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@belindajmoore just something to consider. I am not trying to define who or what you are. Oct 18, 2020 at 1:07 PM

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    1. Shepherdsflock
      @belindajmoore just something to consider. I am not trying to define who or what you are.
    2. Shepherdsflock
      @belindajmoore if you are living as a woman then that is considered transitioning by most people. Whether you consider it to be is up to you
    3. Shepherdsflock
      Hi, @belindajmoore , thank you for your support. Transitioning doesn’t always have to involve hormones or surgeries.
    4. belindajmoore
      I am very lucky I know but I suppose I wanted to reach out and say that perhaps you too will find such a relationship and please never stopping believing in yourself.

      Sorry if I've rambled and not expressed myself so well but I do wish you all the best.

      b x
    5. belindajmoore
      It's been bumpy and painful sure but now I'm with the most amazing and lovely, totally accepting and supportive woman who does my make up, shares clothes with me and let's me be exactly the person I've always wanted to be. She loves and adores both sides of my character.
    6. belindajmoore
      To be clear, I am not transitioning and don't feel compelled to, but I have the highest admiration and respect for those that do. I wanted to offer perhaps a little hope and support to you because I've been through a long and unsupportive marriage and lived a lie for half my life.
    7. belindajmoore
      I felt very sad for you reading that and while someone else's marriage is really no one else's business at all i thought of my own journey in life and where I've reached happiness, acceptance and total love now where beforehand at different stages that seemed impossible and so far out of reach.
    8. belindajmoore
      Hi there,

      Please excuse me messaging out of the blue but I felt compelled to after reading one of your posts this morning, one where you made it clear how your wife wasn't supportive or understanding in your transitioning.

    9. Ron33
      You look really nice! Love your smile!
    10. Ms. Joanne
      Ms. Joanne
      Fabulous new avatar pic.
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      1. Shepherdsflock
        Thanks, it's been quite a journey getting here.
        Oct 4, 2020
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    11. Shepherdsflock
    12. rwbyswitch
      Sorry to hear about your gender dysphora darling. I used to be involved with a few girls who had it and where transitioning. You'll get there, just keep going
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    13. nonerect
      I'm rooting for you. You're a good father and husband.
    14. Kylara
      Thanks for your support, I am happy to have someone that understand me.
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    Oct 12, 1981 (Age: 39)
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    Used chastity devices for a few years and had good experiences with them. Started transitioning with HRT it really isn’t needed anymore. I still visit the site occasionally to see what’s going on.
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