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Girls Fantasies

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by purpleswordfish, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. My wife, sadly, says she doesn't have any fantasies. I believe her as she isn't one to think about sex that much.
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  2. For mistress, she has told me she used to fantasies about (ie when we were apart she would bring herself to orgasm thinking about these things)

    Teasing me...and denying me for long periods of time.
    and using a strapon as my only release were the main ones.

    Sadly being menopausal while she said she still thinks about it its not quite the same...

    She also likes using an elasterator band on me while supervising a release...but she said that this does not actually turn her on...she just likes it which is a interesting difference. Its like she likes me being in chastity (its almost a requirement) but if it actually turned her on I guess my mouth would be in-between her legs a lot more than it is.

    Point being many mistresses may like things about this lifestyle without it actually turning them on or fantasizing about them...for us...Mistress simply liking something to do with our genitals turns us on. I guess its just how we are wired.

    I would be interested to hear more as well...if only to learn about the wiring on the other side :)
  3. @Nicoftime@Nicoftime ... did your penis turn into a vagina?
  4. Why you calling ME out? Geesh :)
  5. I don't think my wife has ever fantasized about anything ever. She is the most asexual person I know. If I didn't pester her for sex, it would never happen. Even during sex she sometimes can't concentrate on sex, her mind drifts thinking about bills or other crap.

    It is a major challenge for me to get her engaged and keep her there. Sometimes she really gets into it, but other times I may as well make love to her pillow.
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  6. I can empathize. The only reason I got to give my madam head the other morning is because I said, "you NEVER want me to lick you, EVER." I think that took her by surprise because I'm usually obedient and polite, but it shocked her into saying "get between my legs." she enjoys me a lot, but not because it turns on. She's a puzzle when it comes to getting her hot. The best I can hope for is her being amused when she toys with me. And I'll take that any day. It's really my only choice.
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  7. Sadly, your life is mine. Don't give up! After a quarter century, mine is slowly coming around. Getting the career onto the back 9 and the kid out of the house, and suddenly... We have a sex life!
  8. My wife has revealed to me that she gave herself an orgasm the other day with our vibrator, while thinking about one of her fantasies. She hasn't been one to reveal them before, but this time she said the fantasy was about forcing me to have sex with an overweight woman. My penis is sometimes a little big for her - it has the girth of her wrists and she must be completely dilated and relaxed to take me. She imagined me bound and caged, tied to the bed and her taking payment from a large woman with a wide vagina, to be satisfied riding my (her) penis. She fantasized about her straddling my face and forcing her vagina on my mouth, then being ridden by her until the voluptuous woman climaxes, leaving me unsatisfied and humiliated by the aggressive, violent woman.

    Initially she said that, of course, this isn't something we will do. But I'm not sure, I think she definitely want's to do it. Can't wait.
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  9. I asked her this question recently and couldn't get much for an answer. She is also in menopause. Said she would have more fantasies when she feels better about herself. from a physical point of view.
  10. I'm living my fantasy. I have a wonderful BF who loves me and I love him. He does a lot for me. He gives me outlets for what I need and does it because it makes me happy.

    He lets me turn some of the things he does I don't like into things that make me feel better. I used to be mousey with guys and didn't like that. Now I get to feel in control and in charge with a guy and he lets me make him do almost anything I want him to. It was quite the opposite of what I was at work. At work, I'm bossy, controlling. dictating and demanding. You have to be, in my job. I wanted to be like that in a relationship, at least some of the time.

    I'm not the bossy disciplinarian 24/7. He wouldn't go for that. I'm the bossy disciplinarian only when he does things I really don't like and let him know he's under discipline for it. One thing, though, the whole chastity/disciplinarian thing has done for me is I'm no longer mousey ever with him, like I was at first. When he's not under discipline or in chastity, we are equals. I'm not mousey and he's not a pushover, either. He never was. In fact, he says the submissiveness required for him to be under discipline or in chastity has had an effect on him and taught him a few things.
  11. I see a lot of similarities between my Mistress/fiancé and I relationship and you, your husband. We will have been in this type relationship 2yrs first week of July
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