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Apr 19, 2018 at 11:15 PM
Oct 2, 2016 at 10:55 AM
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Aug 26, 1964 (Age: 53)
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United Kingdom


Well-Known Member, Male, 53, from United Kingdom

I won't give up Apr 18, 2018 at 10:30 PM

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Viewing forum list, Apr 19, 2018 at 11:15 PM
    1. LesterBallard
      I won't give up
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      1. L-u-c-y
        Don't give up lester!
        Apr 19, 2018 at 1:53 PM
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    2. LesterBallard
      happily writing
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    3. LesterBallard
      determined and persevering
    4. LesterBallard
      after difficult days it is wonderful to be able to reflect on how important your Mistress and guide is to you. Thank you, Mistress...
    5. LesterBallard
      Learning more every day
    6. LesterBallard
      A new chaste weekend beginning
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      1. Allen1987
        Such sweet misery isn't it. Been locked since Jan. 1 it only gets better:)
        Apr 6, 2018
    7. LesterBallard
      10 days in chastity. Feeling good.
    8. LesterBallard
      Begun a new blog to relate changes in my life and allow me to explore my thoughts.
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    9. LesterBallard
      Very happy to be under expert guidance
    10. LesterBallard
      That which is mine is not mine That which it does it does not Yours is the power and mine is the duty Virtue from chastity, reverence taught
    11. LesterBallard
      And back at work. So CM for relaxation...
    12. LesterBallard
      another weekend and then back to work :(
    13. LesterBallard
      see when you think the novel you're writing is fine, and then you read it again and think it isn't........
    14. Mash2214
      You have an interesting story. I hope you find what your looking for here at the Mansion.
    15. LesterBallard
      Spring is approaching. New season, new opportunities.
    16. LesterBallard
      A week's leave - chance to do some writing...
    17. LesterBallard
      Experimenting and seeking to understand
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    Aug 26, 1964 (Age: 53)
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    United Kingdom
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    • Submissive
    Chastity devices:
    I have two, but I don't know what they are called
    Chastity resume:
    I have only ever experienced self-chastity. I am now working hard at an honour system. Started 25 March 2018
    I have no agenda here. I'm not looking for anyone or anything. I am happy in my own life. I only want to talk and explore and examine. That's it. Total.

    I've been interested in d/s relationships for many years. I've lived it when I can, but mostly I have lived it vicariously through writing fiction. I used to have a very successful story site on asstr which featured a lot of D/s and Femdom material. I learned a lot about myself through writing that.

    Over the years, I have moved from being a switch to mostly identifying as submissive. This is something of a reaction to real life, I guess, where I have a responsible job and make decisions that can fuck up people's lives.

    I see this sexual identity which I have adopted and accepted as being a response to real life, and I like it. It is a complement to real life, a different part of me, concealed day-to-day but no less genuine.

    Me? I don't know what I want, not really. I want to explore and understand, and that takes time. I'm not looking for a grand relationship. I don't want a domme to serve. I just want to delve into this peculiar state of mind which has overtaken me and see where that takes me. More and more, chastity is becoming a holy grail for me.

    I am at the start of what I think may be a long period of exploration to understand what I truly seek.

    For sure, my starting point was selfish self-gratification. I wanted to manipulate a situation which accorded with my fantasy of domination. Even if that happened, it would not be true domination, because it was something I had basically engineered.

    Now, I am seeking something different, but I am not yet entirely sure what it is. Certainly, any idea of domination doesn't come with the erotica baggage attached to it, or the notions of humiliation or subservience that originally informed my thinking. It's something else.

    Bu that idea of chastity? Willingly? Oh, that hits something deep inside me. That is powerful. That is magnificent. To be able to make that connection, to be able to give that commitment, and know it is unshakeable. Wow, that is the ultimate turn-on. I want that.

    I am a writer of erotica. I am mostly submissive but I can write from any point of view.

    If you would like me to write a story for you, let me know. Tell me your fantasy and I will turn it into words for you.

    Thanks for reading this. Drop me a line if anything I've said piques your interest.