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Morning routines and rituals.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mistress Watchful, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Morning routine is full of small things but something that I look forward to every day. We both get up fairly early and I get up before her. She has me start the coffee and set up the bathroom down stairs for her to start go get ready. She has a drink that she likes to drink in the morning and I load her car up and have the drink in the center console with the car started and ready to go. She dresses up for work and always wears heels (A fetish of mine) and she has me kiss both feet while kneeling in front of her every day before she leaves.

    Night is even better, I run her a bath and set up the bathroom exactly as she has taught me or there is a consequence. When she is done I come up, while I sit on the floor and her on a chair above me, I rub lotion onto both of her legs and feet and her arms while she relaxes and watches Netflix on a laptop. A couple times she has had me lick her to an orgasm in the chair but this is not a common occurrence.

    She then brushes her teeth while resting her feet on my back as a footstool and when she is ready she moves her feet and says "OPEN", I kneel and open my mouth a wide as I can. We started this about 4 months ago as she was looking for ideas for something to do everyday that reminded me of our roles in our relationship. She decided that using me as a footstool for a little while and then her human sink gets the job done.

    May be gross to some but I have learned to look forward to our evening ritual. She has me keep it in my mouth until she is done putting her pajamas on and then usually lets me spit it out into my sink or everyone once in a while she just looks at me and says "Swallow" probably not the healthiest but I am not complaining when it happens. I then kiss both of her feet and we head off to bed. May sound crazy but I can't say that I would change it.
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  2. Our morning routine....after waking up and talking a bit in bed, She has Her shower. After Her shower, i massage creme over Her entire body for a few minutes. This is followed by me pleasing Her orally, until She has an orgasm. After that, i receive my morning discipline spanking, which is often followed by me giving Her another orgasm. Then i shower and make the bed and start the day. We are retired, so we have time for this.
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  3. i
    i did ask Mistress what it was that i did to make Her want to give full service. She said that what She wanted to hear the most is that i want to not only worship Her Womanhood, but that i wanted to serve it as well--to be "put to work" to become acclimated to Her special scent and taste only. i remember that She wanted to know what i was willing to do to prove my willingness to serve in this way and had to submit my answer in writing. my answer was more than two pages long, so i won't re-write it here--but i volunteered to learn how to change a tampex, to wear nipple clamps (which i hate) and to get them on 15 minutes ahead of time and to keep them on for 15 minutes following being called to the Lady's room, i told Her that i would drink "Fem tea" (50% water and 50% feminine nectar) as my only drink while i do yard work, and i volunteered to put all Her panties thru an oral cycle before hand washing them. She approved this level of service with the stipulation that not one refusal to serve would be uttered from my lips, that my clamps would be pulled lose (as opposed to being opened) and that i showed complete respect for Her intimacy. i don't know if this helps--and more than twenty years later the only phrase that comes to mind is "be careful what you wish for." To this day i do not regret my two page letter begging to be at Her fountain and (thank goodness) the clamps are only rarely called for. It was a steep learning curve, as well. Changing a tampex is not an intuitive skill! Falling back on the palms of your hands to seal you lips is not an intuitive skill! Dealing with lifting skirts, carefully lowering panties (and pantyhose and girdles, if necessary) is not an intuitive skill! One does not acquire a taste for feminine nectar as one does for Scotch! When i am in the Lady's room it is a work zone, because i am Her slave!
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  4. i need to say it was difficult to learn my required position to receive Mistress' full flow. Once She decided to give me Her full Maiden flow it was up to Her to determine the method. i must kneel facing Her toilet. i must then lower Her panties by taking the leg elastic and (in Her words) "smooth them down" to Her ankles to allow Her to step out of them. i am then to fold them while keeping my eyes to the floor and place them on the vanity. This done She "steps into me" meaning i must fall back to the floor on the palms of my hands. Keeping in mind that women learn to sit when they wet She does that which is extremely difficult for me. i must then part Her lips with my tongue--and i have been taught to do this in three slow strokes and then to wait. Her tummy will swell slightly and there is a pre taste of what is to come. This is my "signal" to take a deep breath and to get my lips tight to Hers, because when the flow starts it is all i can do to swallow--Her flow comes fast, and She does not stop. Often Her flow will exit my nostrils--hence the deep breath to prevent chocking. As She delivers She tends to want to sit into me even further. Believe me i have learned that women wish to sit comfortably and that it is my job to provide this comfort. Yes, i am punished for overflow. Her favorite punishment is to inject ben gay into my chastity cage with a syringe and, of course, clean up my spill with my tongue--but, others are possible. i DO want to keep my lips tight and to swallow quickly without regard to the acrid and bitter taste. When Her flow stops, however, my job is not ended. She likes to remain seated and for me to take my time to "tissue" Her properly--as women do tissue themselves when they have gone potty. This is the most difficult part for me because selfishly i just want it to be over and to have my nipple clamps removed. i have learned, though that it this is Her favorite part--often becoming more like worship time only in a sitting position! Remember i promised to do this without complaint, so when the panties on the vanity are put in my mouth for pre cleansing i am not finished with my task and the clamps remain on.
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  5. Sounds very exciting for both of you.
  6. Everyday when we wake and are ready to get out of bed, she tells me fetch her slippers and put them on her, then I have to lie on my back while she steps out of bed and walks on me towards the bedroom door. This happens when she is ready to get up, no if's or but's. Once I'm ready for work she hands me one of her lighter slippers and watches while I insert my cock into it. And there it stays until the end of the day.
  7. Our morning routine is the best part of our day. But first a background on our life

    I'm 54, Mitress a few years younger. We are financially secure own two businesses, hers and mine. I'm semi retired so we have the freedom to enjoy our life together.

    I'm always up before Mistress, i have coffee ready for her when she getsshe enjoys her morning coffee on the front deck doing some business on her iPad and watching me wash her car, if it needs it , in the nude or wearing lace panties. Mistress drives a 2015 Mistang GT convertable that doesn't look nice when it's dirty. After her coffee she goes for her shower. I make the bed and prepare her breakfast. While she eats her breakfast I stand On Display for her as a good sub.

    What happens during breakfast and after depends on what her flavour of the day is.
    I may just stand On Display till she leaves
    She may tell me to stand in the corner
    I may be told to spank myself
    I may have to suck on a dildo
    She has had me insert a dildo in my backside and pleasure myself.
    She may unlock me and suck on her property
    She may unlock me and have me stroke her property.
    She may have me present myself for a spanking and spank me
    I may orally service her or use the stappon to give her pleasure

    I never know what will happen but no matter what I'm always wet and excited to please my Mistress. When she leaves for her office( her business is 45 minutes away in the city, we live on a large private acerage) I do my chores for the day which I'm usually done by noon. Than I continue with My day.

    Our life is very Good
  8. I have more rituals than just in the morning. First thing is to check my emails and daily assignments as some of them might alter my usual morning routine.
    Then I get up, kneel down in front of a picture of my Owner and light a scented candle before I chant my mantra for 5 minutes.
    I often have specific instructions about how to shower, what underwear or how/when to use the facilities during the day.
    The evening routine often consists of required cleaning or exercise and updating my blog with the day's events.
    Before I sleep, I mantra again and listen to one of my Owner's hypnosis sessions.
  9. i aint got time for them thingys cos i has to make a cuppa for Mistress and take it up and make toast and make me look ok as well ccos if i'm scruffy i'm in bother.