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Part 4 ~ Putting the "FUN" in DysFUNctional...

Discussion in 'Mistress Watchful's Blog Archive' started by Mistress Watchful, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. I re-read the post a third and fourth time... It is truly a classic. Ohhh, charlotte sweety... what do you think of your Mistress' naughty thoughts?

  2. Mistress I do believe you have quite naughty streak. What and image you have created, Charlotte will be more than exciting when reading that.
  3. Yes, poor little pet was a bit hot and bothered after reading that. It's been brought up at least 4 or 5 times today already! "That was very descriptive, you're not normally that descriptive, what made you go into so much detail" Awww bless!

    Yes I am having lots of naughty thoughts about BB... so if you're reading this Mr B and you want a handful of hot, wet, pussy, the kids are not at home Mon/Tues/Weds... :whipbang: Text me!!!!
  4. Oh Mistress Watchful how filthy are you! :manga_devil: (and awww manga smileys!!!!!) That was one hot post, maybe i should get my creative juices flowing for Kris, actually it may happen when i'm wrapping presents if it has that effect haha!
  5. No time for huge posts today, but a Feeldoe and a hogtie kit arrived in our post today! :sign0011:
  6. OMG...dollyanne HAD to look these up, Mistress Watchful!


    Hog-tie kit:
    hog-tie kit.jpg

    Wow...someone...and dolly can only guess who...is in for a GOOD TIME soon! No wonder You didn't have time to post, Mistress Watchful!

    Why don't things like this arrive in dolly's post?! Dolly can't even get her pink cb-2000.

    Have fun!! (And tell us all about it!)


  7. No time for posts again today!!!!

    Yes dollyanne, they look marvellous fun don't they?! Unfortunately I was hit by a terrible headache last night that we tried desperately to shift, but it wouldn't go!

    So now I have to spend all day with 4 screaming kids and Father Christmas! :manga_festive:

    On the bright side, ex-2-b is taking 3 of them away for the next 3 days!!!! :manga_balloon:
  8. Yesterday with the kids was lovely. We don't spend enough time together as a family and we all really enjoyed it.

    It's a pity I can't really share photos :sad0002: I have a lovely one of the kids and pet on Santa's knee! And I appear to have had a huge grin on my face all day!

    In about an hour ex-2-b will be taking the kids away, and then we will be taking baby for her last swimming class of the year.

    I was hoping for some "quality" time together over the next three days, but to be honest, I'll be working non-stop to get things ready for Xmas.
  9. Oh blah @ going out for lunch and missing my BB's visit! I should have known!!!!

    Got a text over lunch with pet and got all giggly and a bit annoyed. Then BB tried to phone and chat, but the restaurant we were in has terrible reception and I knew I'd just get cut off.

    Came home and fell asleep (oops!) which means I am now even further behind with christmas preparations!

    Sex will probably be something that happens to other people between now and New Year. :spider:

    Ah well. :party-110:
  10. LOL I wish
  11. lol @ eceem! :happy0195:

    Well pet and I had a nice lie in this morning. With no 3 thumping elephants in the house, baby slept through till 9 am. Unfortunately so did we!

    If only we'd woken up a bit earlier we could have had some playtime.

    I was especially horny on waking and started thinking about cuckolding again, and huge cocks, and pet watching, and just general kinkiness! *sigh*

    As I said, baby woke up as we did, so no playtime. :sad0020:

    Back to the scary housework... :confused0046: Maybe some playtime tonight. :sex006:
  12. Just a guess... but, I'll bet charlotte was thinking the same thoughts... And if not then - she is now......

  13. Helllooooo neglected journal! :fighting0092:

    Obviously I have been as busy as everyone else this time of year... family... food... too much mess!

    Things are a little back to normal today, so now I can dig into the 5 assignments I need to write before 12 Jan!

    BB phoned just before Christmas and discussed what was in my blog. It was a nice chat, I can't believe how much he remembers of our original "meetings".

    pet and I have not really spoken about anything, and the piercing is being ignored... along with sex.

    I actually came in my sleep 2 nights ago. pet doesn't appear to believe I can do this, but I've done it 5 or 6 times over the years. Strange but true.

    pet hasn't blogged at all, which I always hate. It just makes me feel further ignored and like none of this is important.

    Enough of my sob story... on to the essays!
  14. I think sexual dreams and/or release are not all that rare... The surprising thing is that sometimes they occur with no relation to our wakened lives. And at other times, a sex dream might be a signal that a deep desire needs some attention...

  15. It's SO hard to blog during the Holidays, when our normal routines are totally out the window. I know that my own mundane blog went over a week without an entry - very rare for me!

    Anyway, life will get back to normal soon enough. Enjoy the variations while you can! :)

    Happy Holidays!
  16. back to normal?

    Mistress Watchful, good luck with Your new 6 assigments! wow that is a crazy heavy load of research and writing.

    best wishes and i'll ty to shut-up.
  17. Good gracious Mistress! After trying to catch up on others journals I realized I missed some story you posted and now that I found what every one is talking about... Darn how does this thing come off without a key. LOL
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