Goddess Gaia
Mar 30, 2018 at 11:49 PM
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Philadelphia, PA
Healing the world with Love

Goddess Gaia

Looking for a Good boy in Phildelphia, Female, from Philadelphia, PA

Verified Female

Looking for my knight in Philadelphia Jan 12, 2023

    1. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      Looking for my knight in Philadelphia
    2. Knight1115
      Hi Goddess, I would love to get to know you alittle better, Im only about a hours drive from philly.
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      1. Knight1115
        Would there be a way to start a conversation with you Goddess? When I try, It wont let me due to your privacy settings.
        Aug 17, 2021
    3. obedient.boy
      Dear Miss, may I ask you for a permission to follow you please?
      1. Goddess Gaia
        Goddess Gaia
        Anyone can follow me
        Sep 5, 2020
    4. Guest 3007
      Guest 3007
      I hope all is well Goddess!
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    5. Guest 3007
      Guest 3007
      How are you Goddess?
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      2. Guest 3007
        Guest 3007
        Good and locked up tight
        Jul 28, 2020
      3. Guest 3007
        Guest 3007
        May I be a worshiper of you Goddess?
        Jul 28, 2020
      4. Guest 3007
        Guest 3007
        I apologize
        Aug 2, 2020
    6. MissyB
      Very nice profile page. Good luck finding the right boys for whom to hold their keys.
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    7. Kiesela
      My what a beautiful Avatar :-)
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    8. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      I'm becoming a foster domme
      1. Sexy Slave 69
        Sexy Slave 69
        Oh do tell more
        Dec 23, 2019
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      2. BunnyAthalus
        How curious! do tell!
        Jan 9, 2020
    9. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      How long will i be alone??
      1. ChihiroShibari
        Hugs ❤
        Oct 27, 2019
      2. winstonmacgregor
        You have a warm and wonderful energy to you. The universe will take care of you when the time is right. You definitely deserve it.
        Oct 27, 2019
      3. Guest 3007
        Guest 3007
        Certainly not forever.
        Jul 29, 2020
    10. tdk34
      Like youre plan , you know what you want, hope you enjoy the key play
    11. Kevin_W
      Will you please lock me in Chastity?
      1. Goddess Gaia
        Goddess Gaia
        Can you tell me more about yourself??
        Oct 18, 2019
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    12. carlj
      I am looking for keyholder. I live in Lancaster
      1. Control Boy
        Control Boy
        You interested in possibility of a gay key-holder? If so, contact me, cdsmptony@gmail.com
        Oct 23, 2019
    13. G42G
      Welcome to Philly. Lived here all my life.
    14. boyfox
      Thank you for liking my post for Locktober.
    15. My-submission
      Thank you for your recent feedback. I have been thinking about this a lot.
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    16. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      I have adopted NBChastity for Locktober
      1. WomenWearTheKeys
        What’s NBChastity?
        Oct 8, 2019
      2. Goddess Gaia
        Goddess Gaia
        He's a chastity boy that i adopted
        Oct 9, 2019
    17. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      New job looks promising!
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    18. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      Where is my cuddle delivery service?
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    19. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      I am renewing my spiritual practice. My love is on the way.
    20. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      Exploring the Philly scene and still looking for my love <3
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    21. eoniss
      No man would be into FLR if it wasn't for the sexual stimulation.
    22. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      Honestly feeling burned out on men obsessed with their own arousal. I seem to exist ad a source of stimulation.
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      1. Beatrise Stonewell
        Beatrise Stonewell
        My arousal is completely based on my partner’s arousal..
        Jun 3, 2019
      2. Tombow
        THIS is the major problem for a large segment of sub males. They look at their partner as a fetish dispensing device! BUT there are some true servants out there! Do not be discouraged.
        Sep 22, 2019
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      3. Kylara
        After a moment and a good education/training their own sexual arousal is transferred to please her mistress and her pleasure become his (mine).
        Then being at her service is a pleasure in itself.
        Oct 11, 2019
    23. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      Picked up a new casual sub. Lots of footrubs in my future :-)
    24. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      Who else is furious or terrified over what's happening in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri?
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    25. Goddess Gaia
      Goddess Gaia
      A man told me he was seduced by my kindness. One of the best compliments I've ever received.
      1. Tommundelein
        That is a wonderful compliment indeed.
        Apr 25, 2019
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  • About

    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    Philadelphia, PA
    Healing the world with Love
    Your chastity role:
    • Domestic Keyholder
    Chastity devices:
    I prefer men in the birdcage style
    Chastity resume:
    Lady Keyholder and Goddess
    Blessings and Greetings!

    I am ultimately looking for love. I know there are many more men into chastity than those who are keyholders, and I have great compassion for that. I would love to be a keyholder for several guys, near and far, who want their keys in the hands of a real person <3

    However, I want love in my life. Big, great, empowering love. I want a boyfriend, a lover, although I may call him pet.

    To me, chastity is a promise-sex will always be on my terms.

    Below is my dating profile. I know it's long, but I want to give you a clear idea of who I am and what I am looking for:

    I am polite, opinionated, and sarcastic. I'm not fully dressed until there's glitter somewhere. I will muck out a barn, build Ikea furniture, and demo a house while wearing a flower crown. When I have a bad day I watch Bob Ross videos.

    I have chosen to remain soft in this hard world. The crueler this world gets, the softer I become.

    I still get excited like a little kid over the simplest things, and I'm so grateful for that.

    I've always been a helper and I'll always be a helper. Some people have said I'm naïve or I give too freely, but I don't care if a homeless guy is a scammer in disguise. Being a helper is part of who I am.

    I'm interested in religion, philosophy, urban sustainability, urban gardening, green technology, reforming the prison system and finding a cure for homelessness. I am really into art, even though I know very little about the movements. You can probably seduce me with whale facts. Or talking about the Fibonacci sequence.

    In my downtime I garden, swim, read, write, cook, go walking in creeks, go to the movies, and visit museums. I'm learning to make my own princess dresses. I dance when no one's watching, enjoy opera, would give my left leg to be a Jedi knight, and wish I lived in Stars Hollow.

    Please give me your movie and music recommendations. What's a hidden gem around here you'd like to show me? For the love of God, take me out to bar trivia.

    Tell me your thoughts on the Lemonade album. Give me herbal tea and graphic novel recommendations. Have you heard of any job openings that welcome applicants with rainbow hair?

    I was born and raised a feminist. Hate racism, homophobia, and transphobia. Hopefully a future warrior for Earth. If I can be the person I hope to be. How many of us end up with the lives we hoped for?

    I'm really good at finding things on sale, remembering who starred in what movie, figuring out how to fix things, helping people find things in a store even though I don't work there, and removing spiders from a room without freaking out.

    The first things people notice about me: My eyes. If you get me started talking about political or social issues, my passion is pretty obvious. And there's a 98% chance I'll be wearing some complicated nail polish.

    I like to dress really strangely when possible, large flowers in my hair, princess dresses, and way too much glitter. I probably look like a materialistic ditz, but I'm actually a very serious person and I use clothes and makeup as a way to relax and play.

    Favorite books, movies, and music:
    Books: White Oleander, My Lover is a Woman, Trash, Echo, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, The Outlaw Bible of Poetry, Cunt, The End of Nature. Also really starting to get into N.K. Jemison.

    Movies: Amelie, Imagine Me & You, Moll Flanders, Antonia's Line, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Southern Comfort, Bowling for Columbine, What the Bleep Do We Know, anything by Mel Brooks, foreign, or a documentary. I love quirky movies that most people think are weird.

    Music: Goldfrapp, Michael Jackson, Santigold, Gypsy Kings, M.I.A., Thelonius Monk, Kate Nash, Regina Spektor, Hozier, Aqualung, Ladytron, Depeche Mode, Bond, Dresden Dolls, Postal Service, Linkin Park, System of a Down, anything disco, techno, Motown, or oldies.

    Long term, I'm on a journey to have a sacred union with a man. A relationship where we both find healing and deep growth, an energy that strengthens us to heal the world. A man who sees my body as sacred and allows me the honor of helping him heal the wounded masculinity he learned on this broken Earth. There's so much suffering right now, let's work together for a better world.



    Somewhere is the man who will write my name on his heart.
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