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Unauthorized Cum.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Thatgirl, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Ladies like you and @Thatgirl@Thatgirl are gifts from the Gods. Her sex drive dwarfs mine by and large. And my libido is nothing to sneez at... But yes, the sacrifice of frequent PiV that she makes for chastity is how I know how much it means to her.
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  2. Granted, mistress is a lil younger than me, but her drive is actually more than mine.

    One of our "rules" is that I perform oral daily, and or get her off (wand dildo etc). I didn't even get off that much before. Before chastity we had sex pretty much every night and sometimes multiple times, unless something came up. In fact I stopped masterbation way before chastity cause...well, I needed to be able to perform.

    So she was never the typical getting bugged for sex and having to say no all the time kinda gal. In fact if it wasn't for our dildo being able to do the job better, i would feel like this was denying her instead of me, knowing how often she would prefer piv.
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  3. Wow, I didn't know people can't say a curse word here! Someone changed something that rhymed with dastard with the word sausage.

    Their was no name or pic on avatar in my alert so have no way to inquire about it. Does someone really have a problem with that word or the context it was used? I would like to have a discussion with whoever changed it, the reason why, and out of all the objectionable stuff I've read here can't believe a moderator had an issue.

    In the mean time I will think of why a friendly and open place might have changed.
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  4. Thats inanity. Honestly.

    I just read @LadyS@LadyS's recent thread asking what people come to CM for and why some seem so dissatisfied (yet remain...) with the site lately. One long reply clearly referring to one specific member who was constantly judging others and then getting blasted for it - the point that she eventually left - noted the curse words those brutish "North Americans" use (and their accompanying attitude.) That's quite a coincidence, since in my time here I'm not sure I've seen a post edited for corse language.

    Hopefully "bastard" was changed to "sausage" as a joke. If so, it's worth a laugh. If not, it warrants an exasperated sigh and a head shake. Nothing more.

    Also - @Nicoftime@Nicoftime - I just took the dremel to the Evotions and cut away large chunks of the sides of the base to give myself some more breathing room in hopes of remedying this edema that's plagued me with this otherwise great fitting device. Thought you'd be interested. Will show some pics if it works out. So far quite more comfortable.
  5. Awesome! Those dremel tools really do help. I smoothed out my cheap cage to a mirror finish and fixed a problem area that was giving me irritations.
  6. Unauthorized Cum It's up to the Key Holder and sub how to deal with it. Everyone of us is different so how we deal with unauthorized cun is different.

    In our relationship I'm disciplined and since I want to be locked up,dominated and controlled it's my responsibility not to have an unauthorized orgasm. If it's during an edging session and I don't stop her before I orgasm I'm disciplined.

    I'm told to clean up the cum orally than to go over the ottoman in the living room and bend over it. She than uses a thin heavy leather strap on my backside 50 times, these are applied very hard and very fast. If I get up or try and block her with my hands she starts over. I did this once and received 84 stokes in total.

    I have always enjoyed being spanked for pleasure. These discipline session give me no pleasure only pain and discomfort. I don't cum without her permission

    Find what works for you and deal with the "Unauthorized Cum"
  7. 3 weeks, that's pretty generous. My wife already wants my chastity permanent, but if we were still having intercourse, she'd probably make me wait a year or more after pulling a stunt like that.
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  8. If ever there was a " love" button I would press it for that reply .
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  9. Thanks your very generous. To give control of your orgasms to your KH or take control in your own hands, you can't be on both sides. In my opinion
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  10. Ah, the medical problem card. An irrefutable reason to get some time out of the cage. "honey, the swelling is not going down. I think I need a break."
  11. I have agreed with my keyholders they can punish me if I´m even trying to masturbate or something like it, and they did. I don´t like spanking, it hurts and I don´t get horny but it´s a great way to punish, OTK with a wooden brush or a cane. I cry and don´t forget it, fore a while and then it´s time again. Spanking hurts but sometimes it´s necessary!!!
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  12. well its better really not to do these thingys and then you don't has to be spanked i think. i have not got my paddle down off the hook now for a bit aand im being very good.
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  13. Of course I´m trying my best but my keyholders have all liked to spank me and even though I don´t like the pain i like the feeling of spanking, sometimes.
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  14. yes , its ok before it happen and youm told to get your paddle but when it does happen it hurts a lot and then its worser.
  15. Yes, it hurts like hell but I think I deserve it sometimes and sometimes not. But I have agreed to it so.....
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  16. We approach chastity a bit more lightly than some. That's certain. Though it doesn't change the fact that I now am caged 100% of the time when not in use. Thankfully my KH requires much more frequent intercourse than do many here. We've tried a few times for 3 weeks but never make it. We've settled in to two-week lock up period generally followed by a quick orgasm for me (via whatever method she feels like) to "clear the pipes" and help me regain some stamina, and then a proper PIV session that generally creaps up on an hour or so before I can no longer hold back. By then @Thatgirl@Thatgirl is half in tears from repeated orgasms, and I feel like jelly from the sheer physical energy it takes to perform for that long. And at the end, she either puts my right back in, or gives me the night off, to be caged again in the morning.

    I'm sure if I really pissed her off sometime toward the end of the two weeks she'd be able to muster the anger to keep me locked an extra week or so. But so far, pretty much anything I do wrong is long forgotten by the end of 2 weeks. And so that seems to be our chosen increment at this point.

    And regarding medical issues. As I noted, we approach this a bit more lightly than some others. And because of that I almost feel as though it's my responsibility to push limits and test her resolve. That includes stealing opportunities to do things like this. That said, because I've had so many issues with the vericocele and edema etc., I've made a solemn promise to A) never lie about true pain / discomfort or medical issues to get out, and to B) never take advantage of being cage free if it's more a medical reason. Though I've been tempted several times under these circumstances, I've never broken that promise.
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  17. No crying wolf! Lol