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How were your orgasms reduced?

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by Jbriton, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. I've had mine reduced from a couple years ago being whenever I wanted to the occasional ruined orgasm mixed in to a couple times a week to once a week to once a week ruined always to once a week ruined self induced with an occasional extra from her or sex to all ruined all month and always self induced.
    I'm guessing it will reduce now to once a month.
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  2. When we first started I would get a PIV orgasm about once a week. Then it was a couple times a month. Then PIV was reduced to about once a month. After about 18 months of being locked I'm up to 6 months since my last PIV orgasm and now my wife says I only get to cum in my cage. She says that I don't deserve PIV anymore and she has found my oral and her vibe satisfy her much more now. She has become much more dominant in her role and she's loving it. She does say she misses the real thing sometimes but not mine. She's an amazing woman.
  3. Although we were into BDSM for most of our 45 years of marriage, there was some orgasm denial involved. Once my wife had her girlfriend move in, she was more interested in sex with her friend than with me, unless I just had sex with her friend. Intercourse was the first go about 20 years ago and then oral became a special occasion thing. For the last 5-10 years, sex was for the girls and not me. I would assist them as directed but rarely was I allowed to give them an orgasm. I was often just left in bed when they were done or sometimes told to masturbate while they were torturing my nipples, choking me, etc..

    Most of my orgasms were by masturbation. That is how we got into chastity. From there my wife gradually increased my orgasm denial period. We are currently denying me for 3 months but her goal is one orgasm a year but I think we will keep it as 6 months max. It is simply if you get used to no orgasm for 30 days, you can then do 35 the next time. So it was gradual over the last 5 years.
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  4. Before her I would get myself off every day, sometimes more. After we met we had sex almost every night.

    Now it's about once a month. Occasionally one or two extra that I wasn't expecting.

    I probably went from over 400 a year to roughly 20 or less.
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  5. That seems like quick progress. How have you handled it?
  6. It hasn't been too hard to be honest. She teases and denies me daily and keeps me very horny. It gets easier as time goes on and I get most pleasure from making her feel like she's my goddess. I think a small cage helps as it doesn't allow me to get get fully hard and go too crazy. It's now become a lifestyle that we've both accepted. She reinforces the lifestyle reminding me that I'm her bitch and she makes the rules now.
  7. I would masturbate at least once and many times more every day. Now if I am lucky I get to orgasm 3 or 4 times a year.
    Now my wife has more orgasms in one year than she had in the previous 30 years of marriage and most times she has multiple O's which she never did prior to my chastity.
    So far this year I have only had one full orgasm.
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  8. now once a month and caged
  9. BION, I've had more orgasms in the 5 weeks or so I've been locked up, because it's revived the libido of both my wife/keyholder and I. After being married many years, sex had dwindled away to maybe once every few months and then not satisfying. Now, since being locked, I've pleasured her orally almost every night, and she's let me out for PIV every 5-7 days, although unpredictably. its been great for both of us.
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  10. Simple. I get none.
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  11. My wife slowly weaned me off fucking over a few years. We used to fuck every day at least once and up to 3 times. At first I was dropped to once a week and then to less than once a month. Eventually I averaged once every 10 months.

    During this time period is when I realized she was still getting daily fucking from her boyfriends. She's never stopped or even slowed down one bit.

    Now, I'm not fucking anymore. There have been only two times in the last 32 months that I was allowed into her pussy, and both times I lasted less than 10 seconds start to finish. Both times she held my dick from getting more than half way in, so it wasn't really a full on fuck either time.

    Three isn't any doubt that I'm all done with fucking now. I'm allowed to masturbate once every 2 months, but my dick isn't getting inside a woman again.

    It would be nice to cum more often, but I have to admit that I don't have any great need for it now. Her training to switch me to just masturbation has worked very well, so well that I can't even remember what a pussy feels like anymore.
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  12. Before starting chastity in Aug. 2016, I masturbated almost daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times or more a day. Sex with my Miss was very regular, sometimes even twice a day.
    Ironically, we started chastity at a time when my Miss was beginning menopause as well. She was only too happy to slow things down a bit, especially when I confessed to her how much I was masturbating. We then began a schedule which allowed me one orgasm to every ten for her. There were intervals when she followed this very strictly and other times when she altered her rules. There were some real and frustrating times for me, but I would not trade a moment of them for anything different. At times she let me cum weekly, and a few times she made me wait 4 to 6 weeks. She still allowed me PIV from time to time but most often used her hand to make me orgasm.. This August is a new year and on her own she has happily laid out a new contract and a new set of rules. She is now limiting me to no more than one orgasm per month and that is not guaranteed. She also says that I will be put on display for her and it will be my hand which will do the dirty work and not hers. She also says she will only jerk me off if she is in the mood and I have been walking on water. And of course, as always, I will never receive oral sex, no matter how good I have been. We also discussed that my orgasms may be limited to prostate milking with no cage release. I'd like to believe all of this of course, but I know how attached she is to PIV. I did gently remind her that she might consider going on at least one date with someone she likes for her pleasure in the future, although I don't see her going down that road anytime soon. But I can see the idea has a bit more appeal for her than it used to. This is how my orgasms have been reduced.
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  13. Simply by handing her the key. Their reduced to when she wants me to have one. If I have an unauthorized orgasm the results are very painful. This hasn't happened in along time because the last time I did this she said " if you cum with out permission again You Will Never Forget It ". So my orgasms are reduced by submission and fear
  14. Same thing happened to me. Don't miss it in the least. That's why I'll have no problem being cucked if she decides to go that way.
  15. On average, I used to have 1-2 orgasms per week, which is substantial considering that I've been on HRT for over 13 years. Since beginning chastity training over eight weeks ago, I am permitted on average once every 10+ days or so. She's been gradually stepping this up as we go. I've been informed that we are observing Locktober, so I suspect that the intervals will routinely be 30 days hereafter. I am fortunate that as part of my training, I am graciously permitted 'penetrative' orgasms. As of this writing, there isn't a limitation; and, as I am routinely subjected to penetration, I suspect that there won't be. I do, however, have to inform her when I am close and request permission to climax.

    Her orgasms, on the other hand have increased exponentially. I am honored to be a part of this arrangement. Her satisfaction is my duty.
  16. Going back about 10 years I was having a couple of orgasms a week through PIV and about the same through masturbation. For the last 3 years PIV=0 and this year I have had precisely one orgasm back in March and masturbation=0 too. Milking happens every few weeks: my wife does it externally by massaging my perineum or I do it internally with a Njoy wand. About once a week she invites me to lick her to multiple orgasms while I stay locked; she knows I love that and says she enjoys giving me the pleasure of doing that for her.
  17. I have dramatically reduced my quantity of orgasms but my wife is eager to please so any much beyond 10 days is something I have to ask her to do. She was quite willing to go a week, a month and now 90 days not because it was her idea but because I asked her to challenge me for those intervals. Between her decisions to lock me up and my own requests, I'm running about 20% of my normal from a year ago.

    Where to go from here and if I'll have to ask for it or she'll be inspired by some of my requests has yet to be determined.
  18. We agreed to me having one orgasm/month. But in practice it goes off about once every 10 days. Neither of us can seem to limit it to any less. And do we try.
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  19. Because she won't give me the key unless she likes.
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  20. The rate at which denial periond have been extended have varied with different partners.

    This is my first period of denial with my current KH. Nothing conformed for sure but through little bits of some conversations there is some indication that this first denial period controlled by her will be almost definitely for a minumum of 12 months but not too many more is the impression I get though 18 months of denial by her would fall on her birthday. If offered a release on that day I would prefer to decline the offer as that day should be all about her though how she will respond to that in as yet an uncertainty.

    I have been told in no uncertain terms that when I am offered a release it will only be offered on the condition that I give my word to go back in when told. i have been told there will be other conditions in addition to that one. I have also been told quite clearly that my next period of denial will be severely longer than however long this one ends up being. A very scary and at the same time horny prospect.

    I have been trying to find someone to custom build me a new cage or customise an existing one. With a view to getting one she and I are both happy with that would serve for longer term denials without release and also offer the capability of being comfortabke and suitable enough to allow it to be used for permanent denial something that has been mentioned but not discussed. Though I was told we do not need to discuss that at this point she does enquire almost weekly as to how the search is going. The possibility that she may spring upon me that my next denial period with her might also prove to be my last has not escaped me. I am not sure how I feel about that... good and bad but what a head fuck. Though the not knowing if permanent is a 'when or if' question may well prove to be more of a head-fuck than the reality of having an orgasm and being informed retrospectively that it ad been my last or perhaps I won't even be told that and just have to summise it after I have been in a while.
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  21. After about 40 years, we settled into about 3 orgasms a week for me, and about 1 a week for her. Now, we have a guideline of 0 to 2 full blown orgasms, or 0 to 4 ruined orgasms a month for me, and as many as she wants for her (up to about 3 a week now). Life is good.
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  22. Before 6 years ago once or twice a week. As time has gone by she has really stepped up her pleasure. Longest has been 68 days with a lot of edging

    and ruined Os. The strap on gets a lots of use. Some times 5 days, she just mixes it up. I never know when so I am always ready to please. Life is very

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  23. Similar for me, up to a year ago it was typically 2 or 3 times a week for both of us, now her O's have at least doubled and I've just gone two months with a solitary O at the beginning of September. And she's been mumbling vaugely about me beating records and that it might be "some time" until my next O.
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  24. I understand really well the "head fuck" that comes with the word permanent. When I was first caged, I was allowed some edging and an an opportunity to cum once after which I was immediately locked back up. Soon after the attempt to masturbate, at which I failed, I was told I would have only 2 more cums, ever. One sometime in 2016, and then one more in 2017 or later which would be my final one, ever. I was definitely a bit scared, but in very short order, I realized it was what I wanted. I didn't have to think very long, and I began to prepare myself for the remainder of my lifetime to be orgasm free. My Masteress and I parted ways before we could carry out my life sentence, so I'm no longer in permanent chastity. However, my current situation is that I'm permanently retired from fucking and limited to only 6 orgasms a year as I described in post #11 above. I didn't know that on 2-26-2017 I was having what would prove be my last fuck ever.
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  25. I have the reverse problem. My wife has increased my orgasms to two a day in order to de-male me more quickly. She uses an anal vibrator that prods the prostate mercilessly and gets my manhood literally flowing out of me. It's incredible how femmy and meek I become after I've been drained that way (no hands allowed EVER). She has decided that I may not need to be fully feminized after all. Being essentially neutered will be fine with her, as long as I'm no longer a real man. It's amazing how quickly a determined wife can emasculate her hubby, especially if his mother has conditioned him to submit to female authority.
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