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Key on anklet/necklace: Who really knows?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Willywonka, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté was only wearing her necklace a few days. The key was from mature metal, security screw type and looks like a cylinder. Her friend asked her about it, and I'm not sure if it was cause she was still so new at keyholdimg, wanted to share with someone, or was kinda bragging, but told her that I lock my penis up.

    She told her that I do this to make her feel at ease that I would never cheat(was just in a long relationship with someone that did). I was taken back that our secret had been shared so quickly, she had only had the key a few days and we hadn't really even discussed being discreet. I asked her what her friend had to say about it, and she told me that her friend thought it was sweet that I would do that for her.

    I have not seen her since, they haven't hung out since either. I asked her if she thought it was cause of that, but insisted that it was because she was married and had kids, and that it had been awhile since they hung out or talked.

    @Mistress Amanté@Mistress Amanté has since asked about getting a shorter necklace that would show her key off more and told her that as soon as my new custom device arrives, I will make a pendant out of the key and buy her a necklace to show it off.

    I have also told her that who ever she feels the need to share with is fine with me, but would like to know who, so I'm in on it.
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  2. I wear my key proudly around my neck , short enough to hang right above my cleavage . I rarely tuck it in. I find myself playing with it all the time. And I see people look at it but no one has asked. I secretly can't wait for one of my friends to ask.
    There are times when hubby goes down in me that I even find myself holding it and it makes me smile.
    I love being my husband KH
  3. @Giles Webster-Griffiths@Giles Webster-Griffiths it's nice that Beverly Joy feels comfortable in flaunting her control over you in public. It seems the more people who recognise and comprehend the significance of the symbols of your chastity and her ownership of you - namely the keys she proudly displays on her anklet and necklace - the more delighted she is. No need to hide something so pure. She has trained you well and wants the world to know it. More power to her.

    I've often wondered how people in FLRs conduct the relationship in various public situations. Yours obviously operates at a high level, thanks no doubt to her on-going training of you. You have honoured her greatly by 'coming out' as she can effectively demonstrate her authority with poise and dignity in most public scenarios. That in turn gives her great pleasure in showing off the keys that ensure your compliance.
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  4. Nope because jewelry stores are selling keys to wear as is an online store that makes up keys to wear. I see TV personalities wearing keys and they are not because of chastity. Right now wearing the key to someone's heart is in and that is what people think my wife's key means.
  5. Thats actually quite good as the ambiguity works in our favour !!!
  6. I or my wife had never noticed any other lady wearing a key on an anklet or necklace that is until to-day when were out to a small bistro in town. To say I was memorised would be an understatement promptly receiving a kick under the table from my wife for not paying attention to what my wife's friend was saying. It was sometime before I was able to explain to my wife why I was so distracted without our friends knowing or hearing my explanation. It continued to be a major distraction throughout the meal and embarrassingly the lady in question caught me staring on a number of occasions much to the annoyance of my wife.

    After saying goodbye to our friends my wife said I should consider myself extremely lucky that she did not make go back and apologise to the lady in question as to why I was so captivated. However as soon as we arrived home I would be securely locked away in my chastity device until she believed I had learnt my lesson and that she was the only one who would or should I now say would be reaching any orgasm's this evening.
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  7. I have just noticed Fran on the apprentice wearing a key around her neck... i wonder?????? Hmmmmm
  8. My KH. Wears hers around her neck goes every were with it
  9. My Wife initially wore her key on an anklet, however, now she wears it on an extended necklace chain around her waist. The only time I ever see the key is when I go down on her or when receiving nectar, each of which is quite frequent.
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  10. I also put his chastity key in my neck...its not because i want it...its because he is so tricky...every where i hide the key he always found it...so the best place is arround my neck...he will never get this key without my permission
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  11. A bit key on necklace related and to add to my previous post.
    My Wife/KH told a second Lady she works with that She has me caged & locked.

    The other Lady's boyfriend had broken his arm and the pain meds put him in a very lovey-dovey mood and he's been pining over Her expressing how much he loved Her and wanting to know what he could do for Her - She was telling my Wife how She wished She could just keep him this way.

    My Wife responded that's pretty much how She has me now that I'm 'caged'.
    She had an inquisitive look at which point my Wife dangled the key among the Queen & Lock charm on Her necklace - all of sudden She understood responding with a really / wow response.
    She's also kinky and dominate, have the feeling the gears in Her head are already turning...

    I/we are not looking to involve any others in our relationship as previously mentioned, however I do think it's hot the my Wife shares this info with these Ladies - they're all monogamous but enjoy talking among themselves at times; a bit exciting knowing someone else is aware, next time we all get together may be some sly/knowing grins ;)
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  12. My first day locked up I got a text from my other half saying I needed to come home with a pretty keyring.

    I couldnt find a keyring but did spot an inexpensive bracelet witch I thought she'd think was nice while looking . She loved the bracelet and wears it every day, she enjoys wearing the key on her wrist all day.
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  13. My wife has a Mature Metal security key. I've reduced it to about 1/3 of its original length, drilled a new hole, and put it on an anklet beside about 10 other tiny stainless steel charms. It's a little taller than the other charms and doesn't have the detail/bling/faux jewels so it stands out a bit more, but still fairly disguised. Nonetheless, it still frightens me when she (rarely) wears it out, especially to church.

    I'd like to think she'll wear it while getting a pedicure with her girlfriend and/or sister and it'll serve as the catalyst for an interesting conversation.
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  14. Mistress wears the key to my cage on Her anklet. She tells me how it publicly symbolizes the control that She has over me, Her sissy sub. And then, since i am a sissy, I get to wear an anklet with a key (to an old, broken lock) in hopes that someday, I will be enough of a woman to dominate another sissy. My key is so that I can fantasize about having a sissy of my own!
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  15. My wife has been wearing the key on a necklace again. She was asked by a guy at workwhat it's for and she originally told him he didn't wanna know. He persisted slightly so she just told him flat out what the key unlocks. She laughs saying it scared him as much as it intrigued him. He was around again a few weeks later when a different guy asked and she started the same way, you don't wanna know and the other guy persisted. Lmao the first guy looked at him and was like no no you don't wanna know
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  16. sounds hot ::::::)))))))))))
  17. oooohhhh,, gulp.. hot !!!!!!
  18. bad boy! hot story!
  19. Contrary to tumblr blogs, wearing an anklet means nothing, even two our wife swapping and swinger friends. My wife has been wearing one for 45 years every day and no one every mistook it for anything but an anklet, even on the nights we role played at clubs where she was dressed very sexy. Same with keys. Every jeweler sells keys on chains and there is a website where you can buy one of several keys that are just plain keys, to wear. They symbolize the key to someone's heart. I see them on actresses and even our straight friends. My chastity cage is enough reminder for me. :)

    I found a key holder key ring. It is a regular key ring with a heart shaped whatever you call it, hanging from it that says Key Holder. My wife wears a key I bought her from Tiffany. Looks much nicer than the key for the security screw for my Jailbird. I am not as talented as the poster above. Saw the results of his work and it was beautiful.

    If you search hard enough you can find tee shirts with chastity sayings on them and other places who will make you a one off whatever they sell. My favorite was a tee shirt that had a picture of a Rooster and the word "Locked" under it. I do not know if it is a phase we go through when we first get into chastity or if anyone is still wearing keys. That would be a good question on a new post. Think I will ask now.
  20. We keep the security screw key locked in a box and the key to that lock is on her anklet. It's a very unassuming key. She has gotten comments about the anklet but only once has someone asked about the key.
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  21. My wife / mistress wears the key on an ankle chain. The only time Ive felt that anyone knew why was in France whilst we were on holiday. Because of her work she tends not to wear it just incase it is seen as it would be inappropriate .
  22. From my experience, the majority of the population don't even know what chastity is, never mind associating a key on your ankle with it. I've brought up the subject of chastity to a number of girls on Tinder, but every single time I had to explain what it was. They'd heard of a chastity belt, but the concept of modern chastity was unknown to them.

    So sure, some astute person may draw a correlation between the key and a chastity cage, but due to the amount of jewellery containing key shaped trinkets these days, nobody would ever know for sure.
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  23. image.jpeg My wife had the key to my Steelwerksextreme made into a jeweled pendant that unscrews and the key portion is on the end , Chris did a great job .
  24. My KH/ Girlfriend keeps hers on her ankle 24/7. I love the thought of someone asking her about it or someone knowing what it means.
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  25. The pendant I made is an antique key that I cut down, and attached the working part of device key(see avatar).

    She is asked constantly about it, and says I made it, it's the key to his heart. Some however don't let it go because the very bottom is obviously a key to something.

    No one has called her out or informed her they knew what it is for.
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