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Girls Fantasies

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by purpleswordfish, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. We see a lot of guys and sissies on the forums describe their deepest fantasies in great detail, but it's not often we hear from their partners or keyholders on what they fantasize about. It's kind of like hearing only one half of story.

    I think it would be nice to hear what you girls like and what you think about when you're all hot and bothered.
    It would be interesting to see if the typical male fantasy here is anything like the female one, or do they differ wildly.

    What do you guys and gals think?

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  2. I can tell you that my wife is not into 99% of my kinks. Mostly she humors me plays along.

    She says she likes how my personality changes when I'm locked up and that's about it. Even though she likes how I behave when locked up, I still don't spend anyway near as much time locked up as I should.

    She doesn't complain when I dress up as a maid and clean the house even though it does nothing for her. I wonder why?
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  3. L-u-c-y

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    Oct 20, 2015
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    I find male chastity amusing :) I do not have any fantasies about it.
  4. Ha ha, you wish Mr wordfish!
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  5. My wife/mistress has two sides to you answer your question. First, she loves that with me in chastity she can make me do anything she wants without any hassle. She says that feeling of complete control allows her to relax and that makes getting excited that much easier. It also makes fantasies easier as well. She has told me that by far the most exciting and persistent fantasy comes from her dark and sadistic side. She loves looking forward to me orally pleasuring her while I am caged and then sliding in what she calls her boyfriends, (Dildos), while I continue. All the while telling me how great they feel and telling me how much I am her bitch. She seems to never tire of this. One day maybe she will entertain the thought of a real boyfriend, but for now she is against it.

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  6. Ms. Amanda,

    Was your comment directed at me?
  7. Oh..I'm an idiot. Nevermind.
  8. After seeing a point raised by Mascara^Snake, I should point out to the girls on here that this thread isn't aimed at you detailing your innermost personal fantasies. Moreover, the point was to see how you felt about fantasies in general and if you share similar to the guys or take a different point of view altogether.

    Also, I feel it can't hurt for us guys to see things from your point of view. An insight into how you view all this is something we could really benefit from.
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  9. Mistress B

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    Males are obsessed with fantasies. I have the occasional ones but I'm certainly not about to discuss them on here.
  10. You are not an idiot you just made a mistake that's all.
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  11. As usual Ms. Amanda you are very sweet, kind, and understanding. Anyone who serves yiu is truly fortunate.

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  12. Since I started his chastity training I found my sexual needs have changed ,,,
    I always had a thing for sexy women but never had the guts to experiment
    Soon after I locked him up I started to chat with others on here about my new role in our relationship
    The last thing that I would think that I would enjoy is feminizing my husband, ,,,
    I guess I was wrong :)....
    I now have my own shemale lesbian lover that I truly enjoy ...
    My sexual fantasy have changed for sure
  13. Wish my wife was more like you !
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  14. :)
  15. Thanks for the reply Mistress L. Have you found your preferences have evolved since you began?
  16. Your very welcome purpleswordfish. ...
    Very much so ,,
    I found the dominant part inside of me and learned how much I love it!!
    It's helped me in my every day life made me so much more confident and strong
    Having my husband worship me like he does now is incredible! !!
    We've been together for 29 year's now ,,
    he's always been very into pleasuring me sexually and in every aspect but this is completely different .
    Having him submit to me like this is such a turn on for me ,,
    AND having him submitting to me as I'm transforming him into a woman is WOW!!
    If you would or known him before you would understand, ,,,
    Is is a incredible Alfa male in his every day life and seeing he being controlled by me is the turn on. .
    I've said this before I only wish I had started this year's ago! !
    Every body that knowshim says he has changed so much for the better
    I truly believe that the chastity training is the main reason ,,
    He's not thinking with his cock as much
    it's helped him in his business so much ,,his attitude towards everything is so much better...

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  17. Joroincharge

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    Mar 10, 2009
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    Well one of my fantasies (which I cannot realize due to my personal -mainly work - situation) is to be a 'scene' KH on a major scale.

    But it is not going to happen.
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  18. That's awesome to hear you both are really embracing the chastity lifestyle, seems like you're both living the dream of so many on here.
    I can totally see how being more dominant would help with self confidence in everyday situations, I know people in the fetish scene locally that say similar.

    Your husband is very lucky to have someone like yourself who enjoys every step you're both taking, not to mention to help with his feminine side. Most guys have to learn on their own.

    You seem to achieved what so many here seek, I wonder do you have any advice for those who may be starting out or would want to emulate you?

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  19. I'm curious Joroincharge, why do you say it won't happen?

  20. Although my Mistress/fiancé has just put my clit in chastity we've been into Femdom/ feminization for over a year , her idea. She Absolutely enjoys my feminization, emasculation , humiliation especially in public. Guess it depends on the woman .
  21. Hello Mistress
    Your post is eloquent. My Domme Wife Is also feminizing me for many of the same reasons. We have become much closer in every way since my urges are not first. Just chastity seemed to become about when I could release or earning one. As things progressed we both realized that we are finally expressing our truest desires. We are not young or inexperienced so finding a desire between us and for us is amazing. I/we hope to hear from you.
    Sub Dave
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  22. My KH was very sexually excited and motivated at the thought of having me in chastity and being in a FLR. Turn ons are one thing, but Fantasies are another. I think she fantasizes about cuckolding me and being with another guy, although she will never admit it right now. I can't look into her crystal ball of fantasies to see what she has been thinking, but she does tease me on a rare occasion about being with another man. I would like to know what more of her fantasies are, if she is willing to share them with me.
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  23. My wife still struggles with having me in Chastity. I still think she would like me to just take it off and leave it off. What she really enjoys is me doing all the house work ,cooking most of the meals, pampering her, body and foot massages. She does kinky things to me as a way of paying me for doing things for her. Her Fantasie is to be pampered, loved and patiently touched ( not necessarily sexual) my Fantasies are almost anything that makes me wet. So yes Fantasies are very different between a man and a women. When us Men STOP thinking with our little head and start doing things that our spouse wants then maybe we'll get some of what we want. This has worked for us
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  24. Mine has confessed a few, never very detailed.

    1. Group- many men pleasing her
    2. Showing- having sex where we could get caught or people are watching
    3. Watching- watching others

    Her fantasies are more sub related than what we actually practice
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