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Jun 9, 1963 (Age: 58)


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Slight setback with the Lori. Woke up feeling a touch of pinching in the PA. Getting it on was a fight. I'm not surprised. Resting it. Nov 27, 2021 at 5:58 PM

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Nov 27, 2021 at 3:53 PM
    1. mikecb
      Slight setback with the Lori. Woke up feeling a touch of pinching in the PA. Getting it on was a fight. I'm not surprised. Resting it.
    2. mikecb
      I'm very rapidly building toward 24/7 in my Lori. I was in for 3 days. Out for 36 hours. Back in now. All comfortable.
    3. mikecb
      Just completed 3 consecutive days in the Lori. No particular issues. I'll give it a few rest days, and go back in for 5? 7? days next.
    4. mikecb
      I went about 54 consecutive hours in the lori. I took about 36 hours off. No major issues. It's back on. Maybe 72 hours this time?
    5. mikecb
      Wow, I've gone about 40 hours in the Lori tube, including 2 overnights. I didn't expect I'd ever do that. This creates.... possibilities
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    6. mikecb
      50 days of orgasm denial. Woo hoo!
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    7. mikecb
      I've been doing orgasm denial for 6 weeks. It's been more sexually satisfying than wanking. I must be some kind of pervert or something!
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      1. BlokeDenied
        Such a pervert. Congrats!
        Nov 20, 2021
    8. mikecb
      Attempting to be "Always Locked"
    9. tj246
      i have the cb6000 but i find the ring to dig into my balls way to much cant wear them for a day,,,i had the cb3000 an solid ring worn hat for 8 yars no problem,,,any idea why the change the ring an not make them solid i modified the old solid ring to fit the post of the 6000 now
    10. MissBB_and_herlockedboy
      can i change the name on my profile?
    11. Mistress Michelle
      Mistress Michelle
      Happy Birthday Mike, hope you have a wonderful day!!
    12. mikecb
      so loves having epic, divorce ultimatim, arguments with his wife. Sigh. Happy Holidays!
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      2. xcitex2
        Mike I am so sorry. For what it is worth, perhaps it is the time of year. We are in the same spot, and I never thought I would think it. Hang in there!
        Dec 20, 2010
      3. susie q
        susie q
        Very sorry to hear that mike,wiil be thinking of you also ,hugsssss
        Dec 20, 2010
      4. Ms.Linda
        Just read this, Mike....so sorry! Been there Myself. Hope things work out for you.
        Dec 20, 2010
    13. mikecb
      Oh Mistress Emma..... I'm still having happy thoughts of you, every time I sit, or something touches my back! ;-p
      1. ms-laurel
        sounds like you had so much fun!!!! i'm so envious!!
        Nov 10, 2010
    14. mikecb
      is happy the Mansion is back :-)
    15. mikecb
      will be in the car, driving to The Gathering in one week! Woot!
      1. Goddess Jen
        Goddess Jen
        Me too! YAY!!
        Oct 28, 2010
      2. Mistress Michelle
        Mistress Michelle
        I am going to be sitting on My ass with Emma while we watch susie and rachel wait on us hand and foot! ;)
        Oct 29, 2010
      3. ms-laurel
        Have so much fun!!!
        Oct 29, 2010
    16. ms-laurel
      well, get with the program would ya?
    17. ms-laurel
      why crappy?
    18. mikecb
      was pleasantly surprised to find his computer said it was "Release day". I hadn't expected one before The Gathering. Weeeee!
    19. mikecb
      Seems to be once again "broken in" to the CB. 6 days an no chaffing. It's nice to finally be over the hump on that.
    20. mikecb
      Day 6 of chastity. 4th day in CB. The latest CB mods seem really comfortable. Who knows? I may be locked until the Gathering!
    21. mikecb
      Has been bad and needs a spanking..... OK, I made up the part about being bad.
      1. Goddess Jen
        Goddess Jen
        :P I don't mind roleplay.
        Oct 8, 2010
    22. mikecb
      got his e-stim toy today. Weeee!
    23. mikecb
      Got a release this morning after 2 1/2 weeks, but is still rather cranky. What up with that?!?
      1. Mistress Michelle
        Mistress Michelle
        Emma can fix cranky real quick so I'd suggest getting over it before Nov 4th lol
        Oct 7, 2010
      2. mikecb
        *innocent blink*
        Oct 7, 2010
    24. mikecb
      ok.. 18 days in. Why am I so freaking horny?!? Things should be calming down, not ramping up!
      1. richard
        that happens to me too.
        Oct 5, 2010
      2. her_pantyboy
        i know how you feel, over 30 days here and things are not calming down. i bet it has to do with his_Keyholder teasing me. :)
        Oct 6, 2010
    25. mikecb
      Holy crap. I downsized my PA to 6ga a few weeks ago. Stretching back to 4ga now. OUCH! Hurts more than the original stretch to 4ga!
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    Jun 9, 1963 (Age: 58)
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    I want chastity, not celibacy!

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