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Jul 1, 1965 (Age: 56)


Owned and Controlled By Mistress Shar, Male, 56

Just recieved my new Looker 01, really happy today!!! Mar 22, 2011

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Oct 8, 2014
    1. SoumisCH
      how did you do succeed to bring her up to chastity play ? My wife is very slow at understanding the benefits (hers of course !)
    2. Slave_Scott
      Just recieved my new Looker 01, really happy today!!!
      1. chaste777
        Would you please consider posting some pictures and let us know how it feels to wear? Thanks!
        Mar 22, 2011
      2. Slave_Scott
        I definitely will as soon as I am able to, it feels great, with no pinching or chafing.
        Mar 28, 2011
    3. Slave_Scott
      Just ordered a Looker 01 today from Steel Worxx and this Slave is so excited.
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      2. Aeya
        Feb 11, 2011
      3. Gunner
        Have you received it yet? I would like to get some inside info on the looker series. Can you start a post and give us a review ...
        Mar 5, 2011
      4. Slave_Scott
        Just recieved my new Looker and it is a beatiful piece of work!!!
        It fitts perfect, no pinching of my skin or bad preasure points. My cock fitts in perfectly and is very confinned as I ordered only a 80mm cage length. I haven't been able to insert the urethra pin in yet and I'm not sure how I will get it in.
        Mar 22, 2011
    4. Slave_Scott
      I have been away from home for almost 2 months with my Jail Bird installed. I will be going home to my wounderfull Mistress in 6 days, I miss her so!
      1. slave_nemo
        I wish you all the best.
        Oct 22, 2010
    5. Slave_Scott
      Just recieved my new Jail Bird with anti-pullout pin. Looks great, fits real nice. The anti-pullout pin really diggs in when you get hard. Ouch!!! Very restrictive but it makes Mistress very happy.
      1. kdubb
        I'm glad you like your new JailBird. I love mine. I've been locked in it since July 27 with no reprieve. It's so easy to clean in the shower--I just squeeze a soapy wash rag over the cage and the soap gets in everywhere and cleans things so nice. The cage is so comfortable too. Welcome to the JailBird club my friend! I look forward to new posts from you about your new cage.
        Aug 26, 2010
      2. maturemetal
        Glad you are happy with it. It looks like a perfict fit!!!
        Aug 27, 2010
    6. Slave_Scott
      Just orderd a new Jail Bird device from Mature Metal and I am very excited. Mistress is very happy because I orderd it with the antipullout system so I will be more secure for her. As Mistress wants total control over (Her ) cock!
    7. lockedandlovingit
      What type of cage do you have? Looks interesting. Is it comfortable?
    8. Locked_In_LV
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, the device is quite comfortable! I'm currently making small adjustments to the angle of the locking pin on the A ring, but once done, I think it will be perfect for long-term wear :-) Look in "The Mall (Devices)" -> "Mature Metal" and then look for a thread called "MM JailBird... Thoughts?" and/or check out my blog for more in...
    9. BeDazzled
      LOL - My wife is from Newfoundland. She went to visit her parents this past week... Picking her up at the airport in a coupe of hours!
    10. BeDazzled
      Added bonus: we could be neighbors! I'm in Ontario.
    11. Slave_Scott
      I've only been a member here for a couple of days, the crowd here seem very nice and friendly.
      1. Goddess Jen
        Goddess Jen
        We are :) Welcome aboard!
        Jun 22, 2010
      2. Mistress Watchful
        Mistress Watchful
        Yeah, we wouldn't hurt anyone... Oh... hang on a minute! :oP Welcome.
        Jun 22, 2010
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    Jul 1, 1965 (Age: 56)
    Chastity devices:
    Steelworx Looker 01
    Mature Metal Jail Bird
    Chastity resume:
    August 25 20010
    I am a 49 year old male.<br />
    I have been happily married for 20 years with one child.<br />
    My wife and I have a good sexual relationship but I have allways felt there was something missing in our sexual encounters. I felt I had the need to be controlled sexually, what to do?<br />
    I reasurched chastiy, then talked to my wife about it. We disscused her controlling me and me wearing a chastity device. My wife said she would give it a try so we orderd a chastiy device and my wife said at that point I would be adressing her as Mistress when we are alone or e-mailing each other. The chastity device only arrived 5 days ago, I was told to put it on right away and have been in it since.<br />
    <br />
    [color=&quot;#0000FF&quot;]I Am Proudly Owned And Controlled By Mistress Shar[/color]


    I Am Proudly Owned and Controlled By Mistress Shar

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