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Ma'at Rebekah
Jun 20, 2017
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Ma'at Rebekah

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XX Jun 23, 2017

    1. elliot_r
      Reading your avatar, so much truth in those words Ma'at. And yes, I too had to look it up. Very cool
      1. Ma'at Rebekah
        Ma'at Rebekah
        kind words are always appreciated. they feed the soul of receiver as well as the giver. thank you
        Jul 2, 2017
    2. Ma'at Rebekah
    3. Muzzo4you
      Ma'at Rebekah, I've seen your postings just now and needed to looked the definition of "Ma'at". Now that I understand it's meanings, I have a deeper understanding of you (Goddess) and your intelligent insights. I am humbled yet wish you all the best possible. Do hope we all see more of you and your writings herein.
      Ma'at Rebekah likes this.
      1. Ma'at Rebekah
        Ma'at Rebekah
        smart....smooth.....you may go far.......adventure is what you make life........the smallest of things can bring the greatest of pleasures....all women know that
        Jun 22, 2017
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