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Emergency keys?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Miss Alison, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. So far, we've only played with plastic numbered locks. So that my H would be able to remove them if absolutely necessary - but I would in fact KNOW about it (and he'd better have a damn good reason).

    I purchased a device with an attached lock - with keys.

    How do you guys manage emergency keys? I'd rather not give him access to a key, but is that irresponsible not to?
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  2. I know some people use those Kitchen Safe devices (put a timer on it and it's locked for that period of time with whatever you want in it), some people put them in a safe and only the KH knows the combo but could provide it in an emergency, some people get safe deposit boxes and store it there.

    Lots of fun ideas!
  3. I have a safety key always in my wallet in a sealed envelope, it works for us, I have never had to open the envelope.
    My wife even wrote a rhyme on the envelope that I must say out lout whenever she asks.
    I love my wife and am very grateful for this!
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  4. My wife keep one it her bra every day and the emergency one is at home but she laminated it both sides to a small peice of cardboard so I would have to cut the laminate to get to it
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  5. Would love to see a picture of:



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  6. My KH wears one on a necklace or bracelet to tease me. It's the only one she uses to unlock me and such. There are 2 more and I have no idea where they are. If there is an emergency I can text or call her with our safeword and she'll let me know where one is.
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  7. I use this setup. Its easy to carry anywhere but mostly just sits in my center console of my truck. This is made from some 3/4" pex tubing available at any home depot or plumbing supply.

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  8. I keep my key round my neck and my g/f keeps the only spare on her bracelet

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  9. We keep a back up in a small combo safe at home. I can call or text her to gain access if need be, but have not needed too. We spend most of our time around each other or close by, so when I have needed to unlock, I just ask her for permission. If we were going to be apart I think I'd want the sealed envelope or something like it.
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  10. My emergency key is on a dainty choker necklace around my neck and the clasp has been glued shut with crazy glue. In an emergency, the necklace would have to be broken to remove it. Having the key so close and yet not being able to access it adds to my frustration and, when dressing in male mode, if it is noticed and understood, I would be so open to humiliation.
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  11. I will try to get a couple tonight after work
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  12. great ideas! thank you. I think the envelope may make the most sense :)
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  13. A simple thing like sealing a key in a small envelope and then signing it so that if opened it is noticeable by your keyholder, has worked very well for us over the last 5 years. Serially numbered plastic locks also work very well. I do not know why so many men make a big deal about not escaping when it is so easy to masturbate when locked up anyway.

    I learned about playing safe and sane ,not after my first operation due to unsafe play, but after my second one. I have had to use my emergency key a few times each year, mostly when away from home. Things you never think of like sudden medical emergencies or accidents, have a habit of sneaking up on you as does a case of the burning balls from hell. Those really into long term chastity know what I am talking about.

    The emergency key is the bane of self lockers. Difficult to be both warden and prisoner. You will find those of us into long term chastity play are chaste not because of our cages, but because of the promise we make to our keyholders. You have to have self control to make chastity work long term. You can find ways to cum while locked. Just watch enough chastity porn to see several ways to do it. If you think locking up your penis will prevent protect you from yourself, you will be disappointed and join the ranks of those who come and go, literally. :) Seriously, don't risk your well being for a sex game. Not worth it and not having QUICK access to an emergency key is not going to have any impact on your chastity since a vibrator held against your cage will make you orgasm. No unlocking necessary. Follow the advice of those in the BDSM community and play safe and sane. It took me too operations to learn that.
  14. Honor and Trust is the best safety key. Madame leaves a key just in case and I only use it to shower or because of severe pain. Periodically I will send a confirmation pic if she wants.
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  15. For the first year I had a laminated key on a piece of paper, which she had a nice note written on. At some point she said, I know you couldn’t unlock without me knowing...but you can still unlock whenever you really wanted.

    So, when the new device came, I made her a pendant key and gave her the spare. She has it hidden somewhere I guess, if I wanted out she will tell me.

    I know some say you need access, but in 44 years, I’ve never yet needed emergency dick access yet. So I’m going to say it’s not that much of an issue. If it’s some sort of medical emergency, they will have to figure something out. I still think it is a rarity, so sticking with relying on her.

    I have even been on vacation for 2 weeks, 400 miles away.
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  16. key.jpg

    My emergency key hangs around my neck;
    Break glass in case of an emergency is the idea

    Kind regards,
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  17. LOL if it is a pad lock then the "emergency key" should look like this

    ROFL ... if might not fit in your pocket though ... :p
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  18. Wife has one key and the emergency key is locked to the head board spindle with a plastic lock. So I get to see it when ever we are there.
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    I think it depends on the situation. Normally he shouldn't need access to one, but there could be special reasons.

    So long as you have the key safe and accessible to you, and the two of you are together, that ought normally to be enough.

    That said: if he is to have an emergency key there are plenty of ways to have it in a sealed package so there's no way he can access without you knowing about it.
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  20. I think this is quite a fun idea.
    it puts me in mind of those impossibly large hotel key fobs that that encourage guests to hand them in at reception when they go out.

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  21. Mistress has a small 4-digit safe which She keeps emergency key in... if i'd have an emergency, i'd text Her for the code.
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  22. Mine is locked into a copper pipe/tube secured by a 4 digit lock in my brief case that only my Goddess @n2toys@n2toys has the code, text if needed.

    Had to actually put it to use last week but was a case where I discovered the previous day I had a business appointment at a secured facility with metal detectors the following afternoon; given work related felt best to be unlocked and figured my Goddess would give me access to the key that morning so She would not have to create a new 4 digit code.
    Right out of the gate She did not like the idea of letting me out any earlier than needed and creating a new code was not a big deal - the fact that She wanted to keep me locked as long as possible on this day was a turn on to me!
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  23. My wife did the same thing. Actually my avatar is the key inside a folded up piece of paper that she scotch taped the heck out of! No way to get that open without scissors! She has me cary it in my wallet. It beats carrying a mini hacksaw blade in my back pocket too!
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  24. Or the teacher that gives a bathroom pass with something large and obnoxious hanging off of it haha!
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  25. I have literally had a Hitachi wand on his cage for an hour and he didn’t cum. I think it might be possible but we have used various vibes and never had anything happen