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Key on anklet/necklace: Who really knows?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Willywonka, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. I always liked your avatar. I now I know the Whole Story ,Thanks.
  2. thanks, I love when she wears it, and just seeing her take pride in it makes me feel pretty special. I'm working on another using another antique heart shaped key as well.
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  3. The key for my Holy Trainer 2 is very unique in its style, not to mention its name is printed on it, so I think that to start, I'll get her a decorative key as a symbol of my chastity.
  4. Probably should be a DM but how did you join the top of the old key to the tool? I wouldn't mind trying something similar with my Mature Metal security screw "key/tool."
  5. I used a dremel to cut the antique key down, its hollow inside.

    Then I used the dremel to cut my key to the exact size of the hollow opening making sure the usable part of my key would still be exposed.

    Then I mixed jb weld and put some in the opening. Making sure it was in the right position, I put in a vice for 24 hours.

    Using various polishing attachments on the dremel I shined and polished everything up.

    The next one I'm doing isn't hollow so will have to cut a slot for the key and use silver solder to finish.
  6. Thanks. I wonder if I can do something similar with my MM key. I contacted them and they would take on of my current keys and put a heart on top of it for $150.
  7. Another option, that I was going to do before I had this idea, was to go to a jeweler.

    I contacted one and he said he could incorporate a real key into a pendant.
  8. I find the notion of holding the key on an anklet rather careless in all honesty. Easily lost. Is that what you want boys? Does it really add that much to the experience in lieu of the risk?

    Also I don't like the idea of being 'tagged' by a man's key.
  9. Have to agree on the anklet, not exactly very secure for something so important.

    Not a keyholder so can't comment on feeling tagged or owned by wearing a key. I think that's about the furthest from the truth of our reality, she wears her necklace when she wants. Although I will admit that it does make me feel special when I see her wear it.

    She says she is proud to wear it.
  10. And how often does she have to explain wearing a key? I have a career, I don't want to be explaining a key all the time.
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  11. Mistress Jules

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    I have found that even in the BDSM scene, not many realise the significance of the key I wear around my neck
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  12. She has a career as well, and she says a few here and there inquire about it sporadically, but nothing weird, just inquiring about such a unique piece of jewelry. Where did you get it, is it old etc. she has a very public job, if it became even the hint of weird, she would not wear it.
  13. My Mistress has worn the key to my device on neck pendant for a number of years and has never been asked about it , I think very few people would realise its true use
  14. I think it's better he wears his key on an eternity collar around his own neck ;-)
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  15. I love the idea. She has told me she wants a "pretty" key if she is going to wear it around her neck.... Going antiquing I guess!
  16. I wear the key round my neck whenever Ian is caged. When anyone asks about it I always am completely honest about it. More often than not the response is pretty positive.

    I'm not in the slightest bit bothered about losing it, that's why I have a spare in my bank safe deposit box.
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  17. My wife wears a decorative key on a bracelet. She tells me it's to remind me of the situation and her control. No one has commented yet.
    She also wears leggings often and LOVES her key leggings. 6" key graphics all over them! Surprisingly still no one has commented but I sure do notice!
  18. It must be very uncomfortable to have to explain "what is the key".
    I think the Mistress does not have to be uncomfortable and the key must be where SHE decides ... not where the fantasies of submissive in chastity, like me, wish they were displayed.
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