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What do you expect out of CM?

Discussion in 'The Study' started by LadyS, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. I'll be looking for you at WalMart lol
  2. I been smacked in shops usual shoe shops. :(
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  3. That's something my Wife/KH has never done. I'll get the look than she deals with me in private
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  4. What does any of this have to do with the lamentable backslide in musical standards at CM?
  5. What does any of this have to do with my original post?? If you want to make useless small talk take it somewhere else!
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    Small talk is how threads stay alive until someone makes a post that reopens discussion.
    The alternative likelihood is that it falls off the front page and into obscurity.
    Daft small talk at least keeps it visible - and that in itself advertises the thread.
  7. Half of what is being put here has NOTHING to do with what I asked!!!!
    I'm pretty sure there is a thread on this site about music....and the rest of it really has nothing to do with what one can do to help make the mansion better. If it dies off it dies off. There no need to have a bunch of off topic chatter that people will have to ready through to Find the information that was posted about to begin with.
  8. My hope was to find someone to talk with about this lifestyle and hopefully they would pass on some of the do's and don'ts for a newcomer to this community and developing lifestyle. We have been in a FLR relationship since I decide to stop working about seven years ago. I know literally no one personally that is living this life style or maybe a few that are like me and have kept it quiet from friends and family. I have been caged for close to eight months and it is a learn as you go fetish. It will be nice to find others into something similar to our life style for mentoring. The one thing I have learned here is that there many different facets and degrees to this lifestyle running the gauntlet from vanilla all the way to crossdressing and feminization. I have to say that my short time here has been an eye opening adventure and I do hope my adventure develops into something more. And I have definitely learned the difference from play paddling compared to cane punishment!

    @LadyS@LadyS I hope this will help to get your thread back on track. I feel that this thread can be a good learning experience for both members and moderators alike. It was a very good topic for a thread and maybe we can all agree that our lifestyles aren't like many others in here... and that is OK.

    And I am sure that I an get some to agree with me that BB King, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendricks are leagues above all the before mentioned entertainers.
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  9. Oh yes.. I forgot to add Amy Winehouse to my list
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  10. Pretty simple really: All males be respectful to all females. That way the female membership might grow. Isn't that what we all want?
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  11. Well that killed off that conversation.
  12. I don't expect anything from CM. It is not like a service I pay for. What I have come to find is a loving and welcoming cast of characters that share parts of themselves that adds up to a supportive community. I could find other thing at CM, but I look for support, good advise, an escape, and some fun.
  13. I don't expect anything, but what I get is a place to visit that's full of interesting people that share a similar interest to myself. In my time here I have come to realise I am not alone in what I do or in what interests me and it is great to hear other peoples experiences, views and opinions. Also if you take your time to read the many posts there is a wealth of knowledge to learn from. As to how it could be improved, that's hard to say but I hope it continues to thrive as a community as I for one would greatly miss it and the people who contribute to it. Lastly a big thank you to everybody who takes part in the site you all make it what it is, a great place to visit