondage, etc, and introduced me to the world of chastity.

    I was NOT interested at first. I didn’t want to be in charge, or be a Mistress, or give up being spanked and tied up and used… but never say never, and I decided to give it a go.

    I overdosed on literature, websites, bought more and more bondage equipment, milking items, kinky outfits and submerged myself into the life of a Mistress…. Unfortunately it all began to go wrong.

    Pet lost his job and started to be at home 24/7. So much time together, I believe, has been detrimental to our relationship and we’ve had so many hiccups in the past 6 months.

    Obsessed with creating a perfect D/s relationship, incorporating pet as my sissy maid (and all the expensive items that went with!!!) me trying to discipline him when it wasn’t what he’d envisaged, wandering into the idea of cuckolding about 15 years too early and trying to fit it all in around 4 kids and a baby has taken its toll.

    Today we are at a point where I have decided to completely back track. And so far it’s been SO MUCH FUN!

    Friday morning pet and I had sex for the first time in what seemed like ages. In reality it was about 14 days (possibly less!) but it made me realise quite a few things. For me to go without sex is VERY BAD! I go quietly insane, get increasingly paranoid and neurotic and very miserable. The lack of sex brings back very bad memories of when my husband and I stopped having sex because of my appearance, and as we all know, I’ve been putting on a lot of weight recently and feeling down about myself. Put 2 and 2 together and I get 57 and think pet is going off me rapidly. Heck, he’s 12 years younger than me… have you SEEN what 23 year old girls look like? How can I compete? And so it goes on.

    So… by the time we have sex on the Friday morning and it totally rocks my world, I end up a sobbing mess. Poor darling pet is still inside me, looking at me as if to say “WTF!” and we have a little chat. I explain all the usual things, and he consoles me and we get back to our jokey selves.

    Friday night I decide after a little dabbling with oral sex in the morning (I can’t even remember the last time I gave pet a blow job) I tell pet he can settle down with his Xbox and I will give him hand jobs and blow jobs all night.

    OMG… I forgot how much I love giving blow jobs. I used to be completely addicted and would rather give head than have sex. Rumour has it I was pretty good! I don’t seem to have quiet the same affect on pet, which upsets me, but there’s only one thing for it PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!!

    And then….. I get a freaking cold. I’m so mad. I can hardly breathe, so mammoth blow-job sessions are NOT on the menu for a few days. I’ll practice my hand technique and maybe we can try working our way through the Karma Sutra.

    I’m happier than I’ve been in ages. I feel incredibly sexy (except for the cold!) and just want to have sex allllllllllllll daaaaaaaaaayyyyyy longggggggggggggg.

    Possibly not what you want to hear from me at this moment in time, but as I said – we have a lot of foundations to stabilise before we move further.

    I’m all for using chastity on a less permanent (1-2 weeks pre-scene) basis with lots and LOTS of tease and denial, and pet is happy to be humiliated, dressed up and “forced” to wear the penis gag so I can fuck his face.

    I think we’ve found our happy place for a while….
  2. Well, the cold thing sucks!! But, it'll be gone in a few days. I am sooo happy to hear you are feeling better and happy!!

    Mistress Michelle
  3. Well done you!

    I am delighted to read a post that is so genuinely happy & positive!

    I am really pleased for you both & wish more power to you! :kiss::kiss::kiss:
  4. Great news. I’m so glad things are slowly getting better. Rubbish about the cold though. I hate having a cold when I’m feeling horny :tongue:
  5. I know.... it's a nightmare. Horny as fuck and all I can do is sneeze and suffocate! Lol.

    Finished thrashing pet at Battlefield (not!) so now I'm taking my sniffly nose off to bed with some Sticky Nuts (Dooleys and Amaretto - purely medicinal!) to watch Big Brother.

    Speak soon peeps.
  6. I'm so glad that you've found something that's working for you guys!

    I haven't been keeping up with your story, due to having our own concerns, but it's nice to know that you're back into a happy space.

    Have fun rediscovering each other. Advice to pet: Enjoy the sex while it lasts! :wink:
  7. Cold - Bummer. DysFUNctional FUN - awesome.
  8. God I love sex... specifically I love sex with pet. He's so incredibly fantastic it truly blows me away.

    That's not to say it's all plain sailing. Hiccups for a moment or two last night when he went down on me and I could tell he just wasn't "in the moment".

    He got a bit upset when I pulled him up for kisses and cuddles, but the ensuing conversation was worth it. A lot more came out that I wasn't aware of.

    He confessed to feeling "sick to the stomach" when he realised that he had almost pushed me in to having sex with someone else just to please him. He explained how he felt bad for suggesting so many things and how I always came up with the goodies.

    He also confessed to not having many sexual urges in particular lately. He said he looked at me and thought I was beautiful, but no urges. :sad: He also said he could think about kinky things and still not really have any urges. Depressing. :sad:

    Having said that... we had awesome sex afterwards. :tongue: I literally just melt when he snuggles in to me, licks and teases my nipples and strokes and fingers my pussy. I have always said he was a mind-reader. Since the first fumble or so in his car, he always was a natural.

    He is the best, no question, and I told him so! :bigsmile:

    I could have done with more sex this morning though. :xd: I'm not sure if it will be me re-introducing chastity... I have a feeling he may shortly lock himself up and hide the key! :sex021:

    A peekaboo photo for you today... Just because I was feeling horny!

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  9. It's great to hear that you are happy and having fun. Just remember there is no book of rules about sex. The reason for sex is to reproduce and you have already done that adequately. The rest is for having fun and you have to make it up as you go along. Still our little pea brains want to think there is a favored path to bliss which we must feel guilty about if we don't get it right. Such perfectionists we are. Communication is good and necessary but it's easy to over-think these things especially when we are unclear about our own feelings. A sea of feelings and emotions overwhelms us in our journey along the sexual path. But any logic (of which there was never very much) gets lost easily. Why do you think they call our sexual preoccupations "perversions"? The original purpose for sex gets perverted (or diverted) from its original path and the only directions we had (sort of pathetic draconian puritanical dictates from forgotten grandmothers- and grandfathers) are no longer helpful- to say the least- and we find our selves in a large country (of emotions) with no maps of any kind except for our feelings which fly around up and down with our emotions.
    Quite the diatribe. Sorry. But what I really wanted to say was: What a delight it is to listen to your voice through your posts and vicariously experiencing your sexual enthusiasm. You refuse to let yourself be put in a category or pinned down to a stereotype, and oh ya that bra is very pretty- just perfect for your exquisite bust line. Thank you for letting us into your world.
  10. I think its great that your feeling better and have figured out a "system" that works. Its no secret that I'm not into the heavy side of Chastity so make me your guys token cheerleader for the Vanilla with Kinks. Now, you just need to do it more often! Don't be afraid to be premeditated! Its very exciting and great for the ego that someone "wants" you on a regular basis.

    I'm exactly the same way when we have a sexual dry spell. What am I doing wrong? Am I getting to old? Fat? Its crazy stuff.... Don't do it!

    I've had some personal issues with sex drive (Medical issues) DO talk to the doctor about that. M.W. your an amazing dish and if pet is not a slobbering sex maniac around you it might very well be a medical problem. It happens to the best of us. ;-) Meds maybe? Hormone issues? Talk to the doctor and let her/him fix pet up.

    A couple quickie comments.

    Don't be upset about some men not being as Orgasmic getting oral sex. There are some that LOVE it to warm up with but just are wired by previous relationships mental stuff to never let that be done to completion. I love being married to someone who WOULD but I'm an old dog that can't easily do that new trick.

    Your tease shot is making this room very hot. Can you store up some more and send them to me in december - feb so we won't have to heat the house so much???

    Platonic Hugs - Jimmi
  11. Awesome... I've found the solution to global warming!

    I wonder if my lecturers would agree?
  12. I am not sure about 'lecturers' but I am sure the 'letchers' would! :xd:

    Nice tits by the way! :tongue:
  13. Lol and thanks. :kiss:
  14. just home from a super kinky weekend (bragging? Maybe a little :xd: )... anyway, glad to hear that your getting things back on track.

    Looking forward to reading (and commenting) more later.
  15. Well since we are all talking about SEX! Argh! I'm still waiting for Aunt Flo to leave it seems like a month.... Who needs Chastity?!
  16. That *groan* is *ohh* not *ouch* fair *owowow* to *uggghhh* show *deep breath* someone *hissss* that *ow* has *ouch ow* to *groan* wear *painfull* SPIKES!!!!!!

  17. newsub... I'm more interested in what YOU'VE been up to!!!

    Jimi... that's such a PITA. Something I definitely don't miss, if I'm unlucky she visits me for a day... the joys of modern contraception! :xd:

    eceem... your post made me incredibly horny for some reason! So fairs fair in the frustration stakes! :tongue:

    I seem to be permanently horny at the moment, very probably because I'm happy! I didn't really expect to have sex last night, but I was ever hopeful.

    As appears to be our usual manner at the moment, when we go to bed we cuddle up and watch TV or pet plays Xbox and I just play with him. He loves this, we used to do it a lot when we first met, he doesn't really want to cum but loves to be stroked and played with... who doesn't!?

    He'd taken out his piercing as it was irritating a little (please don't be out permanently! :sad:) so I decided to go down on him and see what it was like without the PA in the way (yay - my cold is clearing! :nerd:)

    I was thoroughly enjoying myself and things were going incredibly well in the hand-job/blow-job department which resulted in me being rewarded with a mouthful of delicious warm sticky cum.

    I'm such a slut. :crossedlips: Definitely a cum swallower... I love the stuff, there is something sooooooooo satisfying about a mouthful of cum. :xd:

    After Big Brother, pet said he was settling down to sleep. He's not been sleeping very well lately so I gave him my bestest sexy goodnight kiss (in case he changed his mind!) and snuggled down myself, trying not to be too dissapointed.

    What should come up on TV but Indecent Proposal. For those that haven't seen - a young husband and wife are on the verge of losing their home, etc, so they go to Vegas to try and win enough money to buy it back. When they eventually lose all their money, Robert Redford offers the husband 1 million dollars to sleep with Demi Moore for one night. Much soul searching and Demi does the deed! After that, it's all relationship and emotion stuff.

    pet couldn't get to sleep, so I asked if he had seen the film and said it was worth watching (I obviously wasn't thinking!) Throughout the film there were lots of emotional scenes which pet got quite thoughtful about, commenting "this is sort of a cuckolding film isn't it". By the end of the film I am seeing no chance EVER that I will become a cuckoldress!!! LMAO.

    We did the "would you for 1 million?" question. I replied that yes, I would do anything for him and pointed out that, actually, I had agreed to do it for free. :crossedlips:

    The night got very thoughtful after that and we had all sorts of divorce, money, sex conversations and eventually ended up going to sleep around 2-3am.

    We woke up around 8am. I didn't expect pet to wake up at all, and was intending to let him lie in, but as he was awake and in a good mood.... I decided to try and seduce him!

    He was obviously still very tired, so I tempted him into a quickie, just because I was horny and wanted to feel close to him. I jumped right in to enjoying the "quickiness" of the sex, not expecting to cum, but I was hornier than I expected and was on the brink a couple of times... unfortunately pet realised this and went into pressure meltdown. It was still wonderful sex, but I hate it when pet gets all upset if I don't cum! It's no big deal... I can cope (for a day or two!)

    I know I could have asked him to finish the job manually, but he was all post-orgasm snuggly and tired, and I'd rather wait for him to be fully attentive to my needs than just "finishing off"!

    So now he's all fast asleep, and I'm super SUPER horny - which is a great feeling, I'm sure you all know!

    Lots to do today, paperwork, phonecalls, and my husband is coming home and I need to convince him to buy me a new car!
  18. Can we bottle...um...you? I need to give my wife whatever it is you are running on.

    Oh, I feel dizzy.

    No, really... can we bottle you?! Pleeeease!

    <mumble, grumble>pet you lucky, lucky animal.</grumble, mumble>
  19. HOLY MOLY, MW!! Now I have to change when my last orgasm was and what I was reading when it happened on my profile. Like Jimi123, I find chastity intriguing and use it as part of sex play but don't live it 24-7 so I really enjoy reading your detailed accounts. They're quite a turn on.
  20. i will try to get a post up... it was very, very fun!
    Well, i have to agree. Jeez, i never thaought i would say that!
  21. Mistress Watchful wrote, "I was thoroughly enjoying myself and things were going incredibly well in the hand-job/blow-job department which resulted in me being rewarded with a mouthful of delicious warm sticky cum.

    I'm such a slut. :crossedlips: Definitely a cum swallower... I love the stuff, there is something sooooooooo satisfying about a mouthful of cum. than I expected and was on the brink a couple of times... unfortunately pet realised this and went into pressure meltdown. It was still wonderful sex, but I hate it when pet gets all upset if I don't cum! It's no big deal... I can cope (for a day or two!)"

    This reminds me of our swinger days. After we came home from a party my wife and I were very horny for each other. It was a tremendous turn on for me that all these other guys found her sexually attractive and she enjoyed the attention. I couldn't get enough of tasting that delicious cum in her wonderful pussy as she had a powerful orgasm. I loved having her pull my hair and force my face against her crotch.
  22. Now.... this isn't turning out quite how I expected!

    By returning to my former "horny, take as much cum and fucking as possible" self I expected you all to be a bit disappointed in me. It appears you are all enjoying what I consider to be my "plain, boring, vanilla" sexlife.

    You do make me chuckle.

    And reading what you think makes me even more horny... now where did I leave that pet!?

    The funniest thing of all in this, is I actually feel far more Dominant, but in a way more subtle way... I'm getting everything I wanted, when I want it - and that was the whole idea originally!

    Bloody complicated (but a hell of a lot of fun!)
  23. First of all Mistress, the picture of your breasts is so nice, so sexy, and made me hard! Well as hard as I can get when locked up! I love women and pretty much everything about them. Since I transitioned I have had feelings about men I havent had in the past but I just flat out love everything about a feminine woman!

    I enjoyed reading about you and pet and encourage you to do what is good for both of you. You dont need to follow a playbook of what a Mistress and her pet should do or how often chastity is used. You may find that he prefers to be unlocked or you may find that he is aching to be locked back up. I can relate this to something that happened to me two weeks ago.

    As you know Mistress, I am now living my life, pretty much 24/7 as a woman now and have so much to share I could fill a book, but just after a full week and a half of living that way I had to go to New York on business. I really didnt want to go because I had just started living my life as Bridget and had to revert to being drab male guy again.

    Mistress and I discussed it and we both thought it a good idea not to go locked up because traveling to NY means super extra security, even more than other airports. So I traveled back east without being locked up and I have to tell you that I was literally aching to be locked up. I have been trained so well that the first morning when I woke up I was hard as a rock and I did not even touch myself! I spent four nights there and not once did I make myself cum. Mistress and I had a very erotic phone conversation one night and she came while telling me not to touch myself...I didnt!

    When I got home, the very first thing I did was go and get my chastity device and put it on. I really dont feel whole without it. I am not sure how strongly your pet feels about wearing his but I have found that it is not wearing it that makes me happy. It is knowing that Mistress wants me wearing it that makes me happy...and whole.

    As for blowjobs...god you and I are on the same page! I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it feels to have a man's cock in my mouth! The softness of it combined with how hard it is. The fleshy head where it meets the shaft. God I could spend hours just making a man feel incredible that way. It sounds like you love it and that is what makes someone really good at it. For me its the feeling of it in my mouth, across my lips, the aroma of it, the feel of it, and most of all, the sounds of a man who is really enjoying it.

    Then knowing all along that the reward at the end is hearing him moaning loder and louder and then feeling it swell in your mouth with a final grunt as he releases his sweetness into your mouth...sigh...god I love it so much. I can tell you do too. Sounds like you and pet are rediscovering yourselves together. I am so happy for you.
  24. This is turning out to be an incredibly erotic thread!
    First Mistress Watchful describes in detail her super horny "vanilla" sex. It may not be ultra kinky but there are millions of guys around the world that only get missionary with the lights off that wish they were experiencing what you call "vanilla". It's enough to get me aroused!
    Now SlaveBridget describes in equally erotic detail what it's like to have a cock in one's mouth. I could almost feel it as I read it. Very good, SlaveBridget!
    Don't let this thread go stale, all you imaginative people. This is too good. How about more of you describing in detail some of your more erotic experiences. Mistress Watchful has set a wonderful example for all of you to follow.
  25. Wait wait! I'm curious about Chastity. I'm really pretty sure I'm not the type for this. Yes, I'm intrigued by kinky sex and MWs lovely description (And what she says about sex also ;-) BTW when you do bottle all this put us down for a case...
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