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Emergency keys?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Miss Alison, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Numbered plastic padlocks - they're good for more than just keeping the cage locked. You can get a numbered plastic padlock, and then use it to attach an emergency key to some rather elevated place that's easily reachable by hand, but almost impossible to get a locked cage to. An example is in an old apartment, my closet had wireframe shelves, so the emergency key was just attached to the highest shelf, about six feet off the ground. If I needed it, I could take it down in seconds, but otherwise there was no way to unlock my cage without removing it.
  2. A bit late sorry but here are pics
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  3. My last keyholder had me carry a spare key around in a small plastic pill bottle (easily fits in my pocket) which was superglued shut so the only way to get the key was to smash the bottle .

    Hearing the key rattle in my pocket as I walked was both a turn on and frustration too (so close yet so far) .

    I would always advocate a safety/emergency key being with the sub at all times especially when they are away from partner/keyholder .

    I like the idea of having a key in a safe, however, if you not at home when the emergency happens or if there is no phone signal where you or your partner are how do you gain access to it ? .

    Hopefully people will never need to use emergency/safety key but for some peace of mind it's far better to have it on you and never use it in years rather than not having it on you and something happens that could be very serious .
  4. A key frozen in ice with a handwritten note frozen with it. If the ice melts, the note will shift or fall apart, so keyholder would know there's been some tampering....
  5. She has one key to the padlock on my device. My wife wears it in her bra. There is no emergency spare. If I need out, I have to cut the lock off.
  6. I really like this idea. I will suggest it to my keyholder. Now to figure out where sher is going to keep the key she will normally use to unlock me. She did kid me about losing both keys. At least I THINK she was kidding!
  7. Lol, the last time I had to ask for the emergency key she told me it was under the sink in her box of tampons... I never would have found it!
  8. when we use the cage she keeps all the keys its as simple as that with us. she wears one on a necklace and the other 2 she keeps in her desk at work
  9. She keeps "her key" in her purse and the other is in a lock box like the one in the pic. It's very secure which she likes and I carry in my car's trunk. However, if it's a true emergency involving medical professionals, they will just cut the device off anyway.

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