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Losing it

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by PouchPantyLover, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. OK I'm losing it. It's been 11 days now. Last Thursday's punishment was weak. Based on what I had done I was expecting something pretty strong on her part. This Thursday, she just skipped it, nothing, zilch, nada. She had one orgasm over a week ago and nothing else in terms of any playtime, tease and denial or anything. I'm feeling locked and forgotten. I'm getting grumpy and losing my desire to serve. Tomorrow morning is a Saturday and I haven't missed a weekend breakfast in bed for her in months. I'm losing it though. Hanging on by a thread. Not sure how the this is going to turn out. She just came into my office and told me to cut up some water melon for a party and I'm feeling like refusing. Arghh! There are times this chastity thing drives me nuts :mad:
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  2. We're "only humans" mate ,
    We all have our ups and downs and our emotions can get the better of us at times and being in chastity can make it even more challenging at times .
    I hope you come through this "little bump"
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  3. Since we don't know your K/H mistress situation, it's difficult to comment. I'm presently due to be released today from a month as declared by my Ms K/H. That followed a 367 day lockup with almost no sexual interaction. In my case, chastity was/is my kink and Ms K/H is indulging me.
    My take on this situation is that the idea of chastity is to be frustrated, wanting to cum, wanting attention, but having to wait until. Waiting is always the problem. I had to learn to follow the advice of an online then IRL C/D chastity slave friend, "Take it day by day." That's the only way I got through that year. No orgasms, no sexual interaction, no erections. I don't want to do it again unless it's what Ms K/H wants.
    I hope things get easier for you.
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  4. This is just another part of a relationship. When we were in a situation like that we sat down and talked about the benefits for me to be locked up and the problems. Communication, Trust, and most of all Love is what it took to pull us through. Heart to Heart.
  5. mash got it right.....all the way!!
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  6. Yesterday my wife told me to clean my bathroom. I told her to hire a housekeeper. Yikes. Two months of orgasm denial makes my grumpy and normally the reason she lets me orgasm. I do not think so this time. We did not stay mad long though, and after an hour passed we were back to our old selves again. She did skip her nightly paddling of me though and tonight is sex night, so I am expecting more and harder whacks. Not looking forward to it at all.
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  7. I think we all go through it from time to time when locked up, be it from just life getting in the way or some form of payback. Feeling ignored or forgotten can certainly take its toll on me. What I try to remember is that while it's always on my mind, it isn't on hers. That doesn't stop me from getting an attitude or being grumpy though, and I have to wonder why I continue to do it. It will pass, just hang in there.
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  8. So I cut up the watermelon, but I was surly. I went to the party, but I was surly. We came home and I put the kids to bed upstairs, but I was surly. We sat down to watch a show and I was surly. So she looks at me and says "what's your problem?" So I tell her that I can't feel submissive unless she acts dominant and she hasn't been the least bit dominant for a week and a half. I told her last weeks punishment was weak and this week she just plain skipped it. I told her my penis was her property, but she shouldn't neglect her property. Then I closed with "I'm not making you breakfast in bed tomorrow."

    She stood up and walked out of the room without a word. A minute later she comes walking back in with her riding crop. She doesn't usually use the crop because she has a harder time judging the force of her blows compared to the wooden spatula. "Get on the floor" she barks at me and I leap to the floor. She doesn't bother telling me to expose my ass, she just goes to town. Then barks again "get upstairs and put on panties and then get back down here". I rush to get panties on and return to our TV room. "Kneel on the floor with your face on the carpet". I do as she commands and she unleashes a series of blistering blows and then returns to the couch to sit and watch TV. I go to rise and she says real coldly "I didn't tell you to move". So I kneel face down on the carpet while she watches the balance of a show, probably 30 or 40 minutes. Every so often she gets up and walks over to me. Sometimes she wails on me, sometimes she uses the crop to fondle or spank my balls and sometime she does nothing. When the show is over she turns the TV off and asks me "Shall I take a picture of you kneeling on the floor in your panties with a red ass and text it to everyone that was at the party tonight? Let them know what a sissy faggot you are?" I reply "Please don't Mistress". "Will I be served breakfast in bed at the appropriate time tomorrow?" I eagerly confirm that I will do so. She stands up and tells me to make sure everything is cleaned up, locked up and to hurry up to bed.

    I do as instructed and when I arrive in our bedroom I'm told to get her purple vibrator and the pink magic wand. She loves to have me start with sucking on her breasts and then going down on her. Once she is aroused and wet enough the purple vibrator is turned on and slowly inserted. She likes a rhythmic thrusting with this vibrator. After awhile the magic wand is introduced and gradually worked toward and onto her clit. Eventually she takes over the magic wand while I thrust away with purple. "Suck on my tits while I cum" she commands. I am only too happy to oblige and she works herself up and over the edge with a back arching toe curling orgasm. I dutifully clean all her toys with my mouth and put everything away in the locked case and then come to bed. "No" she says "kneel on the floor by me". I do as instructed and she tells me "You will stay there until I fall asleep". So i remain kneeling face down by her until I hear her breathing slow and then I climb into bed thinking "I guess she really likes those Breakfasts.

    I didn't realize it, but she was not done with me. I got out of bed this morning and made breakfast for her. Potato and sausage casserole, fresh fruit, a smoothie and a cup of coffee. I bring it to her one her tray as usual. Instead of the usual thank yous and oh this looks good comments, she takes the tray and says "that will be all, leave now." I return after an appropriate time to clear the dishes as usual, but instead of the usual compliments I'm simply told "get me more coffee". After cleaning the Kitchen and getting the kids their food as they are glued to Saturday morning TV shows I return to the bedroom. I ask Mistress if it's OK for me to shower and head into work, she agrees. While I'm in the shower she walks in and stares at me and says nothing. I ask her if I've done something wrong and she says "turn off the water and lay on the floor". I quickly comply as she takes off her shirt and panties. She climbs in and straddles my face and just sits there. Nothing happens though and after a minute she stands up and says wash me. I find myself both disappointed and relieved and of course excited by the prospect of washing her which is one of my favorite tasks. I soap and clean her body thoroughly making sure my favorite parts are well soaped and rubbed. Then I shampoo her hair and she rinses it clean. Again she commands "lay on the floor" as she turns off the water. Again she straddles my face, but standing fully up legs spread so her beautiful body is towering over me. Again a long pause and nothing seems to be happening, but then it starts with a few dribbles that hit my chin. Then a strong stream shoots forth from her beautiful pussy. I'm not sure if she planned this or if just happened, but without moving that stream hit my mouth like a center bulls-eye. My opened mouth was quickly filled and I swallowed. As I swallowed I closed my mouth and the pee splashed all over my face. I opened my mouth and filled it again. Fill mouth, swallow, splash on face, open mouth and repeat. I think it was 4 or 5 mouth-fulls, but I'm not really sure. "Now rinse yourself, get out and put on a fresh pair of panties". I quickly kissed her feet and thanked her, then went to comply with her instructions.

    After inspecting her property she released me to go to my office and get some work done. Of course I was so excited I had to come and share my experience on the Mansion at once. I am still frustrated in the sense that I want to cum and I know I won't for several months. I am however completely submissive. Back in the frame of mind that my Mistress can do no wrong and I will do anything to serve her and please her. I hope one day I can develop the ability to remain this way no matter what she chooses to do like some of you. In the meantime I am so grateful that she took the time and effort to put me in my place completely. I have posted a picture of my butt post punishment which you can see in link below. I discovered it's actually hard to take a picture of your own butt, so it doesn't really do it justice. Still I was excited enough to want to share.

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  9. Very interesting. If this is where you want to be than you have arrived. If not than you need to talk to your Misstress
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  10. Well @PouchPantyLover@PouchPantyLover I think you got exactly if not more than you wanted there , and does show that your mistress is more than capable of giving you the domination you want , but and this is the big but we don't always get exactly what we want when we want it , Learning to accept that your mistress has control and will give this domination when she wants to and not when you want it takes time to get used to , and is as much a part of her control as the acts themselves . I also agree with @Mash2214@Mash2214 communication is a must not only for you but her as well , My mistress and I have been into this lifestyle for many years and none of were we are at now was an over night thing it took time and many long talks and compromises to get to were we are now. There are still times although not often I ask myself why do I do this but they soon pass and I know 100% that I would not be happy if things were not as they are , so give it time and try and talk about what you both want to take from your roles , and in time hopefully you will both be happy in them
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  12. It sounds like you got your wish. Maybe you two can institute a communication day to voice concerns before it gets to you stopping serving her, or she has to beat the snot out of you.

    Service without motivation is difficult, your expectations should have been communicated, and hers to you. She shouldn't need to go through such extremes to get you back into the kink you asked for. My situation is a bit different...I asked for chastity and loss of control, it was her that wanted domestic service and certain FLR aspects. So I feel comfortable discussing my state of being. In fact it's a rule that I keep her informed of my physical and mental state so she knows how I'm doing. She doesn't want me to resent her.

    What she does with that information is up to her. I really haven't said too much, but she reads my posts here and I find that is a nice little window into my state of being.

    I think if serving her domestically were my idea, she would treat it as a gift and expect I follow through because allowing me to do it is her gift. If like me it was something she wanted, it's my gift to her for being my kh.

    Hope you guys get to talking. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't look down at my steel covered urine spout and wonder why I asked for this...but I did. This is a nice place to vent though, and wish u luck.
  13. Thanks to everyone for positive comments and suggestions. My wife and I do use a communication day, but we only do so once or twice a month. It seems like when I get zero attention I start to get squirrelly around the 1-2 week range. Maybe we need to increase frequency, but my wife is one of those that doesn't like to have too many conversations about chastity. Feels like I'm obsessing if I bring it up too often.

    Ironically this is similar to our pre-chastity sex pattern. While I wanted sex as often as I could get it, I was placated when we had sex at least once a week. Any longer and I started to get bitchy with my wife. In our pre-chastity dynamic she didn't like my bithchiness, but really it didn't phase her too much. Now she has a lot vested in the chastity and FLR lifestyle we have. She loves our new sex life and she loves all the things I do around the house and for her, but most of all she loves how tender and attentive I have become. So now when I get to my bitchy point and it threatens that she fights for what she has gotten.

    Maybe this is our pattern? Our routine going forward? In another thread I asked the question are you naturally submissive? The opposite side of that question would be; is your KH naturally dominant? In my case the answer is no. What brings out her dominance is my challenging her authority or the privilege she has gotten used to. Then as anyone can see she becomes quite dominant. This is all still relatively new for us, so we have to figure out what works together.
  14. Hard getting up after our 4th of July party yesterday. Managed to push through and get all my morning chores done. As a reward my wife gave me a little fondle and then said "today I want the cage off for a little playtime". I was so excited by this as I figured it meant tease and denial or edging. I suspect it's too soon for a real orgasm. My wife went off to her work-out and took our son to summer school. When I went to get my daughter up for her activities she promptly barfed. Too much junk food and soda at the party last night. So she's staying home all day and playtime cancelled. Highly frustrating, but still in my proper mindset and NOT in danger of losing it again.
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