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Morning routines and rituals.

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mistress Watchful, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Do you have a daily (or at the weekend) type of morning ritual or routine which helps you into the right frame of mind for the day?

    Boys - anything you do that sets you up for a day of chastity and servitude? Even if you do not have a KH do you still start your day will a little reminder of your place?

    Ladies - do you have a wake up routine? Do you get breakfast in bed? Foot massage? Chastity inspection?

    Obviously it's very chaotic in our house most days, and I'm not really a lie in type of person, but I would like to introduce some morning rituals to help us regain a little focus and make us smile as we prepare for a new day.
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  2. greetings Mistress Watchful,

    this long distant slave of Mistress Sonia has a Commanded daily morning ritual and one it can't control.

    it is awaken every day with a locked, denied and crushed morning erection. this is followed by an exchange of anal plugs which Mistress has Commanded the type the night before followed by a picture of obedience. it is kept plugged 24/7. next it completes Mistress' daily Commanded morning ass and balls whipping also followed by a picture of obedience. it then logs on to checks its e-mail for possible additional Commands from Mistress and sends Her its pictures of obedience. finally it then prepares for its work day or begins its weekend house work obediently collared and chained.

    of course daily maintenance to remain completely shaven as Commanded is also completed.

    please keep smiling Mistress Watchful. :D
  3. I don't have a sub to wait on me at all just now. In fact I'm planning to have a bit of a sub break for a while.
    I was in a D&S relationship for the last 4 years but he mainly only stayed with me at weekends in which I was treated very much like a queen.
    However, lately I seem to have been spending most of my time in hotels which is akin to being waited on hand and foot but not so personal.
    I'm sure I could have them bring tea and give me a foot massage every morning accompanied no doubt by a huge bill at the end of my stay.
    I am currently doing "chastity inspections" though for one of the boys here but they're not daily and they are more sort of perfunctory.
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  4. I'm afraid many on here on wouldn't approve of my morning routine o_O
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  5. #5 Mascara^Snake, Jan 18, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
    Krambus that's more than enough information thank you.
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  6. Apologies Ms
  7. gets my breakfast and often feeds it to me, nice torture when its a banana, I take my time. :p:p
  8. Morning back rubs a must ;)
  9. i get up just my cb on i shower then i clean up bathroom getting ready for her make brekafeast for her
    if she is working i set table for her an when she comes out of shower sometimes i lick her betwen legs others serve her breakfeast in my cb
    then do the dishes and set to dress and go to work
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  10. My morning routine is firstly an amazing smile from my boy then some sexy "good mornings"
    We cuddle then he touches me, (asking first of course) when I answer yes he suckles my nipples and strokes my pussy until I get wet.
    We often kiss and he brings me to amazing orgasms...
    This sets me up for the day and leaving him wanting affirms that Mistress knows best- orgasms for me, none for him
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  11. dress appropriately; prepare & serve a coffee latte', take care of overnight dishes and laundry if appropriate, sit next to Mistress and rub Her back, then sit on the floor and check Email; prepare & serve 2nd latte'; be excused to prepare for work, prepare and serve 3rd latte'. Weekends is slightly different.
  12. Each morning I wake up with a pink ribbon and bow tied on my clitty and I immediately start to think about being locked up for the day. I rub Mistress' back to awaken her then get Her a cup of coffee (from the timed coffeepot I setup the night before) When Mistress is in the shower, I take out the dog and refill Her bird feeders and then prepare Her breakfast. As She has breakfast, I get my shower to get shaven and clean and then She comes in to apply my cage and lock me up (to prevent masturbation) for the day. I adorn my bra, panties, slip or cami and heels to prepare for my day at home. She gives me a list of tasks to be accomplished that day and departs for work. We don't normally play in the morning as She is always in a hurry to leave for work.
  13. Wake at 7.00 alarm, weigh myself naked (except for CB6000s). Take clothes case downstairs and dress as MistressWifes's personal maid, tidy kitchen, wash any dishes etc, then spend time till 8.00am dusting downstairs. Take Mistress Wife's tea at 8.00am prompt. Clean bathroom and en-suite.

    Lay back on bed so that Mistress Wife can position herself over me for her massage. Pleasure MistressWife orally if required.

    Remove maid's outfit, remove cage, shower, shave face and genitalia, refit cage and dress vanilla for rest of day.
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  14. New regime for me involves either push ups or squats soon as I wake up
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  15. I usually wake up first. I go wash up and put my cage on for the day, allowing my wife to sleep as long as she wishes. I keep checking on her until I see that she is stiring. I then bring her coffee and am allowed to massage her and give her vagina some morning kisses as she checks to see if her boys are locked up. I am usually spanked a bit in the mornings, if she feels like it, then reminded not to talk or inquire about anything to do with chastity or my cage until or if asked.
  16. I wish. I have tried to establish some kind of routine, but at bedtime and waking up my wife mostly just wants to be left alone. Every once in a while she'll feel like cuddling.
  17. Either at bedtime or the next morning I am to orally service her and her bottom. If time is a factor a wand is used.

    We are finally living full time together, so will be able to establish a little more routine. In the winter I would make her coffee and start her car.
  18. I shower and groom before bed. I can't sleep if I'm not freshly clean. When I wake up at 5 am I get my clothes on and make sure I have all my work stuff ready to go. Then out the door at 5:10 am. @Keyholder Kim@Keyholder Kim is a stay at home mom. So I don't know what her mornings are like. I'm locked 24/7. So no need for her to be woken to inspect my locked cage.
  19. Since I am no slave to any man or women, my day starts off like any other day. After a few years my Jailbird is as comfy and a part of me like my wedding band. I prefer to stay locked as it makes me feel hornier and no reason to take it off. My wife will tease me in various ways throughout the day. The only thing I do differently is to sleep with a pillow between my legs since I sleep on my side to prevent the metal ring from digging into my thighs. I also check my cage to makes sure it is where it should be.
  20. i begin each day with my panty assignment for the day. Mistress believes that slaves should not have the right to select the panties they are to be confined in, and it is therefore Her choice as to which ones i am "to be confined in" for the day. In addition to my holy trainer which i have no option in wearing (being confined in) Mistress also locks my "panty harness" on. my panty harness consists of a fluorescent orange or green waist strap that is form fitted to my waist and cannot be lowered over my hips. A second strap is dropped behind my panty waist to exit a leg opening of my panties and returned to my waist strap and everything is locked together. i am now able to lower my panties to the limit of my panty strap, but i cannot take my panties off. All of my panties are full cut lady's nylon briefs that are femme color and/or print and they are one size under my fitted size to insure that i have noticeable panty lines and that the nylon shows above my belt line if i am not extremely careful in how i bend.

    Next i must assume a kneeling position facing Her toilet where i orally prepare Her to go potty. She will sometimes "step into me" to deliver a full service from Her Feminine fountain--or She will sit to wet and then step back into me to perform the same service as tissue. This is my morning "kiss" and an acknowledgement that i am here to serve Her. This routine has been followed nearly every morning for over 30 years. i am a slave and i am still eager to serve Her!
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  21. I can only dream of a morning ritual that includes a kneeling at the toilet for my Mistress. She is not on board with water worship at the moment.
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  22. As we both are still working, there is little time for the type of morning routines mentioned here. especially during the weekday. I will be retiring in the next 3 or 4 years and there will be much more time for me to fully serve my Miss. during the weekday mornings.. The weekend however is another matter. Usually get unlocked Friday night after 24/7 lockup during the week. Then,most Saturday and Sunday mornings I am not allowed out of her bed until I have orally pleased her to orgasm. This is usually followed by her using me like a tool, bringing her to at least one more orgasm, while I am required to hold back and stay denied, as I am allowed to orgasm only every 3 to 4 weeks. This is followed by a bit of cuddle and pillow talk time . I then get up to make and serve her coffee, clean the kitchen, and help prepare and serve the breakfast. Sunday morning rituals are sometimes concluded with me bent over, receiving the paddle or crop as well. She is not shy about telling me how much she loves and looks forward to her Saturday and Sunday mornings either. This is how Miss wants to start her weekend mornings, and I am only too happy to oblige.
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  23. Every morning while I'm suffering from a painful punished erection in the chastity device, I must spoon with Mistress so that she can feel the hard steel between the cheeks of her lovely bottom. After she has awoken I must scurry off to fetch her coffee. Later, I must lovingly bathe her luscious body in the shower and then afterwards kneel and kiss her bottom while repeating my mantra. This starts the day off right for both of us.

  24. I'm usually up at 5 AM but have to wait til 8:30 to get her up. I get back in bed around 8 and get in the spooning position, and slip little willy between the cheeks of her ass. After she wakes, she rolls over on her back, and we begin my tease and denial session, which only last 5 or 10 minutes before she puts a stop to it. Then we are up for the morning, and she always asks me if I want my pee treat. Of course she knows the answer!
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  25. At 6:15 I wake my Queen and give her first cup of coffee. When she walks the dogs I make the beds and clean up the kitchen, pickup clutter before she gets back. As she sit for a half hour and watches news I take my shower and dress so I won't be too tempted as she showers and dresses for the day. If any laundry is needed I make sure it is in washer or dryer as she leaves for work. As she gets ready to leave I will get my list of chores she expects to be done when she gets home.

    On weekends I better not disturb her before 8:00.